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Duke University uses Google Glass for app to recognize people by their clothing

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Seeing the apps Google has in store for us with Glass is exciting in itself, but as is the story with smartphones and tablets right now, it’s the third-party apps that really make the platform. So just what exactly will developers be able to do with Glass? Duke University is working on an app for Google Glass called, “InSight,” that recognizes people by the outfits they wear.

Here’s how InSight works: let’s say you’re meeting your friend for lunch, and you need to find him in a crowd. Your friend can take a picture and send it to you, which will then be analyzed by Glass for recognizable colors, textures and patterns. InSight will use this information to scan anyone within your line of vision, and tell you if it’s found a match.

While the effectiveness of InSight has yet to be really put to the test, it’s a great idea that shows the kind of things Glass is capable of. I can’t personally see using something like InSight a whole lot, if ever, but it has me looking forward to what other developers will do with Google Glass.

Via: Engadget

Source: Duke (PDF)

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  • c1liu

    Or.. you can just tell your friend what you’re wearing over the phone, which might be faster than sending a picture of yourself. Or your friends can just send gps coordinates for your glasses to locate them? Seems to me like there are a lot of better ways to find someone other than clothing, at least for the scenario provided above. Although.. imagine if the police were after a certain suspect with a certain vehicle and license plate number. Think of how fast they would be able to locate the suspect with the help of the masses.

    • clocinnorcal

      While novel at best, this app could pave the way to better recognition software in the future.

      • Jon Garrett

        its more than a novelty, these things start out as concepts to showcase the many possibilities. next step will be facial recognition and police officers will wear them.

      • Paul

        Imagine, your child gets kidnapped or taken at Disney or some other large crowded place. You immediately tell the nearest employee, and you pull out a picture you’d taken of them in front of a ride only an hour ago. The employee looks at the picture while wearing Google glass and it identifies the clothes the child is wearing. Within seconds every security officer and/or employee in the park is now able to find that child amongst a large crowd. Every employee would just need to look around them, 360 degrees if you will, and the child is found. Yes, facial recognition would be even better, but we have to start somewhere.

  • aranea

    Given that human brain is much faster and better at pattern recognition by the time the app can recognize someone the wearer of the Glass would probably be shaking hands already.

    • P

      You say that, but I’d love a version of this that stored a ‘past acquaintances’ database so I never forget anyones name.

    • Paul

      Can the human brain look at a crowd of 100 or 200 people and find a specific pattern or colors within seconds? I know “Where’s Waldo” has trained some of us but it’s still not that easy. Can the human brain share that pattern and/or colors with every other human brain around them? If your child was taken at a large park like Disney World or something, would you want them to show your child’s picture to every security officer and/or employee and hope that one of them spots them? Imagine that kidnapped child walks right by an employee who’s seen the picture but is too busy taking tickets or picking up some trash and they’re brain is too distracted to notice. Wouldn’t you want Google Glass that can keep looking and focusing everywhere even while you can’t, to be on the lookout for said child?

  • donger

    Interesting and high tech.

  • Jonas

    Why not face recognition instead then you only have to learn the face once instead of taking a picture every time

    • pjamies

      When in a crowd you usually only see faces anyways, until that person is standing in front of you, and then you notice what they are wearing.
      And facial recognition is already here and being used everyday.
      We already have phones that should be fast enough to do most of the heavy lifting on everything
      that we would like GG to do for us. GG will be the new interface we use to access information with in the next few years.
      I see the 1st video of GG being where this new interface will be sooner than later.
      Yes, their are obstacles that have to be overcome, but this whole idea is do-able!

  • masterpfa

    At least we are moving in the right direction and as we can see here other posters are also coming out with ideas of their own (this how developers start).

    My own 2 cents worth, the chances are most people will have their friends in their social circles and address book with the chances of pictures already existing, so as @Jonas suggested above, picture recognition. with a simple command such as “Find David” ( I’ll leave it to devs to iron out the problems of multiple names etc. lol)

    So all good either way

  • Ken

    I work in the Middle East. I guess this functionality won’t really be deal breaker here. Still, nice idea.

  • G-Thang

    If this gets into the wrong hands this will be very dangerous. Such as the government! Wake up people! Your privacy is completely is at stake. But the American people are to blind to see that as we keep slow bit surely letting government see our every moves.

  • Leon Hitchens

    Maybe if they could put in place facial recognition than this would be a great tool to use to remember people. Glasses could pull up the person information based on there face, which would allow you to hold a conversation without have to be reminded of the person name even months after you have meet him. It would a replacement for business cards.

  • Scott Swain

    How about instead an app that uses your GPS and your friend’s GPS to guide you both to each other?

  • gggrl

    excellent for parents to find a child that might have wandered off.
    Or need to find a friend at an amusement park or concert.

  • Q800
  • tagstar

    Come on. First app would be put bikinis on all your friends as augmented reality!

  • cb2000a

    I don’t like this idea at all (Google Glasses) and I think they will be banned at many places.