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Samsung entrusts Mr. Maxwell with Galaxy S IV until unveiling on March 14


Are you ready for the next Galaxy? With the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S IV scheduled for March 14, Samsung has kicked off a teaser promotional campaign that will certainly keep us all intrigued for the next week and a half.

The clip shows Jeremy Maxwell as the secret messenger of Samsung Unpacked 2013. Maxwell is granted a peek inside the Samsung Unpacked box, but he’s also ordered never to open the box and not to tell anyone about what’s inside.

While we applaud Samsung for putting together a well-produced campaign to promote the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, using a young boy as the protagonist somehow feels like it detracts from the importance of the occasion. It certainly does not match up with the driver’s statement at the beginning of the clip: “I know this is going to be one of the most amazing products to hit the market since TVs went color.” We honestly wish Samsung would have taken a few pointers from Motorola’s original DROID Landing commercials from 2009. Hopefully we’ll be treated to something a little more intriguing once the second teaser clip is released.

Do you think Samsung will show off something truly unique on March 14?

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  • sandwich

    Perhaps I’m ignorant due to living outside the US and its television celebrity realms, but who the heck is Jeremy Maxwell? A casual Googling didn’t reveal anything…

    • epps720

      As far as I know, he’s nobody.

      I understand where they’re trying to go with this commercial, but not feeling it.

    • Nick Gray

      He’s simply a character in the commercial.

      • scubabum

        Before watching the teaser, I thought the “Mr Maxwell” character was “Maxwell Smart, aka Agent 86″ and imagine him whipping out the brand new S4 from his shoe. :)

    • cb2000a

      He is the next James Bond….

  • Adryan maldonado

    If rumors prove true they won’t as far as hardware wise unless they change the design. I think software wise they will unveil something pretty unique.

  • da9el

    I have high expectations as well. Octa-core for example;)

  • halo0

    Hoping for a slightly smaller form factor than the GS3…

  • pjamies

    Nick, call me a $hit disturber, but do you edit your written commentary before hitting the publish button?
    What is: ‘a well-produced camping to promote’ ? or ‘somehow’ ?

    My writing sucks, but then I am not paid to write commentary for a blog ‘Thank God..’


    • Nick Gray

      Thanks for pointing those out. I’ve corrected the campaign typo, but I’m not sure what issue you have with the word “somehow.”

      • pjamies

        Probably just my stupid spell check .. lol
        It sees it as 2 words ..

  • elbobo

    mega super duper battery!.. I can live with the plastic, the obsolete home button and the horrible “Nature UX” but give us more juice please.

  • Tico4674

    Hopefully Samsung can give us one device for all markets with the same octa processor. I’ve never owned a device with an exynos chip in it. Can’t wait for the 14th.

  • Jeff Evans

    I liked the commercial- it was funny. What? Did you actually think they’d show you the phone at this point? Lighten up, people

    • Cwalden21

      I agree, I thought it was pretty intriguing haha

    • Nick Gray

      I’m completely find with a teaser commercial which doesn’t show the device. how they’re presenting it is what I take issue with. I feels like a teaser for a new Disney Channel show rather than a successor to the most popular consumer electronic device of 2012.

  • reddragonman

    I agree, are they marketing it to kids? This really isn’t getting me enthused about the product. I even liked how they teased the S3 better, with the showing of the available colors. A good teaser shows something about the actual product without giving it away, so unless there’s something I’m missing, this really doesn’t do that.

    • reddragonman

      That was supposed to be in response to Nick’s comment about it being a teaser for a new Disney show.

  • Prince77

    I say it’s fine. Maybe if they come with another teaser Jeremy will have grown a little and evolved into someone more intelligent and smarter.

  • Jorge Eslava

    Maybe Samsung is targeting a new audience: grown men who like little boys.

    • Kenn

      That comment was inappropriate and unnecessary.

      • Jorge Eslava

        That may be true, but it is only dirty if you chose to see it that way and a comment doesn’t need to be necessary. I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

  • Raptor

    The only what we know for sure that it will not cost us $99. Or $299.

  • droilfade

    Hoping this is a case where the quality of the ad does not represent the quality of the product.

  • BadJarr

    Alright guys I’ve had enough here are u all idiots to not get something so trivial???. .. its like a Kid with a new toy that he’s not supposed to have right now. . & let us not forget this is Samsung were talking about, you know there not about to let LG out do them with that Optimus G Pro.. have you seen that thing??, never mind the 1080p 5.5 in screen this slabs a beast & it hales from Korea also. YOU KNOW SAMMY’S GONNA BOOM THAT ARSE

  • Richard Yarrell

    Hardware they will do just fine. Whatever design they have decided will be shared with the Galaxy Note 3. Software wise NOBODY does it better than Samsung. They are the leaders in software development and features solutions than any other manufacturer. The Galaxy S4 will be an industry leading device till the arrival of the Galaxy Note 3.

  • Nathan D.

    This seems like an interesting idea

  • Raghab

    Samsung! Who! oh that copy cat has grown big.

    Forget the “something unique” factor, they should perhaps improve the manufacturing quality.

  • Pravas

    After so much of hype. It gotta be good..