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Samsung Wallet brings Passbook functionality, design to Android


It’s no secret that Samsung looks to Apple for design inspiration, but we think the introduction of Samsung Wallet goes a little too far. The new application, shown off for the first time at Samsung’s Developer Day conference at Mobile World Congress, gives Samsung’s Android users a digital wallet that enables them to store boarding passes, event tickets, membership cards and coupons all in one place. Samsung Wallet features time and location-based push notifications. Application developers will soon be able to share information with their apps directly with Samsung Wallet (subject to Samsung’s approval).

While Google Play already has a few dozen digital wallet applications that offer many of the same features as Samsung Wallet, it’s clear Samsung was looking at Apple’s Passbook while developing the application. The Samsung Wallet app icon shares a few design cues with Passbook’s icons, and the layout of the cards and tickets within the application doesn’t stray far from Apple’s design. The idea of having a phone with a built-in digital wallet is very appealing, but it’s obvious that Samsung is still struggling to find its own design language.

Samsung Wallet is currently only available for developers to play around with, but we’re told it will make an appearance in Samsung’s app store in the near future. At launch, Samsung will have partnerships in place with Belly, Major League Baseball, Walgreens, Expedia, Booking.com, Hotels.com and Lufthansa. More partners will come online by this summer.

What’s your take on Samsung Wallet?

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  • aufan1

    And we have the first piece of bloatware that will be on the S4.

  • Melinda91

    I hope Apple sues them with billions of dollars for stealing their property. Samsung should be ashamed, we help you with weapons against your korea pr neighbor and you betray everyone. I hope Apple buys Samsung to end this mess once and for all.

    • epps720

      - First off the US doesn’t supply Samsung with any weapons they supply the South Korean Army.

      - I’m not sticking up for Samsung in this, but Apple has stolen tons of intellectual property from other companies as well.

      - Finally, I don’t know what the companies are worth and while Apple has has tons of cash available I can almost guarantee they don’t have enough to purchase Samsung.

      • Ben

        Just checked. Samsung has a market cap just shy of 200b and apple has about 137b as of the last quarterly results. Apple adds 25-30b every quarter and that number grows every time. So unless Samsung picks up the pace they will have enough. Google has a market cap of 260b.

        Apple won’t buy either and even if they wanted to I doubt regulators would allow it.

        Interesting to see the numbers though.

    • Nate B.

      what does weapons have to do with any of this? you seem like you have nothing but hate in your heart. pure ignorance.

      anyways, the only thing that bothers me with this i do not like the fact samsung pretty much mimics the visuals of apple. they are better than that.

    • GodAreUADouchebag

      1.) The idea for a ‘passbook’ type app is not property, intellectual or otherwise. It’s an idea. Apple has stolen dozens of other’s ideas over the years. It is not unusual for similar apps to exist on different platforms, for example Windows and Mac have analogous programs on their platforms. You do know that Android and IOS are different platforms…right?

      2.) “I hope Apple sues them with billions of dollars” um…don’t you mean FOR billions of dollars?

      3.) Samsung is not a Nationalized company. Our military support of S. Korea has nothing to do with Samsung.

      4.) Samsung mobile is only one division of a conglomerate that is larger that Apple. Apple could never hope to buy them.

      5.) Next time you have a tantrum try not to have it in an internet forum

  • Prince77

    Are they asking to be sued again for something like this??

    • honourbound68

      yup… i think so.. it must be nice to have money to throw around.. wish they can throw some my way lol.

    • Jon Garrett

      most likely. all they did was give apple a reason to add the S4 to their ongoing lawsuit.

    • John Patrick

      Over the years there have been a LOT of programs that use the ‘wallet’ metaphor. I’m currently using an app called eWallet by iliumsoft that’s been around for years. I don’t think Apple has a prayer of winning a suit against Samsung on this. You can’t patent an idea.

  • Nathan D.

    Nice going Sammy

  • Ryan

    I’m not sure if this will only work on Samsung phones but I don’t want an app like this that is tied to a specific phone vendor.

  • jeshep

    I would think that Google would be more upset than Apple. In addition to the same name, doesn’t Google Wallet promise the same features (though not completely implemented yet)?

    • epps720

      I agree, Samsung is starting to step on some toes. Surprised they didn’t wait until the S4 unveiling to show this.

    • honourbound68

      nod.. it’s too bad that google can’t mandate that all the android phone manufacturers use Google Wallet.

      • yurma415

        then they’d be apple.

    • jeshep

      I am wondering if Samsung is trying to beat a Google announcement at I/O regarding Wallet. After all don’t the major Android vendors now get to see early versions of new Android releases to help them update their handsets more quickly? Perhaps Samsung built their Wallet based on what they saw on a pre-release. Then again, why did they make the announcement now and not wait a bit when they announce the S IV?

    • John Patrick

      The program is called ‘Samsung Wallet’. It shares some similarities – but Google Wallet is based more on enabling payment by phone. Samsung’s app is just an expanded password keeper that also holds image data like tickets and what-not. Google taking action on the name would be like Apple trying to sue Amazon over ‘App Store’. That dog didn’t hunt either.

  • Jorge Eslava

    This would be bloatware to me since I would never use it.

  • emeka

    I have the galaxy s3 and in am team android but I could see some of samsungs copy of apple. Samsung app market requires a. username and password, identical to Apple’s ITunes.

  • Jose

    I love this! What will apple sue for? Are they willing to claim they own the property rights to the idea of a “passport”. I know it is not original, but Samsung is just doing what any company would do, adjust to the consumer. Car companies do it all the time, why can’t cell phone manufacturers do it as well.

  • donger

    Really? Samsung. Another bloatware and it’s gonna be hacked and people’s info will be stolen. Samsung’s gonna get sue.

  • w00x

    One would think that Samsung had learned after loosing a lawsuit for stealing off of Apple..

  • sunil


  • Major PITA

    There are some similarities but Google Apple Passbook in Google images and compare Apple’s interface were each card has just the top portion showing, like credit cards in a wallet versus Samsung’s tile scrolled interface showing non-overlapped images. They don’t look that much alike. They resemble the cards in Google Now more than Apple Passport.

    If anyone here thinks that Samsung is in the wrong on this because Apple created a somewhat similar app first with a different name using different code on an entirely different platform, you should probably be hanging out on BGR.com instead.

  • Sc.amsu.ck

    You cant trust asians