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Zoe Share springs to life, shows off HTC One’s new camera experience


We still have at least a week or two before the HTC One starts shipping in Europe, but that does not mean we have to wait until then to experience HTC Zoe Share. HTC launched the service to host HTC Zoe highlights captured with the HTC One. An HTC Zoe captures 20 pictures and a three-second video clip all at once, but the true magic is in the 30-second highlight clips, which can be automatically created using your pictures, videos and Zoes.

To give you an idea of what these clips look like when automatically mixed together on the HTC One, we searched various social networks and found a handful clips uploaded to HTC Zoe Share. When you click on the link you can view the 30-second clip, but you’re also able to view the individual pieces of media and location information associated with the Zoe.


The video below is a great overview of Zoe and the HTC One’s new camera features. Do you think HTC Zoe will change the way HTC One users capture and share their pictures?

Source: HTC Source

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  • htc-suck-x

    Is it me or does the videos for the one look extremely laggy and that pic of the cup looked like it had to much noise too

  • Thomas Biard

    That looks amazing! Having software that is coming out to backup the powerful hardware is amazing! I’m sure as new products come out, this type of thing will be “standard issue”, but for now, well done to HTC! The HTC one is gonna be a hot seller.

    • Thomas Biard

      The “always smile” and “object removal” are probably my 2 favorite features! Perfect for shooting with a cell camera that isn’t exactly up to DSLR speed!

      • Droid Sam

        The HTC One may not be as fast as my D800, but it’s 8 image per second bust mode is extremely impressive. Hopefully HTC will be able to increase the size of the lens next year so that they can fit a 6-8 ultra-megapixel sensor in there.

      • epps720

        I agree, I’m really impressed by this. This may have been my next phone if they were coming to Verizon

  • Nathan D.

    That video just made Zoe look cool!! Also the new editing tools are freaking amazing.

  • walt

    sequence shot is cool. I psyched for that IR blaster though

  • Vance

    I already know I’m getting this phone, and stuff like this is super exciting and definitely marketable, but what worries me is that HTC isn’t investing in mainstream large scale marketing campaigns so I fear the One will get lost in the SG IV shadow once again. I seriously hope it doesn’t, but they need to get these videos and this functionality out there so that the average consumer is aware of it! I can think of at least 4 or 5 of my non-tech-savvy iPhone toting friends who would switch to Android and HTC just for these camera features.

  • donger

    Very impressive. I like this Zoe photo/ videos.

  • zubster

    That’s pretty amazing!

    Does anyone know how the flash works with a zoe?
    If the shot starts 1 second before you press the button, that can’t be lit by the flash of course.
    And does the flash stay on constant beam for the remaining time the zoe is capturing?

    Or is it just a flash that works with normal mode?
    If so, I guess the low light prowess of the Ultrapixel camera becomes even more important. Good thing those ultrapixels are reported to soak up a lot of light :)

  • darkjuan

    That is the coolest demo video of a camera phones software I’ve ever seen. Making me really think about my choice to wait for the Google X phone because I’ve always been a fan of HTC.

  • GuyBorg

    Does anyone else notice the grainyness of all these photos? My One S takes beautifully detailed photos much clearer than these… I see the One’s camera is great in low light conditions, but has very poor clarity imo. Kind of disapponted by this. The camera on my One S is one of my favorite features and everyone always compliments on how amazing my pictures are. This may hold me back from purchasing the One:(

    • Droid Sam

      I noticed that as well, but I’m not too worried. These devices which are being used to take these pics and zoes are running pre-production software and most of the shots I’ve seen are in low-light conditions.

  • surethom

    Zoe seems like one of those features that sounds & looks fantastic but after a few week no one will ever use again.

    • Droid Sam

      I was thinking the same thing with HTC’s burst mode that they introduced with the One X and One S, but I find myself using it all the time when I take pictures since I can quickly sort through them and find the best one. Zoe will essentially do the same thing as bust mode, but give you mode editing options.

  • Basem Salem

    WOW!! Zoe’s amazingly brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray
    • GuyBorg

      Yup, more grainy photos… I would be all over the One if it had as good of clarity as my One S does. The One’s HDR capablities were really exciting to me as I use that funtion a lot on my One S, but I guess I am just having a hard time swalling the One koolaid after seeing the poor quality pictures that the 4mp shooter is putting out. Like I said, the sensor is great with low light conditions, but compromises quality:( I was really hoping this would be the phone to get over to an LTE phone on T Mobile, but i will continue waiting for something worth upgrading to. Here’s to hoping the nexus this year is made by HTC.

    • Kevs87

      Amazing…some people don’t get it…

  • nandy

    wold love it , if an htc one was up for grabs in the giveaway

  • cthonctic

    “Taking a Zoe” sounds really silly (just like “Bing it” does), but those retouch capabilities shown in the video were pretty impressive. At least some of them, ‘remove objects’ in particular, are not mere gimmicks like those atrocious Instagram-like filters but something I could actually see myself using regularly.

    • leozno1

      Yea that was impressive but for some reason “Always Smiling” really has me excited! Too many pictures have had to be retaken due to someone blinking.

  • http://genesischess.com/ MJM128

    Just waiting for T-Mobile to give me the date I can throw money at them to get the “One!”

  • droidluvngurl

    I’m a big fan of Zoe. I’m always on adventures and with kids and at weddings this is a perfect way to capture the moments and share them with everyone!I’m not worried about the grainyness, I feel that it has to do with not always using the best settings for the pics these folks were trying to take as well as pre-production software.Sprint was going to lose me to Verizon, but since Verizon is being dumb about getting the One, I’ll be sticking with Sprint for this bad boy!

  • myhtc

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    • myhtc

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  • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray