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HTC One now available at retailers and service providers across the UK


At long last, the wait for the HTC One has come to an end… if you live in the UK. As promised, the delayed HTC One is now widely available from UK service providers and third-party retail outlets. Pricing for the HTC One is all over the board. You can pick up the HTC One for free with two-year service agreements, which start as low as £33 per month, or pay full retail price by purchasing the HTC One from  Dial-a-PhonePhones4UAmazon UK or Clove UK. The cheapest off-contract price for the HTC One we’ve been able to find is Three UK’s £480 sticker price. But you’ll have to wait a few extra days to cash in on the deal, since they will not start shipping the device until April 2.

While most service providers appear to have the device in stock, Vodafone has posted a notice on its HTC one product page that they will not have any devices available for another 3-4 weeks due to high-demand. We’re not sure if Vodafone didn’t get its HTC One shipment or if they chose to simply distribute all of the phones to its retail stores.

Now that the UK launch of the HTC One has been checked off the list, we’re hoping HTC can shifts its focus to North America and other countries across the EU.

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Source: GSM Arena

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  • James King

    Been with the One since the 15th March (got in there before HTC postponed any more); can honestly say it is the slickest, fastest, most beautiful mobile device I have ever owned.

    Samsung will have to carry on out-spending HTC on marketing in a spectacular fashion for people to not jump ship in my opinion. Even BlinkFeed has won me over (and I normally root my devices). Unibody aluminium, 1080p, UltraPixel camera (it really is fantastic in low light, and as a student I find myself taking lots of club photoes), Zoe, and those speakers are phenomenal. £34 p/m, 24 months, no upfront cost.

    GG WP HTC.

    • Vance

      I envy you! Waiting for the t-mobile equipment plan option so I can buy it for $99, & sell my One S for $300.

      • Mike

        I have a One S too – you think you can get $300 for it?

        • Vance

          Meh – maybe not – I just had to replace mine through warranty because of a faulty power button so I have a brand new one en route. Last I checked ebay new ones were still going for $285-$315. It’s not outrageous.

      • Nick Gray

        I’ll be doing the same exact thing. I doubt we can get $300 for the HTC One S, but $250 should be doable.


        lol, if you sell that for $300, I’ll pay you $50 to sell my Galaxy Nexus for $200.

      • Co1e

        Currently being purchased on Swappa for between 220-250. Still not a bad deal.

  • Mike

    I looked on ebay – I was just hoping to get $150. That should be enough to pay off what I owe to TMobile for it.

  • Co1e

    Give me a date! I’m trying to convince my girlfriend to purchase the One instead of the S4. She just needs to get her hands on it and it’s all over!

  • mike

    no wireless charging is actually quite the dealbreaker for me

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • donger

      It’s still not wireless as you have to plug the “wireless charger into an wall outlet.”

  • uknowme

    Wow, must be nice.

  • Nathan D.

    But the USA has to wait a little longer unfortunately.

  • epps720

    Just want HTC and Verizon to announce their plans to ruin this device for me so I can officially give my hopes up on getting it.

  • mark
  • John Patrick

    The little Amazon Box dude looks like he’s having way too much fun with with that HTC One…