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Are these the first images of the Galaxy S IV in the wild? Probably not

siv featured

With the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV only three days away, everyone has Galaxy fever. The Internet is being scoured to find any sign of Samsung’s upcoming flagship device, and it looks like Sammy Hub may have struck gold. “May have,” being key words here.

Pulled from a Chinese forum, Sammy Hub has posted pictures of what is being called the Samsung Galaxy S IV. According to the pictures, the device is running Android 4.2.1 and comes with a full 1080p HD display, 1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM and a 13 megapixel camera. But we’re not questioning the internals. The device itself looks like a cross between a Galaxy S III and Note II, which would make sense considering what earlier reports have indicated, it’s just hard to imagine Samsung slipping up after successfully hiding the S III until the official unveil. That and, well, the Galaxy S IV in the pictures is kinda ugly.

In order to conceal the identity of the true Galaxy S III, Samsung distributed devices all over the place that were in either prototype or decoy shells. The Galaxy S IV pictured today features an odd pattern on the front and back, reminiscent of the back of the Nexus 7. Except it looks flat and shiny, like a glam-rock driving glove. The front is white, and the back is white and silver. The general shape looks right, but that’s about it. In other words, if this turn out to be the real Galaxy S IV, we’ll be shocked. Until we see the real deal in NYC just three days from now, consider every leak with caution. There’s a good chance Admiral Ackbar is right.

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Via: Sammy Hub

Source: 52 Samsung

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  • Nate B.

    I don’t think it’s ugly, because it looks exactly like the S III which sold millions. They really need to get a new design team though. I’ll wait until the 14th to make a final call.

    • first pearl harbor, then 787 and now this


    • Richard Yarrell

      SamsungUSA twitter page as well as Sammobile has identified the pictures as authentic and even added video to it as well. Personally all that really matters is the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 share the same design elements. People who have owned previous Samsung devices will be on line purchasing this device day one without fail. No doubt the Htc One wins in design Htc is tops in that category out of any manufacturer. Where Samsung wins will be in software development and implementation of features. Nobody beats Samsung in that area.

      • kazahani

        Richard… That was a complete, coherent thought! And nowhere in there did you use the term pimp-slap!

        This is progress. Bravo!

        • snowbdr89

          You should be banned for giving the ultimate dummy a bravo!!

          • kazahani

            You are becoming nothing but a troll. All you do is follow Richard around the internet and lambast his posts. SURPRISE! There are idiots on the Internet! Do you really have nothing better to do?

        • clocinnorcal

          I agree. His comment even gave HTC some props.

  • Graham Steffaniak

    androidandme, thank you for having some sense and caution! I hope its not right either- that dinky speaker grill on the back just does not jives with me, I want dual front facing speakers

  • cwjones4

    after samsung making fun of apple for using the same body type many years in a row (“but how will anyone know i upgraded”) i would be SHOCKED if the GS4 looked this close to the GS3. can’t wait for thursday!

  • PhaseBurn

    Linux kernel version 3.4.5? Android 4.2.1 (which is what it’s supposedly running) is based on the kernel 3.0 tree. I highly doubt this is legit. Even 4.2.2 isn’t based on kernel version 3.4.5…

  • YMS123

    Looks like a Chinese variant of the S3 or Note 2, the biggest clue is the dual sim card slots, you can see in the notification bar in the pictures

  • uzunoff

    The screen looks bigger, but personally I like the look of the Samsung note 2 better

  • redraider133

    I think, like the s3 samsung has something different up their sleeves. They seem to be doing really well at keeping their devices under wraps until right before they announce them. Can’t wait to see what they show thursday

  • Ethan Mullen

    Looks nothing like the Nexus 7. If Samsung improves build quality and their display choice, I would buy a GS4, but if not, it’s the Htc One for me.

  • me

    Definitely is the s4 Samsung just tweeted a teaser pic and looks identical to the leak

    • robaire

      definitely not the same pictures. the Samsung logo is centered in the bezel on one picture and definitely not in the other picture.

  • jeshep

    Based on comments from other sites, these photos could be of the actual GS4.

    - The reveal event invitation has the same background pattern as the pattern of the phone in the image.
    - The black front and white back are like half of an oreo which was mentioned in one of the teasers

    In just a few days we’ll find out if the comments are correct.

  • Try2stopMe

    to me it looks like a note 2 with a diffrent case on it

  • Mm

    Ugly and plastic, what a surprise , samsung!!

  • Nathan D.

    Love the star wars video in the article, I really hope for a better looking phone then this. But looks does not matter to me too much.

  • Leon Hitchens

    I honestly don’t think the Samsung device are ugly, wish the back was not so glossy. I want the SIV to be a matt back similar to the Nexus7. A 13MP is also a really great image quality for just a camera.

  • Tony

    Might be just a dummy external shell with S4 internals :)

    • donger

      Yeah. seems like it.

  • Eric

    It’s a shell. The front camera is clearly off center with its hole.

  • Mike

    Glad they didnt use qualcrap for CPU/GPU

    US version will get watered down im sure, like they did with the GS3 and will have qualcrap

  • Paul Atreides

    This is close but not the final model I believe. Hoping the back is slightly different. I’d be happy if they kept it curvy and brushed.

  • brady

    there’s a video too that goes along with this picture

  • jamal adam

    All these comments about the Galaxy S IV being ugly is exactly like how it was with the Galaxy S III. At the end of the day, this is gonna sell like hot cakes and is going to make Samsung even more money. Hopefully they have something else up their sleeves. I’ll wait and see on the 14th.