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It’s nearly impossible to go a full week without a new Android phone announced these days. Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, LG and Motorola will each deliver 10-15 new Android-powered devices this year, but our focus and consumer dollars will be appropriated to only a handful of flagship phones. While Sony and LG have some amazingly designed and spec’d devices in their lineups, the most fierce Android battle of 2013 will be fought between the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One.

Based on what we saw in 2012, Samsung will certainly have no problems getting the Galaxy S 4 into the hands of consumers. There’s no denying that Samsung has found a way to market its phones to consumers and drum up demand from those looking for an Apple iPhone alternative. The brand is hip. The messaging is uplifting. And the phones deliver exactly what consumers expect.

If you’ve been keeping up with your tech news lately, you may have heard that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 feels more like a refresh of last year’s Galaxy S III than a brand new device. That may be true for the look and feel of the hardware and software, but Samsung has done an incredible job of adding dozens of new features like Smart Pause, Smart Scroll, WatchON, S Voice Drive, Home Sync Air View, Air Gestures, S Translate, Group Play, Drama Shot, Sound Shot, Dual Camera, S Health and Adapt Display. Just to be clear, we chose to end the list there.

There are so many new software features crammed into the Galaxy S 4 that we’re a bit surprised they didn’t throw in something called S University to take you through an accelerated learning course on how to use all of them.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have the new HTC One. While Samsung’s been flying high on record earnings reports, the past 18 months have been extremely hard on HTC. HTC was hoping to turn things around with the HTC One X and One S last year, but the devices failed to gain carrier support in the United States. (The One X was picked up by AT&T, and the One S went to T-Mobile). HTC was forced create more variants of the devices for Sprint and Verizon. In an effort to turn the tides, HTC went back to the drawing board and came up with a single device – the HTC One.

Rather than pushing out a refreshed HTC One X, HTC chose to go in a completely new direction. The company threw out its polycarbonate design in favor of an all-aluminum shell. But that wasn’t the only bold move HTC made. The HTC One sports a 4 megapixel Ultrapixel sensor, which reduces the size of pictures while allowing for better performance in low light situations, instead of a camera with bumped-up megapixels. HTC even redesigned HTC Sense to make BlinkFeed the default home screen, giving consumers news and social media updates every time they turn on their phones.

In the end we’re left with two flagship Android devices: the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and the HTC One. Many think that Samsung took very few chances with the Galaxy S 4, while HTC took too many with the One. Both phones offer some amazing specs and will easily outperform the best phones from 2012. From the consumer standpoint, we all win. With its massive marketing budget, Samsung will easily win the battle when it comes to handset sales. But HTC’s measure of success will probably be found in the company’s quarterly earnings reports and stock price.

To give you an idea of what features or phone the Android and Me writers are looking forward to the most we took a short internal poll. While our writing staff is typically all over the board when it comes to polls like this, the HTC One and its features came out as the clear winner. Our internal stats match up with our latest reader poll in which you guys picked the HTC One 3:1 over the Samsung Galaxy S 4.


Do you think the HTC One is different enough to put a dent in the market? Or will Samsung’s marketing make the HTC One and all other Android phones completely invisible to consumers?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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    • jonathan3579

      Okay??? Benchmarks don’t mean anything in everyday “real world” use.

      • manus

        you are right benchmarks don’t mean anything. Since they don’t matter my G1 benchmark score compared to my nexus 4 score doesn’t show the difference in performance just number tricks the multiple cores give the test.

    • reddragon72
      • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

        Samsung uses an octa core processor on the International version of its phones. This processor has 2 quad core bits- a quad A7 running at 1.6 Ghz and an A15 running at 1.2 Ghz .
        My point is how do we know which one works on the benchmarks?
        Besides the Tegra 4 results are from the Nvidia’s hardware and its clocked at 1.9 Ghz which would tend to give it an edge.

    • ihatefanboys

      Benchmarks are about performance, not what people actually want.

      • josh

        well not being part of the largest carrier in the country I think will make a difference as to what will make the phone number 1 atleast as far as sales go…I agree about benchmarks and what people want… the benchmarks are not going to make me stray away from my galaxy note 2…

      • nebsif

        This is the most obvious HTC fanboy site ever even if its not officialy one.

        People want removable battery and mSD slot more than aluminium unibody with huge bezel.

        FFS the One doesnt even have a menu button or MT (yay for black bar on the bottom just for 1 single software menu button), it doesnt even have toggles in notifications, CM-like or Android 4.2′like and the freaking power button is still on the top, and now on the left, yayyy!

        Was hoping people will learn a lesson about fancy materials after iPhone’s glass back and HTC One S’ peeling aluminium but no, people still want to buy turd wrapped in gold paper, have fun.

        • NO

          This is not a HTC fanboy site. trust me. they used to rant on about Samsung’s S3 and trust me that was kinda annoying. But they like whats best. and whats best is the htc one…for now.

        • aykutb

          on the contrary,due to samsung’s marketing success,like any other website,these guys talk about samsung all the time,however One is good enough to get their attention somewhere else this time, like quality, usability, endurance. you sound more samsung fanboy than anyone else in here, while your phone gets scratches when it falls, my htc desire still looks shiny. when my one s starts chipping, htc service just wants me to send em,not even to the shitty store i bought from. that’s quality son, that’s customer care.

          • Niccolo

            You mean the aluminum chips on your phone and does not scratch when it falls? I didn’t quite. I am curious about this b/c the poly HTC used on the X, i believe, would scratch according tho users and even one reviewer did a close up on it. I thought poly was solid colored.
            Now the aluminum, from everything I know about it will scratch to that silver no matter what, even if you anodize it. So I am curious how your alu chips and does not scratch when dropped.

    • Thomas

      Come one, same CPU different gHz, it is normal, right? But Antutu that one is comparing Samsung 4+4 and HTC One CPU

    • Cwalden21

      I just want these 2 phones put together..the best of both worlds! come on!! Give ME!!……

    • japanese pearl harbor bombaz

      nice try from this bankrupt company….i heard asians eat puppies and slaughter cute seals and whales

      • srsly

        lol moron, samsung is asian too.

    • Noobster Pro

      Dude just on one benchmark rating you cannot judge the performance..u seem to be fond of just Geek bench 2 scores..lets chk out the other scores..

  • cj100570

    I love HTC and I love Samsung. Sadly for HTC they can’t seem to get their proverbial (s)ugar (h)oney (i)ced (t)ea together and fire on all cylinders while Samsung is operating at peak efficiency. Both the One and Galaxy S4 are technological wonders. No matter which phone a buyer chooses, they will be getting 1 of the best Android phones out.

    • Sameer

      I do agree, These two phone are going to wipe out the iPhone from the market. HTC one going to create a milestone. Samsung really does not seems to be more innovative, HTC one have slight edge over S4

      • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P

        While Samsung may taken went the unimaginative route for the update the numbers make the phone irresistible for me.
        8 core CPU, come on!

      • Ntenjane

        Sorry but I don’t see that. Handled both phones on day of release, played with each over the weeks and finally settled for the S4. No regrets. HTC did itself no favours, I quickly saw the results of a few drops on one handset. Not impressed. Specs? Features? Battery? UI? Camera? Three things only are going for the One, speakers, storage and hardware (body means a lot less for me in this case). For me you have to enjoy handling your phone all day long, without the casing, but if you do that don’t drop the One and that’s a minus. If you have it cased where is the beauty? As for the GS4 features, specs, too much and by the way I love those gimmicky features. Camera, multitasking, future proof, battery life, “life companion”, UI, Apps, removable battery, I can do something with storage and the speakers are fine. Oh c’mon.

  • SGB101

    It’s just a shame the samsung will sell X million more. The best doesn’t always win.

    On the development front, CM are saying they have no plans for the sgs4, so I can’t see this being a great enthusiast device.

    • westy

      That just wouldnt make any sense for CM team. They are waiting to see how well it sells but i cant imagine a phone that will likely sell over 10million not get CM support

      • mike

        Well when you think of how many variants they would have to make for the device it does seem like an uphill battle.

        exynos vs snapdragon, lte vs hpsa+. Plus the international version will most likely have a global GSM/hpsa+ version as well as a LTE version.

        • SGB101

          Not only that, apparently samsung are locking this down more than ever, making it harder for 3rd parties develop for.

        • Joshua

          CM doesn’t develop for international phones anyway…. What does that have to do with the price of ice in Alaska? I have a Galaxy Note here in Korea and CM doesn’t touch it with a ten foot pole, nor will they any other international device. Unless by international you mean, people buy it in Hawaii…

      • SGB101

        I never said if it made sense or not, I was basically passing the news on!

      • swazedahustla

        Has nothing to do with how many units they sell. Is has EVERYTHING to do with Samsung being closed source when it comes to their IP in the chipset. WIthout source you wont ever have a working ROM to put out, just more incomplete buggy pieces of crap and I guess the CM dev’s are tired of dealing with it.

        • iamXiV92a

          True – AOSP is way to go.

          Also sucks that HTC locks their stuff down (even though their Developer Edition isn’t, but it’s also some $600)

          • aykutb

            you’re aware of that they have an option for unlocking right?

    • ihatefanboys

      i can envision a day when CM is no longer needed. I think the more advanced phones get the faster that will happen. Its a hard truth, but if you want the best you need to BUY the best. ROMs are watered down versions of the original OS. Its like having a G1 and putting a JB ROM on it. whats the point ?

      • Brick5

        Is that really all that you think custom ROMs and rooting is for? I have a Galaxy Note II, and I bought it at a time when it was the top device on the market (alongside the Nexus 4). I rooted it the day I got it (after 2-3 hours of messing around with, and getting quickly bored of TouchWiz) and it allowed me to put aftermarket, AOSP based software on there because I wanted to run a ROM that was based on the very latest sources (at the time 4.1.2), that was lightweight, that had theme chooser incorporated (CM10/CM10.1 themes are superb) and that basically allowed my device to be a Nexus, with my SD card support, removable battery and my S-Pen supported as well.

    • Jude Ibe

      Cyanogenmod Makes no pre-annoucements on any device they will drop or pick up.

      • swazedahustla

        It wasn’t CM who made the announcement it was team Hacksung. They are the guys who bring the CM dev to samsung devices. So CM as a whole isn’t the one saying it, but that particular team who does all the dev’ing for samsung devices said it. You must not have actually read it.

    • Balaram Vineeth Venugopal .P
  • Pravas

    HTC one for me.

    • Sandra91

      I already have a much better iphone. I will keep my iphone.

      • Niccolo

        Typical of an Apple user. Even their trolling is snobby and pretentious.

        • Chillcloud

          Right! what is Sandra even doing commenting on this content? weird…

  • nthoendel

    I just don’t like the feel of Samsung devices and have had nothing but trouble with them while the two HTC devices I’ve had have worked flawlessly… So I’ll be going with the HTV ONE.

    • nthoendel


  • mike

    as a HTC fan I really want HTC to do well. But also working in retail I do realize how long it takes for marketing to reach some customers. With alot of people they dont visit blogs like this and are just hearing about the GS3 from seeing little bits of their marketing campaign.

    While I also believe the HTC One is the better phone. There is no doubt in my mind that the GS4 will considerably outsell the HTC one.

    But personally for me, Samsung has started to catch on to why the iphone was so popular. Third party accessories. People just want other things than features on their device to show off to their friends and attempt to make their life easier and fun filled. Until a company like HTC get on board with making some decent accessories to go with their phones they will continue to lose the smartphone sales battle with samsung.

  • aholland1

    I don’t think I can do either until I see what GoogleRola has up their sleeve later this year. I mean, 2013 isn’t even half way over yet; little early to call this ‘showdown of the year’ if you ask me. Fortunately, I can’t upgrade until August anyway so the decision to wait is easier, lol.

    • Niccolo

      Who ever they use I hope it has a better battery!!!

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC One

    • alexxx

      Stop SAYING this on every HTC post, you troll! You’re jinxing theeemmmm!

    • Eben1277

      Final nail in the coffins for HTC, Samsung and Showdown of the Year

    • thebearingedge

      final nail in the ‘final nail in the coffin’ coffin.

  • masterpfa

    Both great devices and either would be a pleasure to own, Samsung for the software HTC for the awesome design and build.

    If I had to choose just between these two devices personally this time around it would be the HTC One…….

    (If on the other hand the Note III was to be considered…………)

    • DROID Sam

      I’m sure it’s hard to consider a phone that has not been announced yet.

      • iamXiV92a

        We know Samsung will make it though ;-)

  • redraider133

    Ultimately it’s a win for consumers as you have two great options and can’t really go wrong with either.

  • Co1e

    Love the htc. I really cant believe someone picked touchwiz over sense 5 but whatevs. Its looking like its gonna be a good year all around for android fans.

  • epps720

    I think a lot of HTC’s success will weigh on whether they can actually get the HTC One on Verizon, as the HTC One and not DNA + or whatever.

    • epps720

      I really pulling for HTC here b/c pending what the Moto X has in store, I want this to be my next phone on Verizon.

    • epps720

      I don’t understand how people could down vote this. Verizon is the largest carrier in one of the largest markets (the US). So right off the bat they’re losing probably about 1/3 of the US market share b/c they aren’t on Verizon with the HTC One. Therefore hindering their success. It’s pretty black and white

      • ihatefanboys

        It doesnt make sense from HTCs point of view so I think its Verizon blocking it. They probably want to put their own branding on the phone and HTC doesnt want that. Maybe theyre still negotiating with them, im not sure.

        • DROID Sam

          I think we’ll see a chopped up version of the HTC One on Verizon in the coming months. Verizon has always launched 2-3 HTC Android phones each year. I highly doubt HTC would want to give up that business just to make a point.

          THe Note II launched on all four major U.S. carriers, but Verizon found a way to ruin the phone by putting their logo in the front button. The ultimate tramp stamp.

        • Niccolo

          “It doesnt make sense from HTC”
          well actually HTC makes Sense- get it Sense…(chirp chirp)

          I won’t give up my day job

          • Chillcloud


  • Ritchie Ferreras

    S4 has a better hardware and software pictures, except for the unibody of the htc

    • MyMilan

      You can’t say that because as of right now that is just a theory since you haven’t tried both phones. There are many things about the HTC that are first class too. We’ll know which one really has better hardware and software in around 3-4 months of actual real world use.

      • Robby Rob

        It’s really funny how comments which say the S4 is better get downvoted and told that they have no way of knowing that, while comments which say the One is better get upvoted and agreed with. That is basically the definition of fanboys.

  • wyatt

    neither of these phones are ultimate. they are over skinned and over hyped. Am i the only person who is so disappointed in HTC and Samsung?

    • brandon

      nexus 4 is ultimate to you? common, 16GB max storage, outdated hardware, lower resolution, terrible camera, list go on. common now

      • Max.Steel

        Outdated hardware? What are you smoking? Cheap crack obviously.

    • ihatefanboys

      yep, we really dont know what people like you expect from a cell phone. The GS4 and the ONE are top of the line amazing, flagship phones and you are “so disappointed” We really dont get it. I think the X phone from Motorola will come out in the summer and you will still be “so disappointed”

    • Chillcloud

      what where you expecting that you did not get? just curious…

  • jwtiayr

    like always HTC has The Perfect Design , i think this time Htc Made it right and will exceeds the Samsung S 4 for the first time.

    • ihatefanboys


  • cutiyar neriman

    Always HTC IS Different , this time HTC One DO All Things , because HTC Now care about marketing because before all problem with htc was the marketing ,.

  • jamal adam

    I love the HTC One but the Galaxy S4 is also an awesome smartphone even if it doesn’t have the best design. It’s good to be an Android fan because either way, these are two of the best phones for 2013. Can’t go wrong with either choice.

  • Max.Steel

    The HTC One feels far, far better in the hand looks miles better as well. SGS4 looks uninspired and feels cheap in the hand. HTC has always had beautifully designed phones. I wish they would get the chance to make another Nexus phone again.

    • MyMilan

      I agree. The HTC One is so much more elegant and classy than the samsung. The samsung is a nice phone BUT just not AS NICE as the HTC One is. I suspect the ‘next’ version of the samsung will be closer to what the HTC One is (better looking, aluminum case, better camera, etc) but for right now the HTC One is the king of the hill. It’s the first android phone that I can honestly say is better all the way around than even the iPhone. Unfortunately in this market the leader doesn’t stay on top for long (samsung was the best last year) but that’s the nature of technology. I’ll be buying the HTC One as soon as it is put up for sale, and looking forward to enjoying it. Great job HTC.

  • Andrew Ensley

    Nothing about the SGS4 stands out to me. Every one of their “killer” software features has gone unused on my SGS devices because they’re just impractical eye-candy.

    The HTC One on the other hand has a “killer” camera, HDR photos and videos, unibody design, and the perfect size/resolution screen.

    It’s not even a contest for me. My choice is easy.

    • Andrew Ensley

      Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Boom sound. Finally, a handset with speakers on the *front*.

      • tkarel

        “Back in the day…” I used a flip phone with two front-firing speakers that produced decent stereophonic sound. Not hi-fi, but I was happy w/ stereo when not near an FM receiver. Because this flip phone also had a useful FM transmitter for the music player and a microSD slot 2 GB supported.
        As I type this on my MotoGoogle Photon Q (a five-row QWERTY slider), I see at least two places to add one speaker on the right side of the phone, turning it into a stereo unit.
        Or am I the only person on planet who hates untangling ear bud cables?

        • Niccolo

          let me add to that
          “hates untangling ear bud cables” and is not some introvert who would like to play some tunes for other people to hear while socializing.

      • Chillcloud


    • Randy White

      I’m leaning also towards the HTC One now. Can’t wait until they are released.

  • fab

    …polls, bla bla vs bla bla…and in the end everybody buys the S4. I also like the HTC One, but they openly attacked Samsung which is lame! Fight back with great products instead of ranting about competitors. Samsung went against Apple with funny videos. Apple attacked Samsung legally… how nice came Apple out of this? HTC attacks Samsung and how nice will HTC come out of this ridiculous move? Samsung copied? Maybe, but they moved on and got where they are by providing devices which rock..and you seriously cannot deny that. If CM doesn’t provide support for them…who cares! They are perfect the way they are. If Samsung is such a crappy company, why do all people purchase it? They combine well with other products they have, they have lots of accessories. Technically they are top. Everybody complains about the looks and material, but in the end cases and covers are bought and used. Also for HTC One or iphones…so what’s the point… Show me out of 10 smartphone holders how many don’t actually have cases/covers…maybe 1 or 2..

    • ihatefanboys

      Im still trying to figure out if this is english.

      • ihateyoutoo


    • Nick Gray

      I think you missed the whole point of my closing statement. Yes, HTC is great, but it’s nothing without marketing. Features do not create demand. Samsung has been extremely successful so far, and I don’t think they will change they way they go to market. The SGS4 will easily outsell the HTC One, but would you rather have the popular phone or the better phone (at least in my opinion)?

      • PaulieG

        Better in your opinion. It seems the HTC camp are making assumptions that Samsung only sell more devices because of their marketing power. This is clearly unfair. I bought my Samsung because I felt it was a better device than the HTC. This was after a considerable research effort before I invested. There are other factors that influence someone’s purchase decision as well. Like myself, Many consumers don’t like integrated battery and memory?

        Stop being so narrow minded in your assessment of this showdown. The Samsung will ship heavily because it is a very good phone. It has a history of delivering reliable products and has the specs to offer an attractive alternative to HTC.

        Samsung’s marketing will no doubt still assist, but people aren’t stupid. Most know what’s out there and what they want.

        The HTC is a decent phone. To say its head and shoulders better than the Gs4 isn’t the case. They both have different virtues. The one that will sell the most is the device that has the virtues ‘most’ consumers find appealing. I personally won’t be buying the HTC because I travel a lot and need replaceable batteries.

        • Nick Gray

          Yes, I do favor the HTC One in this instance, but I do not believe I’m being narrow minded. Both devices are great, they will both sell in the millions and I know that Samsung will outsell HTC two or even three to one.

          But the reason for that DOES go back to marketing. As consumers, we like to think that we always make educated decisions. But the truth is, most of us know as much as we are told. It’s marketing 101. Consumer can not purchase a device if they don’t know that it exists. Since you are reading and commenting on an Android blog, I can safely assume that you’re knowledge of phones is much higher than that of the average consumer. Most people who walk into a Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T store only know 2-3 phone names off the top of their hear. Most of them are clueless about processor cores, RAM or even versions of operating systems. They want something that looks or sounds familiar and has features they can understand. Everything else is just noise.

          I wish we lived in a world where people actually knew what they are buying, but we’re simply not there yet. For now, marketing is the best way to guarantee success in the crowded smartphone sector.

          • paulieg

            Agreed marketing certainly will have an impact to an extent, but I can tell you the Galaxy S2 didn’t shoot Samsung to fame due to marketing? I barely saw an Ad for it. It became popular by being a beast of a device and in turn, receiving rave reviews. Word spreads fast.. Samsung have now taken a foothold with this success, and work a marketing campaign primarily to lure Apple users across.

            When it comes to the clueless consumer, most know their clueless. They’ll talk to a Sales rep in the shop and take guidance from them, or, hit up there nearest nerdy friend and ask their advice, or read the reviews on the internet. Either way, they’re getting an informed opinion from someone semi-technically literate. As to whether that opinion is going to be biased is another matter again.

            HTC need to accept that by their own designs, they are limiting their market. As much as people refute it, lots of consumers want a replaceable battery and SD slot. On this spec alone, HTC will lose consumers, and most probably to Samsung.

            HTC need to look a what most consumers want, and judging by Samsung sales they have a pretty good idea. Case and point being the plastic vs. aluminium debate obviously doesn’t concern the average consumer too much.

        • Chillcloud

          i agree! with all that.. most if not all reading/posting comments here have already made up their mind anyways. i know i have. for me the stereo front facing sound is appealing. blink feed looks interesting. and yeah i like the way its looks.. as far as specs and camera ect. I’m sure either phone would be more then capable for me. though a couple of those neat software features on the S really are nice. dual camera… cool! but alot of the other stuff i dont see myself actually using much.. just me though..

  • jordan

    The only reason i would not end up buying an HTC phone is the non removable battery and no external memory slot. Though I think the HTC has the best design, i don’t mind going with samsung’s plasticky build as it has one main advantage…you drop the phone, all the parts go flying everywhere but there is minimal damage to the phone especially the display. This is the main advantage of plastic backcover combined with a removable battery. since the parts come off, the pressure is less resulting in minimal damage.
    This is the most important thing for me. Otherwise both the phones are good enough and equally powerful in the real world use. You could go with any phone and still be happy, but a lot of android fans will not get the ONE because of non removal battery as they know , what matters is what’s in the inside.

    • Daleos

      I thought exactly the same way with regard to removable batteries. In fact I still do but have just put my money on a HTC One. I’ve only used 5GB on my 8GB Sensation so the removable memory is a non issue for me.

      Time for a new phone and the GS4 despite it tech specs and removable battery (my major peeve with HTC), it’s just too fugly for me to even consider it. As none of the other contenders I shortlisted have removable batteries, it was dead easy to plump for the HTC One. So, now I’m probably going to have to deal with either carrying one of those recharging brick things or more likely, carry my old Sensation along for those inevitable emergencies.

      We’ll see. I’ve bought it sim free/carrier free (UK) so it’s easy to sell on if the battery really sucks.

      I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with the braindead way the US carriers have messed up the options over there. Buy a phone, choose a carrier, swap either if they piss you off. No way am I ever going back to buying a phone on a carrier contract.

  • nauman


    crap all this
    1 MATERIAL on s4 is not at all cheap even lumia and last years htc flagship onex has it (polycarbonate)


    2 DESIGN is personal preference some may like solid fell of one while others may like lively and open look of s4(s3) but when it comes to build quality htc one scores but when it comes to usabitily s4 scores as s4 has a 0.3” bigger screen in almost same width and smaller hieght and ofcourse s4 is slimmer

    also people who think s4 is too similar to s3 should know that when a phone becomes tooo popular they tend to keep same with every iteration (like super ofcourse iphone 4 and 4s ) till they get too much pressurised by public to change design but still the change may not be drastic like iphone 5 but but but s4 has many new design element not like completely identical to s3


    3 PROCESSOR obviously s4 wins has octo core or overclocked snapdrogan 600 VS SIMPLE SNAPDRAGON 600

    4 SCREEN is a bit technical but samoled gives better contrast and vibrancy
    whereas Slcd 3 gives better brightness and better yellow and whites

    but one thing to consider is s4 gives bigger screen in same size whereas htc one gives smaller screen due to big side bezels
    also at this level of pixel density above 400ppi it reallly doesnt matter really it just becomes gimmical but bigger screen size means more detail

    ALSO THE DUMBO WHO THINK SAMOLED IS TOO SATURATED JUST go to display setting and change standard screen mode to movie mode and it will give natural color and believe me i have a note2 and i really mean natural color but personally i prefer bright and vibrant setting which is preloaded

    5 CAMERA according to the camera of htc one is medicore and it gave 6 mars out of 10 to camera of one …….shocking almost all analyst say htc one’s camera is inferior to iphone 5 camera

    thus camera of iphone 5 >camera of htc one

    camera of s4 > camera of iphone 5

    thus ,camera of s4 > camera of htc one

    still camera of s4 is not completely tested i am gonna give one benifit of doubt hence ITS A TIE HERE

    6 BATTERY AND SOFTWARE here touchwiz with iits features just destroys sense …..battery is 2300mah vs 2600mah of one and s4 respectively
    WIN S4
    people who think touchwiz is extra enriched with gimmical features and is annoying should know all features can be turned of OK butnot so sure about the blinkfeed in sense


    • Jason braun

      I used google transleter to say this.. Thire ma ki ankh kuta

      • nauman

        if you cant answer then dont get frustated to this extend looser

        i am 16 and think i am more mature than you jason

      • Edmond

        Is this from k-pax movie?

      • martensen

        I bet you even had to use google to find where India is .

    • Andrew Ensley

      You sounded almost reasonable until you said touchwiz destroys sense. As someone who has used touchwiz for 3 years now, I can tell you that it destroys nothing except my patience.

      • Andrew Ensley

        Literally 20 seconds after writing the above comment, touchwiz restarted itself thanks to the same bug I’ve been dealing with for almost a year now.

    • aezean

      Depends what you want on the screen. In 2012 HTC One X had better screen than S3. While the S3 had more vibrant colors, this made the colors more and more unlike the original. The HTC colors are closer to the true colors. If you want the artificial colors go for the Samsung but if you want the more correct colors go for the HTC, as I said it depends on what you want. The HTC screen in 2012 also beat the S3 overally according to most expert opinions. 8 out of 10 said the One X had better screen than S3. 1 out of 10 said they were equal and one said the S3 had a better screen. The trend is going to continue in 2012 because these two have continued with their old technologies slightly improved.

    • Stander

      Best review I’ve read on this site. And you wonder why they outsource tech jobs in the US….

      • Forgazy

        s4 is leading but I like the one

  • cb2000a

    Look at the bezels in the picture above. Samsung makes better use of the front of the phone (bigger screen in a same size package). Personally, I like the Note line and will continue with that.

    • ihatefanboys

      hmmm “better use of the front of the phone” I guess you missed the dual front facing speakers on the front of the ONE ??? I prefer that taking up space rather than one singular button.

    • PaulieG

      Me too. I prefer the larger screen. The bonus of the Note is it’s the same spec of the latest Galaxy S with a bigger screen, s pen and the cutting edge version of Android.

      Ill be waiting for the Note 3.

  • thymeless

    I wish they’d both get away from integrated overlays. Offer your bonus crap, I mean Touchwiz/Sense as an apk and let people use it if they want to on the hardware. Keep the OS simple and free and let people choose.

  • don

    HTC may as well bag it in my opinion they will never be able to compete with SAMSUNG ,There are one of the slowest companies to roll out updates if ever and their sense is a joke and there wonderful copycat idea of making the phone like a apple phone with NON REPLACEABLE battery is a HUGE HUGE MISTAKE! Samsung is the smarter company still making a user replaceable battery a KEY In keeping your phone for long time or selling it knowing JUST by replacing the battery phone is like new again with The HTC phones life has been diminished substantially and who knows if the battery can be replaced properly and in a timely matter (meaning you are without a phone while this is being done how STUPID IS THIS?) Even if the samsung phone was a much less of a phone ,which of course it is not I will always buy a phone who’s life can be extended just by replacing the battery. HTC has blown it and will never recover that’s a fact!Oh yea I have owned a HTC rezound which when I bought it was promised a software upgrade within a month one year later never got it I sold the phone and said NEVER AGAIN.

    • PaulieG

      Yep, until someone invents a longer lasting battery technology, integrating the battery into the devices falls into the ‘pretty dumb’ category.

      I had a HTC Desire, it was a good phone but I agree with you on HTC’s capacity to roll out updates. Since moving to a Galaxy Note 1, Samsung have kept rolling out updates within reasonable timeframes. It started with GB and now runs stock JB.

      My next device will be the Note 3, but I am very impressed with the GS4. I’m not sure why everyone on here thinks the HTC is so much better than it, I’m very envious of the GS4 for it’s Fitness/Pedometer feature alone. It virtually replaces smart devices like the fit bit. Hopfully sites like myFitnessPal get on the bandwagon quickly and develop this into their mobile apps.

    • Daleos

      Not HTC’s fault. Blame your US carriers with their insistance on crappy custom builds. HTC are generally better than most.

  • jibin_raju

    As per latest news CyanogenMod won’t come to the Samsung Galaxy S4… So its no for S4 from my side… It will be worth for waiting for nexus 5

    • paulieg

      Nope…That’s not true. It’s a rumor being spread probably but some Apple or HTC fanboi. Read Cyanogen’s Google+ page for a response to the rumor.

      Even it it was actually true, another group of talented XDA rom cooks would simply take their place anyway?

    • Nick Gray

      To clear things up, the CM team has stated that support for a device is not announced until after a device has been released.

      “CyanogenMod does not pre-announce support or lack of support for devices. ”

  • HeadDoc

    The One is the better device (by a little), but Samsung is about to have a crazy good year with the S4. Companies that should be worried include HTC, Apple, and Google. Google needs to do something impressive with their Moto phones this year (and I think they probably will), or it is going to get ugly. My biggest issue with my S3 was that the AT&T version didn’t let me store apps on micro sd, giving me about 12 gb of storage for apps total. Assuming that will be the case for the S4 is my main reason for going with HTC.

  • ALAN

    How many people on here have actually replaced their batteries – excluding those who carry an extra one for when travelling.

    I thought removable battery was a necessity but in all my phone to date I have replaced them before the battery has needed to be changed.

    • Nick Gray

      I’m a power user and I have never purchased a second battery for my phone. I have replaced a battery only my wife’s T-Mobile Dash, but that’s only because she had the darn thing for 3.5 years.

      Personally, I refer the microUSB battery pack approach. You can find battery packs which give you 3-4 full charges and you don’t have to hassle a battery swap when you want both to get a full charge.

    • Andrew Ensley

      I had to replace the battery in my SGS2 twice due to random phone shutdowns and bulging of the battery of itself (generally not a good thing). I never dropped it or subjected it to abnormal use. My case is probably an outlier though.

  • Edmond

    8 processor cores. Faster ram. The screen is bigger with almost same dimensions and weight. Better battery life. Micro ssd support. Removable battery. Newer os. way better camera. More features. And people choose htc one. I don’t want to live in this planet anymore. This stupidity is killing me.

    • PaulieG

      Oh Cmon?! That’s not fair?! the HTC is made of ALUMINIUM!! Not cheap (insert assumption) plastic!! Didn’t you know the substance the case is made from dictates the WHOLE build quality of the phone? Yep, internal electronic build, component life expectancy, everything. If the case is plastic, everything else must be cheap too. (insert second assumption) Oh, and it’s pretty!! So when your on the phone, all your friends can ooh and aah over how pretty your phone is!! It’s so pretty, it makes your head look pretty while your talking on it. How can you possibly resist compelling features like this?

      Ok, so I’ll end my sarcastic rant, I am aware it’s the lowest form of wit, but it’s fun to jibe…

      I wouldn’t worry to much about the state of the planet, I saw the same crazyness on these discussion threads last year between HTC’s effort and the Galaxy S3.. History speaks for itself on the results of that showdown. I’m fairly confident no matter what the HTC crowd here say, people will identify pretty easily which device has the killer features and shop with their feet.

      Now, lets watch this comment get marked down by the fanbois.. LOL.. I’ve watched every comment that’s slightly negative toward HTC cop it..

      • Andrew Ensley

        I’m no HTC fanboy. My only two android phones have been the SGS I and II. I’m sick of Samsung’s software (touchwiz!?), slow updates, and unhackability. HTC has a much better track record in those respects, and the One seriously rocks.

        • PaulieG

          I hope your kidding? HTC are one of the worst vendors when it comes to rolling out updates?!?! Samsung are actually one of the better performers in that regard.. But if quick updates are what your after, then you’d choose a Nexus device, not Samsung or a HTC.

          The SGS 1 was a dud, I’m amazed Samsung managed to get where they are after kicking off the Galaxy range with a piece of crap like that. The SGS 2 was best of breed in it’s time, and Samsung have continued the quality rollouts ever since.

          I’m not sure if your a visitor to the XDA forums, but a quick at these forums is enough evidence to show you that there are no issues at all with hacking Samsung phones. I don’t know who’s telling you otherwise.

          Most either love or hate Touchwiz, like a good many do with HTC Sense as well. Samsung’s recent JellyBean updates to Touchwiz are clean and I actually quite like them!! I suspect Samsung have employed more tasteful UI developers over the course of the last year. But that ultimately is a matter of personal taste. I’ve gone clean android with CM (I do love the vanilla Google experience) but I always find myself coming back to stock Samsung mainly for their value add apps.

          • Andrew Ensley

            My Epic 4G Touch is easily the least hackable phone of its generation. CM9 is still barely stable and not recommended for a daily driver. What’s more, Samsung’s official updates for the phone have been unusable (constant restarts every 10-30 minutes, terrible camcorder quality), leaving me with stock GB on a phone that should be able to run JB.

            No, HTC is not worse than that.

      • Edmond

        PaulieG you may have fun with this stubidity but i am serious man. This stupidity make me sick for real an i feel really bad. Dont you see. When galaxy 4 is out usa spread fake rumors about nexus 5 and say it will have unbeliavable stufs etc so people dont buy samsung and whait for the next nexus. Same thing with costum room suport for galaxy. Rumors that galaxy will not be suported. I hate this politics man. Seriously.

        • PaulieG

          I wouldn’t let it get to you Edmond.. The saddest part of it is that some people are so willing to lie and spread rumours simply to sabotage the S4′s success, all for the sake of a personal opinion! What I don’t get is how they can’t rationalise that if they need to lie to level to playing field, then obviously they already understand the GS4 is the better device?

          It’s not the first time it’s occurred and I’m sure some Samsung fanboi’s have done the same thing in their time. I have every faith the GS4 will outsell any other device Samsung has released and set new records for the giant, regardless of the underhanded tactics of less ethical types.

          I often wonder how people simply don’t see how one device is blatantly better than another, but I now understand that different qualities motivate different people. I’m purely a spec motivated person so I’m more attracted to the GS4.

          Others don’t care so much for spec, they care for design etc. They’re more your HTC and Apple types. I don’t understand them, but I now understand what motivates them.

          One thing is for sure, when it comes to the topic of smart phones, people have strong opinions and are frequently divided. Its awesome! ;)

          At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong, it’s get the device that has the qualities you like. It’s quite obvious to see that most people commenting in these threads lean towards the HTC. Just because it’s popular here doesn’t mean the GS4 is doomed. Trust me, in a years time once the weight of the general consumer gets to vote with their wallet, history will paint a very different picture to what your reading here.

    • Andrew Ensley

      Please explain “way better camera.” Unless you’re hung up on the meaningless megapixel count, the HTC One’s camera far outclasses the SGS4 with its optical image stabilization and HDR photos and videos.

      You only get the “octa” if you buy international, I actually prefer 4.7 inches to 5 inches, and the removable battery? Meh.

      The only thing that really is a bummer for me with the HTC One is the lack of the micro sd card slot. I’d really like that since I have a 32GB card I’d like to use, but the other advantages of the One outweigh that drawback for me.

      • Edmond

        Beverage cans are made of aluminium. Very premium feeling.

        This is the only way i can talk with people like you.

        • Andrew Ensley

          Right, and my comment is “stupidity”…

        • Andrew Ensley

          I don’t understand why it has to tick you off that I don’t love your favorite phone over the HTC One.

          Obviously, the HTC One has more of what I want than the SGS4, which I’ve explained. Obviously, it doesn’t for you. That’s fine. Why so angry? Does everyone have to have the same preference as you?

          • Edmond

            I’m mad because htc is the apple way inside Android. And i dont like that. Apple and isheps need to stay inside apple. And think about this. Soon ubuntu touch will come out to masses. You need a powerful smartphone because your phone will be used like a pc also. Imagine if android os will fully use the 8 cores of the samsung. Like a real pc.

          • Edmond

            I mean ubuntu os will fully use the 8 cores not android. Mistake.

          • Daleos

            HTC One and GS4 about the same in all the areas I’m worried about. I don’t care for a couple of percentage points here and there. I won’t notice them in real life. However Touchwiz is a dog and the GS4 has to be the ugliest phone out there so despite the lack of a removable battery, I still vote for the HTC One.

            Oh and to say HTC are useles at updates, this reports suggest the opposite is true.

          • Andrew Ensley

            “Apple and isheps?” Good grief. Who’s the fanboy here? If you only knew how much I can’t stand Apple.

          • Andrew Ensley

            As for Ubuntu for Phones/Tablets, you only get full-convergence with a quad-core A15 or Intel x86, minimum 10 inch screen and at least 4GB of RAM. No current device lives up to that (specifically the RAM requirement, though we are close).

  • donger

    I would go with the HTC One over the S4 any day.

  • Paul Atreides

    Both of these devices are great phones on paper but there’s a couple of things that MAY work against HTC in terms of sales. Not getting this device on all major carriers WILL hurt them, but hopefully they get it out there before Samsung floods the market with S4′s. They should have never made BlinkFeed the default home screen and non-removable at that. Sure you can switch homescreens, but to the average user that may be cause for alarm at first glance. It has the appearance of being WP(unwanted confusion), a battery drainer(HTC’s known curse), personally it feels forced. HTC needs to release something like that in the Play store instead of force feeding it to consumers this way. Reps have their work cut out for them explaining/convincing people they want Blink Feed. HTC won’t market it, and I feel comfortable saying that. Get a new software team HTC, one that doesn’t put a huge clock in the app drawer right below another uh clock(UGH). The software experience is what people will remember the most, design lust wears off after a month or two. Samsung could ruin themselves if they don’t get the U.S. missing features.

    • Nick Gray

      The reason there’s a close in the app drawer is because the app drawer can be set at you default home screen.

      • Paul Atreides

        Ok, but is there an option to remove it from the drawer? It really should be.

  • John Patrick

    If HTC had released the One with a machined billet-aluminum body that had a removable rear panel, replaceable battery and expandable memory they might very well outsell the S4.
    Sadly HTC seems doomed to repeatedly turn out great phones minus those two features which Samsung knows better than to omit.

  • nkb

    s4 has gorilla glass 3.
    if it is as shown by corning this year, it makes s4 screen unbreakable (in practical use).

    s4 will get faster and longer updates (atleast for the international version)(based on previous observations, i.e. samsung>htc for updates)

    touchwiz looks are boring for me because, i used s3, tab too much. I dint use sense much so i think it is cool. But depends on you.

    htc boomsound with beats audio is great.

    amoled vs lcd.
    i never used a 1080p phone, but incase of s3 vs iphone 5, i liked iphones lcd display because, on s3 whites looked bad and when looked at it very closely, screen had small dots all over the display which was due to pentile matrix. S4 uses pentile but i think 1080p resolution will eliminate the problem.

    For indian users…
    htc service centers suck (incase of hardware problems they send your device to bangalore, it comes back after weeks), samsung service is way better.

    If you are in india s4 is better option

  • Big Sef

    My family has owned flagship phones from HTC, Samsung, and Apple. And I have to say The Samsung phones have worked the best for us. HTC phones start having problems when you use too much memory. The iphones are awesome, but the Samsung phones outperform them. Btw, I am not loyal to any of these brands. I just like having the coolest and most functional gadgets, all the time.

  • Riley

    This is a tough fight because both phones have a lot of high end specs such as a fast processor, an update camera, and a 1080p display. I know I’m looking forward to trying both phones and finding out which one is better. It usually takes a while to get to work at DISH on the train, so I like to stream my live and recorded shows to my phone. I stream my shows from my DVR everywhere I go using the DISH Anywhere app on my phone, and I think I’d enjoy a higher resolution display.

  • Craig

    I think from a looks and design standpoint HTC clearly wins out. The S4 looks pretty much like my Note II (which I love as a phone, but the looks are: meh) The One on the other hand looks amazing. I think it is a shame that HTC decided to not have removable batteries or a SC card though.

    I am very surprised the poll takers all picked Sense over Touchwiz though. Sense doesn’t really add anything to the user experience IMO (except the contacts, I do like how they treat contacts.)

    Samsung on the other hand seems to be the only manufacturer who is actually adding software that really improves the user experience (even if it LOOKS crappy, but that’s what launchers are for)

    The camera features, multi-app function and pen features on my Note are amazing. From the looks of it Samsung is pushing the software improvements quite a bit farther with the S4. HTC has added a Windows 8 home screen and… (The camera may turn out to be awesome, so I will hold judgement on that.)

    My .02 cents

    • Craig

      grrr to not being able to edit to correct typos

  • aezean

    Samsung is slightly better but I will buy HTC for a number of reasons. HTC consistently make great phones with no deep pockets like Samsung and Apple. They have greater potential. Most people who buy Samsung just think it’s the only android phone out there. You will be surprised how many people have never heard of HTC. Even many who know about HTC are not even away Samsung is only “slightly” better. I will buy HTC One to support the ailing great phone maker. I can probably influence a few friends if they see how great a piece of gadget this is. I will comment on the camera. 4MP is more than enough for any kind of high resolution display. The full HD screen is only 2MP. The HTC camera is not going to compromise the resolution that we are going to see on the photos. Whether the image was shot using a 13MP or a 4MP camera, we all see the images at 2MP screen of the smartphone or HDTV. They are all seen at 2MP guys. The only disadvantage is if u want to crop. If reducing pixels improves picture quality, it’s worth it. I think the HTC will prove to have a better camera.

  • E-man

    Comparison videos will tell us best.

  • aezean

    Samsung is slightly better but I will buy HTC for a number of reasons. These are both high end smartphones and I will enjoy either device to the very maximum. HTC consistently makes great phones with no deep pockets like Samsung and Apple. They have greater potential. Most people who buy Samsung just think it’s the only android phone out there. You will be surprised how many people have never heard of HTC. Even many who know about HTC are not even away Samsung is only “slightly” better. I will buy HTC One to support the ailing great phone maker. I can probably influence a few friends if they see how great a piece of gadget this is. I will comment on the camera. 4MP is more than enough for any kind of high resolution display. The full HD screen is only 2MP. The HTC camera is not going to compromise the resolution that we are going to see on the photos. Whether the image was shot using a 13MP or a 4MP camera, we all see the images at 2MP screen of the smartphone or HDTV. They are all seen at 2MP guys. The only disadvantage is if u want to crop. If reducing pixels improves picture quality, it’s worth it. I think the HTC will prove to have a better camera.

  • Peter

    The HTC One is a fantastic phone, but aside from the choice of materials and appearance (and even that is debatable) the S4 is simply better. Samsung have a better track record in delivering updates, their bundled software is arguably better as well as the skin; the battery is larger and replaceable, it weighs less, and it has expandable memory the processor is higher clocked and it has a better selection of accessories. It amazes me how so many tech sites are favouring superficial appearance over everything else.

    • Fabian

      I agree with you about the S4 having the edge over certain specs – well, there’s nothing to agree about; it’s simply the truth :P. Especially the replacable battery is a real bummer of HTC – reason for which I didn’t buy a One S or One X last year and sticked to my Sensation for one more year.

      On the other hand, the One has better specs on certain other things: the new tech camera (have you seen the demo of HTC Zoe?!), the great speakers, the great quality build.
      HTC has gone from cpu-like specs to improve more “sensory” specs; and I don’t think that’s a wrong move, as last year’s cpu are still overkill for today’s apps anyway.

      The main drawbacks of my Sensation are:
      - Shortage of RAM
      - Bad sound (without headphones)
      - Shortage of internal memory to install apps
      - Camera sucks (dark, unsharp)

      With the HTC One, it seems the sound and camera problem have been rightfully addressed. The RAM and internall memory problem has been solved with last Generation phones already.

      And finally, since hardware is already good enough anyway (on cpu and ram side), the single most important variable are looks and build quality (in my opinion). I guess that’s the reason why the HTC One is getting so much success (among the geeks).

      In the end, sadly, marketing and relations with carriers WILL make the difference. Samsung has a huuuuge marketing budget, and most of people don’t know anything about phones – and will buy what they know – which is Samsung. Pity…

  • BigCiX

    I rather let these two phones fight and get the better one at the end of the year (Nexus 5).

  • Tico4674

    Unfortunately my decision between these two devices has been made easy due to Verizon not carrying the HTC One. I’m actually leaning towards towards the GS4 anyway but I’ll wait for more news about the Googorola X phone before I move on from my GS3.

  • Victor

    HTC One’s a fantastic phone.

  • Steven wm

    i find it funny how many people are basically trying to back the underdog…for me it’s ano brainer.i think the galaxy S4 wipes the floor with the htc one in every way..i even prefer a lighter, plastic phone than metal..who actually decided that metal is “premium” material exactly? the s4 has abigger screen,less bezel,is lighter, bigger battery, removable battery for a spare, faster processor, more memory (micro sd slot) and better software from smart stay to multi window to even the camera which is far superior!

    definitely will be getting the S4 I’m afraid!

  • Deter

    So, when all is said and done, the two seem to be fairly comparable. do we know if the price will be as well? and do we know which launches first? needing to get a new phone in the not too distant future, but if i can hold out for one of these then i’d rather not shell out the $700 for an S3 right now.

  • Kiran

    Plastic never my choice. I can’t bear to be seen with a poor man’s phone..

    HTC one it is.. I’ll be getting it for my birthday..

    Samsung firstly is a copycat and secondly is boring n cheap who has the worst customer service ever and takes its customers fr a ride.. Once a samsung, never a samsung again..

  • George Anna

    I like galaxy s4,but it is a little expencive,and my friend suggest me to find its alternative in the OrientDeal which named Orient N9500,is there anyone know it?

  • dan

    Hi I live in England so we will not be getting the octa core s4, so the ONE & S4 both will use snapdragon 600 cpu with S4 clocked slightly higher, removable battery (have never needed to change a phone battery as I have plug sockets) SD Card Most apps nowdays cannot be transfurde from phone to SD anyway, and 64 GB of storage is more than enogth as every thing getts uploaded to dropbox anyway.
    So for me it comes down to which phone looks and feels the best so it will be HTC ONE for me, just waiting foe 64GB version,, been told should be avalible sometime around may/June.
    Just for the record I think both phones are great but for me personly its the HTC ONE.

  • dan

    I forgot S4 32GB is being priced at over £150 more than HTC ONE 32GB ONE can be brought for £449 sim free S4 will be £598 sim free but if on contract it will not really matter

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  • Forgazy

    I think s4 has more demand features but I will still go for the HTC one because of the battery