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Facebook to unveil Android phone by HTC next week?


Facebook just sent out invites for an Android related event next week, and TechCrunch is reporting that their sources say it will be the often rumored “Facebook Phone.” All the Android blogs were invited to attend with message that read, “Come see our new home on Android.”

Rumors suggest that Facebook will unveil a smartphone built by HTC that runs a modified version of Android. TechCrunch says the project is called “Facebook Home” and “it’s hallmark would be a heavily Facebook-ified mobile phone home screen.” This could include a Facebook feed right on the home screen, along with easy access to Facebook specific apps.

I’m pretty sure my mom would buy a Facebook phone, but I don’t know how big the total market for such a device would be. We will be in California next week to see what Facebook has in store, so check back soon for updates.


What do you think Facebook will announce next week?

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  • alexanderharri3

    Not that Facebook is dying at all now: but think of how ubiquitous MySpace was. A Facebook phone is tied even more directly to a service that isn’t guaranteed to be around for the life of that phone….or the life of your desire to be reminded of/use facebook daily.

    • vforvortex

      I hope they do release a phone just so they can see what a failure it really will be. Remember those phones with a dedicated fb button?
      How are they going to differentiate a regular Android phone from a FB Phone?
      This is a waste of rumor/news time. :) More X Phone please.

      • vforvortex

        I am guessing its not Phone, Its just their new building dedicated to Android.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          That news is from today. Doubt they could build a new office in one week.

        • killrgummibear

          i could see that being true if they worded the message “come see our new home for android” but it says “on” android. so i’m thinking it’s either a complete overhaul on the app itself or a brand new kind of app. maybe a facebook dedicated home launcher/replacement? also this doesn’t sound like a phone announcement. i’m sure even they would be able to see that it would be a complete waste to go that way again.

      • One Anti-FB guy

        Kind of ironic actually. When Myspace came out, everyone rushed to jump on. When FB came out, everyone rushed to jump on. When Twit came out, everyone rushed to jump on. And now it seems that everyone is jumping on to have their own phone these days. I suppose having your own phone is like the social media for the social media. I wonder if Twitter will be next? Seems FB is just another follower after all. You know what happens when followers lead more followers? The same as the blind leading the blind. FB is out of new ideas and only pirating others. I think this will be the beginning of the demise of FB.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC and facebook

    • Vance

      Um… fix your Android app first, then build a phone around it if you want (still a bad idea but salt in the wound when their app is still buggy)

      • Marush

        They probably are doing that. For a long time Facebook are not happy with html5 app. So I guess they will release new android app.

    • jamal adam

      I think that instead of wasting their efforts on making a phone they should focus more on redesigning their app and actually making it more mobile friendly, smoother, better designed and more enjoyable because as of right now it is horrible and I cringe every damn time I use it on my Nexus 7.


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      • pjamies

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  • Nate B.

    Who would want a phone that’s specializes in social networking? The app alone is more than enough. Improve on that instead. I hope it’s not a phone. Facebook really wants to be in the lime light. Even if it had the latest specs the purpose of this phone would be silly.

  • Dave Kratter

    Isn’t Facebook mostly played out already? What kind of person would want a dedicated Facebook phone at this point? 3-4 years ago, there might have been a market for this. Now? No.

  • rantmo

    I can’t imagine that there are many things I would want LESS than a Facebook phone. Considering the flailing that they seem to be doing at the corporate level trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up, and considering how bad the site has become over the last few years, I wouldn’t trust them to make a phone, even just a skinned Android phone, even a little.

  • Mikes_phone_and_tab

    So I can buy an HTC One or a no doubt lower end phone, probably with a full keyboard, candy bar or slide out style, a proprietary Facebook button and maybe a few custom Facebook widgets? What really makes a Facebook phone different than any other phone? I know their are some weirdos out there but who really loves Facebook that much? What selling point will this have other than Facebook’s name? I hate companies that sell strictly off name. I am not saying this can’t be successful or even cool but what can you really do to transform a smartphone into a Facebook phone that someone who knows hot to use the Play Store and download a few launchers and icon packs couldn’t do?

    • scubabum

      Didn’t HTC come up with the HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa in 2011 with a Facebook button on the bottom? I don’t think they were successful then.

    • eggwolio

      If it has a keyboard and is available on AT&T, I’m in. My Captivate Glide is near death, and I have no doubts there will be facebook-free custom roms if the headset has decent specs. I’m old-fashioned and really like a physical keyboard.

  • donger

    Is this gonna be the HTC One with a Facebook button? It this why there’s a delay in HTC One shipment?

  • jacobsloan

    I also hope it’s not the “Facebook phone” they’re announcing at this event. I want to see the Android app get some love until it’s one of the more amazing, engaging apps on Android before they take on creating a whole phone ecosystem.

  • Sameer

    Android phone of HTC powered by Facebook !!!!! i am seeing little benefit of Facebook in this.

  • Snarkarath

    A Facebook phone. Hmm.

    Does that mean it comes complete with an ‘Overshare’ button?

    Does that also mean that the phone will randomly change it’s terms of service, security features, displays, and camera settings without telling us as well?

    Wow, Mark has FINALLY found a way to watch everyone, all the time. Creepy.

    Why do I keep thinking that Pinky & The Brain have taken over Facebook?

    “What are we going to do tonight Mark?”
    “What we do every night, Pinky. TRY AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”

  • Himal Limbu

    How can’t even make this imagine of facebook phone how would this Facebook phone look like and on top of that who would buy that.

  • RonakG

    It’s most likely a refreshing new app for Android and probably a launcher (that’s why they call it new home on Android?).

  • Chris

    I doubt they would make this much of a fuss if it’s just an app update.

  • Raptor

    Make it not locked 32/64GB 3000mAh 1080p for $249/299 and the line will be till Canada border with Taylor and Clark reporting live from the crowds somewhere near Oregon and Washington

  • Dukko Bilashi

    No comments

  • Fab

    Maybe it is just to announce a new Facebook android app ?

  • rev soul

    Facebook app….what’s that…I haven’t been able to use that app since they changed the certificates…

  • Muhammad Zubair Hossain

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    • pjamies


  • jade

    i hope that Facebook phone has no ads in the home screen. LOL

  • Nathan D.

    Yea, no

  • drejohnson

    And the point of a facebook phone is …….?

  • Derek

    The problem with this is (for Facebook), that it’s too late. Here in the US facebook is already becoming “uncool”. Teens and college students are already shifting in huge numbers to twitter, instagram, kik, snapchat, etc. Too many parents and “old” people are on facebook.

    If facebook would have brought this out like 2-3 years ago, they’d have made a killing.

    • RonakG

      Teenagers in India are just getting started with Facebook. They haven’t seen anything like this before. And coupled with dirt cheap Android smartphones and data plans (2G), this is probably a good move by FB.

      • ashok pai

        naah, Indian users aren’t dumb, *hitloads of users in India are already bored by facebook. remember that India is probably the most price sensitive market in the world, if they find out that the fb phone has a lot of walls around the phone and they cannot maximize its usage with a ton of different services like viber/ whatsapp – it’s most likely going to bomb.

  • mikef3j

    Bad joke time: So does this mean Facebook users can “Like” their phone?

    Sorry, had to do it…

  • aranea

    New phone same old Android app? Way to go facebook!

  • monica

    nice finding its on twitter social media now

  • ranman

    I would never buy one. I think it is probably doomed to fail, just like the one with a fb button did.

  • Danny Calderon

    Facebook just wants to be in charge of their own destiny, they want more money from ads which they aren’t doing on just the app, so if they do like amazon and make a device that’s super cheap but with decent specs and unlocked especially if they go opposite Amazon and keep all of the Google services they can probably get the phone in a lot of casual user hands , who all they do is use the phone for phone calls and Facebook, I wonder if it’ll have Google+ app?

  • ashok pai

    I wouldn’t take it even if it were given free to me!

    • n45

      thats what she said

  • SmithDroid

    I use Facebook every day, but I’d rather stick a red hot poker in my eye than own a “Facebook” phone.

    Facebook needs to show phone owners it can build a decent Android app 1st.

  • aryan

    I am pretty sure that, New facebook phone will cover most of the phone market in India, Young Indians loves modified gadget and this phone is bringing modified version of Android.

  • romy134

    well now, this sounds incredibly lame..

  • Matthew

    I really like how HTC put all their heart into the HTC “One”, I don’t want them to go into making multiple phones a year + variations for different regions. I can’t see this being a phone, software being more likely; Although i’m welcoming a pleasant surprise.

  • stwve

    It won’t/can’t be a Facebook phone. At least not one made by HTC. HTC would be booted from the OHA, effectively bankrupting them in the process. It is more likely a new android launcher.

  • Yazan Hanouneh

    My friend asked me wether he should get the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4. Why should I recommend the One over the S4?

  • SeanK_

    If a phone exist, it would just turn out to be the same thing what happend with the MySpace phone.

  • Paul Atreides

    HTC should’ve gave somebody else the opportunity to make this Facebook phone. Time and energy wasted on this niche device could of been spent strengthening some the One’s shortcomings(making Blink Feed removable/more customizing, a retractable kickstand to compliment the front-facing speakers,dropping in a bigger battery, etc).

    • Paul Atreides

      Between this rumor, still doing exclusive deals(64 GB version AT&T only), and production hiccups, I’m beginning to lose what confidence I had in this being a hero device for HTC.

  • Trev

    That would be a BAD idea imo.

    A dedicated Facebook where your locked into their ecosystem without being able to access the playstore and DL third party social apps would be DOA

    Im one of the few people who never signed up for Facebook or had a profile and im perfectly fine with that.

    Im on the outside looking in, in terms of its functionality and useability, but i cant imagine people would want a facebook phone.

    The Chacha and The Salsa with their dedicated facebook buttons failed miserably

    This too will fail if they come out with a phone.

    Their best best is a Blink Feed type Home Screen sold on the play store which i think would work out much better for them

  • TrixzD

    This sounds like a failure before we even see it. If it is a locked ecosystem that only allows fb apps it defiantly dead. I cant see many people wanting one. Reminds me of those phones with the fb button (HTC cha cha anyone) ;)