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Rumor: Is this the LG Nexus 5?


WARNING: If you are allergic to rumors, speculation, or leaked phones, then do not click on this story. We just received a hot tip and we are not able to verify the source, so help us decide if it’s fake or real.


Update: We might have found the source of the above image.

Is the above image the LG Nexus 5? An anonymous source, who claims to work for Google, tells us this prototype is the real deal, but we are not sure what to make of it. There is a good chance that some basement dweller is trolling us hard, but this person has an interesting story so we thought it needed to be shared.

The source claims that Google plans to release a Nexus 5 later this year (October 2013), and they are currently evaluating several prototypes from different manufactures. One of these prototypes is made by LG and it’s currently using the codename “Megalodon.”

Rumored specs for the LG “Megalodon” include:

  • 5.2″ OLED Display with 1920×1080 resolution
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 @ 2.3 GHz
  • 3GB LPDDR3 Ram
  • 16/32/64GB of internal storage
  • 16MP rear camera by OmniVision (4k video recording @30FPS, 1080p video recording @60FPS, Real Time HDR & HDR video recording, optical image stabilization, BSI 2.0)
  • 2.1MP front camera (1080p video recording @30FPS)
  • 3300 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • Front positioned stereo speakers
  • Qualcomm RF360 (LTE 150 Mbps & HSPA+)
  • Integrated DVB-T / ATSC-antenna
  • Gesture like controls (navigation, zoom, etc)

Looking over the list of specs reveals a nerd’s wishlist on steroids. Most of these parts are not even shipping in devices yet, but several are slated to be available by the second half of 2013. Qualcomm for example has said we should expect to see their Snapdragon 800 and RF360 solution in devices before the end of the year.

Several things about this leak are screaming fake to me, but I haven’t been able to rule out if this is another elaborate hoax or something that should be on our radar. We just saw Google team up with LG to produce the Nexus 4, and even though the launch had some hiccups, we could see Google picking LG again to deliver the next flagship Nexus device.

What are your thoughts on the prototype design and the proposed list of specs?

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  • @forsurelw

    Absolutely not. That design is awful, even for a first render. Google wouldn’t approve.

    • Robin

      I think its beautiful.

      • Brian

        You’re the only one. I will not buy a 5 inch phone, not even if it is a Nexus. Eventually phones are gonna be stupid big, like 7 inches. My Gnex is the biggest I’m going.

        • Nate B.

          You make it sound like it’s dramatically bigger. Do you notice footprints are staying nearly the same with bigger screens. Soon they will have no bezel so phones will not get bigger but the screen will. If they got the damn big like you said then tablets would be pointless.

        • redraider133

          So even if they eliminate most of the bezel and its no larger than current 4.3-4.5 phones you won’t buy?

        • Lulu

          I think it’s beautiful too.

        • Vince

          Well the S4 has a 4.99″ screen and it is shorter than the Nexus 4 (4.6″) and the HTC One (4.8″). The S4 is actually slightly smaller than the S3, it is thinner, the same tall and slightly less wide.
          So a bigger screen doesnt mean the actual phone size would be bigger.

        • gameraddikted

          Have you ever used a Note or Note 2? Yes it hampers one-handed operation a bit but I freaking love my GN2!

          • EZ

            Absolutely right. I have a Note 2 myself and I cannot see myself having a smartphone with a smaller screen than 5.5 inches.

          • cb2000a

            I use the Note (original) and when I see an iphone it looks like some sort of toy. There is so much wasted space on the front of iphones. I can’t even imagine going back to a 4″ screen. The bezel on the iphone 5 is ridiculous.

        • jamal adam

          I don’t see phones getting as big as 7″, I think that 5″ is the sweet spot for a phone but if you look at the Galaxy Note 2, it’s selling millions and that means that there are people, plenty of them, that like the larger screen and stylus because they can do more with it. If people aren’t buying 5″ phones then it would make sense not to make them but when they are selling millions it’s a no brainer to continue making them.

        • JBrowne1012

          Good for you maybe you would be better suited for an iPhone in that matter. You may be the only one who wouldn’t like a screen over 5 inches… Small hands? sucks for you bro

        • ammanuel

          I agree with brian .I have gnex and its the perfect size . if they make it 5 inches they better loose some of the top and bottom black parts other wise it’ll be to big.

      • Raptor

        Hey Goog, you clearly chose wrong boss recently. Make Taylor W to lead the Hype and Rumors Department at least.

      • aj

        Seems like a fake. It has the looks of Sony PSP. And look at the picture carefully, it doesn’t feature any Software buttons (home, return/back, multitasking).I don’t think that Google is planning to go back to the soft-touch buttons because since 2011, they have chosen to adopt in-built software buttons and to stop using soft-touch buttons (something like the buttons that feature on HTCphones).either, this image is photoshoped and the person who created this has croped out the software based buttons or this prototype or whatever you wanna call this leak doesn’t exists. I think that this is a fake but you never know, it can be a photoshoped image as well. I’m sorry for the bad news but mast probably it is a fake and many more fakes are going to hit the web. Just to tell you, I’m a photoshop expert, and have a sixth sense of being able to identify fakes and this one seems like a fake. But I too, I’m a human and humans make mistakes so I don’t give any guarantee about what I said. Why doesn’t Android And Me guys check with their photoshop agent and verify if it is a fake or not? The specs seem to be real but that image is most probably a fake. Though I wonder what that blue dot is for, I do believe that Google might have done some changes to the ui and maybe it is a new feature in which you press/tap on the blue dot and then your software keys are shown. That would be good considering, it may help to increase the screen size.

        • mrrix32

          The software keys are completely hidden in some apps, the only one I can think of right now is YouTube (Others replace them with non-intrusive dots, but YT is the only one where they are truly gone). They show up again when you tap the screen.

          The blue LED is most likely for notifications, it’s in the same place as the notification LED on the Nexus 4.

          • Sharky

            Any app developer can hide the software buttons, but they always re-appear when you tap the screen, there’s no way for a developer to override this. So it’s good for video apps (most I’ve tried make use of this), but not possible in games or other interactive apps.

        • j

          Tl;dr and you are ram blind about something you clearly know nothing about.

        • Meleagru

          I’m hoping that the next version of android skips on buttons completely and replaces them with gestures. Full screen experience ftw!

        • Max Barlow

          Fair enough if you’re a “photoshop expert”, but what knowledge you have of that, you almost certainly lack of android. You’re right in the fact that Google will not return to softkeys, but loads of video based apps can hide them. The blue dot will 100% be a led notification light found (as a version) in the Nexus One, Galaxy nexus and Nexus 4 (Correct me if i’m wrong but I don’t remember seeing one on the Nexus S as i didn’t own one).
          To be honest, as far as pre-release renders go, this looks pretty legit to me, although i question the very early nature of it’s release (following Google’s usual release time frame)

          • aj

            Sorry guys, have never owned a nexus device. Didn’t know that the keys could be hidden as well. I know that I am a photoshop expert and can easily identify fakes but didn’t know that the software keys could be hidden in some applications as well. Excuse me, for passing on the wrong information as I previously owned all iphones, planned on getting the Nexus 4 but due to the laxk of availability, I went and purchased the Note 2. Sorry for all the wrong stuff written there; I never got the time to experience vanilla android or else, I wouldn’t pass any such information. The lack of knowledge about stock android was the reason for asking android and me guys to get this checked. I was mistaken as I had never seen a nexus (ofcource after the gnex) to feature no software based buttons. I’m a little new to all this android thing but I have definitely liked my experience. I don’t think that there is any need to doubt my photoshop abilities but yes my knowledge towards android is not that good (which is because I’m no expert in handling android phones). Yes, if you give me an iPhone, I can easily fiddle around, do a lot of stuff, jailbreak it (kinda like rooting) because I have had a good amount of time to experience it. Once, I get the sufficient amount of time to look deeply into android, I’ll know more. To be honest, my grasping power is a little low; I like to be careful enough not to brick my phone. This is the reason why I haven’t even rooted. And don’t think that im pulling android down, my experience with it has been amazing and I just loved it but I like to take things slowly. Even on my iPhone (which is said to be the simplest mobile device ), it took me 2 years to get used to it. And there is nithing like androud is more complicated than iphone; infact I like the concept of widgets and who will get to know that you have to double tap the home button to open the multitasking bar (yeah that is how you will open the multitasking bar on iphone), I find just holding/pressing the home button for a little long and then usking the swiping gestures is more easy and simplified (^yeah a fanboy praising android). There is nothing like the iphone is more simple than android or vice-versa; it depends on how long you keep using the os and how familiar it is. Ps my experience on android has actually been good (didn’t expect with all the hatred against it on the fanboy sites) but I am still getting used to it. Love the ability to put a sd card, change battery, and being able to download torrents and the customisation android offers.

        • MitchRapp81

          this person clearly hasn’t seen/touched an Android phone in two years… the new phones (no physical buttons) are made so that the software buttons disappear under many circumstances (games, video playback, full-screen ANYTHING really)

          Moving on.

      • ben

        It does indeed. I still love the minimalism of my GNexus (all black front, no stupid brand name or symbol etc. ) and this one is the first time I thought ” well, THAT does look amazingly beautiful”. Just add a plain backside and frame and I am in.

    • Andrew

      Agreed…front speakers? gesture controls? 3300mAh battery? Looks like he just took what he liked from the HTC One, SGS4, and SGN2, and slapped them into the specs sheet.

    • dcds

      If I’d guess, I’d say this is a teenager from a basement that plays too much with his PSP and has a lot of free time.

      The silhouette looks like a PSP, the curve at the sides make it too landscapish to be a serious phone that is held in portrait for most of its functions, and, finally, that lame, lame ninja with a gun (WTF?) would make a terrible role model to advertise the phone, even internally. Can you imagine someone convincing others to produce this phone with that ninja? Pointing a gun? It is a disaster of marketing/ad. It has all the wrong cues.

      Besides, the hardware list is too weird. First, an LG phone with an OLED screen? Certainly it would be an LCD like their recent flagships.

      I don’t think the 800 would be in it. Unnecessary horsepower and heat for a Nexus. 3GB is pretty acceptable, though. A great jump, but conceivable at least.

      Storage is fully off. Google would provide two choices, not three. And possibly _not_ 64GB. They’re in for the cloud, and 16/32 is a much more acceptable jump from 8/16.

      A camera that records 4K is surreal. Forgive me for being explicit, it’s almost stupid to think about putting it on a phone, to the point I’m not going to explain all the obviousness.

      And the cherry at the top is the TV tuners: someone correct me if I’m wrong, but DVB-T is not the mobile standard (DVB-H is), americans don’t care about FOTA broadcasts (even less than the rest of the world, which tells a lot about US and the world), they ignored other standards which are (AFAIK) more used (ISDB 1seg, for example), and, finally, any tuner wouldn’t be “integrated”, they would be “market dependent” for specific markets where that even has a dent of customer interest (Asia and Brazil, like some of the Galaxies).

      And I’m not even going to start to say what I just don’t _like_ (the huge size).

      Seriously guys, this has all the wrong cues.

      • dcds

        And by the way, this came to mind mind, something I don’t remember: does the 800 support more than 2GB? I don’t remember all that debate about > 2GB of RAM. If someone can explain to me I appreciate.

      • Scotty

        That “Ninja” is Aiden Pearce. Star of one of the biggest games coming out this year, which will be set apart from the rest of the games because of how it’ll integrate not just with consoles, but smart phones and tablets as well.

        • dcds

          Thanks for explaining the origins of that idea.

      • herbivore83

        It’s too “landscapish?!” What the heck does that mean?

        • dcds

          Sorry for the neologism. I meant a form factor that is great to be used in landscape orientation but may be less than ideal to use in portrait.

          The accentuated curves at the smallest widths is the reason in my opinion. It should be more straight.

          Again, an opinion.

    • John Patrick

      Design’s awful? It pretty much looks like a Galaxy Nexus, and doesn’t look much different than the Nexus 4, since it’s essentially just a silhouette. Not sure what your frame of reference is.

      With those specs I’d buy it in a heartbeat since I skipped the Nexus 4 due to lack of storage.

      • dcds

        I never said it was awful, where did you see that? It isn’t, and indeed it’s very close to the Galaxy Nexus/Nexus 4 language.

        I said it looked like a PSP, and said that because the excessive curve would make it more difficult to hold comfortably, especially a phone at that size when you’re typing with two hands (holding it with fingers crossed at the back, supporting at bottom).

        Design wise, it can look the same and be completely different to use.

        Finally, Id also like one. I just dont think its real.

        • dcds

          p.s.: and to explain why I seemed to like and not like at same time: like the specs, it’s probably open (hopefully) like a Nexus (me hoping), but I’m still not sure I’d like the size. And I didn’t get into that because size is subjective.

        • Ryan

          I think you’re absolutely wrong when it comes to the design and it being harder to hold comfortably. In fact, I would think it to be much more form fitting to our hands and how we hold the larger phones with one hand. Besides, I rarely touch the bottom of the phone anyways.

          That being said. that curved design would make the 3.5 jack difficult to place on top or bottom.

    • Andrew Bone

      You know that looks a lot like the Nexus 4, right?

    • Flavio

      Woww.. it will be selling for $1000 or more?
      Very nice setup but it is out of range … Galaxy S4 is already too expensive.. Well I cannot imagine the price

    • Flavio

      Woww.. it will be selling for $1000 or more?
      Very nice setup but it is out of range … Galaxy S4 is already too expensive.. Well I cannot imagine the price for this Nexus

  • MJM128

    Seems WAY too good to be true. The Snapdragon 800 isn’t suppose to be available in devices until the last quarter of this year right? I just can’t see this being true…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Qualcomm has just said second half. I think we could see Snapdragon 800 as soon as Q3.

      • westy

        the internal storage alone is enough to call BS. Dont get our hopes up :(

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Yeah you are right. Google would never offer multiple skus with different storage options….

          • Jeff

            I think their lack of a 32GB Nexus 4 SKU is what’s most disappointing.

          • heeros

            I’m pretty sure he means the inclusion of storage options beyond 16GB are hard to believe, and I have to agree with him.

            Plus 4k video recording seems too good to be true. But then if the 4k recording were true you really would need that extra space.

          • heat361

            Yea I don’t believe it unless Google changed the way they market and sell products.It’s really weird that this supposedly comes with32gb let alone 64gb.

          • phaet2112

            If it is a developer nexus phone, and not consumer motorola phone, then I would wager it won’t go beyond 16 gb.

      • NasLAU

        I’m getting excited about the snapdragon 800 because of this post. I still think this is fake but I truly believe Google wants to take Nexus mainstream. And the only way to accomplish this is by having the phone available in all major carriers. Snapdragon 800 with RF360 can do this.

        RF360 is the key to making the Nexus available to the most number of people and keeping the price affordable.

  • Sathariel

    Those specs look awesome but that display size is a deal breaker for me. 5″ display is the limit for me; I personally don’t have a need for a screen bigger than that on my phone.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      5.2 inch display is huge, but that bezel is so small. It could be the same size as other devices with a 4.7 inch display.

      • NasLAU

        That’s the only way I would get a phone that big. If it wasn’t a Nexus I wouldn’t even consider it.

  • masterpfa

    Fake in my opinion
    The shape, 3GB RAM (WHY???) storage, more like someone’s wish list.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      This time last year we were thinking 2GB RAM was crazy.

      • Ross Pendleton

        The snapdragon 800 only has 2GB of RAM. either it’s a typo, or a fake. I’m wagering on it being a fake.

      • anon

        It still is!

        I just tried to use as much memory as possible on my Nexus 4. Gmail, Chrome, a Game, Navigation, Play Store and some other small Apps started. I couldn’t even reach 700MB usage!

        Those 3GB Ram alone are enough to call this fake.

    • GF

      Maybe 3GB are necessary to handle some real serious software features coming in Android 5.1.

  • PhaseBurn

    Prototype phones typically don’t get press teaser images made, such as the one you have showing off the phone’s body. They get blurrycam pics of the device in use by somebody in the Real World ™ by a 3rd party (usually the submitter), or decent photos of the device laying around on a table or desk (if the submitter is also the leak).

    I’ve never heard of a phone this early in the prototyping phase (it’s March, that’s an October release? 7 months early!!!) having a press photo… It just doesn’t happen.

    Also, where’s the wireless charging? Would Google really ditch that? Maybe, I don’t know for sure. But would they ditch NFC after pushing it so hard at Google IO the past few years, and 3 of the last Nexus phones supporting it? Not a chance.

    Just my $0.02…

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Nexus 4 prototypes were already floating around by this time last year.

      • PhaseBurn

        Taylor, I’m not saying that prototype hardware doesn’t exist, I’m actually quite sure it does. I’m saying that the graphic you have posted of said hardware is a professional marketing image. It includes two renders of the phone, with an awesome graphic on the display of one of them, with partner logos behind it. This is the kind of graphic that a company would provide to press and marketing partners. I’m saying that those types of graphics aren’t created for prototype phones this early.

        When you see photos of prototype phones this early, they’re usually of the actual prototype itself (not a press render), being used in the field or laying on a desk/table somewhere. They aren’t all fancied up like that image is. That’s the point I’m trying to make. As Nate mentioned below, prototype phones are subject to change, which is *why* they aren’t used in press release images. As such, press release images usually are done when final hardware is designed, which is much later in the game. A press photo render this early makes absolutely no sense. That’s why I’m saying it’s a troll.

    • Nate B.

      it is very weird because when you think of prototype you think the device isn’t final hardware wise either so how would they know the final design or something. but if you remember way back when moto came out with the droid x. that phone was also rumored to be a nexus phone wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy before it actually came out and they had a really cool render of it. but it was just a droid phone to compete with the original evo at the time. so it is possible. i mean these companies already know what they want at the end of the line but take baby steps there in advanced so it is possible. i’m not saying i’m buying this because some of those specs make me laugh because they’re so off the charts and silly at the same time. we will see. these specs sound like something that should be out next year.

  • Adryan maldonado

    that camera sounds way to unrealistic

    • FlapFlapFlapFlapFlap

      think about the nokia pureview now thats unrealistic

      • Nate B.

        that was never unrealistic. all they did was a professional camera into a phone. that wasn’t hard to imagine. that could’ve been done years ago to be honest.

      • Sharky

        It was also gigantic. I doubt Google would put a monstrosity like that in a Nexus.

    • Astranger

      Remember what Vic said about the camera on next phone? :-)

  • FlapFlapFlapFlapFlap

    This way better than my girlfriend can we make a trade (* >*)

    • dbeats

      hey still got my t-mobile G1 wanna trade? it comes with an extra battery ;)
      but u gonna need a new screen :(

  • autophone

    WOW, a new nexus tablet, so excited….

  • Nate B.

    Lmao at record in 4K. I would love these specs but to bad it isn’t real. I mush my grandmother in the face and run to the computer if this was real. So the Moto phone won’t be a Nexus device?

    But I love this rumor. If it is real, then Google is making some serious ass moves. & how would they keep such a device down on to a nice price with such specs?

    I love this site.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Snapdragon 800 can capture and playback 4k video. Please don’t abuse your grandmother.


      • Nate B.

        I forgot all about it being able to do that. Didn’t Qualcomm make a joke about Tegra during MWC saying it wasn’t competition or something like that?

      • NasLAU

        Wow, I didn’t know this. I was straight calling B.S. because of 4k but now I’m thinking there’s sliver of possibility that this is possible.

  • Ed

    Companies frown on marketing images or internal images with guns, including a bad render I am sure its a fake.

  • Some Guy

    Anyone know where that wallpaper image is from?

    • Ronald Johnson

      Looks like an image from Watch Dogs.

    • Ross Pendleton

      Fake land?

  • GMoneyGonz

    Nope, sorry. You guys are getting trolled.

  • Ross Pendleton

    Oh come on, that picture and those specs are clearly fake. Don’t be so gullible people!
    The nexus 5 will use a snapdragon 800, and the snapdragon RF360, but the screen will have been used on another phone first, the camera will be 13MP maximum and the memory will be no more than 32GB. this is a nexus people. That means affordable hardware.

    • DSaif

      Google wants to compete with OEMs to drive innovation

    • Ethan

      I’m heavily leaning towards this being a sliver of truth mired in fake. By that I mean that I’m confident a couple of things listed could come to be in the phone and the rest could either be changed or simply be wish-listy.

      That said, about your comment on affordable hardware, there have been murmurings that the “Nexus” brand will be expanding. The latest Motorola X-Phone rumors ( seem to indicate that El Goog might release a customizable phone. Also, they have released the Nexus 7 for the budget tablet users and Nexus 10 for more power type users.

      The Nexus brand is beginning to evolve, it’s not so easy to dismiss something bold like this as Google is pushing new and varied devices to market to meet the demands of a wide user base. Again, I still think there is alot of fake here, but with the way Google has been playing ball, it’s not that far out of their wheelhouse to release a phone like this.

  • Akshay

    LG making the next nexus after the screw up with the Nexus 4 launch !! I seriously doubt that. Plus the specs look too good to be true.

    • Ross Pendleton

      I’m personally hoping htc or Sony take a crack at a nexus. I know htc made the nexus one, but that was an epic fail so maybe they try taking another shot.

      • Matt

        The nexus one was the greatest and best nexus ever made. I freaking loved that phone but because of how naive and young I was I sold it and got the Evo.

        Far from a fail to me. It just wasnt commercialized enough for the public but also the public wasnt even that aware of android back then. They called it “droid” or wannabe apple. If htc released a nexus now those things would sell.

        Loved the track ball the most. And I could change the colors. Ahh. Okay I’m done ranting. Haha.

      • DSaif

        The one with best specs & price wins Nexus bid. Hope the best one wins.

  • jamal adam

    This seems way to good to be true. It’s possible but it would seem expensive and I would wonder if Google would price it in the Nexus 4 range or higher.

  • damambt

    The Nexus 4 has restored my faith in LG devices. If this rumor is true or at least half of it, then I will be pleased. Even w/the recent launch of the SGS4 I am still very pleased w/my NEXUS 4. I shall keep my fingers crossed.

  • DSaif

    Multiple prototypes from multiple OEMs: True

    But the pic could be fake or LG forgot to add the new Nexus logo

  • Christopher Chavez

    100% fake. It’s a concept image on a computer screen, that someone photographed with their cellphone (to ensure it stayed blurry).

    Plus, those specs are like the Galaxy S5 or something. Definitely not Nexus material (which has to stay cheap).

    If someone wants to place bets, I’ll eat my shorts on camera if I’m wrong (and I’m not). :p

    • irishrally

      I bet you there is an “article” on P***droid with “LG Nexus 5 Leaks” in the title that links to this RUMOR article.

  • hqvist

    Im tired to all these phones with no free life.Miss the symbian era when open a phone no need to put our email or identity.All is a Jailphones.Bye bye new world order!

  • Sameer

    I do not know who’s decision is to back out with samsung either Google or Samsung. Samsung is the only phone who deserve to be official Google Nexus. LG had tried very hard but they have long way to go. Sony may be a better option. But i do not how they decide this policy

  • Michael Perry

    On a more practical note with the sensors obviously at the top and the Led notification at bottom, where would front facing speakers go? That alone screams game to me.

  • Sinan

    Cool story bro ;)

  • Angel

    Google will never repeat with LG becoz LG don’t have the capacity to build big volumes of prime line phones.

    The next Nexus will be a Motorola.

    The Next Nexus will not have numbers in their na me.

    • John

      And the fact that both companies severely underestimated demand is a mute point? Tell me what would you do differently not knowing that demand would be 10 times your projection? How would you fill the shelves once you found out? Both companies didn’t expect it to sell out the first couple months in stock, and the fact is its still popular.

  • Ariss.s

    This is way beyond fantasy !! A 5.3 inch screen and the qualcom 800 @ 2.3 Ghz !! Damn that grabbed my attention ! I have the nexus 4 now and you wonder how you can make it even better !

  • sushimane

    i doubt it. Google is those type of company that wants a comfortable phone jumping from a 4.7 to 5.2 is really unrealistic

    • Taylor Wimberly

      What is Google adopts the Samsung strategy and makes a device at every single inch.

  • Alan

    holy crap that battery is HUGE!

  • tintin

    This is marketing trick from LG after launch of S4. Something like “look LG is here and it will be better”. Dont forget this is LG, they will unveil something in October 2013 and it will be out of stock till 2014. O.o of course blaming Google.

    • Raptor


  • GF

    2.3GHz Snapdragon 800
    World LTE chip
    3GB of RAM
    4K video @ 30fps
    1080p video @ 60fps
    Front stereo speakers
    3,300 mAh Li-Poly Battery

    DAMN! If this were the real deal… Something that makes sense is the 5.2-inch screen, that’d give a 5.0-inch effective screen space without on-screen buttons. I’m not sure about the OLED screen though, and I’d rather see HTC.

  • DoubleP90

    Fake, specs are too much inflated and the render is very bad and unprofessional
    No one puts dvb tv in cell phones, with the Internet services like hulu and Netflix there’s no more need for it, so definitely fake

  • Sidharth

    Seems fake. Don’t think Google would go for 5.2″ size. Would make it almost to the “phablet” category with original Galaxy Note being 5.3″. Secondly 64 gb seems incorrect considering that they have not released 32gb for the Nexus 4. And my bet is that the next Nexus will be a Motorola production. Google has shown with Pixel that they can produce great hardware and hence expect the next phone to be a Motorola Nexus

  • Nathan D.

    Google did say they want to have a better camera experience so we might get htc ultra pixel, just wishful thinking.

  • Justin

    Wait a minute…. Remember when the vice president of Google Vic gundatura? He said a while back that the next line of Google nexus devices will have “insanely great cameras”? Is this what he was talking about? 4K recording…. Geez…

  • TheCraiggers

    Successful troll is successful.

  • Jmo

    I think this is TOTALLY plausible. Nexus 4 did very well and Google would love to bring another company to the forefront with Android (to take some focus off of Samsung).

    Another thing I remember from a while back: Didn’t Google submit a patent for a phone design that resembled something like this? a handset with speaker is front that could serve as both microphone and speakers so that no matter how the user picked up the phone it’d always be right side up? I thought HTC might try to do that with the HTC One but now that I see this…Its possible Google will put that idea to use…

    Just a thought

  • AnthonyRyan

    I hope at least some if not all of these specs are true, but i’ll keep my eye out just encase about the Nexus 5.

  • Instrumentals

    This could be my next, but I also have my /notsureifsrs face on right now.

  • jelanie

    Its fake why would they use a screen shot of watch dogs for the playstation 4

  • Azzoth

    This is clearly fake, Google would never put an ugly wallpaper like that.

  • roland

    I won’t it

  • HumbertoH

    So, no new nexus phone or tablet in the IO 2013? (Nexus 7 II is goint to be there’, but i have no interest on it) =(

  • Marcus Hanselmann

    I doubt the next nexus is done by LG. Google has been rotating between the companies aka HTC, Samsung, LG, probably Motorola or Sony is next in line.

    • Max

      Samsung did two Nexus’ back to back. Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus.

  • shadhussain

    true or not, we’ll probably see some of these specs creeping into the next gen 2013/14 phones. i’m particularly intrigued by the ATSC antenna in phones (they’ve had this in korean/japan for a while now).

    i am however interested in seeing how these beast nexus phones fit into android’s wearable technology drive. i kinda liked taylor’s theory of cheap mid-range customizable moto x presented in a previous post. wouldn’t google try and push nexus devices that way too? or perhaps, they’ll leave the high end market to other OEMs and keep advertising them with the nexus line.

    • DragonPhyre

      The TV thing will absolutely never happen. It requires an antenna–and Americans ABHOR antennas. They equate them with old technology and old Analog phones. For as amazing as the fractal patch antenna is, it really sucks for some things that require a nice strong signal. And TV is one of those.

      • JOn

        I think this is the bubble burster, besides the fractal antenna issue; It’s just too good to be true.
        Watching broadcast tv on the phone kinda ties with the google tv idea -but it’s the one thing I just don’t see happening, too poor of a payoff (weak signals) for too much hardware.
        Great idea, maybe I should start photoshopping all my dream projects.
        Google hoverboard hear I come!

  • da9el

    “small OLED displays aren’t good enough to compete with IPS-LCD for mobile devices” that’s what LG said… so that looks like a fake to me…

    • Raptor

      That’s what i say for 2 years

  • cybik


  • plivnik46

    probably fake, this is a nexus device so there won’t be that much storage because Google wants you to use the cloud (same as the other nexus’)

  • Raptor

    Excluding OLED which is most probably a pentile crap, the spec is great.
    The Google Hype Department spewing its BS full speed. If Samsung spent mind blowing $12B on propaganda via sites like these just one last year, guess how much spends el Goog?

    In tiny chance this was not a BS, hats off to LG, they’re truly grown off their child’s pants

  • aranea

    It’s too good to be true!

  • Chris

    I’m not getting a phone bigger than 4.3 inches. Maybe 4.5 if it had software buttons. Sorry.

  • surethom

    Very nice but NO NO Google, 5″ screen is too big, please have a screen between 4.5″ & 4.8″ MAX.

    • Vince

      The S4 has 4.99″ screen yet it is shorter than the Nexus 4 which has a 4.6″ screen. So if the Nexus 5 had small bezels like S3, Note II, S4, Xperia ZL then it could have a 5.2″ screen and just be a slight bit wider then the Nexus 4

  • MephistosGhost

    There’s no way this is real.

    1. Why would they have promotional materials with a guy holding a gun on the phone?
    2. The image on the display is from an upcoming multiconsole game called WatchDogs where the protagonist hacks the world around him with his smartphone.
    3. If there was some kind of cross-promotion with the game, and the game was launching on the phone then why isn’t there a title with the promotional image?

  • Paximos

    Pretty soon, mobile phones will be so big, you have to put them on a leash and maybe even buy them an L L Bean phone bed….

  • DetroitCity

    This sounds very interesting to me. The size seems a tad bit ridiculous as these things known as phones are demanding one pocket when I used to be able to keep my keys or wallet with my phone. The battery seems enticing!

    I have a nexus 4 and I will say its absolutely the best phone I have ever had in my entire life. The battery usually can get me through a day although it doesn’t have the best camera I own a camera anyways. The only problem I’ve had was getting the nexus 4 and the WiFi would drop all the time until android 4.2.2 arrived. This phone and its specs sound just amazing.

    A lot of people may be waiting on the new Motorola x phone but I’m sticking with the brand that made it all (besides the G1 R.I.P)

  • mike

    Didn’t Samsung launch 2 Nexus devices? The Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus?


    everyone knows this is fake, including all the readers, the commentors and the author.

  • YMS123

    Seems too good to be true… But if is true, DAY ONE PURCHASE!!!

  • takemymoney!

    OMG I LOVE THE DESIGN!!! please let this be a reality.

  • ihatefanboys

    Seriously, can we stop LG from making Nexus’s. Id prefer an HTC version again. Then again this is a rumor.

  • vasra

    Spec list is a complete and utter fake-o-rama-maximum.

  • zyo

    Obviously fake. That game is called watchdog. A next gen ps xbox game that has no chance of seeing a mobile version release. Lg and Google is not stupid enough to use Ubisoft copyright material to promote their flagship phone.

  • darren

    Hope that nexus 5 does not heat like nexus 4 does

  • Motorola Android Indonesia

    Google will not give the next Nexus to LG because LG once says Google wrong because not prepare much stock for LG Nexus 4. Samsung will out from Android. I think Google will prepare the next Nexus is from Motorola Mobility called “Motorola Nexus Razr”. Once Google says about Motorola Nexus Razr when Motorola Mobility release Motorola Razr i in UK, you can search and hear carefully from YouTube.

  • asterix

    i am waiting for nexus 6,till then my phone will be s4

  • pepe

    Please, no front speakers. Those always get dirty and clogged. Otherwise perfect!

  • Andrew

    Fake! I wasn’t aware lg was yet using oled tech in their phones and though they are very appealing the spec list reads like a wish list, too good to be true. An educated guess would suggest Google and it’s partners would wait until autumn to refresh their nexus brand again so revealing pictures and specs this soon is unlikely to be true.

  • mikedotcom

    I smell bullshit

  • mohammad

    It`s sound like a winner to me. But, I`ll stick to GS 4 and HTC ONE for now, not for what it`ll come in the end of the year, if it comes and if it does, it`ll be out of order again as the Nexus 4.

  • Mohammad

    Soory I meant It`ll comes not come..

  • aesopn

    is look like psp…….

  • Arush
  • Matthew

    4K at 30 frames per second, a minority of very expensive cameras can only pull that off. In a phone although it would be nice, it would make the Nexus 5 incredibly expensive which would make I cant imagine google doing as well as competing with high end cameras (which i cant imagine) 60 fps at 1080p, thats more realistic though.

    • Matthew

      But as its claiming to be a prototype maybe the manufacturers list the specs as a wishlist…

  • Leon Hitchens

    Sometimes these “Fakes” are hiding the truth, I could see some of these specs making its way to the next phone. The picture is most likely faked but the specs do seem real. Maybe to goo to be true but they could be real.

  • Botgoat

    Sounds good to meh.

  • Paul Atreides

    Google needs to use Motorola for the next version of the Nexus, it just makes sense to me. These other companies won’t put their all in a device they can’t really call their own. They need a Nexus that’s attractive to more than a niche market also. We need a Google Nexus Q-TV phone that can be used on most carriers. Key-Lime Pie needs some of those gimmicky Samsung-like features Taylor’s been hating on so they can attract a wider audience(people like bells and whistles). It would be even better if it’s the version that merges mobile/desktop/media devices.The hardware should be a little more snazzy than what’s offered by the N4, and an excellent camera experience. Offer more incentives in the Play Store when using Google devices while you’re at it.

  • yankeesusa

    If this is real or at least an early mock up its a great looking phone. It’s too bad Samsung has a better reputation and even if this phone is great most people won’t even give it a try unless they undercut Samsung in pricing.

  • Ronaldj666

    I actually like the design, hopefully these specs are what we’re going to see in Nexus 5, or at least close. My only concern is the size of that screen, but who knows? I may grow to like it. I did think my Galaxy Nexus display was too large when I first bought it, but I now I wouldn’t touch a phone with a display smaller than 4.65 inches.

  • some internet dude

    Wow cool its going to have built in over the air TV.

  • DroidPower

    that thing is packing some serious heat. wow

  • BreezeDu

    5.2″, really? Please, please, please, make it smaller… This is ridiculous…

  • Sacha Obado

    This looks amazing and very impressive specs.

  • nekkidtruth

    LG? No thanks. Not after the last Nexus debacle.

    • Justan

      What was wrong with that? The nexus 4 looks quite nice, and thanks to it’s Android 4.2 OS, 360 degree panoramic photo sphere, and cheap $299 unlocked default price, I will definitely be getting it over any HTC, Motorola, or Samsung phone.

    • iamXiV92a

      Ha. Blame the fact that Google/LG didn’t expect this Nexus to be such a big hit. I’ll take another LG Nexus

  • DimDim

    After the release of S4, I am prepared to wait till October.

  • Justan

    Personally I agree about the size, phone’s are getting too big, I’d prefer if phones wouldn’t get any bigger than 4.5″, if I wanted a 5″ phone then I’d just get a 7″ tablet with mobile data instead. The whole point of having a phone is that I shouldn’t need to ever use it with two hands… I should be able to do anything and everything I need to do with a single hand. If the phone is too big to accomplish that then it probably needs to be rethought.

  • Kin

    This is the most fake fake phone ive ever… fake. omg D:

  • iamXiV92a

    If this is the Nexus 5 (a big IF because the list is a nerd’s dream) – SIGN ME UP NOW!!

  • Rafke

    I think the paranoid/realistic person in us believes it is (partially) fake, but the nerd, Google, Android lover in me is screaming: PLEASE BE REAL !!

    Whatever this rumor, we know that Google & LG or another manufacturer will produce a great phone with Android 5.0 so.

  • Your Nexy Android

    Well, I believe some part of the specs are true, but one awkward thing I have noticed is OLED display! I mean I don’t believe LG will drop the successor of the True HD IPS+ Display, which they used in Nexus 4 as well as in Optimus G. While the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 @ 2.3 GHz is bit hard to be true, rest of the specs are cool as it will hit the market in October’13. Let’s hope for the best!

  • donger

    Fake. But can’t wait as more rumors come about.

  • Bhavesh Joshi

    read more at, a place to share tutorials and ideas related to technology…

  • psp_vago

    There is a video of the nexus 5: h t t p: / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = N W H 2 c t j m d 8 0 [quitar espacios]

  • Derek Kopet

    Here’s a real pic of the Nexus 5:

  • asap

    It could be the fist customizable phone, in where the customer gets to decide the specs he wants, like a pc.,,

  • santana

    I hope it’s real… I like the look.. I also liked the nexus 4 but didn’t like the idea of not being able to add memory.. and not having lte.. AND not being carried in Verizon…I have Samsung G3 and my contract is due early 2014.. i’ve been wanting to get Nexus phone but Galaxy Nexus sucks.. hopefully Nexus 5 will be available in Verizon and is much better with LTE!

  • mike

    why oled display ?? i prefer IPS

  • Jeremy

    Why Saints Row IV is shown in the second pic?… Anyway, the phone has a nice look to it. If these are real pics that is.

  • Sahil Jain

    i think google is surely gonna roll out this beast phone this year because just to main the legacy as no phone ha been launched by google since last year.whatever be the case nexus 5 will really have these insanely great features