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Poll: Samsung Galaxy S 4, HTC One, or something else?


Both companies have made their pitch. Which phone are you most likely to buy next? Vote in our poll and make your voice heard.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • Tico4674

    At this point I’m leaning towards the GS4 but I’ll wait to get my hands on both and hear more about the moto X phone.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I got some more X Phone info coming. I think you will like it :)

      • roland

        give us that good news on the X phone

      • swazedahustla

        I can’t see myself with a motorola anything, nexus phone or not.

        • Jaccep

          I’ve given Motorola 3 or 4 chances, and their phones let me down time and time again.

      • vforvortex

        Thats why i hope they just call it a Google X Phone instead of Motorola. :) Waiting on the info as well , hopefully from a reliable source and not just info on specs.

      • shadhussain

        oh taylor, u tease!

      • Tico4674

        You’re always on top of your game. Thanks Taylor, looking forward for that info. 1 quick question, is the US/LTE GS4 getting the snapdragon s600 or is there a possibility that it comes with the s 800?

        • Ross Pendleton

          No sorry, it’s the Snapdragon 600, not 800. That would have been cool though.

      • Ross Pendleton

        Why don’t you share? Please share it with us!
        Also, I can’t vote in the poll, because of some random connection issue, but if I could, I’d vote for the X phone.

      • Joshua Talley

        Can’t wait for I/O. I hope we all go home with one.

    • Richard Yarrell

      I won’t take anything away from the HTC ONE it’s clearly a wonderfully constructed handset definitely a looker and personally i like that blinkfeed feature it’s a wonderful idea. That will make some purchase the handset based on that aspect alone. But honestly people have grown much more than that over the years and in today’s 2013 market place functionality as well as user enhancements is the name of the daily game. That’s what Samsung products offer they have TOP OF THE LINE software development and implementation of features that are industry leading nobody can take that away from Samsung. They provide and cater to their customers needs by providing removable batteries and sdcard expansion that is still so valuable to people REGARDLESS of what Google thinks with it’s Nexus line devices. The funny part is haters will hate and regardless of that hate people who purchase Samsung products know every year they will see an industry leading feature that later on everyone would be trying to copy. In today’s market like it or not the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 are the GOLD STANDARD of the industry and now you can add the Galaxy S4 to that list of GOLD STANDARD devices. My only question which i asked HTC on it’s twitter page was if you we’re actually the top dogs in this industry why release a product with version 4.1.2 jellybean when 4.2.2 was clearly the better choice. Never got any response from that question. Bottom line the Galaxy S4 might not look like the Htc One but the software and features as well as the overall fluidity and user experience is far better that’s for sure. The time has come for people to realize that fashion statements in technology land means nothing in today’s world. When you purchase a handset you want to know what experience will you get from that purchase. That device must have industry leading capabilities and must perform accordingly Samsung products do exactly that. They should look forward to an increase to 250 million smartphones sold in 2013 REGARDLESS of any Nexus 5, Motorola Xphone, Lg Optimus G pro, Iphone 5s/6 or any other launched handset. Samsung has brought innovative products and solutions to the market for the last three years especially the last 2yrs and based on that they are the manufacturer that everyone is chasing and copying for that matter. You can rest assured that the overall sales of the HTC One won’t be anything near the Galaxy S4 or the past sales of the Galaxy S3 in 2012 for that matter. But Htc will sell handsets at a better clip in 2013 than they did in 2012. Based on that they should be happy. It’s the consumer who drives this market and based that the consumers have spoken Samsung clearly owns this space.

      • squiddy20

        Too bad you can’t do anything other than post the same ridiculous crap all over the Internet. Not to mention, who would WANT to read such a long-winded, unorganized, article of a proclaimed fanboy spouting off his nonsense about how “Samsung is Android”, and managing to alienate everyone who he calls “friends”? You can’t even go one comment without putting some words in completely unnecessary caps to draw attention to your idiocy.

      • ayocuz

        I read the whole post and I must say I agree. Although the one is a better constructed phone I must say the plastic s4 sure is functional plus all I care about is the screen size and in that fieldsamsung wins this round again

      • Orion78

        The copy and paste moron strikes again.

      • Dammy

        No doubt Samsung has given out great devices to the world but since the S2 they haven’t given anything revolutionary. S2 has been Samsung’s greatest offering as yet and the S3 was also not bad but now its all downhill for them on the other hand HTC gives out some of the most innovative products out there, its Sense UI is the most intuitive UI out there and the new features like the BlinkFeed, Zoe, and the new ultrapixel camera are just great, the HTC One is a far better phone than the Galaxy S4

      • dcds

        Sorry, I can’t read Garblese or Blabberian.

    • da9el

      same here. waiting for the x phone. moto devices are well known for their durable battery. people will like that.

  • Vance

    Awesome! Glad to a see HTC out in front early.

  • rmourar

    I’ll take my U$350 nexus 4 any day…

  • Simer

    Nexus 5….my Nexus 4 performs better than these phones! Next!

    • MyMilan

      Actually it doesn’t There are several reviews comparing the nexus to the HTC One and in every class the HTC One came out ahead. You’d have to nit-pick to make the phone any better. For example, they use Gorilla glass 2 instead of 3, but not really a issue to worry about. Besides, nexus doesn’t use Gorilla glass 3 either, as it was just released.

    • swazedahustla

      Actually it doesn’t but nice try.

      • Fernando sor

        Actually the nexus 4 doesn’t come out ahead on benchmarks. And on some tests it is being destroyed. I like the nexus program but you’re just wrong. Look it up.

        • dcds

          He is wrong, yes, but the disagreement deserves a _big_ footnote.

          Benchmarks != performance.

          Especially in the daily use. I heard the One is good in that regards, but the SIV seems to have some bottlenecks and lags in the interface. OK, it’s not the final software revision, but still… let’s not dismiss his opinion without explaining well all the fine print.

  • MyMilan

    The HTC One looks incredible. It’s a perfect example of what a phone manufacture can do when they listen to people.

    Plus you can save 100.00 by going to their site and pre-registering for the phone. I would buy this phone today if I could. Love the unibody construction. Very sexy.

  • MattJ

    For me its a Nexus every time

    • chris

      bad gpu throttling

  • auronblue

    Having a Nexus as convinced me that I will never to back to a skinned version of Android again. These phones have great hardware but they aren’t for me.

  • Was

    Motorola X or Nexus 5, whatever it turns out to be! Frankly im a little dissapointed in the One and the S4, whether people like to admit it or not, it seems Samsung is taking an “Apple” approach with minimal upgrades and the same design! *sigh*

    • uzunoff

      I agree with you to an extend. Before I go that route, I ask myself, what could they have done better. The shape of a smart phone is pretty much standard. Sure you can round the corners a little bit or Curve the back or the front of the phone, but unless we are ready for a triangular phone, everything had been done. Sure they debuted the curved display technology but that might not be ready yet and honestly not sure of the overall benefit of that technology in a smart phone.
      At this point I don’t see what Samsung or anyone else can do to drastically change the way we use our phones. I think HTC One did a major leap but I am not expecting much past that.

  • Thomas Biard

    Its hard to lean towards a Moto X phone since everything is a rumor right now, but I am more than willing to change my vote to the Moto X phone if the specs (hardware & software) are right.

  • MrMrMan

    To me Samsung pulled an Apple with the S4 looking exactly like the S3. Right now I’m looking towards the X-Phone, if not that then the HTC One.

  • thebigwinner

    Once a Nexus, always a Nexus. Although the X phone could be interesting depending on which of the 873 rumors pan out.

  • roland

    Nexus 5 or bus

    • Co1e

      l l__
      OO O

      Since the nexus 5 is still probably a ways off I went ahead and got you that bus…

      • Co1e

        It appears that I may have wrecked it though. Sorry.

  • sknoslo

    I will never buy a non-nexus device ever again. I know this horse has been beaten to death, but manufacturer additions to software really do Android a disservice. I don’t have much experience with HTC sense, but from my experience on TouchWiz it really brings even the best hardware to a crawl. That, and if you buy a non-nexus device it is guaranteed to be running an out dated version of Android after a month or two (even if the latest is just a couple security fixes ahead, this is a big deal) and probably will never catch-up before the manufacturer forgets about it in a year.

    • alexanderharri3

      Kinda like the Verizon Galaxy Nexus…..

    • chris2kari

      Absolutely 100% agree with you. I’m researching Blackberry Z10 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5. Fed up with Google’s churn of services & hardware combined with manufacturer indifference to updates.

  • Adam Keyz

    I’m going for the Xperia Z

    • Adam Keyz
    • SLYBOY

      just sold My iphone 5 to buy an sony xperia Z … I sent mine back for a refund, Due to the Appalling Battery Life … watched it drain 15% in less than 30 ish minutes … (with All non essential items turned down or off) waiting for HTC ONE now …. the Screen on the xperia Z is superb , But watch the battery drain while its on! & yes I know about stamina mode … This was ON …. but made little or No difference … what so ever.

      • Adam Keyz

        I have heard bad things about the battery, but i dont go out much for long periods of time so im never far from a charger plus i always carry a backup. For my use, im sure it will be fine and might even be fixed with updates or custom ROMs.

  • triangle

    While I love the HTC hardware, I think I’m going to have to go with Samsung this year. I have the Evo 4G LTE and it has similar hardware in the aluminum casing, which is great, but given previous experiences with dropping phones, I have it in a case. I think I would have a case no matter which phone I got, so that kind of diminishes the hardware advantage for me.

    The screen is probably much nicer on the HTC One, but I find it pretty amazing that you can get a 5 inch screen instead of a 4.7 inch screen on basically the same sized hardware.

    When it comes down to it, I find the HTC software to be ok, but not great. I actually like a lot of the improvements in S4 software and the additional features and functionality offered. My Evo 4G LTE still has moments when the system just needs a few seconds to resume after doing something that is processor intensive. Perhaps they will have fixed that on the new HTC One.

    Finally, being on Sprint, the important thing for me is to make sure that TD-LTE on 2.5Ghz is supported when that network is up and running. It sounded pretty clear that this would be the case for the S4, while it’s not clear that the HTC One will support this.

    I’ll have to see how I feel when I get my hands on both devices.

    • munz19

      I’m on Sprint too, can you explain the TD-LTE on 2.5Ghz and how it’s better than what the HTC One will support? Thanks!

      • triangle

        If you have an old Sprint Wimax phone and it had a 4G signal in your market, chances are that Clearwire will be upgrading that network for TD-LTE, which will mean that you will be able to get superfast broadband where TD-LTE is available. They will add TD-LTE to their network in the places where there is highest data traffic, kind of like a hotspot. This is going to be great in pockets where there are a lot of people. This will be in addition to the Sprint LTE network that is being constructed now.

  • KennyL

    I’ve made the switch to nexus and will never go back. Frankly it they are the only “true” android devices out there. The GS4 isn’t so much an android phone as it is a Samsung/Touchwiz phone. Same for the HTC One being a Sense phone.

    Those OEM skins tend to add bloat that I don’t want on my phone. The phone I’m waiting for won’t come out till next October/Novemberish because I am waiting for whatever replaces the Nexus 4.

  • Eric Ortiz

    So far all the polls I’ve seen point to most people staying away from the S4. I’m sure it will sell well but I’m curious to see if it will do better than the S3.

    • Pained

      I normally sell my phone and buy the latest. That way I can upgrade for about £250 – £300. I’ve got the S3 at the moment but I feel like the S4 is just iPhone 5 style upgrade. But, I’m due a carrier upgrade in October so I might see what’s on the market then. Shame really

  • David R.

    Hi would go for the latest Nexus.
    Manufacturers can not be trusted for supporting their phones, we can see it with Samsung not releasing the Galaxy S2 sources as promised.

    Only Google is actively supporting their Nexus platforms.

  • Prince77

    I don’t understand why everyone keeps bringing up Apple. Yes Samsung kept almost the same design, but so what it was the first time and the last time. Everyone keeps jumping on HTC for the same reason every time the come with a new phone, the build, the build, the build. But what ends up being the down fall of every HTC phone that has come out…..updates.

    • triangle

      Great point. Samsung is so freakin’ big that they will get a pretty quick update on flagship phones like the S4. I hope that HTC is successful and gets their act together with updates since it’s so important to have competition.

    • alexanderharri3

      Exactly – While 4.1 and 4.2.2 aren’t exactly worlds apart, the fact that HTC is launching on 4.1 and Samsung on 4.2 at the same time says a lot about software commitments. Samsung gets it done more than any other OEM (other non Note, S series handsets excluded). HTC just can’t update their phones anymore…and nothing ever runs nearly as smoothly as the release build.

  • Devesh Prabhu

    Given a day when someone gives me the HTC One for free…i’ll prefer it over any other phone…

  • Victor

    Definitely HTC One!

  • wilfreb

    when you release a phone with a bigger battery, a bigger and better screen, removable battery, micro sd card slot in a thinner, more light and with the same dimensions as the predecessor, for me that’s really design engineering.

    TouchWiz is the most feature-rich, user-friendly and up to date OS of them all [excluding stock Android of course]

    it is a fully no compromise phone, with the GS4 you have absoluteness all the features you can have, and that’s excellent overall design.

    the GS4 will be my next phone for sure.

  • Prince77

    I can hold out until June (Sprint contract will be expired). So I will see what’s the deal with the Google/Motorola project. If it doesn’t come to light, it will be the GS4.

  • swauger

    HTC One for me. Since I have two small kids the awesome camera alone is enough for me, but I do love the metal body too.

  • Joel Sewell

    Name me one thing that the HTC or Sony is concretely better than the S4. Build quality I hear you say? Really? Is that it? Cos even that’s debatable, being entirely subjective. Fanboys from all Samsung competitors need to shut up about phones made from kitchen foil/aluminium being the definition of premium, accept the inevitable, that the GS4 is most likely the greatest phone ever made to date, and bow down.

    • Fernando sor

      Really? After that comment you’re accusing others of being fanboys? You are the epitome of blind adoration. Innovation is what the market needs. Not another arrogant company like apple. Samsung will lose market share this round.

      • Joel Sewell

        Errr yes, I am. And despite your heart felt speech, your answer as to how the HTC One beats the S4 is still pending btw. Smh at HTC fanboys. All of them.

  • Rob C

    I so badly want the HTC One hardware, but I’m not particularly keen on the locked bootloader and BlinkFeed. Today, I pick the One, but I’m waiting for Motorola to make a play.

  • Fathul

    The HTC ‘ONE’ of course

  • Kenny

    Sony Xperia Z

  • josegb2011

    I honestly would pick the xperia z or HTC one over the s4 at least for me Samsung has been lacking some innovation lately seems like more gimmicky features instead of real things we customers want.

    • Prince77

      Please tell what are the features that we want that Samsung hasn’t brought to their device. I’m not knocking your comment, I just want to know what it is every person wants on a device.

      • josegb2011

        I just mean the general things we usually care about stability, battery life,features, speed , etc..I like Samsung and all had the gnex but I just don’t see this device being better than HTC,LG,or Sony latest offerings. (Just my opinion)

  • Novel

    HTC One for sure.

  • reddragonman

    Definitely will be waiting to see what Motorola has coming. Would also like to see what they have in store with the next nexus device. I’m not overly impressed with the offerings from Samsung or HTC. Since hardware specs are close to the same with most manufacturers now, main thing for me will be most bang for the buck. From what I’ve seen so far from what Google is trying to do, the nexus line and the Motorola line may be just what I’m looking for. And as long as Motorola has an unlocked boot loader, I’ll be able to root and put whatever gimmicky software enhancements on it that HTC and Samsung are trying to use to day that their phone is better. At the end of the day, if you don’t use those “enhancements”, it really doesn’t matter which one you choose.

  • Tom Shelby

    Perhaps surprisingly to most, gorilla glass 3 and the ability to replace a 1.5 year diminishing battery are very important/deciding issues. Just wish s4 were coming out sooner as my aging bberry needs replacing.

  • jamal adam

    I would go the HTC One route but I have to wait and see what Motorola and Google offer up in terms of the X Phone, especially if the rumors are true and they will be customizable.

  • Mahmud Almahdi

    I’ll never be thinking of buying a Galaxy S IV. In fact, the HTC One crosses my mind much more. I also keep an eye out for the upcoming X Phone! From Nexus 4 user…

  • Deveal2014

    I’m going with the HTC One!! It has great design & is getting great reviews across the board. Screen is epic, it has a better camera (from test shots I saw) better benchmark scores, more useful features that I’ll actually use. Sense is more refined imo, blinkfeed is awesome because I love news & it seemed more fluid than the GS4 imo but maybe that wasn’t final firmware. I appreciate Samsung features & a lot seem very nice. But I have a Note 2 & I don’t use half the features in the phone as is & navigation through Touchwiz is a pain sometimes. But love smart stay & just placing a text to my ear & it’s dial. Also the swipe contacts to text or phone call thing is pretty neat too:-). But I love the htc one minimalist approach this go round. You know that phrase less is more.. M

  • OutofPlace

    I had to go with something else. The specs on these phones are phenomenal, and no doubt they are going to be major sellers and huge successes. But I would still go with something along the lines of the Nexus 4. As a matter of fact, I did just buy one even knowing that the SIV and the One were coming out.

    But I was very much swayed by the price of the Nexus 4 versus a subsidized phone. I was able to buy a Nexus 4 – which is a heavy hitter of a phone – for under $400 out the door. I was able to drop my classic contract to a value plan (t-mobile) and save $50 a month. So I have a beast of a phone and I am saving on my contract. And the phone itself will be paid for in the difference in contracts in 8 months. That’s a good place to be. I would have to pay up way more, or obligate myself to a more expensive contract if I chose one of these phones.

    All I’m saying is there is more to choosing a phone than specs and the version of Android the phone ships with. Price/value, for me and people like me, is a huge factor.

  • Tom

    Don’t forget HTC’s threats of lawsuits for hosting their ROMs. They are not your friends, modding community!!!

  • blarelli

    I’m still sporting a galaxy nexus and am very happy with it. The next phone I buy will be whatever phone is the best bang for the buck that I can use on a GSM prepaid carrier. That most likely means another Nexus or perhaps the Motorola X-phone. Other flagship phones are just too expensive for what they do.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Maybe Sony Togari ;)

  • Nathan D.

    I’m leaving over for the x phone and htc one just for style and that saying something, I never care to much about the phone looks.

  • donger

    Wow, I am very surprised by the results, was expecting more votes for the GS4. But I’m happy that it’s getting beat by the HTC One & X phone.

  • Donnieace

    I’ve only had Nexus phones but I keep thinking about getting my hands on the developer version of the HTC One. The design of the phone just looks amazing.

  • Wesley

    I’m waiting for the next Nexus phone to replace my Gnex!

  • dtwhsieh

    HTC One with BoomSound!

  • sanji

    Htc One for sure! BoomSound+Zoe+Sense TV

  • Joel Sewell

    The problem with HTC fans is that they turn a blind eye to functionality. Samsung offers the most solid and advanced Android experience to date. The HTC One is a good phone, don’t get me wrong, but IMO its designed to make HTC fans happy and retain their evidently waning loyalty, not really to compete with the big boys like Samsung.

  • Matts

    I choose something else. The Galaxy S IV is a dud to me because of the terrible mess with different CPUs in different markets and the inability to put a LTE radio with US and European frequencies. It means that the option is to get an inferior US carrier bloated device (no way!) just in order to get LTE and no possibility of using it in Europe (LTE that is). If Samsung had put the Exynos Octa in all S IV and installed a EU/US LTE radio in the i9500, I would be all over it. It would have been a great device.

    But not now, a carrier branded device is just not on my map. I want all my devices to be unlocked and unbloated and if the prerequisite for LTE is a rubbish carrier specific product, I just pass it.

    The HTC One is a bit more standardized (no different CPUs) but the LTE mess is still there – then it lacks a memory card slot and that is a dealbreaker to me.

    So I think the Xperia Z is the most interesting device at the moment. Even if I have to pass on LTE again in favor of HSPA+ – it is pretty much standardized (C6602/C6603 share ROM compatibility) and it is a nice piece of hardware and offers the memory card slot. It is not perfect but the increased standardization grade seals the deal. It is not such a mess as the S IV.

    I hope 2013 will be the year when an unlocked, unbloated, 100% carrier free LTE device that can use EU/US LTE will be available. I don’t want to have any single little piece of modification by a carrier in my device. The carrier should provide me a service – not do ANYTHING with my device.

  • enj

    In lots of video I’ve watched, even with Oct-core I could still see GS4 lag here and there compared to the instantaneous One. Maybe the One is only 4.1.2 but man does it fly. So people keep saying One is only on 4.1.2, but I can’t see what One is really missing other than the lag on the GS4. The One for me plz.

  • Ronaldj666

    For now, neither. I’m waiting to see how the next Nexus device turns out, before I decide what phone is going to retire my Galaxy Nexus.

  • zemokh

    Samsung doesn’t add anything new to the shape of S4 and I think HTC One is the mobile of the year.

  • Justin Valdez

    Getting either the X phone or the next nexus, the GS4 is hidious and im tired of HTC’s awful support

  • austin

    I’m just going to keep my amazing note 2

  • Waynethe weapon

    Samsung has the kind of “features” that when you get the phone you say to your feiends heylook what my mew phone can do and the a month later never use them again. I would rather have a better quality phone and have it rooted to decide what I want on my phone

  • Robert Hernandez

    I have the Note 2 the best phone on the market so im waiting for the Note 3 and I will preorder it as soon as I can!

  • rhy o’drinnan

    I’m buying a galaxy s 2 when the price is less than $100.

  • nick

    I think the HTC one trumps the s4 I don’t really see much software changes in the s4 if you have an s3 u could basically just wait on the updates and upgrade….but the HTC one round of applause for this brilliant masterpiece

  • Mysterious

    X Phone and the One and done is nice phone , as far as I expect from google , they will not include a card slot where its useful in cases u need them .
    Yah sam makes great phones with innovations , htc just don’t have it all to compete , no one would have heard or developed for the google play store , if sam didn’t make such a big affordable number of android os devices

  • Gebs

    Wont settle for anything less than 5.5 inches! bring the Samsung Note 3 please!!

  • SeanPG1983

    I’ll say it again. HTC makes the most beautiful phones on the market. Their industrial design is just so nice.

  • Simon Carver

    In terms of smartphone quality, the difference between HTC and Samsung is minor. You could even argue that HTC has shown better instincts for design, user-friendliness, and originality. In terms of sales, though, Samsung left HTC in the dust long ago. HTC wants to bring itself back to relevance with its new flagship, the One, but with Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 on its way, does it stand a chance? I am looking for iPhone 5S !!!

  • shah alam


  • brandon

    the poll result doesn’t lie, htc one beating s4 almost 3 to 1 in this poll, LOLOLOL

  • Victor

    HTC One!

  • Salman

    I went to the shop, holding my LG Optimus G pro with 5.5 inch screen, took both Galaxy S4 and HTC One in each hand and selected the HTC One based on a quick comparison i could do in that little time, HTC One has brilliant screen with proper brightness and sharpness, Also the camera worked way better, the body felt solid and more robust, selected One, took it home and while i was setting it up and using, i felt the difficulty in using it as the phone pad buttons were small and i pressed wrong numbers, also it was not easy to type a message, now i know using phone and driving is not ok but i run a business and it matters to me, all in all the next day i was not convinced also on size as i use number glasses and text etc was way to difficult to use but i increased size of text but lost the sharpness… i went back the next evening and selected S4, even knowing the screen wasnt that bright and sharpness a bit low, but, overall its easier for me to use, i mind the plastic but phone has to act as a phone for me first and then comes the appearance. I would love to have S4 like interface on One, maybe i am wrong, but it all comes down to how easy i felt and S4 is easy… i am a normal person and not concerned about uni body or bencmarks etc but the real usability every day with least compromises.

  • staryoshi

    Old poll, but Galaxy Note 3 all the way.