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HTC One’s camera greatly improved with software update


The UltraPixel camera on the HTC One is just one of the handset’s many flagship features; you could argue that it’s the biggest selling point of the device. Sure, the display is fantastic, and the industrial design is in a league of its own, but Android devices aren’t well known for their cameras. The One was supposed to remedy that. Supposed to.

In early hands-on reports and reviews, feelings on the One’s camera were mixed. It performed exceptionally well in low-light situations, but in well lit conditions, the results were less than impressive. Thanks to an over abundance of image processing, images produced from the HTC One often appeared blurry, noisy and messy at any sort of crop. Fortunately for HTC, the issues plaguing the One’s potentially amazing camera were relatively easy to sort out and will be fixed with a software update.

According to the Singapore-based HardwareZone, after recently swapping out an HTC One review unit, it was noted that the camera firmware had been updated from the previous handset they had been testing, and luckily, had already taken sample pictures with. HardwareZone was able to compare images taken with the first One running the older firmware, with their newer model, and the results speak for themselves.

htc one comparison

The photos taken with the newer firmware are miles better. Other than a few issues at ISO 800, the sample pictures provided don’t even look like they’re from the same camera. With this new firmware, the One will quite possibly have the best camera on any mobile device. Period.

Be sure to visit the source link for a full set of comparison pictures to see the difference for yourself. Does knowing the One’s camera is going to be better than originally thought make you excited? I know I can’t wait to get my hands on one for myself.

Via: Phandroid

Source: HardwareZone

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  • redraider133

    Good to see they are already working on fixes for when it launches in the US, don’t need a ton of bugs at launch to hinder the experience

    • Adryan maldonado

      Yeahi really like what htc is doing here. They really have there head in the game this time around. I wish more manufacturers would Learn from the reviews and use the reviewers as beta testers and not the public who are paying less of hard earned money.

      • Adryan maldonado

        Meant to say lots of hard earned money

        • Raptor

          have u meant to say – where is effing edit button here finally?

  • Dirge

    There sure is a difference between the two, but I really don’t see what’s amazing in the quality of the improved photo. Yes, I did view the full image from the source, but I still don’t see why it’d “quite possibly have the best camera on any mobile device. Period.” To me, the image lacks sharpness and looks grainy. Am I missing something?

    • Adryan maldonado

      I agree with you to some degree but he does mention the ISO was set to 800 now I’m definitely no photo buff but that could be causing a lot of that graininess and maybe he didn’t focus it. Like i don’t really know for sure but it’s definitely an improvement

      • Dirge

        I was referring to the image on the first page, taken with an ISO set at 100.

    • alexxx

      I know what “full-size” pix youte talking about, they are not full resolution they’ve been resized and compressed for the web, but comparison still shows the amazing improvement. Check out some other reviews for camera that actually have posted originals. Then imagine it being much sharper.(i hope I’m right)

  • Vance

    Just let me but the damn thing already!

    • Vance

      I corrected that to buy twice and it still switched it back. Using cell phone keyboards on this mobile page is annoying.

      • jamal adam

        One of the many reasons why editable comments would be greatly appreciated.

        • kazahani

          Could cause chaos though. I could post a comment saying “I just bought the HTC One and it’s so much better than my old phone!” and someone could reply “What great news! You deserve it!” and then I of course would be obligated to edit my original post to say “I just caught cancer! =<" I wouldn't have a choice. I can't be expected to resist that sort of thing, can I???

          • jamal adam

            You raise a fair point. In that case perhaps there should be a time limit, a short one, where if you misspelled something or forgot a word or two, you can immediately go and change it.

          • MyMilan

            Non issue as both posters would have the same edit capabilities. Edit buttons should be standard in this day and age.

          • Ved

            Edit history should be visible, and there’d be no problem with that then. :)

  • jamal adam

    I’m liking the camera more and more. I think that HTC has done a wonderful job with it.

  • mike

    my 3 year old nexus s takes better pictures

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      • alexxx

        Youuuuuuu suckkkkk!

  • pjamies

    Now, if they can keep the OS upgrades coming I’m in!!

  • Guyyyyyy

    i can’t wait for it. :|

  • craig

    I have had mine for a few days now I love it. The battery is not the best but over all a cracking hand set.

    • ayocuz

      Had HTC made this a 5 inch screen I would’vebeen all over this phone but iI still have to go with the s4. I had a nexus one and a sensation and love their build quality the picture looks better than the first one to me

  • cmunic8r99

    Cannot wait to get one.

  • vforvortex

    Would be nice to have the same exact frame taken by a samsung s4 or other competitors to view side by side as well.

  • donger

    Good support from HTC.

  • Pravas

    Wow….Love the improvement. Awesome way to go HTC.

  • Raptor

    they just picked up this camera from another city dump in Akihabara

  • Raptor laughing

    this review of review was just the salespeople’s pump of moronery swamp. “Best of everything”…”Where’s to buy?”….”take my money”. ..

    Good though HTC is not using fake pics made on the pro equipment like Nokia

  • jizzy molina

    i dont get it??? did they use the comic photo thing??? or is that dog just painted like crap?

  • jack

    why can’t HTC just put an 8 or 13 UltraPixel before they ship them out.

    • bluevoodo

      because then the sensor would be too big and you would end up with a hump on a phone like a Nokia 808.

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    Wow this is a ultimate featured mobile so i must purchase it in near by future.

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  • uknowme

    Still debating if this will be my next phone. Yeah it’s great they helped the camera, but I don’t know if I just want to wait for the S800 chipset.

  • man

    I can get a better picture from $10 disposable camera from walmart.

  • sandy105

    nice to know that camera is not so bad ,i was disappointed after i read initial reviews .
    but now i am buying this ,miles ahead of galaxy s4
    better cam,music and most importantly better display :)

    • poler166

      and much much better build quality, when is Samsung going to learn they need stop using that cheap cheezy plastic.

  • OnIn2

    Is camera quality what most people think of when considering a new cell ? For me, it’s more like…”Oh yea and it takes pictures too”.

    Speed, Size, Updates and Cost are my considerations when considering a new cell.

    HTC seems to have picked “camera” as a way to differentiate themselves from other manufactures. Not sure I understand that marketing strategy.

    • Paul Atreides

      Mind-boggling ain’t it?! Restricting how I customize my Social Networking experience is another misstep on their part. Overall I like what they tried to do, but somethings I can’t understand.

  • Carl Johnson

    Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone 5 destroys HTC One’s camera in seconds.

  • Ric Grupe

    There is no software update.

    The site that came up with these before and after pictures were using a pre-production unit. All the One’s sent to distributors are fine and need no update.

    • Martin

      I beg to differ. My unit does need a firmware update. Macro shots are blurry and noisy in bright daylight. In the late afternoon I can take really nice pictures. Also, there are some Sense 5 issues, that could use an update. Along with the update to Android 4.2 maybe…?
      Well, that’s the price you pay as an early adopter, I guess.

  • mssoftmind

    Home sales HTC One transferred is not the first time. Initially output smartphone expected on March 8, and then it was moved to the 15 th, and then altogether postponed indefinitely.

  • Dave

    I hope this releasing only 1 flagship a year (at least this year), they can now focus on updating their device with the latest Android updates.

  • MC_Android

    I want to see a camera comparison between the new LG Optimus, Sony Xperia X – something – and the Galaxy S4 once someone gets their hands on a review model. I’ve read quite a few articles explaining the discrepancy between megapixels and lens aperture but mpx is still necessary for capturing fine details in a picture, especially important when expanding the picture. I point this out as a necessary aspect to test in a future camera comparison test between the HTC One and the other flagships because some people, like me, use their phone very often to take pictures of notes (text-based pictures) and transfer them to tablets/computers. Despite the One having better low light pictures, I need to see an actual, controller experiment for low lighting, good lighting and text-based situations for me to believe 4 mpx can capture more DETAIL than a 13 mpx – mind you that Samsung has never had slacking apertures for their flagship devices since the S2. The samsung nexus line camera performance was always subpar

  • marky

    I can get better quality picture out of my 176 year old DaGuerreotype

  • SmithDroid

    I have the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint and our family agrees it takes better pictures by far than our HTC EVO 4G LTE and our HTC Hero. With every phone getting better picture quality, I’m excited about getting the HTC One.