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HTC One marketing kicks into high gear with new commercials and music video cameo appearance


Based on your comments, it looks like the HTC One will certainly be a hit (if they can actually get it into stores). The device sports an amazing design and comes with a handful of software and hardware features which make it stand out from the crowd.

While we still don’t have a retail launch date for the HTC One in the U.S. market and we’re seeing delays in the handset’s global roll-out  that’s not stopping HTC from flipping the switch on its marketing efforts. Over the past few days, two HTC One commercials have hit YouTube along with a new music video from Hollaphonic in which the HTC One is shown off more than a dozen times.

The HTC One BoomSound ad is our favorite since it clearly shows how front-facing stereo speakers are a better option than the traditional speaker on the back of the device. The HTC One BlinkFeed ad is interesting to watch, but it really doesn’t convey how the software feature really benefits the user.

Take a few minutes to watch the two HTC one ads and Hollaphonic’s new I Don’t Want It To End feat. Shaduno music video and let us know what you think. Is this the type of marketing HTC needs to do to in order to show consumers that the HTC One is a viable alternative to Samsung’s galaxy lineup?

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Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • jamal adam

    They need to do better than this if they want customers to notice but it’s a good start. Now, it’s time to rev-up the engines and show us that this is truly the One (pun intended).

    • MyMilan

      I agree. Who comes up with these lame ad ideas? They tell you NOTHING about what the phone offers. Some of these ads look more like a music video. If someone walked up to you and showed you these ads you’d have NO idea that they were trying to cell a phone, let alone the HTC One. This is a great phone, HTC have so much to talk about which would “cell” this phone, but they completely gloss over all of the phones great selling points just to make a slick disco video? HTC needs to fire this ad agency and find one that will promote their product properly.

      • mike

        One if them is a music video.. read the article dude!!

      • Jimmy_Jo

        I disagree. The Blinkfeed ad doesn’t tell you much about what’s going on but the ad with the bands playing backwards is clever and shows you why you want to have speakers in the front. The owner of the One is showing a video to some friends and he doesn’t have to twist and cup his hand like a Tai Chi master for them to be able to hear. I think that is such a great feature and really makes sense. I really think they did a good job with it.

        • Kieron Mann

          Wrong on every level. The placement of speakers at a a distance that close does not make much of a difference in sound. All you have to do to prove it to yourself is to turn the speakers on your phone towards yourself. Then as you are playing a song rotate it around all different directions and go… and go… Well damn! It sounds the same no matter which way I point it because of the physics of sound. The whole device acts as a speaker cabinet and reflective surface to give you your sound. Of course if you have a phone with lousy speakers to begin with it will sound bad no matter what.

          The commercial is inane on every level. If you turn a band around and face a wall you are going to get the sound of the speakers coming back at you off the wall. The whole commercial is, as with most products, pretty meaningless and seems to assume that everyone is a moron. I always feel insulted when I watch most commercials.

          As for blinkfeed or whatever it is called. I suppose some people might find it enjoyable, but since I find no practical application in it with how I use my phone I don’t really see the point. You either have to scroll through tons of blinkfeed panels to find the one you want or scroll though using some other method. Big whoop. (And yes I tried it… Ho Hum).

          Underwhelmed by the cellphone industry as usual.

          Now if someone could provide phone service that was cost effective, has real quality , and fantastic customer service… that would be amazing!

    • Cwalden21

      Definitely agree, their marketing team needs to be replaced asap…..we want to see the features…speaking of features..what the hell are they thinking leaving out a micro sd slot? I just don’t understand why someone wouldn’t want expandable storage..if you dont…the iphone was made for dumb people like you.

    • Anonymous

      Or you can just ignore the commercial and not give a shit :)

  • Vance

    They needed to hit hard with marketing and taking pre orders two weeks ago and start shopping in the US next week. They had a small but perfect window to really attack Samsung and once again they missed it. IMO hTc makes the best mobile hardware on the planet, they’re just no good at selling it and that’s a shame. I’m buying one, but most of friends and family are drinking the galaxy koolaid

    • Vance


  • herbivore83

    I noticed it being used by the Dean on Community last night. I’ve been seeing a lot of Windows Phones on television recently, so it was nice to see something with Android on it.

    • Kin

      I saw that too! The thing that threw me off was that the USB port was in the center, while One’s is decidedly off-center. Also, the episode was probably filmed so long ago that the One wasn’t really even on the radar yet. But it definitely looked One-ish!

    • bob

      That wasn’t the One… It was Lumia… I thought it was the One as well but I replayed it and it’s clearly the Lumia 910.

      • one

        And that’s how the whole HTC marketing is flushed down in the toilet.
        If you saw a phone that looks like a HTC One but in fact is a Nokia Lumia, where is the wow factor?Because HTC said that their design is unique blablablabla.
        So between a lumia 901 and htc one the design difference is where is the usb port?

  • Dave Kratter

    The second ad was decent but the first ad was terrible, and the music video does nothing at all to promote htc or put your focus on the phone.

    They really need to step up their game if they expect to come back from the dead.

    • cainneach

      Actually the third video is not an ad but a music video for Hollaphonic’s song.

    • mike

      They did the music video to support a new act rather than wholly promote the phone, so why should it be purely an ad !!

  • epps720

    Even though I had no idea what they were saying I thought the Boom Sound commercial was great! Terrible job on the blink feed commercial…felt creepy to me

    • Broseph Stalin

      The BoomSound one said “Wouldn’t your sound be better if it came from the right direction? That’s what we thought, too.”

  • Randy White

    Yeah the Boom Sound commercial was great. Didn’t really get the other 2.

  • Lego57

    *”Quietly Brilliant” beats “Loudly Obtuse”*

    The music band stuff on the 1st one is loud and boring. The 3rd one, is an uninteresting music video without a point that’s louder and longer than the 1st one. I’m definitely not HTC’s target for the spend to produce these two pieces. It was a struggle for me to even to spot the product placement and I was looking for it! All three of these ads are yawners. Is HTC still chasing the illusion that the people in these videos represent a viable market segment?

    On a positive note, I’m anxious to play with the “blink feed” feature even though the commercial was weird and mostly ineffective, it did clearly say at the end what the integrated feature tries to do, *_”streams all your favorite content live on to one screen”_*. I get that but just hope it doesn’t chomp up too much battery and take me over my data caps by constantly trying to stay in sync. If HTC could make the fancy app skin optional allowing a thin, clean text version integrated as a decent RSS reader, agile enough to sync across multiple screens and OS technologies, that would be an innovative differentiator. HD music videos with trust-fund 20 and 30 somethings meandering in and out of international flavored disco dancing parties looking for something shallow isn’t the image HTC needs to turn the company around. The screen is probably the best in the market this year. Quietly show it off. I’d bet with the screen turn up to just half of full brightness it would be easy to read even the smallest news print in bright sunlight without squinting. That would be much more impressive to see than all the wild party music, young models, and flashing lights.

    Bottom line is the “blink feed” innovation may have interesting potential especially if it is easily syncable using plugins or extensions on standard browsers and other OS devices and especially if it takes full advantage of the Dropbox cloud sync relationship. But if customers think it sucks… HTC can still win respect if they provide an easy way to disable and uninstall it to make room for something useful.

    The terminal specs are great and have been masterfully packed in an elegant, ergonomically designed shell. Their are only two things missing from my point of view: (1) Qi charging and (2) carrier option for LTE Band 12. When you make something this good, you don’t need to shout. Quietly Brilliant is good enough ;-).

    P.S. It would be welcome news to find that the HTC One could be tweaked over-the-air to take full advantage of all operational U.S. LTE RANs in the lower 700 MHz Band. As currently configured both the T-Mobile and AT&T versions only allow access to the lower B and C blocks and the Sprint version has no access to LTE 700 MHz at all. If access to A block (Band Class 12) could be witched on via OTA firmware or software upgrade, this phone would be years ahead of the competition!

    • epps720

      This comment was waaayyyy too long for me to read. So I’ll comment on your first sentence… While I liked the ‘Quietly Brilliant’ slogan it did absolutely nothing for them. HTC is in desperation mode and has to make the One a hit and therefore a new strategy is needed.

    • Nick Gray

      The music video is not an ad, it’s a music video. Yes, HTC probably paid to get the HTC One featured in the video, but companies use this strategy all the time simply to show a product and increase brand awareness even is the features of the device are not fully highlighted.

    • Saranjit

      Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwnnnn… read the first few lines and realised just how boring your criticism was…. no you’re not the target audience… and yes you probably don’t have a role in life where you make half as much impact as anyone around you… very frustrating to read such a self indulgent piece of moaning… YES, you’re welcome to your opinion… but hide it somewhere we don’t all have to suffer such a war & peace groan

  • Simon John

    I received my HTC one last week (15.03), it’s awesome and has broken me away from iPhone. Super smooth and very impressive. Not seen the ads although they probably won’t do it justice!

  • Cory Cacciavillani

    If I was the CEO of HTC and this is what my marketing team showed me as the campaign to save the company I would be tempted to fire them all on the spot. Good music video though….

    • Saranjit

      you’re clearly not though, and you probably never will be… please give us your long drawn out opinion of exactly how HTC should handle their marketing in you’re clearly awesome opinion… better yet !! take Lego57 (above) for dinner and go through it all then and post it on your low subscription blog

  • Tma

    HTC I am your very Loyal Customer and my recommendation is just to change whole marketing group, even I wouldn’t make such marketing campaign, I think better is not to do at all.

    Such ads for such product is really shame… It could be done on HTC Chacha, Salsa… but not HTC One…

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      • alexxx

        Jesus man, stop jinxing them on every post!

  • lordofthering

    When did HTC started selling iPod ?. I need phone instead.

  • cainneach

    I love HTC’s ads , they have cool ones other than these. I don’t think HTC’s problem is their ads. They’ve been putting up good products and it has only been recently that they sell their products worldwide at the same time. Before, it takes months before MEA and Asia get their hands on the phones. They have some catching up to do. And yeah, more visibility, because once someone who has been using an iPhone or a Samsung they will know what they’re missing out.

  • Nathan D.

    Well at least they are letting people know about the phone, which is a good first step.

  • BURNING 787


  • donger

    HTC > Samsung.

  • pjamies

    Most of you like HTC’s ads shown here, but I am not 1 of them, as these ads do little to show off the phones abilities!
    Most every phone today can take videos and stream them, so this feature is not new and not a great selling point for this phone.
    HTC should take a look at how Apple sells there phones and come up with something that sells their phone’s abilities (beyond normal phone abilities). No, I am not an Apple fanboy, but it is not hard to notice what some companies do it well, and sorry to say Apple is the king of marketing (hell look at the crap they sell to people!)
    HTC, has a great new product in the One, they just need to find an advertising package to encompass it!! Music videos (unless it includes showing what the One can do with the video, that other phones cannot) is a waste of money, something that HTC does not happen to have a lot of at the moment.


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