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AnTuTu Benchmark: Samsung Galaxy S 4 vs HTC One vs NVIDIA Tegra 4


Benchmarks are meaningless, right? For entertainment purposes only, we decided to compare the new Samsung Galaxy S4 against the HTC One and NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 platform. Keep in mind we are talking about unreleased devices and non-final software, so don’t read too much into this single test.


Want to see how your Android device stacks up? Grab the free AnTuTu benchmark from the Google Play store and share your results in the comments below.


NotesSamsung Galaxy S 4 benchmark came from Laptopmag, HTC One benchmark came from our review device, and the Tegra 4 benchmark came from NVIDIA.

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  • redraider133

    Hopefully the tegra 4i that we will get in phones will benchmark close to this. Could be a goood year for Nvidia if it does.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Tegra 4i will be slower than Tegra 4, but NVIDIA claims it will outperform the Snapdragon 600. Only difference is the Snapdragon part is available in devices shipping now. We expect to see the first Tegra 4 device (Project Shield) ship by the end of Q2.

      • Carlos Garcia

        Will the Tegra 4i be able to outperform the Snapdragon 800?

        • phaet2112

          4i is quad core A9, while the Snap 800 is A15, so likely not on CPU side.

          • brandnew234

            Quolcomm uses Krait architecture, not ARM, and the the only difference between Tegra 4 and the 4i is the 4i has 10 fewer GPU cores and has an LTE chip, the CPU is the same. You’re thinking of the Tegra 3+.

          • CaptainDoug

            Snap 800 ≠ A15. Qualcomm “makes” their own. It is similar to A15 but is not actually A15. In terms of smartphones, this is a good thing as A15 tends to suck power like there was no tomorrow. The Krait cores they use(or previously scorpion) are much more refined and get the best of both worlds. This chart is pretty well detailed.

          • kelltrash14

            phaet is correct, there are many differences between tegra 4 and 4i, not just a few gpu cores. Basically different chips with the same name thrown on them, to me.


          • John K

            brandnew234 that is slightly inaccurate. Krait is ARM based but it is a custom architecture made by Qualcomm. The 4i is an A9 based chip where as the 4 is an A15 based chip then too go look up the overall specs for both found right here it’s using revision 4 of the Cortex A9. As far as specs go the a15 chip will beat it as far as CPU heavy tasks go but as far as GPU heavy stuff goes it’s not overtly better. The 4i is still a very nice chip


        I’m not a chip guru, but based on my personal experience Tegra is all hype with benchmarks and a few good games. Based on my experience with the g2x I was disappointed. Decided to get a nexus 7 the other day and it lagged right out of the box. Tegra can take their benchmarks and keep them. I don’t think lack of lte capability is the only reason OEM’s aren’t using their chips. They should stick to games.

        • kelltrash14

          Tegra 2 was pretty overhyped, I’ll agree. I have no complaints about the Tegra 3 in my Nexus 7 though. I don’t hold them above others, but think they have potential to make something really good. Tegra 3 was going to be better than it was except they had trouble with the 28 nm production originally and skipped it. Haven’t heard of any issues hindering the 4, so maybe it’ll live up to its potential. Mostly I just hope Nvidia will get a GPU that crushes the rest going at some point.

        • Simon

          Tegra 2 was a massive fail with a weak cpu and gpu. Tegra 3 was ok if you weren’t paying too much for it. So far it looks like Tegra 4 will be a big improvement in value.

      • leozno1

        That’s kind of hard to believe. Tegra 4i is only an A9 part. The only way I see it outperforming Snapdragon 600 is in the graphics side and it would have to run at a very high frequency.

        • Nick Benedetto

          Tegra 4i runs a quad core 1.9 ghz a9 at a 28 nanometer node. Faster than tegra 3 cpu wise. Plus its 60 core gpu will be able to throw 60-70 gflops of preformance. So it will be a good processor. Probably on par of snapdragon 600.

  • poop mcguinness

    Suck it s4! m7!m7!m7!

  • Leon Hitchens

    The S4 was a little bit of a disappointment, hoped it would have a faster processor. I hope the Tegra 4 will make it into one or two phones this year.

    • phaet2112

      S4 pro was great- the normal S4 better than Tegra 3 at least.

  • Alastair de Zeeuw

    Final release HTC One – 22475

    • leozno1

      The score seems to vary a bit. I’ve seen the HTC One hit 24666 in Antutu on youtube so its definitely capable of a bit more.

  • HeadDoc

    Seems like a pointless comparison…

  • donger

    We need more benchmarks.

  • Raptor

    “We attempted to run Sunspider on the device to get a sense of browser performance, but the test just seemed to loop. Quadrant ran just fine, though, giving us a score of 8,892 — a result that falls far below that of the One and Optimus G Pro (both packing Snapdragon 600), but falls in line with the Droid DNA and One X+.” (Engadget)

  • Jack Riuttanen

    My Nexus 4 only gets 17,674. Seems pretty snappy though!

  • Mkrmec

    If any of the people who were thinking “suck it S4″ were smart, they would know that this results for S4 are the same CPU as the HTC One has… the Snapdragon 600. Suck on that!!

    • swazedahustla

      They would also know that sense 5 is much faster than the bloatware filled touchwiz that is severely slowing down the software which is why the huge difference in results. Now open up and you suck it.

      • mkrmec

        Dude.. that “Huge” difference is like 500 points maybe a bit more, which is nothing really. NatureUX has come a long way since the old TouchWiz days and so has once bloated SenseUI.

        When the Octa core Samsung SoC comes and shows it’s true nature, then, we will see what phone to buy.

        • octacorewhat

          You do realize the “octa-core” is a quad core A15 that runs when high power is needed, then a quadcore A7 that runs when low power is needed, it is not an octacore A15 chip.

          • Hari

            haha so true! sammy made a noob of us…! al those 8 cores cannot run at the same time, no matter what happens!

      • Nick Benedetto

        Not to lie, I really don’t mind touchwiz that much. You get used to it, like herpes.

  • Ross Pendleton

    The Tegra 4 results came from nVidia so they’re obviously biased and faked. Also the snapdragon 800 would murder all those processors.

    • vegiisan

      Actually, no, I believe NVIDIA handed out some test devices for people to benchmark, so this may be AAE own result – or another benchmark site.

      • leozno1

        Actually no. This score was recorded by an Nvidia Tegra 4 reference device that was benchmarked by Nvidia.

  • heeros

    20392 on my Nexus 4 running CM 10.1 Nightly, and I didn’t even need to put it in the freezer :-)

  • domi1k

    Mind telling us what cpu that SGS 4 has?

    • brandnew234

      Exynos Octa clocked at 1.6GHz (3 core GPU varriant) globally, Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.9GHz in the USA. 2GB RAM everywhere.

  • Ian BG

    Samsung Galaxy Captivate running Slim Bean ROM wins with 3332. Lol

  • kicost

    Tegra 4 always in the first place …. the third year :D
    Nvidia can easely take my money….

  • cgm

    S4 exynos 5 octa scored 24896 on antutu. Tegra 4 is all hype for now. If its true that tegra 4 will be the fastest of all, im pretty sure it will be a battery hog which makes the device pretty useless for a mobile phone. Its not all about the speed. Samsung and Qualcomm designs their chip to have tha balance of power and battery life..

  • K_Royther

    Add the recent Atom benchmarks. They sit between 24000 and 27000. Beating Exynos 5 Octa and Snapdragon 600, but still loses easily to the Tegra 4.

  • Chandrajit Rudra

    It is the want for Vanilla Android that would once again crave users for a Nexus 5. But, the sad part of the story is that even Nexus 4 was not launched in India officially due to high demand and neither will Nexus 5… becoz google sets the price too low…

  • Third Eye

    And whatever NVIDIA disclosed against Tegra with respect to Antutu, I think this was in the NVIDIA Tegra 4 reference platform and not in a phone form factor.
    NVIDIA is known to have made wild claims and then released duds and screwed its partners. It has burned them so frequently that right now only ZTE has publically announced that it would have phones based on Tegra 4 platform.
    During Tegra2 it had Samsung, LG, Moto, Asus, Acer
    By Tegra 3 it had nearly lost all, but HTC came in.
    In case of T4 that too is gone.

  • sunny

    I am sorry I have gs4 benchmark of antutu its over 40000 in images the octa ver. maybe 20000 is for quad snapdragon gs4. india will got octa on 27 April. means better than tegra 4 in cpu / gpu. but will lacks in graphic enhancement. like even ipad lossez in graphic in riptide from tegra 3. tegra 4 is late I will have to buy s4 then atleast a nane of device of tegra 4 not 4i .s4 is better.

  • VirtuaStig

    Samsung galaxy S4:GT-I9500 32GB: Android 4.2.2 scores 26788

  • redz

    Galaxy s4 octa.score -29876