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HTC One delay gives future buyers just enough time to consider Galaxy S IV


If you’re thinking about buying an Android phone right now, chances are you’re stuck deciding between two models — the HTC One, or Samsung’s yet to be unveiled Galaxy S IV. Had HTC played their cards right, and managed to get everything in order, the One would be available and shipping just as soon as Samsung had a chance to announce the Galaxy S IV. But that’s not the case. It has been revealed today that the actual release of the HTC One has been pushed back several weeks to late March, early April for some regions. More than enough time for Samsung to convince buyers to jump on the Galaxy train.

Originally announced by UK retailer Clove, HTC has pushed back the release date of the One from March 15th, to the 29th. HTC has confirmed the move in a press statement saying that, “We will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April.” Normally a two week delay is nothing to think twice about, in fact it’s commendable of HTC not to rush out a shoddy product just to meet previously stated deadlines. But these two weeks in particular may be cause for concern.

HTC is running out of time to make a big comeback in Android. Samsung has become the number one Android manufacturer in the world, and is absolutely dominating the competition. With the HTC One, HTC had a distinct advantage in that not only did they unveil the One before the S IV was even being teased, but it would be available right before Samsung had anything to announce. Now, Samsung will have a full two weeks after announcing the Galaxy S IV, on March 14th, to convince would be One owners to go with Samsung instead.

Update: we have received word from HTC that the previous comment does not apply to US-bound models of the HTC One. T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have yet to announce when they will start selling the HTC One, but the device is expected to show up is retail stores before the end of the month.

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  • redraider133

    I think this is going to end up hurting HTC once again, especially if samsung announces the s4 with availability before the one is able to be out and in users hands. Hope HTC can get it all worked out, because the One looks like a great phone.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • epps720

      I agree, between this and not being on Verizon… two very big misses

      • Vance

        “not being on Verizon” is A) not entirely true, and B) no one’s fault but Verizon. It will be on Big Red, but not until they’re done bastardizing it.

    • Burnd

      Honestly, I don’t think it matters what Samsung is going to announce tomorrow. Samsung has made more name and did better marketing and advertising the past years. People will hear “Galaxy S4″ and they’re sold.

  • YMS123

    I highly doubt the S4 will best the One in terms of hardware design

    • zeepzorp

      I presume you are referring to Samsung’s use of plastic and decreased durability. However, that seems to matter less and less as we replace our phones more and more often. That being said, my HTC Nexus One is still looking pretty foxy.

    • redraider133

      Well the s3 was clearly lesser than the one x( hardware wise) and look at the sales. Hopefully HTC can get the one to market and really give some competition to samsung

      • kamui957

        It isn’t about hardware, it is about useable features. HTC, a company with a long history of bad batteries made a phone with… bad batteries you couldn’t replace. HOORAH!

        I traded it for a Galaxy Note and could not have been happier. The S3 and Note 1 both had better features than the HTC One X and I didn’t have sense crashing on me all the time anymore.

    • yankeesusa

      Why do you say that? Samsung has always had better features. In terms of design and material then htc wins but then again look at the sales and it tells a different story. If somehow Samsung did a metal phone it would most likely put htc back again.

      • Burnd

        So devices have better features if their sales are higher? Gotta love the naivety.

        • kamui957

          Stop twisting words. You are definitely falling into the Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc fallacy with this. Just because Samsung has high sales doesn’t mean high sales make better features. They have high sales BECAUSE of their features, not the other way around. God you people are stupid sometimes. Just because a phone is pretty and is built nice doesn’t mean you have to worship it and the company that built it. Maybe you should go with the company that gives you reliable hardware and good features, even if the casing is plastic.

          Seriously, I just wrote my argument against the iPhone to another Android user. You people are really getting stupider.

  • one

    Brilliant HTC !!!
    This gives us a proof how HTC handles updates as well :p
    This is a good example about how serious HTC is…
    Now buy the one and after 6 months you can forget about it, two will become available (with 1 month delay, of course) and HTC wil not support it anymore the one…

  • SGB101

    To quote whoever says it on every thread “final nail”

    I love HTC (bit of a fan boy) but if thing don’t look up they are f*+(ed.

    Samsumg already tried to dampen spirits with their announcement,and this may kill the One.

    Advertisement is better this time, but only at the football (soccer), no seen nothing elsewhere.

    Come on HTC sort it out!

    • SGB101

      Sorry for miss spells, I’m drunk :o)

      • kazahani

        It happens to the best of us.

  • yankeesusa

    HTC was making the right moves but this may hurt them really bad. They really need to push it. I’m sure it has to do something with the metal unibody. Although it’s a great design they can’t afford these mistakes. Maybe they should offer an extra accessory to those that have to wait for it otherwise most people will get the s4 if the delivery date is soon after announcement.

  • jamal adam

    I feel as though HTC is their own worst enemy at this point.

  • ayocuz

    It don’t matter to me I’m going with the s4 because of screen size +the s3 bested HTC in the previous round of smart phones

  • Melvin Kuo

    Many of you are getting this wrong. This is my take. 70% of the people who bought the S3 will not be upgrading to the S4. Simply because the truth of the matter is, the S3 is really all talk. 100% of all HTC users are targeting to buy the One. The Koreans and Americans are the World’s best marketeers just like many would think French wine is best. HTC produces the best quality hardware in the World, no one ever denied that. An Android is an a
    Android, all smartphone batt will never last as long as they are full touchscreen and especially if you are a heavy user so get over it. People should stop comparing the One with anything else. It is obvious I am bias but I have my reasons. I am a HTC OneX user. I have been using this phone since April 2012, no doubt there are issues here and there but I am a quality driven user, if you are too, u do not need to wait for the S4. It is a lame excuse.

    • redraider133

      I wouldn’t say 100% are upgrading that are on an htc device simply because of contracts. The one X and One X+ is still fairly recent as is the DNA so the actual number who will upgrade will be less for both samsung and htc.

    • donger

      HTC needs to take Samsung down. I am disappointed with what Samsung has done with the Nexus brand, they butchered it. Let’s make a shitty Galaxy Nexus with up to date software(Android OS) but outdated crappy hardware than their Galaxy line. Samsung makes too many phones each and every year, they need to stop or slow down.

      • iamXiV92a

        Samsung isn’t making a Nexus phone currently. ;-)
        I agree that Samsung makes TONS of devices (yes, TOO many) but to their credit, they support the software for a long time (i.e. OG S II) – something that HTC doesn’t seem to do

    • Paul Atreides

      Nice try, but the One will flop like your beloved One X.

  • htc massacre

    I will never touch a htcrap $hitphone again, asian garbage

  • Paul Atreides

    Hate to say it but this could spell doom for the One. They really needed this device out on shelves like yesterday! I have no confidence they will advertise it right, knowing Samsung will bring a barrage of ads for the S4. They better hope Samsung really screws up, which I highly doubt, even if the S4 turns out to be pretty similar to the S3 it will win. HTC you’re formula for success is not quite right. Maybe if you didn’t spend time producing that Blinkfeed crap for Sense 5, this phone would of been out the beginning of the year. David won’t beat Goliath this time around, maybe the One of 2014 will do the trick.

  • RobBull75

    HTC can’t afford to have this type of failure on a product launch. There’s been more buzz about the Galaxy S IV than the iPhone 5 (finally an Android phone gets respect from mainstream media). I really, really like the HTC One hardware and design, but I’m not going through a couple hour process to root the damn thing and I don’t trust HTC to offer timely software updates. I thought I was going to stick with Nexus only phones going forward, but the cameras on the Nexus line leave much to be desired, so I was contemplating getting the One or the S IV.

  • imdiane

    I really hope HTC will be able to start sending out its new One device soon! It would be a shame to lose sales because of that, especially because it’s an amazing product inside and out.

  • w00x

    I don’t believe that anyone that thought of changing his smartphone right now wouldn’t have waited until the S IV is unveiled anyway.

    Me? I’m going with either the One or the Xperia Z. Seeing that Korean McDo***d’s Happy Meal-esque built quality of the Galaxy line makes me regret spending my hard earned cash for an expensive plastic toy.

    I didn’t like the behavior of the audio in the One X video in loud environments (concerts) and I didn’t like that the speaker is not that loud. All that is fixed in the HTC One and the build quality is even better than the one of the One X.
    I also didn’t like the software that much, but that was fixed by a custom ROM.

  • Melisa

    I don’t care how late the One comes out, I will still buy it over the S4. I have never liked the Galaxy at all. Not the design, not its speed, not its specs, nothing. If it weren’t for the One I would have probably bought an iPhone but then I read about the One and fell in love with it. I have seen its reviews by its beta users and I think it will blow the iPhone and the s3 and 4 away. If I’m wrong then I’m wrong but I am definitely looking forward to this phone being available for purchase already and I hope my region doesn’t have to wait until the end of April.

  • Chillcloud

    I don’t know guys. seems like most of us have made up their mind regardless of when exactly these phones are available.