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Rumor: Nexus 5 specs in a state of flux, but LG is making it


Last week we were sent a supposed picture of the rumored Nexus 5, and now we think we have found the source of the image. An 18 year old kid from Germany who goes by the handle @r4yn created a render of the LG “Megalodon” and uploaded it to Deviant Art.

He claims he was not the source of the rumor and that he created the image in photoshop after reading our original post on the Nexus 5. However, we are not buying his story because the specs he listed on Deviant Art match up with what we were sent and his location matches the IP of the person who submitted the tip.

Even though the original image and specs could be fake like we assumed, several other sources have told us that LG is making the next Nexus smartphone. Another tip we received said that the Nexus 5 could feature Android 5.0, a Snapdragon S600 chip, 2 GB RAM, 5-inch 1080p display, 3140 mAh battery, and a camera with “three sensor things.” Those specs are pretty closely to the upcoming LG Optimus G Pro, so it’s definitely more believable than the nerd’s wish list we were sent last week.

Of course we are unable to confirm these specs, but it matches up with another tip that Phone Arena received. They also report the rumored Nexus 5 could feature a “triple camera sensor thing” and have Nikon branding, which is similar to the information we received. Phone Arena does not mention if LG will produce the device, so we don’t know if the same source is providing both our sites with matching info.

Google’s Andy Rubin recently made some public comments that Samsung could become a threat if it gains more ground, so it surely sounds plausible that Google would continue to work with LG after the success of the Nexus 4.

We don’t expect to see a new Nexus smartphone until the Q4 holidays, so don’t look for Google to announce anything at their developer conference in May. There is a chance we could hear something about the rumored Motorola X Phone, but that is not believed to be a Nexus device.

At this point I’m not certain about anything related to the Nexus 5, so hopefully some more solid information surfaces over the coming months.


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  • redraider133

    I cannot wait to see what the unveil and what Google unveils with the X phone especially if they keep the nexus off of the cdma carriers again

    • LukeT32

      Us poor saps on CDMA would love to have another one……. My Gnex needs to retire soon.

      • jski

        I’m with you there, sir.

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    I’m more excited about the X Phone than the next Nexus. If they make this in the manner where you’ll have some degree of customization – RAM, on-board space, battery size, color – all while making it one that the dev’s can hack away at, this will be an extremely popular phone.

  • Shrink

    Triple sensor thing: could be a foveon Sensor. The have multiple layers – are so to say 3D structured Sensors.

  • Fernando

    For the live of good, please have 32gb and 64gb options

    • iamXiV92a

      32GB please – 64GB could lean on the more expensive side of things

    • Docb

      Only thing that stopped me from buying the Nexus 4 was the lack of 32 GB option. I’d pay the extra $50 for it, and an extra $100 for a 64 GB version.

  • randyw

    If they make it all glass like the N4 I’ll pass again.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for nexus brand

  • Nathan D.

    I just want it to be May already so it can be Google i/o. Also as a side note, why snapdragon s600? Why not s800 or Tegra 4 since these chips aren’t coming out until next half of the year if not quarter 4. Where, the nexus 5 comes out holiday season, and so to me this makes more sense of having these processor in the nexus 5 instead.

    • rpras

      The title of the post says that the specs are in flux – so there may be hope. I’d like to see Nexus 5 with a Snapdragon 800. That said, Google needs to control costs also, so it’s plausible that they’d put the 600 in there.

      • iamXiV92a

        I also immediately thought “Why not the Snapdragon 800?” – We’ll see what happens :^)

        • John K

          Google stated if i recall or at least is rumored to of stated that the X-phone would be about the same price as the nexus line is through the play store.

  • Nate B.

    I was waiting for this story to die. At least the silly dream specs. I mean we all would love that but we have to be realistic. Regardless of what the 800 could do, we wouldn’t have space for 4K videos. That alone was a given. The “leaked image” was horrible. I love when Androidandme specifically Taylor shares these things but I think we should start debunking them as we hear them or the parts we know for sure wouldn’t be real.

    Same with the customization for the X phone. It might just be various models and you choose from there. There will be no battery size choice, dam choice, screen choice, etc. the resources to have such would be wickedly hard to handle. Business are having shortages on resources for one phone.

    These new specs sound more like it though.

    • iamXiV92a

      Why would you need 4K video on a phone!?

  • orangestrat

    If Google wants to save android, embracing LG is never going to be the way to do it.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I love my LG Nexus 4.

    • masterpfa

      Ultimately a Nexus phone produced to Google’s specs with manufacturers so is in effect a Google phone, the same way as an iPhone contains many parts from other manufacturers, Sony, Samsung, etc, but is built to Apples requirements.
      I too love my Nexus 4

    • John K

      Save android? Pardon me but Android is still the most used smartphone OS in the world at the moment and its not really dwindling right now…

  • donger

    This phone is gonna be awesome.

  • Xolo B700

    Xolo B700 with a huge battery ever for any smartphone for less than $200!

  • roland

    I’m loving my Nexus 4 and will be content until The nexus 5

  • surethom

    Don’t really care who makes the nexus 5 but I really want is a nexus that has a camera that dies nit suck. A nexus that can takes photos and video in daylight & Low light as good or better than the Galaxy S 4

  • CTown

    If Google really feared Samsung so much, couldn’t they build HTC up a little. Obviously, HTC is having a branding problem… and its not like it will cost Google $12 billion dollars to help them out!

    • rpras

      Yes, that is a bit puzzling. Maybe they’ll give HTC a chance soon with a new Nexus phone or tablet. But I think it’s more Samsung being able to leverage their economy of scale that has them in this dominant a position. Sammy is not afraid of looking a little silly to sell devices. The aesthetics of HTC are appreciated by only those that already know about them. Sad.

      • Cory Simpson

        I don’t get why people think Nexus devices save manufactures. IMO I’m not sure why a manufacture would even really want a Nexus device. They don’t sell that well, and consumers hardly notice them.

        • CJ Brower

          Don’t sell that well? Your joking right? The Nexus 4 has been constantly sold out up until maybe 2 months ago.

          • Cory

            Just because there is more demand than supply does not mean it sells well in comparison to other devices.

  • jamal adam

    I can’t wait for Google I/O. I hope the customization aspect of the X Phone is true because I think it will be quite a selling point. Imagine giving customers the opportunity to really make the phone theirs both hardware and software wise. I do without a doubt throw my money Google and Motorola’s way.

  • rhy o’drinnan

    I just want an sd card slot. Is that so hard?

  • doctoryim

    Whatever it is, lets hope it comes out soon.

  • Al

    Google should work with HTC on their next Nexus. The Nexus 1 was really good build quality (for me anyway) and their recent hardware should make Google execs drool.

  • davey

    I’d probably refrain from referring to an 18 year old European man as “kid” if you want to avoid being construed as rude

    • christopher riner

      Man I’m 28 and I still refer to people who are 25 or more as ‘kid’, conversational of course. You might think its rude to be called kid now but you’ll appreciate it when you’re approaching thirty.

      Plus,come on, tell me nexus products don’t make you feel like a kid at Christmas. When I got my nexus ten I was like a eight year old girl at Christmas with a pony.

  • Max.Steel

    A&Me is starting to get really pathetic. These stories are now posted just as click baits and to drive up search ranking.

  • vperl

    Unless the NEXUS 5 is CDMA compatible, go fish.

  • STiK

    Bigger battery and more storage and the Nexus 4 would be perfect for me.

  • miwaca

    A Nexus 5 by HTC would be amazing imo. They’ve nailed it with the One. Regardless of their sales, HTC’s manufacturing process along with Google backing would make Steve roll in his grave.

    • rr2009

      I agree. I don’t think Google should stick with the same manufacturer 2 years in a row. They should give other android partners a chance. It will help HTC with branding and advertising, and we can expect a nice looking Nexus 5!

    • CJ Brower

      Google is strategically letting HTC dwindle away so they can buy them put just like they did Motorola and then probably LG, by then Samsung will have moved away from Android and have released its Nature UX OS.

  • Shree Mulay

    I really wished these rumors were true… Alas………………