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Ask me a question about the HTC One and I’ll buy you One


I’m currently in love with the One and we teamed up with HTC to do a series of Q&A posts about their upcoming flagship phone. If you leave a comment with any question about the HTC One, and we pick your question to highlight in an upcoming post, then you will be entered into a contest to win your own One. Sounds simple, right? So what do you want to know about the HTC One before you buy it?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • ninjit

    Given the intricate construction of the HTC One, how long does it take to build a single unit, start to finish? And how does that compare to previous phones HTC has made?

  • madsalad

    My wife had the Nexus One, which started our love affair with HTC. I love my Sensation and my wife has the HTC One S (yes, I still have my Sensation as my only phone. I am planning on getting a new phone this year).

    I really like some of the design changes HTC has made to their phones over the years. Making the phones longer, I felt, made landscape typing more comfortable for folks with larger hands, and now putting the speakers on the front in the “extra” space is a good use of that space, and will make the sound better.

    My question for you is; I’ve been a loyal HTC user for years but the Samsung GSIV and the rumors on the X Phone(s) have given me food for thought. Why should I continue along with the HTC ONE? Especially w/o a removable battery or SD card slot (except on the upcoming Dev version).


  • aarontam

    Is that screen really that good or are they just advertising the high ppi to dazzle us?

  • alxrock

    Does Sense 5 have the ability to change Sense Skins?
    like in Sense 4 there was an option to download/change the skin to Aluminum, Infinite, or Spaceship Earth skins, etc..

  • titan13

    The HTC One is a great bit of hardware and many people I’m sure will buy it and love it. Having said that have htc considered making a kind of “freedom” phone where the phone comes unlocked and rooted? And comes with a selection of common custom roms and sense, which have all been modified to run perfectly on your “freedom phone”. The reason is because some people want their phone how they want it and artificial limitations are aggravating and a big turn off when choosing what phone to buy. For example a micro sd slot is nice to have even if the user never uses it because it gives them flexibility in their mind and it can be reassuring when they make a purchase. Same with removable batteries. Why do people need removable batteries? Well, extended batteries become an option, but a bigger issue I think is of course that batteries degrade over time. Ok so 99% of users replace their phones before serious degradation occurs but the they may not know that at the time of purchase I.e maybe they think this phone might be good enough for 5 years or something? Having a removable battery is very reassuring if you don’t know how long are you going to want to keep your phone. Even if 99.9% of the people who think this way end up replacing their phone after a year and a half it still factored into their buying decision because the unknown is well… scary and unknown. Yes iphones don’t have them but at least you know you can always pay to have it opened and the battery replaced because spare parts will always be easily available for any iphone. Anyway, iphone is not quite the same target market as android phones in my opinion. Eco system on iphone is better for people with money and no fancy hardware is going to change that. Customization and flexibility and utility are androids main strengths. It’s like the htc one wants to try and be as luxury as iphone and that’s fine but don’t forget about androids strengths! So… would you consider making a, preferably high spec, “freedom phone”?

  • titan13

    Have you considered selling your htc one through your own channels? Similarly to google’s nexus 4. Selling them unlocked? It isn’t quite so bad in the United Kingdom but I know in the US some carriers are quite powerful. It would be great to break the back of that power and give more power to manufacturers and more choice for consumers. Sometimes American carries get exclusives like Motorola HD maxx and others. Also, the htc butterfly is a nice phone but we in Europe got the htc dna with gimmicky wireless charging and no micro sd card slot and only a little built in. If you sold boths models side by side on a htc website worldwide I think almost everyone would have gone for the butterfly. At least in europe…

  • pdxgator

    how much space do zoe shots take? seems like you could run out of pac quick with 20 shots a pop

  • sjcdal

    Have you found out what location will host the HTC ONE experience pop-up store?

    And…what can we use to move apps AND data from sprint EVO LTE to the ONE? Google will do their thing, and the Play store will download those apps, but data, home screens, etc. are still a major hassle. My LTE is rooted, but the ONE will not be for a bit.

    • sjcdal

      Sorry….PopUp store in DALLAS!

  • Jcloiseau

    Besides London, Prague and Moscow, do you have plans to open new HTC shops locations in Europe through 2013?

  • soul64

    is it worth it,to change from my nexus to the htc one? and if so,why?

  • chloebennett93

    What’s the difference between HTC One X and this one?

  • Wez

    Is there already a better water resistant/ protection case for the HTC One besides Otterbox?

    and did you already picked one to have the HTC one?

    I badly need a new phone because I am still using my granddaddy Iphone 1G & my jurassic Nokia N70 phones! And I believe this would be the ultimate phone upgrade if I ever win the new HTC One & my introduction to the world of Android!
    HTC One looks like the Iphone that Apple could have created but they never did! (It looks like an iMac!) I believe this is the bad ass looking phone today! Kudos to HTC!

  • renai

    would it be easy to transfer the content on my blackberry curve to the HTC One if I manage to get one?