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HTC calls GS4 #theNextBigFlop


So much for “Quietly brilliant.” Looks like the gloves are coming off. Based on what you have seen, would you rather buy the Samsung Galaxy S 4 or the HTC One?

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  • Henners

    HTC One!

    • Linda

      Im waiting for the new iPhone 5S…its the best

    • Richard Yarrell

      You had to know i would respond just as i did directly to HTC and it’s Twitter ambush which went on into the wee hours of Friday morning. I won’t take anything away from the HTC ONE it’s clearly a wonderfully constructed handset definitely a looker and personally i like that blinkfeed feature it’s a wonderful idea. That will make some purchase the handset based on that aspect alone. But honestly people have grown much more than that over the years and in today’s 2013 market place functionality as well as user enhancements is the name of the daily game. That’s what Samsung products offer they have TOP OF THE LINE software development and implementation of features that are industry leading nobody can take that away from Samsung. They provide and cater to their customers needs by providing removable batteries and sdcard expansion that is still so valuable to people REGARDLESS of what Google thinks with it’s Nexus line devices. The funny part is haters will hate and regardless of that hate people who purchase Samsung products know every year they will see an industry leading feature that later on everyone would be trying to copy. In today’s market like it or not the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 are the GOLD STANDARD of the industry and now you can add the Galaxy S4 to that list of GOLD STANDARD devices. My only question which i asked HTC on it’s twitter page was if you we’re actually the top dogs in this industry why release a product with version 4.1.2 jellybean when 4.2.2 was clearly the better choice. Never got any response from that question. Bottom line the Galaxy S4 might not look like the Htc One but the software and features as well as the overall fluidity and user experience is far better that’s for sure. The time has come for people to realize that fashion statements in technology land means nothing in today’s world. When you purchase a handset you want to know what experience will you get from that purchase. That device must have industry leading capabilities and must perform accordingly Samsung products do exactly that. They should look forward to an increase to 250 million smartphones sold in 2013 REGARDLESS of any Nexus 5, Motorola Xphone, Lg Optimus G pro, Iphone 5s/6 or any other launched handset. Samsung has brought innovative products and solutions to the market for the last three years especially the last 2yrs and based on that they are the manufacturer that everyone is chasing and copying for that matter. You can rest assured that the overall sales of the HTC One won’t be anything near the Galaxy S4 or the past sales of the Galaxy S3 in 2012 for that matter. But Htc will sell handsets at a better clip in 2013 than they did in 2012. Based on that they should be happy. It’s the consumer who drives this market and based that the consumers have spoken Samsung clearly owns this space.

      • squiddy20

        Hooray. You’ve proven you have not even a modicum of intelligence by copying/pasting this same unintelligent crap all over the Internet. You’ve posted it now twice here on A&M, and countless other websites that utilize Disqus, like this one here: What a trolling buffoon. And you continually tell ME I have no life? What a joke.

      • Orion78

        Not only are you stupid but you’re a fraud as well.

      • Max.Steel

        Learn to use punctuation and paragraphs, you bloody idiot.

  • Nate B.

    Samsung has become Americanized and now sucks. The fact it looks the same kind of kills it visually for me. And even the UI looks the same. I mean I don’t expect them to re-write the entire OS but damn… This is super corny the way they’re presenting.

    • DroidPower

      what changes were you thinking of? I think there is something very important about improving on what you already have. The past sales numbers show that people like the galaxy form factor, and samsung went ahead and improved on several specs regarding the hardware (aside from the cpu/ram upgrades) without distorting the overall design of the phone. In terms of the software, sure a lot of people would prefer the stock android over anything else, Samsung included a lot of cool, new features. You can’t have drastic changes to a product year after year because then you can’t focus on the little things. Samsung has found what it can excel at,and is doing a great job bringing new features and improvements to the table.

      also, w/ Samsung’s emphasis on the photo album printing service w/ int’l shipping and multinational translations (these are just a few examples), it’s clear that their focus is on the global level and definitely has not been Americanized.

      i do agree that their whole broadway performance was a bit off-key… but, good for them for trying something new.

    • Nate B.

      Okay, let me start over. That presentation was horrible. That alone pissed me off. I was hoping for a dramatic physical design but that’s not needed. It matches the HTC One in every way and even beats it in some areas. Such as a bigger battery and removable, internal storage and expandable, and slightly bigger screen.

      They continue to introduce new software enhancements. They may seem gimmick like to some but it’s an introduction to what it can really be years later.

      I mean it has a 1080p screen (even though it’s pentile but who can tell at that res), quad core which is more than enough (international octa), beefy camera with neat futures, and more.

      Yea, you get a more premium build with the One but think about it..HTC needed to come with a new design. They needed to come with a lighter version of Sense (even though some still see holes in it). They’ve always had premium builds but their marketing was terrible. Their Skin was overkill. They were forced to change it all up. Before the One they pretty much used the same design for some time. The One X was not to much different from the Sensation, Desire, and Thundrbolt and Rezound. HTC was all over the place. Trust me if they had success with any of those devices they would’ve stuck with similar designs still to this day. Samsung doesn’t need to change a thing except continuing to add neat futures and update the hardware like they already are.

  • renyo

    At the end of the day it all comes down to numbers…

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • Adrien C.

      Well… nail me inside the coffin with them. HTC One is the first Non Nexus device that really tempted me. If the Developer Edition was the same price of Nexus 4, or hell, even $100 more, I’d go for it without thinking. (considering I’d be able to run stock android)

    • epps720

      I couldn’t disagree more! Lots of love for the HTC One out there right now. Pending what the Moto X shows (hopefully at I/O) but the One may be my next device.

    • heat361

      I would think Samsung would change their design, but overall I think the HTC one is a fantastic product the only difference is Samsung has a lot more features.

  • Mustin

    IV will probably be better overall, but I like HTC better overall.

    • Marc

      Your post is a bit confusing, but it’s better overall.

  • Scotter

    I’m holding out for the HTC One.
    Plus, I like the look better and have had better luck with HTC. I’ve also been waiting forever for a phone to have stereo speakers on the front. Sooo tired of cupping my hand behind the phone to reflect sound to the front while showing someone a video.

    • Raptor

      Exactly! Speakers on the back is where designer’s brain is.
      The only minus of HTC one is its smaller integrated battery.

  • Chike

    HTC 1ONE

  • Dirge

    Immature, much? Or maybe HTC is scared because they’ve been doing horrible financially and Samsung has been outselling them in every market. I mean, I like competition, but only diss something if you can back it up. With that said, I believe the S IV will once again outsell the One, just as the S III outsold the One X.

    Personally, I won’t be getting either. I’m waiting for the next Nexus phone or the Motorola X.

    • R.S


      I find it amusing that they’d call it the Next Big Flop (a play at Samsung’s slogan) when they (HTC) are hurting bad while Samsung’s phones are selling like crazy!

      Even funnier, in a pathetic way, was them having people outside of Radio City Music Hall as walking billboards letting people try the HTC One.

      • rpras

        Ha! HTC pulled a Samsung, did they? :-)

        • epps720

          EXACTLY! HTC (and LG) are just giving Samsung what Samsung has been doing to Apple all along. Obviously Samsung is going to outsell HTC, but HTC is getting their name and their phone out there. Can’t hate on that

  • zippyioa

    The S4 will definitely be my next pocket dweller.

    Don’t HTC realise that they can use the S4 without taking their gloves off? ;)

    • jamal adam

      In this fight, it seems like the gloves are coming off for the One but staying on for the S4 lol

      • Dirge

        It seems like Samsung doesn’t need to take their gloves off against someone they don’t consider a worthy rival.

  • Mike S

    I’m waiting for the HTC One on Verizon.

  • redraider133

    Well htc I hope they can sell the one because the one x was a better phone last year and look how that turned out for htc, but the more competition the better.

  • Billy

    My contract is about to run out on my Galaxy S2 so I’ve been waiting for the S4 to rear it’s head and see if it’s worth the upgrade.

    I’m unsure what to think really. I’m impressed with the features they have introduced for sure, and it’s nice to see a company strive to come up with new ideas and solutions, but I’m really disappointed with the design of the thing, both from a hardware and a software perspective. For a phone that I’m assuming will cost around £500, I’d expect the build to be better. Personally I prefer the look of my current S2 (sharper corners don’t age as badly as curves). Reviews in the past have always criticised the S line of phones because of their plasticky feel, but yet again Samsung have failed to address this. It just looks like a toy.

    As for the software, it feels like a load of apps designed by different companies all shoved into the one phone. None of the apps they showcased had any kind of cohesive design to them, and the majority looked childish at best.

    I’m sure the phone will sell like hotcakes and outsell the HTC One by far, but for me, I just don’t want it as much as the HTC or even the Sony Xperia Z – they just feel like more premium devices for the great amount of money. I’d happily lose some of the gimmicks for a well built phone made out of something other than shiny plastic.

    • klacebo

      I really love my GSII, and I think liked the fact that it was solidly built, even though it’s plastic (I dropped it while cycling at 60km/h with no protection, and it only has a scratch in the back, glass is in perfect condition). Screen size is decent, and I wouldn’t mind the upgrade to 4,6-4,7″ but 5″ is overkill for this line of phones.

      At 5″ this phone should have a stylus and named the Note 2 Mini, not the GS4 (following the trend of naming the Galaxy S3 Mini, a device of similar dimensions to the GSII). It is the same dimensions as the original Note ffs.

      I really don’t get the current trend with larger screens on phones. We have phablets for that, phones need to be smaller.

  • Przemyslaw Orawiec

    That was by far the dumbest premier that I have seen in my life. What do I like about the phone:
    +Camera functions
    +5″ diplay
    +covers for the phone
    +quad core /octa core
    +2gb ram
    +size and weight
    +sd card and memory options
    +IR (looks like a functionality that I had on my Nokia 10yrs back is back on the roll)

    what I don’t like:
    -plastic built ( looks like Samsung doesn’t listen to its customers after all)
    -physical home button (stupid and we don’t need it)
    -SuperAmoled display (why not SuperAmoled Plus, they gave us a Pentile display that’s gonna be closer to 300dpi)
    -same looks as the Galaxy S3

    In conclusion I am gonna stick to my Xperia Z for now and possibly change it to HTC One once it comes out. Samsung needs to understand that people that buy premium phones want to have premium materials on the phone.

    • Dirge

      We’ll see how the “premium” feel of the Z and One fare in everyday conditions compared to the S IV. Besides, it seems like the S IV will use a similar material used in the HTC One X.

  • ihatefanboys

    I love HTC ! Love how they took Samsucks catchphrase and used it against them. Ha Ha Ha

    • Dirge

      And it turn made themselves look childish and scared.

      • Fuducky

        Well I thought the Samsung adds against Apple looked childish and scared and look where that got them. Marketing is for the childish and scared anyway. The ones who are easily swayed and don’t understand any better. Phones are phones and I think the HTC one is much more innovative.

    • Alex

      Yeah it was really clever……..hmm.

  • Phil

    The HTC One is a nicer looking phone, but they always manage to screw something up, usually with the software. One of their new key software features is essentially a beta and a poor imitation of existing applications available at that.

  • jamal adam

    I love HTC but if I remember correctly, the Galaxy S3 was hated on by many when it was revealed but in the end it sold millions and millions. The same things is going to happen with the S4 but hopefully the One can do it too.

  • Alex

    Did their account get hacked? Sounds like the kind of drivel you would hear from a butthurt fanboy.

  • Esoth

    I imagine that the lack of removable battery and MicroSD slot in the HTC One are going to be dealbreakers for a lot of people – both are present in the Galaxy S IV, too. It’s a hard choice, because the One trumps every other aspect of the S IV.

    • Douglas Taylor

      I agree. While I loved my HTC OneX, I now have the Galaxy Note2 with a 64gb micro sd card. No memory expansion and non-removable battery are essential for me. Such a pity because the design and finish on recent HTC flagship phones are so appealing.

    • Ben

      I have never understood why being able to remove the battery is a dealbreaker for people. I can understand the expandable memory (I personally never have needed more than 16gb) but unless you need to keep extra charged batteries around…. why would you ever need to remove the battery?

      • PaulieG

        Because batteries don’t last forever and people aren’t always in range of a charger. So yes, a couple of spare batteries pre-charged help overcome this limitation. This is very much a deal breaker for me.. Until HTC move away from the integrated model (which for the life of me I can’t understand why they keep doing it) I won’t be buying their equipment. The only flop going around is HTC’s persistence in limiting consumer options.

        • Raptor


  • Josh5310

    HTC One Hands Down, HTC is just trying to look brave and courages.

  • yankeesusa

    Although I love htc sense, the metal body, the kicking speakers and wireless charging I just can’t go back to having a bad battery life again. Even if the s4 had a worst battery life than htc one it can be replaced. That’s why for now the only thing replacing my note 2is the note 3. But I do love the shape and design of the htc one.

  • HeadDoc

    When this kills HTC, through force of marketing alone, Samsung should hire the team that designed the One’s case. Samsung beats HTC with specs, but the phone looks like a grey-market knock-off of a flagship phone. Put the S4′s guts in the One, and Apple will be running scared. I am getting a One, and mailing in my S3 to HTC for $. I would prefer a removable battery, but the SD-card on the S3 (at least the AT&T version) would not store apps, because of a stupid software decision.

  • ari-free

    At least LG was creative and didn’t sound like a bunch of sore losers with their comeback.

  • Nathen

    People People,,,,,,relax.
    Forget the S4,I5s,HTC one……..forget them all.

    The X is coming and Google will Rock everyone out of there Minds when this phone hits the Market. Keep you eyes and ears open and you might get too see it on May 15-17 at Google’s I/O
    Release not to mention KEY LIME PIE ! Androids Next OS version.

    • Raptor


    • Josh

      I’m looking forward to X also. Can’t wait! Literally – I can’t wait… They announce in May, and rumor is the X won’t ship til July. I just don’t want to sit around another 4 months. I figure ill pick up the HTC One now and trade for the X this summer (supposed to be available through Google Play for cheap like the Nexus 4 was).

  • Mikes_phone_and_tab

    I like the fact that Samsung actually has an ecosystem. You can use it seamlessly along with their other products. The features are only useless of you don’t use your phone enough to actually find a use for it. Who us going to use that “Zoe” feature on the HTC One? Don’t tell me the “Ultra Pixels” isn’t a gimmick. Metal is useless, it only adds to comfort. The words “build quality” implies it makes it better device when it frankly doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love the One. I do like metal, I would use the Zoes on the HTC and I think the ultra pixel idea has potential.

    • Mikes_phone_and_tab


    • Fuducky

      You should look at camera reviews so far. It has the Nokia Lumia fans running scared.
      So no it’s no gimmick.

  • Raptor

    I will take neither one.

    Externally, the One, S4 and even iP5 are intentionally designed to look like scratched & bended junkyard crap after two years of usage.

    Worst of all sins is that the battery of HTC One will hold 1/2 of charge then.

    As to S4, first, it has pentile screen with PPI=312 for Red and Blue like all 720p phones. It does not matter that green PPI=624. Then, second, speakers must be on front panel, period. Third, the brightness of S4 will be crap as usual, not for day light usage in California.

    I’d wait for GNote3 or look at Sony Z

  • sunrise


  • Luv_android

    I hope Motorola X phone is for real and it has Android 5.0..or I might just get the HTC One…

    S4 is really cheaply.. plasticity is the proof

    • donger


  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    HTC one, but if you have one to spare I’ll take it :)

  • MyMilan

    Definitely the HTC One. Much higher end, classier and more elegant. Incredible specs. Love the curved back, just like a sexy woman…

  • newmexican

    No-brainer for me. When HTC did not come up with a G3 (to follow the very first Android phone G1 and its successor the G2) I opted for the Samsung Galaxy S Relay. Boy, what a mistake. This is cheap plastic crap. The phone has more issues after 3 months than any HTC phone after two years. NEVER again Samsung, HTC, I will be back for the HTC ONE.

  • Josh

    Well… LG, Sony, Samsung and HTC have all showed us what they got. I’m going with the HTC One hands down! Have you seen the build quality and screen on the HTC One?!

    I was hoping Samsung might drop thier awful plastic, cheap hardware and hideous pentile AMOLED displays, but alas they came out with the same thing. Oh and they continued with the ‘bloatware” theme and bag of cheap parlor tricks. SmartPause?! Give me a break.

  • Matthew

    I love my galaxy note N7000, but as its made out of plastic its true quality is really starting to show, since I bought it in July its paint has flaked of, its micro-usb port is intermittent and its taking a long time for Samsung to release Official software for it (i’m now using custom 4.22 roms).

    I would go for the HTC One purely for the quality of it.

    • lolo

      Did you know 4.1.2 is out for the n7000? I have a German note and I’ve had official jelly bean since February via kies.

  • Stefan Rosander

    HTC One! I’m a current SGSIII owner, but Samsung seems to take their customers for granted, not enough to keep a customer!

  • i dont know

    People are going to call this phone ugly and then its going to sell like hot cakes again like it did last year while HTC is going to be doing what they was doing last year trying to find a way to make a come back

  • autofill namerson

    I don’t know how I’m going to part with my One X, the trully indestructible phone, it smashes on asphalt every time I exit my car, I never had a case. It still looks amazing, not a single scratch being thrown together with sharp tools, keys etc. I really wanted the One X+ because to me, I have not seen a better built device, its a tank/ferrari. But, HTC has outdone themselves, and once again shown that only they can do it. I waited for stereo frontfacers for over a decade! As well as a camera that works in nightclubs, and when stuff happens. If the audio recording is as advertised, double membrane mics, guys, this is a real mature and seems like a true professional multimedia devoce, since HTC got Apple by the …pattents, I reckon a lot of engineering around some tech has hit the One. I think even if marketing says nothing, the One is so damn sexy, it alone is its best advertising, as long as people just get to see it lol

  • ibap

    And why would we listen to one manufacturer dissing a rival’s phone? There wouldn’t be some kind of ulterior motive, would there? I’ll read reviews, but I’d not believe anything coming from a competitor. And I’ve owned phones from both HTC and Samsung.

  • Pippers peddler

    Marketing brainwashed the masses yet again. Samsung is the new apple, which is good for a business, but bad for consumers for other companies as it becomes harder to innovate and push new devices into our hands. It’s nice to see HTC change up with their old build quality . I am definitely excited for their future. I just wish more people had an open mind, but they don’t. They will go with what is popular…just how the world is.

    • Paul Atreides

      It’s more about consistency than conformity I believe. I’d honestly like HTC to stick to the design they have now for at least another year and put most of their time in software. Listen to the community also, because that’s what Samsung is doing. Samsung did not pull an Apple with the S4 though many want to compare it to that, the hardware design was changed just enough which was a smart move. Software wise, I think they nailed. Just need to see them compared side by side now.

  • Paul Atreides

    I’ll probably skip both, but if I had to choose I’d say Galaxy because of the larger battery and more pleasant user experience(I don’t understand many of HTC’s software choices) AND on it’s on the latest software version of JB. However, I like seeing HTC go after Samsung, but they need to have their big guns fully loaded. Sure the S4 resembles the S3 for the most part in hardware, but man Samsung made me consider features I probably don’t need but they make me want them! Some dope will say “oh those gimmicks will pop up in the market” but I say majority of people want a complete package out of the box with a smooth experience. Samsung’s feature list is getting longer and longer. A some what pretty hardware design won’t push HTC back to the top. Samsung may have flopped on making a completely redesigned Galaxy(which I feel would of been kind of stupid this year, but necessary in 2014 for sure) I think HTC flopped on the software again. There’s nothing exciting about their Sense 5 except a few camera features. So who will win? #QuietlyBoring may win some new fans or old fans back but #TheNextBigFlop will win the whole kitten kaboodle once again this year. Hopefully, HTC will understand that there’s no going back once you start a war. I’m not sure if they’re completely prepared for that at the moment, but we shall see. Game on bitches!

  • dunny29

    Perhaps a nail out of the coffin for HTC?

  • Cajj

    Doubt that this will be anywhere near a flop. Samsung, although built of plastic, has always proved to last longer and give me less problems when compared to my HTC phones. I like the feel of some HTC phones but that is as far as it goes.

  • John Patrick

    #theNextBigFlop ? Sounds like they’re describing their own chances of the HTC One pulling them out of their market share dive. One = No replaceable battery; no memory expansion.
    Same mistakes over and over yet expecting different results = clinical definition of insanity.

  • reddragon72

    I have been a loyal Sammy fan for awhile but have owned the Evo and a Atrix but always came back to Sammy. Right now I am all over the HTC One. It will be my next phone to replace my Epic 4G Touch.

  • Momulah

    Fantastic features with mediocre physical aesthetics and awesome under the hood power. Bad side is if coming from any Galaxy before it, once released all those features will be on my S III with the help of XDA within weeks of it releasing. Probably before it once a leaked ROM arrives so on that note it is a fail. HTC has an amazing phone with lackluster battery that will undoubtebly have to be covered up to prevent scratches from dropping unlike the s I’ve which is actually slot more durable with its plastic. Who agrees?

  • Asadian

    Lol idiots parroting the “build quality” punchline arguing they would rather have cheap tin can aluminum over just as durable hard plastic. NEWS FLASH!! BOTH R CHEAP.

    I just find the whole thing dumb. My GS2 has been dropled multiple timez without a scratch and still workz perfect. Meanwhile my htc inspire with its “superior” build quality has scratches all over the body with worn down corners. My s2 looks just out the box regardless of beijg subjected to much harsher conditions.

    Not to mention every htc phone I have ever encounteded has terrible battery life and ALWAYS software bugs. Overheating or battery pulls. Functionality on samsung is far superior in my experience

  • Nathan D.

    Lol, enough said

  • Joe

    There right

  • Kiran

    After my HTC one x, which I chose above s3, I don’t think i’ll want any other brand.. I love my phone, but I love the HTC one even more.. So my pick definitely HTC one..

    I had a samsung star 3g long back when it had released, since then I don’t see any innovation in samsung, same boring OS, that puts me to sleep and dull screen.. Nah no samsung till they really innovate..

  • C.j.

    None of u r thinking about the exynos 5 octa the beast with 8 brains working simultaneously when running heavy 3d games!!!
    To the gamers like me , the graphics and the processing power means more than the build quality and my SGS3 satisfied me alot.
    And i think the htc would will again get a jaw-breaking punch on its face when the eight cored beast comes out.!

    And for later releases who knows samsung may put the flexible OLED display in galaxy s5! Lol.
    Htc is just frightened of being outselled by samsung again.

    And 4 the build quality i dropped my s3 from my stairs and nothing happened ,but my mytouch wasnt so lucky .

  • paxmos

    All those who say that GS4 looks like GS3 (specifically talking to HTC), can someone tell me how many HTC phones look and feel alike?. HTC talks crap because it has clearly lost the market to Samsung and if they think this is a way to get back at Samsung and back in the market, they have it all wrong. Starting with Nexus 1 and all the way prior to HTC One X, all the other HTC phones looked, had the same specs, and functioned exactly the same. So, after 3 years, HTC now that you have come out with a and first device that looks different from your other phones, shut the freak up. Only market will tell which one is the flop…

  • C.j.

    SGS4 have 8 processor cores out of which 4 are clocked at 1.2 Ghz and these work when doing small works like making calls, listening to music etc. and other 4 at 1.7 Ghz. Which are on in no time when switching to heavier tasks. And all eight cores come in action when doing heavy duty work like playing heavy 3d games.!!!!!

    Does htc have any answer on how they will beat that much of power?

    Htc should think something out of the box and leave their fucking concentration on the build quality. Which also not the best.

  • brandon

    HTC is right. dissapointed in you samsung. what the hell is this, pentil display on a galaxy s4 and no changes to your interface. not even bother replacing the ugly green phone icon for example. the phone icon in nexus 4 or htc one is so attractive. what’s wrong with you samsung. also, i think the 13MB camera on the s3 is going to be so so again and won’t hold a candle to the htc one in low light.

  • samsungletmedownbigtime

    i was about to get the GS4 for definite because UK supposed to get Octa core..and i wanted to experience that.
    But since they’re suddenly not getting it (#flop) Ill be getting the HTC ONE or NEXUS 5

  • hitechandlife
  • jtc

    iPhone 5 — HTC should come up with its own design instead blatantly ripping off Apple, trying to trade off of Apple’s established trade dress. Just like Samsung. Both Pathetic Losers.

  • Gio

    ok first off these comments are very single sided. first off most people here don’t have either of these phones. the people who do lean toward what they bought to feel better about themselves.

    I have both of these devices. I prefer the gs4 not because of the speed but because of a few features. removable battery expandable storage and a bit better battery life. I was a die hard htc fan (ex devices. g1 mytouch3g mytouch 4g htc sensation htc amaze htcone x) this is the first Samsung device I purchase… sure it is plastic but if that’s sooooo important to you then get the gs4 and a custom backplate. I will go back to htc when they decide to get all the features that made them great external storage removable battery and also switch display types

  • joe

    I have the gs4 its very nice