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HTC One launch in North America delayed, expected “before the end of April”

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HTC has released a new official statement regarding the global availability of the HTC One. When the device was first unveiled in the middle of February, HTC stated that the HTC One would be broadly available in North America and across the globe by the end of March. Due to component shortage issues, HTC has had to adjust the retail launch date of the phone.

While Germany, Taiwan and the UK are slated to receive their first shipments of the HTC One next week, the rest of Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific will have to wait until April before the HTC One is made available to them.

HTC has seen unprecedented demand for and interest in the new HTC One, and the care taken to design and build it is evidenced in early reviews. The new HTC One will roll out in the UK, Germany and Taiwan next week and across Europe, North America and most of Asia-Pacific before the end of April. We appreciate our customers’ patience, and believe that once they have the phone in their hands they will agree that it has been worth the wait.HTC

A 3-4 week delay is typically not a huge deal, but it definitely will not help the HTC One gain market share since the company was hoping to have the phone on the market at least a full month before having to directly compete with the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

Do you think most consumers will agree with HTC that the HTC One is “worth the wait?”

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • redraider133

    I hope they can get this out quick, since it is a really nice phone and this is what they needed. It is going to be tough though with the s4, new sony and lg devices.

    • BURNING 787


    • Hanna

      Im waiting for the new iPhone 5S instead. It will be Justin Bieber like (godlike).

      • emagehtmai

        Not sure if being clever, or just plain stupid.

    • Jon Garrett

      they shouldn’t release it so close to the S4′s release date. if I was HTC Id get this out as soon as possible.

  • MyMilan

    I was so ready to buy this phone but now I may just have to get the samsung. Pity because I don’t like the samsung as much, but I really need a new phone and first come, first served. Sorry HTC.

    • Nick Gray

      The Samsung U.S. launch will probably not happen until the very end of April or first few weeks of May.

    • zerosix

      So even if SGS4 launches on 04.29, and HTC One on 04.30 – you will buy SGS4?
      Give HTC a chance. They made a great device, which is much, MUCH better, than that piece of soap made of plastic.

      • Cebastian

        I’m pretty sure that is quite personal. The S4 has it’s advantages over the One, and the One has a better design and build quality. They’re both fantastic devices.

        • zerosix

          Yep, I agree. But from my point of view (Samsung fans, start you downvote-machineguns) Samsung gives less innovations. Galaxy Note was great. Smart Stay was interesting. But SGS4 gives no revolutionary features. Dual Camera? You really need it? Group Play? But not all of my friends have a GS4. No one, actually, is going to buy it. Anything else, that can change the way you use your phone?
          On the other side, HTC does it’s best to make a good product. They are having problems, but they manage to make a great device. You know, I’ve never liked HTC phones. But HTC One changed my mind, I think, it’s a very cool device. I would recommend it to everyone, who asks me.

    • SGB101

      My note2 is the last Sammy I get, love the phone, but I don’t like Sammy direction they are going with all the S-bloat.

      The note2 has a fair bit, but the s4 is packed with S stuff. It won’t be long till there will only be samsung market on the device. And we will need to sideboard the Play Store.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

  • Clay

    I can’t get a subsidized upgrade until May anyway. When that date arrives, I definitely plan on picking this up.

    • ihatefanboys

      unless you get it from T-Mobile. No more subsidies but you can put down $100 and pay it off over the next year or so. Thats what im gonna do

      • John K

        So just a “honest” subsidy because that is pretty much what every carrier does.

  • Nate B.

    Around the same time the S4 drops…

    I understand companies not wanting to waste money vetting on HTC because of their past but that’s messed up to produce so little when they’re trying to have a turn around.

    • Nate B.

      Another reason why you always but international version too. Most likely works in the US just same. Benefits to updates, better dev support, etc.

  • HTC’s Will

    Final nail in the coffin for HTC…for real this time.

    • snowbdr89

      An the next time an the next time after that n blah blah blah give up douchebag

      • Richard Yarrell

        Barf bag snowbdr has spoken as usual. What a butthole

        • squiddy20

          Wow. Big words coming from the guy who spells dumb as “dum”, cool as “kool”, and can’t even spell “assinine” correctly. What a moronic hypocrite.

        • Steam

          “barf bag” I know you’re mentally retarded to some degree, but seriously, “barf bag?” Are you four years old as well? I’m not sure which is the most immature and idiotic, “barf bag”, “boss,” “kool,” “kick some rocks,” “pimp slapping,” or “fuck a duck.” I haven’t heard anyone call someone a “barf bag” since I was in first grade. You go on and on about how you’re “rolling large” or “rolling with the big boys.” Well, until you found out that you couldn’t afford Verizon if you worked 168 hours a week, then ran around the message boards posting that you “kicked them to the curb” – you may believe that, but no one else does, and what other people think DO matter to you. Quite a lot, in fact, regardless of what you say. Otherwise, you wouldn’t spam-fuck the Android blogs with your self-assuring posts and calling out squiddy when no one else responds to your mindless nonsense.
          Just under 10 months left on my bet, Richard. As you know, I bet a friend that you not only wouldn’t learn anything in two years, you would continue to froth at the mouth about your imaginary phones, claim that your imaginary OEM and carrier of the week “pimp-slap,” “shit all over,” and all of the other mindless drivel you spew.
          What I hadn’t counted on was you actually becoming even more stupid as time went on. I didn’t think it was possible. Well done!

          • Peepee

            Don’t feed the trolls man

  • kevin

    They just can’t smoothly launch a phone for the passed 2 years. I was thinking about it but I want to buy cheap off contract. Once you go nexus, you never go back

  • kevin

    BTW I’m loving this website mobile design. Very nice! Props to the design team

  • HTCEric31

    I beleieve it’s worth the wait and hopefully will be ready by mid-April for the States. Despite the closenes to the S4 release, I don’t think it will hurt HTC. Samsung didn’t exactly wow us with the S4 especially with the S3 being a viable option with the S4 software. In the end patience will pay off because of the all metal design, ultrapixel camera and zoe.

  • Paul Atreides

    HTC is in serious trouble, 3-4 weeks is too long for a device that should of been out last month. People already know the S4 is on the way. Once Samsung starts to seriously market the device, the window may close on HTC. They better pray the S4 doesn’t come to the U.S. until late May as well.

    • swazedahustla

      Not much to market with the GS4, nothing really new or innovative. So unless you are a sheep, you know that the GS4 is just a polished up GS3.

      • Marcelo Burrieza

        Well, the international version with a 1080p display, new processor (Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 & quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7), 2GB RAM, better GPU (PowerVR SGX 544MP3>>>Mali400), bigger battery, IR control, temperature, humidity & gesture sensors, BT 4.0 LE, 802.11ac and 42Mbps HSPA is enough for some to switch… ;)

        The HTC One is on the same league, so if you prefer it you can´t be wrong either. The S4 is a great improvement from the S3 (at least if you compare the international version).
        Is it better than the One? I don´t know. The one looks and materials are better for sure.

        • Paul Atreides

          Let the troll be ignorant to the facts.

  • romy134

    Take care HTC, I loved the Dinc, DInc2 and currently own the HTC One X, you will be missed!!!

  • Prince77

    Why you think that first marketing/promotional video wasn’t in english??? Cause they knew it was going to be out in the states as soon as everyone thought.

    • Nick Gray

      The video was not in English because it was sent to me from one of my German contacts. HTC has not officially release the ad yet. The BlinkFeed ad is the only one that’s currently on HTC’s YouTube channel.

  • joe

    This device sounds like a good one,lets c,time is not on there side because of this no top tier status, wtf does that really mean someone fuked the pouch the CEO will kikin stones soon!)


    how can HTC fucked up something like this? HTC is releasing only one phone this year and this happens.

    • Nick Gray

      Component supply issues are out of HTC’s control. JIT (just-in-time) supply chains are mainly to blame for delays like this. Component manufacturers only build things to order and ship them out the door. The idea of stocking a warehouse full of components to build a device died nearly a decade ago.

      If the issue really comes back to the UltraPixel camera sensor, it means that the supplier is probably experiencing higher than normal failure rates. Yes, it definitely hurts HTC, but it’s certainly something that happens often when production is being ramped up for first time for a custom build component.

  • jamal adam

    I personally think it’s worth the wait but having it delayed like this is going to hurt them. It’s just a matter of whether the average consumer thinks it’s worth the wait, which means that marketing will be crucial.

    • Nick Gray

      You raise a good point. The average consumer doesn’t even know that the HTC One is even an option. I’m sure there are a few million people in the U.S. who know about the device, but that leaves nearly 300 million who are completely oblivious to the whole situation.

      • jamal adam

        Precisely, my point. I think that it would have helped HTC, had they started marketing the One a lot sooner. It would have been nice to have seen some ads going up earlier this month. With the momentum of the announcement, I feel that it would have made more of the population aware of the HTC One’s existence as being quite a viable option.

        • Droid Sam

          The flip side to that is that no one will know that the device is delayed since they don’t know about it yet. As long as HTC can roll out a string marketing campaign to promote the One when it does launch the in the US, they should be just fine.

    • HTCEric31

      Well stated Jamal. I also hope they find some way to get on board with Verizon.

  • dwilson6

    It is worth the wait. I hope people are willing to wait because HTC makes quality devices.

  • Deli

    I just want android to win. HTC needs a serious break. I love Samsung’s products and their support but I remember the good old days when htc was my #1 choice for years and I want them to succeed.

    I also have no idea where this “metal is premium” bs started. Aluminum is ultra cheap and from using the Desire series, they scratched so easily! Don’t confuse great design with “premium quality material” – it is definitely not.

    • HTCEric31

      I understand your point Deli but I respectfully disagree with you. In my opinion there is a difference in feel when you hold something made of metal as opposed to plastic. That’s just my preference. I just laughed when the Samsung rep at the unboxing of S4 declared “Polycarbonate” as some wonderful miracle material. In the end it’s still plastic. Recycleable materials I support as well.

  • HTCEric31

    I just realized that HTC better get the units in before the end of April because the HTC $100 Trade Up program states the HTC One must be activated by April 30th. I remember weeks ago the activation deadline was March 31st. Now with the announce the pressure is on HTC and they better deliver on their proposed timetable. Like I stated before I definitely will purchase the HTC One.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam supply chain

  • Chris

    No consumers might as well pass on the HTC One. Galaxy S IV is the phone to get simple as that. No debating needed.

  • Droid Sam

    I’ll be getting the HTC One even if I have to wait until May. A lot of people think that Samsung has a better product, but I want to help make sure HTC can survive which will help the entire industry and the competitiveness of android for years to come.

    • SGB101

      HTC make a product that feels great in the hand. Every time I get my hands on my old One X (son has it) it feels so nice compared to the plastic Samsung I have now.

  • amit kumar

    HTC One is surely a great phone with its smart looks. Really this is specific phone. I checked full specification of this phone this site as well.

  • Paul Atreides

    I think it’s time for Chou to step down if this phone isn’t a top seller.

    • Raptor

      Not today. But in 2 years streets will yell to repair dented scratched body and dead battery for free or step down

      • Paul Atreides

        The people want their “premium” feel at all cost I guess.

  • donger

    Should of release it before the S4.

  • dtwhsieh

    No problem! I will wait!

  • S2 Plus launched
  • Sameer

    3 week really matters because if any person get another option, He will go for it rather than waiting for HTC. Smartphone is not thing which you bought every week

  • Garth

    I have heard a couple reports indicating that the HTC One gets quite warm with extensive use. Have you heard or experienced this? If this is true, what are the implications for reliability of the HTC One?

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    I want to know when it is available in Indian Market, Because it must loved by everyone.