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T-Mobile and MetroPCS merger cleared by FCC and DOJ


Almost one year ago, in May of 2012, it was revealed that T-Mobile and MetroPCS were in talks to form a merger, shortly after a merger between T-Mobile and AT&T fell through. It took roughly five months for both companies to sign off on the deal, and since October, we’ve been waiting to hear if the government will approve the two companies joining forces in the US, or if they will be shot down. Today, both the FCC and Depart of Justice have approved T-Mobile and MetroPCS’ merger.

In a public statement on the FCC’s website, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski says that, “With today’s approval, America’s mobile market continues to strengthen, moving toward robust competition and revitalized competitors. Today’s action will benefit millions of American consumers and help the U.S maintain the global leadership in mobile it has regained in recent years.”

The Department of Justice has issued a similar statement announcing the end of their investigation on the merger, saying that, “The Antitrust Division has determined that the combination of T-Mobile and MetroPCS is unlikely to harm consumers or substantially lessen competition.”

At this point, the only thing holding the two companies back is a MetroPCS stockholder’s vote on the merger, set to be held April 12th. MetroPCS is urging stockholders to support the merger, laying out the advantages of the merger in a special letter to stockholders hosted on their investor relations website.

Should the merger finally take place sometime this year, T-Mobile will use MetroPCS’ current CDMA spectrum for LTE, giving T-Mobile a wide array of GSM, HSPA+ and LTE spectrum to compete with.

Via: The Verge

Source: FCC

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  • redraider133

    Hopefully this can help tmo in the US and help speed up their lte rollout/expansion.

    • honourbound68

      I agree. They both have attractive plans/prices. Hopefully they can get LTE quickly to Central NJ so I can try switch. I wonder though if they both throttle their 4g? Hopefully not..

  • sushimane

    im a happy camper but now we need to see the shareholder stuff

  • yankeesusa

    This is great news for every consumer overall. More competition and maybe now Sprint will be forced to step it up before people keep leaving, something I almost did and still may do if my area data doesn’t improve.

  • jamal adam

    This good news and hopefully MetroPCS shareholders approve. Improved coverage, LTE, and affordability, is always a plus for us consumers.

    • donger


  • ihatefanboys

    Makes sense, and metro PCS will thrive in the new Tmobile environment with no contracts. ,Maybe now Metro will actually get decent phones

  • roland

    This is sweet

  • Mikey

    Goodbye t-mob it’s been great.

  • Phil

    T-MO you’re getting there. just give me more coverage with the HSPA+ & LTE that you speak so highly about. Where I’m at in Texas, of all places, I can’t get any better than 2G or EDGE…… Let’s go to work. I’ve given you guys about 10 years of my contracted services. I feel I deserve better by now……Southeast Texas………. Port Arthur to be exact. :( PLEASE!