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Celebrate Google Play’s 1st birthday with discounted apps, games and much more


Today, Google Play officially turns one! Yes, the Android Market has been around since the T-Mobile G1 made its debut four and a half years ago, but you do have to admit that Google’s digital content store has made some impressive improvements since it was re-branded as Google Play.

The help celebrate this momentous occasion, games like Clouds & Sheep, Yumby Smash and Royal Revolt have been updated with bonus Google Play birthday content while other apps are promising gift cards and discounts on in-app purchases. There are also plenty of free and discounted music albums, books, magazine, TV shows and movies to go around. Be sure to check out the video below for more details.

Source: Google Play Birthday Sale

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  • wwJOSHdo

    Thanks AndroidandMe for ALWAYS keeping us up to date! :)

  • Krystian

    Wow, that’s such poor sale, only a few games…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Looks like a week long sale. There will be more deals coming out daily.

    • Jeff Pan

      Got to agree with you there. These kind of sales arent even worth mentioning.

      • LukeT32

        They change daily… They run these kind of sales all the time……

        • Jeff Pan

          There was a Chistmas sale which was hyped up similarly and there was nothing worth while even over whole period.

          I agree the 10c sale was awesome though with new apps everyday.

  • uknowme

    I hope they have some good stuff this time.

  • jamal adam

    Since it’s a week long party, I hope for more and better sales. For now, I just got the Pilot of Breaking Bad and a book, both were free.

  • G

    Actually no the play store sucks and always has. The tile layout looks stupid, and why are there just random spots empty? The suggestions are always the same too.

  • YMS123

    Hopefully there will be some actual deals, unlike the Christmas “deals”

  • Mike
    • Teebor

      Don’t bother clicking the above link its for a Hidden Porn Browser app on the play store, there saved you a risky click if you are at work :)

      • mike

        That’s what I call Firefox.

  • Burnd

    I also expected more, but hey .. you can’t always expect a free give away of everything on every occasion.

  • hurric

    I always say nothing beats the 10c sale … i bought a bunch and should’ve bought a lot more.

  • GE918

    I guess I need to go and check out the Play Store

  • mr fart

    People actually pay for apps?

  • donger

    Happy Birthday.

  • reddercity