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AT&T’s HTC One X finally updated to Android 4.1


After months of waiting, the Android 4.1 update for the HTC One X has finally been released. Back in October, we heard that AT&T had received the code from HTC to begin their testing process, but things had been extremely silent until now.

From what we can gather, the 630 MB Android 4.1 update for the AT&T HTC One X comes with HTC Sense 4+, a handful of new AT&T bloatware apps and all the usual features (Google Now, Project Butter, offline speech-to-text and advanced notifications). If you have not already received the OTA update notification, you can try to manually ping HTC’s update servers by going to Settings > About phone > Check for updates. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Let us know how the update process goes and be sure to give Google Now a spin. We know you’ll enjoy it!

Via: HTC Soruce

Source: AT&T Blog

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • R.S

    I’m Jelly of HTC One X owners getting Jelly Bean. Oh well, good for them!

    • Kelly1992

      My iphone shows version 6.1. I guess Apple is now two versions ahead, they will never catch up. I made the right decision with market leader iphone. C U Kelly

      • AA

        iPhone & Kelly: made for each other.


      i am having htc one x and my mobile is running in 4.1.1 i want to upgrade my phne to 4.2.1 bt there is no no current software update how can i upgrade my phne plzzz tell me the software name or the method how i can upgrade my phne

  • uknowme

    I’m happy you guys finally got it. AT&Teabag really screwed you over on that.

    • yah138

      Well I have 4.2.2 stock on my art HTC one x so…waiting on them don’t matter …..most of the people who actually keep up with all that jelly bean or ics stuff root thier phones anyway

      • Tad

        Yea I finally tryed to flash ROM and bricked phone but sent it to mobile tech video. Com and they fixed and put 4.2.2 on so AT&T can kiss my butt it cost only 80 bucks 60 for brick repair 20 to put new rom.

  • TheBrizz

    Finishing my download as I type this (on my computer). I’m not happy that it took so long, but it’s here now and that’s all that matters. Now if we can only get some LTE love here in Central Illinois.

  • wyatt

    i used to have so much faith in HTC when they lightened up sense.

    what happened to you HTC? Why must you prevent me from giving you my money!?

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Kaote

    Now if only we could get TMO off of their collective laurels

  • spintrex

    Really excited this finally came, funny how I left the S II cause of Samsung’s (at the time) slow pace with updating to ICS.

    However I do believe this is mostly due to At&t other One X versions have had the update for months. I was really hoping this would be 4.2 and now realize this may be the last update the phone will receive , hope I’m wrong!

    Anyways very happy for the update, nice new features but just like every piece of tech…there just always seems to be something better right around the corner.

    • Droid Sam

      HTC did say that they will be bringing some of the Sense 5 features to the HTC One X. Since the HTC One will be running on Android 4.1 as well, the Sense 5 update may come sooner than we might expect since the underlying Android code base is the same and all that’s changing is HTC’s layer.

  • Richard Yarrell

    At&t is pitiful and USELESS the WORST CARRIER updating handsets EVER…With the WORST DATA PLANS EVER…Between them and Verizon they both suck…But I am happy for the HTC ONE X

    • snowbdr89

      So basically you have a lot in common with att since you yourself are pitiful and useless!!

    • Steam

      So? You can’t afford either them anyway. You don’t even own a smartphone, you just like to pretend that you do so people you don’t know on the Internet will hopefully think “Wow, that Richard guy must make at least minimum wage! He brags about buying things that only cost a few hundred dollars!” Smartphones have spell-check, dumbass. Some of your posts are so riddled with misspellings that they’re difficult to understand.

  • donger

    About time. When HTC’s flagship phone Nexus One, that had the first OS updates, miss those days.

    • bj

      IPhone suxs big time

  • BigCiX

    I flashed and installed Viper XL. at&t can eat a bag of nuts!!!!!

  • thel0nerang3r

    This update is a lot larger then the Evo LTE update, what is taking so much space?

  • Stephanie

    Ever since my phone updated, iPhone 5 pictures come through super tiny and when I get texts from iPhones that a multiple messages only the final text comes through. Anybody know how to fix this?

  • Bruce Moran

    Anyone with an One X figured out how to make your background move with the tabs, or how to make the backgrounds fit right? The update is totally making me the angry person

  • sachin choudhary

    unable to update my htc one x to jelly bean plz help me
    it shows no update available for your device