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Google to unify existing communication platforms into one app: Babble

Google Talk video chat

Google’s various communication platforms are arguably the best of their kind. Google Voice, Talk, Google+ messages and Hangouts are all great products on their own. Using them together, however, is impossible. They don’t talk to each other behind the scenes, leaving text, links, pictures and videos siloed and secluded in their respective apps. Google is finally looking to tackle that issue, under the name Babble.

According to, who is citing, “multiple sources,” Google will be unifying all of their communications services into one app, called Babble. The rumor that Google may roll all of their chat services into one app has been around for some time now, but being able to attach a name to the project is new.

Babble is apparently being built from the ground up to be as future proof as possible. Not a whole lot is known right now, just that Babble will cover all of Google’s communication platforms, and be available on both phones and computers. Babble, if that it is what it’s eventually released as, should be unveiled at Google I/O this May.

As a die-hard Google Talk user, I’m excited to see what Google has in store for us with Babble. All of Google’s chat services have needed some work for some time now, but simply retooling them all individually is not the answer. If Babble is successful, it will be Google’s answer to iMessage, BBM, Kik, Facetime, Skype and every other similar service you can imagine. Chances are, it will be the new king of messaging as soon as it’s released.

What do you think, does Babble have you excited, or are you already committed to other services?

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  • Justin Shapcott

    Not sure I want to tell people to call my Google Babble number as opposed to Google Voice.

    • R.S

      You could simply tell them to call your Google number.

      “What do you think, does Babble have you excited.. ? ”

      Yes. I regularly use Google Chat, Google Voice, Google + Video Chat (Hangout) so having them unified into one product/service would make them even better.

      • iamXiV92a

        and to be able to access Google+ Messaging from the web as well would definitely sweet then the deal

    • James P Morgan

      Hey Justin Just Babble Me Pause No Homo

  • hokiewv

    After killing Google Reader allegedly in favor of Google+, I don’t see this as being a separate product. More likely they’ll incorporate all the external communication services to Google+ .

    • dru

      Nothing wrong with that. Chat is inherently social anyway, makes sense they’d integrate it with the social spine of Google.

      • we

        Well, for a starter – you will have to sign up for google+ to use it – many of my friends use google talk but simply hate google+ and will not want to have it (me included). second of all – using xmpp as a base for talk allows federation with other networks as well as using regular desktop client, which all of my buddies favouring; bottomline – if google witll go forward with both of the above (require g+ and kill feceration/xmpp client to server) then… this mean ditching google altogetehr… wouldn’t be the first time in the last year – igoogle, reader…

        • Max.Steel

          Some Android fanboys disgust me. I don’t know why you got three thumbs down for simply stating your honest opinion. Anyway, here’s a thumbs up. I may not agree but you make some valid points.

  • JDea

    All I want is MMS for google voice..

    • christian

      babble supports images

      • JDea

        Hope it comes out soon then!!

      • JDea

        Okay after thinking about it again, the problem with MMS is each carrier delivers the image over differently, so google would still need to sort out something with each carrier.. and only Spring has made it possible so far

    • rojo623

      All I want is viable group texting like on imessage. it’s a pain in the ass to get group texted by an iphone and never see who the list is.

  • Nick W

    GV is USA only…
    Hopefully Babble doesn’t become a US only service, because that’d be a big screw you to the rest of the world that relies on GTalk and Hangouts.

    I can definitely say that I’m pleased that they’re consolidating everything into the single communication platform though. G+ messages made no sense since it had no connection to GTalk

    • dhruv

      google voice is us only because there are regulatory its still a beta product as far as google is concerned.

  • mark

    You will still find me on MessageMe :)

  • jamal adam

    I gotta say, that’s a terrible name but aside from that it looks like it’s finally happening.

  • yankeesusa

    This is great news. I use Google talk all the time and love it and use Google+ also to talk. Google just keeps innovating. Can’t wait. Will work perfectly with my note 2.

  • Bryan Stoner

    This would be good, really good.

  • Nathan D.

    This will be cool to see

  • Xavier S.

    As long as it doesn’t use GTalks’ gawd awful email address exchange to add new contacts, I’d much be in favor of a BBM-esque pin number, or better yet barcode exchanges. If I could ask someone to catch up with me on Babble and just display a barcode for them to scan that’d be great. Especially if it would send my Google+ info as well. Ahh streamlined social interaction, sounds refreshing.

    • Robert Johnson

      Take your Gmail and GV number, make a QR code, and enter your impossibly nerdy digital nirvana now.

  • Michael O Daly

    If only they had kept reader around and delivered my feeds through Babble too. Or roll it into Gmail. You would think they would enjoy delivering ads to my eyeballs for 50% of my daily browsing, and all of the keywords that go with it.

  • Shizz

    I do enjoy Google’s communications services…but I’ll wait to judge what I think of the new name. Although I do definitely like the idea of improving how unified they are

  • David Goldstick

    Babble is a homophone for Babel. This indicates the likelihood of universal translation featured in this product. ;)

  • NasLAU

    If true this is awesome. Group Me and iMessage killer.

  • zen

    they got rid of reader for this? :/

    • Alex

      Yes. Yes, that’s exactly how it works.

  • duke69111

    So does it matter that there are already two apps called babble?

    • Dan Jones

      No, not at all. I’m sure there are plenty of apps with the same name.

  • Taylor

    As a die hard Voice user, I’m a bi flummoxed by this. Especially if I have to explain Google Babble to people. I’d feel like a bigger idiot than I usually do.

  • donger

    They will unveil this soon enough.

  • Dylan Friedman

    I’m surprised it has taken them this long to unify all their chat services into one app. I think its a good idea.

  • lapak_zapak

    iMessage, FaceTime ans Skype killer……….Sounds interesting

  • da9el

    that’s good news.

  • jenskristian

    I’m excited about everything, except the name.

  • Chad

    I like the idea of bringing everything together, i do not like the name babble though, but I hope google makes it easy out the gate for new users to be integrated in the system.

  • Benjamin Peter

    I just hope xmpp connection will still be possible.

    • DragonPhyre

      They just turned off something in XMPP that was big… I think it was authentication requests? Something. So, don’t hold out hope for XMPP support.

  • h0ruza

    Should be ready just in time for Google IO

  • Derek

    I like this idea. Please bring MMS support to Google Voice while you’re at it!!!!!!!! Can’t even get picture messages sent to my Google Voice phone # and this is in 2013!!!

    • DragonPhyre

      This needs to have three things to make it work:

      1. It needs to be like iMessage and “JUST WORK” when two people have Android phones. No stupid “Do you want to do this?” because it should be just like SMS and work just as well so long as the data network is available.

      2. It needs to be transparent when it fails. If the data network fails, it needs to send out through whatever method exists–SMS comes to mind–and just work. No “hey this message failed, want to send a SMS?” YES I DO JUST DO IT.

      3. All clients need to have the exact same features across the entire program. The desktop client for Gtalk has stagnated for YEARS and the web client flips out from time to time, and the Android client can’t do things like sharing links.

      • aranea

        I don’t agree with point #2. I don’t have unlimited SMS on my service and I’d prefer to know if I’m being charged or not for a message I sent. I don’t want to receive a bill that’s hundreds of dollars bc I was sending and receiving SMS instead of gtalking on data.

        There can be an option to turn notification off though.

  • aranea

    I think this will be good. Frankly I’m trying to use google hangouts with 3 other friends and it’s not working all the time. I get a notification on gtalk but also my phone and tablet starts ringing. Sometimes gtalk notification comes bfore the hangout ring. And if you drop sometimes you can use the same link to get in sometimes you have to be re-invited. If they were all together it’d be much easier.

  • lou2cool88

    I’m really surprised Google didn’t think of this sooner but I’m extremely excited for it! I use Hangouts and Google Chat all of the time. I hope they think of a better name than babble though. I think they can just call it G Talk or G Chat and that’d be fine.

  • Bhavesh Joshi

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  • aranea

    Attack of the Down-votes! Looks like someone went ahead gave everyone a -1

  • gtalka

    How come ATT blocks my Gtalk video chat unless I’m on WIFI but apples facetime works over Wifi…. Will google babble finally work over 3g or restricted to only wifi….

  • Aluzeros

    Can’t wait, really would love it if they added SMS to it also

  • chris2kari

    Sigh.. Isn’t this just wave all over again?
    Gosh I’ve been err rooting for Google for a long time now but I’m honestly sick of the constant churn of products/services.
    Google voice us only why?
    Skype works everywhere.
    Apple & Microsoft are moving forward, Google dithers around chopping & changing. They _really_ need to get their shit together & soon IMHO.

  • Dan Jones

    As long as they don’t strip features from the various component services, I’m fine with this.

    I should still be able to do GChat using XMPP from any XMPP app.
    I should still be able to use Google Voice from any phone (not just an Android phone with the Babble app).

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  • Harkunwar Singn Kochar

    This is great Google is unifying it with great way. TECH ROCKS !

  • craig

    I dont see why they cant tie babble with an existing phone number like Apple do with facetime/iMessage on my iPad.

    google seems to release stuff half assed and im starting to lose faith in them.

    What interests me is Google notifications and hangouts on their Nexus 4, notifications come to the iPhone first, the google+ experience on the iPhone is better than the nexus and hangouts just plain suck balls on 3g whereas facetime quality is pretty damn good.

    they really need to get their shit together, if they can tie it all in and link it to my phone number that would be awesome…….but heres holding out hope……..and probably another US only release :(

  • pankaj yadaw