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Samsung Galaxy S 4 rumor roundup: Antutu spec leak, build-quality and special software chancements


The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most anticipated phone so far this year. As such, the rumor mill is going absolutely crazy with it. Just what’s being said about Samsung’s new flagship device just ten days before its release? Today alone we’ve got alleged specs from an Antutu benchmark, Eldar Murtzain speaking out on the design and build-quality of the S 4, and the supposed addition of some new eye-tracking technology that will take your device to the next level.

Traced all the way back to the Italian site HD Blog, Antutu benchmarks for the Samsung Galaxy S 4 have appeared in the Antutu Android app that detail the device, giving us an idea of what Samsung has packed inside. If the benchmark report is right, the Galaxy S 4 will come with an Exynos Octa 5410 at 1.8GHz, a PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU, 2GB of RAM, 5-inch 1920×1080 display, 13 megapixel camera, 2 megapixel front-facing camera and Android 4.2. Also revealed were the S 4′s network capabilities, which include GSM, WCDMA and LTE, eliminating the need for separate LTE and GSM models. Keep in mind however that this is rumored to be the international S 4, the GT-i9500. The internal hardware will most likely differ for different regional releases. [1]

Stepping away from the internals of the Galaxy S 4, Mobile Review’s Eldar Murtazin, who accurately announced the release date of the S 4 back in February, claims he has seen the Galaxy S 4, and has shared some details on what the device will look like. According to Murtazin, the Galaxy S 4 will be largely unchanged from the S III. The S 4 will come with a plastic body, relying on software for most of its major changes. [2]

This seems to be a new theme for mobile releases, one we welcome with open arms. Hardware hasn’t necessarily hit a wall, but manufacturers and developers aren’t designing software that takes full advantage of the hardware that’s available now. Samsung wants to be a leader in this arena, by introducing things enhanced like eye-tracking technology.

Samsung already offers a feature in the Galaxy S III that uses the front-facing camera to check if users are engaged with their device, and if they are, disables screen dimming. Continuing on with this type of technology, Brian Chen of the New York Times is reporting that Samsung will introduce a feature that will track users eyes to know when they’ve reached the end of a page, and automatically scroll down to reveal more content. Samsung already owns the trademark for “Samsung Eye Scroll,” which fits this new feature almost too well. [3]

Of course all the information presented in today’s rumor roundup is just that, rumors, but all of them seem incredibly likely to come true. Is there anything you’re waiting to hear on the Galaxy S 4? Let us know what you want from Samsung’s next flagship device in the comments below.

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  • Ardrid

    I wish someone could explain why we need octal core CPUs in mobile phones. I’m honestly more interested in what Samsung has cooking on the software end, though I suspect a toned down version of Touchwiz is too much to hope for.

    • tommydaniel

      4 cores are for power, the other 4 are for battery life. it’s either the 4 power cores or the 4 battery saving cores running, not all 8 at once.

      • Ardrid

        That’s a completely asinine idea if true. A quad core processor will always use less power than an octal core processor, even if 4 of those cores are in “battery saving mode.” Mobile software has a hard enough time stressing 2 cores to say nothing of 4 or 8.

        • tommydaniel

          You aren’t understanding at all. Only 4 cores operate at once. It’s 4 A15 cores for power, gaming, etc. and 4 A7 cores(known to be super efficient) for normal tasks and battery savings. It’s either 4 A15 or 4 A7, NOT ALL 8 AT ONCE.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Software tech barely uses a dual-core CPU to the optimal level. Actually if you research it, we currently are NOT using dual-core CPUs to their maximum capacity. Not even close. We need optimized software and possibly newer better CPUs that have more efficiency, etc but we don’t need more cores. 4 is by far enough.

  • kazahani

    I think that leaving the design unchanged might be a mistake. I have seen lots of people jumping ship from iPhone to the GSIII lately simply because they are frustrated with every model of the iPhone looking largely the same as the one preceding it. I think they should tweak the design, if only to give the public-at-large the perception that it is a new, and therefore improved, product.

    • vforvortex

      I am hoping they get rid of capacitive buttons that way, they can make phone look cleaner and screen larger with phone staying the same size. I suppose some people still prefer fixed buttons. Thats why we love android, The Options!

      Eye Scroll seems like a way for them to be able to market it better and show off in commercials, i dont feel it will be that useful in daily use

    • Legalize weapons

      Its the opposite here, people switched to iPhone 5 because their samsungs were locking up and android felt clunky and buggy. Here in Texas, iPhone is the king.

      • auspider

        Boy, won’t they be shocked…we’ll see them back in 2 years when its time for their upgrade. BTW, We don’t look to see what folks in Texas are doing when it comes to mobile technology and trends. Cattle prices, yes. Mobile, no.

        • Jordon

          Believe me, this guy does not represent the folks interested in Tech in Texas AT ALL.

          • Cwalden21

            I agree, this guy is crazy to try and speak for Texas as a whole!

        • kazahani

          The Dallas/Fort Worth area is actually home to a number of headquarters of big tech companies; including AT&T, Radio Shack, GameStop and Texas Instruments.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      I disagree. People are tired of the iPhone because it looks basically the same since 2007!!! There was a minor change from the 3Gs to the 4 but not enough. That’s entirely different than this. A similar design for 2 years vs 6 years.

      Plus with their marketing ideas (and budget) they’ll convince people how great the new phone is so I doubt anyone will have much trouble with it. And with the new 2 year contracts I’m sure folks with the GS3 already will be glad it isn’t that different.

    • yurma415

      i actually hope they start moving back to the aesthetics of the gsII. my wife still has hers; it feels more solid to me, maybe it’s just the texturized battery cover?

    • Ben

      I am interested to see how it goes. It sounds like they are following the apple cycle of a new design one year then an internal upgrade the following. Many have criticized apple for that but every single one of their phones always blows away the previous.

      In my opinion I think the reason apple and now Samsung do this is that design is so so so important. Once they got one that is a blockbuster (as the s3 was compared to all other android phones) they 1) want to milk it for what it’s worth 2) wanna spend a lot of time making sure a new design is just as successful and don’t want to just throw another out because it is 12 months later.

    • jamal adam

      I think Samsung is following the “if it doesn’t break, don’t fix it” motto on the design/plastic material. But I definitely agree, they need to put in more effort and innovation into their Galaxy S IV otherwise, it’s gonna become a stale and boring design for consumers and the media.

  • redraider133

    I am anxious to see what they unveil. Hope they have something up their sleeves.

  • honourbound68

    I’m hoping that it does contain all the network radios. I wouldn’t mind replacing my Verizon Gnex with the Verizon S4 and not have to replace the phone if/when I jump ship to another carrier (more and more likely T-mobile). I’m also hoping that they change the plastic body. Premium phones shouldn’t be plastic lol

    • Joe Nicholson


  • perlowin

    8 processors? I wonder if they’ll start doing some processing onboard for stuff that is now being sent back to a server, such as voice recognition. It’d be great to be able to have voice recognition even if I don’t have a connection.

    With a 1920×1080 display, what will the ppi be? If it does come out with this size of a display it’ll be amazing!!! With a 5″ screen you’ll be able to watch, and enjoy, HD TV and movies on it!!! I’ll have to consider giving my Nexus 7″ tablet to one of my kids after I get this phone. I wonder if it’ll come with a stylus.

    I do hope they move to an aluminum frame — it just looks and feels better! But then again, once you put a case on the thing you’re mostly dealing with the case and not the phone.

    I didn’t see any mention of NFC or wireless charging. Hopefully it’ll have both.

    I’m not so sure people are moving away from the iPhone because they all look the same, I think it’s because of the dismal amount of changes that go on from model to model. My guess is that Apple doesn’t go all out on their latest phone release so that they’ll have something for their next release.

    • vforvortex

      NFC is pretty much a guarantee. Wireless charging i dont see the point in spending $50+ for just to avoid a step that takes 1 second. the charger station is still wired so defeats the purpose.

    • Ardrid

      Unlikely. It’s just a dick measuring contest at this point, no different than the MHz war before it and the megapixel war now.

  • donger

    Interesting rumor.

  • Nathan D.

    Thanks for the report :-)

  • Raptor

    Bottom line is that the guy deep in Russian forests have predicted the 14 mar date but no one here even tried. And he spied to even see the phone while this site writers have digging only in the other sites trash

  • Raptor rattling salespeople

    pentile 1080p? hahaha

  • Raptor’s paradoxes for moronic fanboys

    The more profit Samsung has the more jobs US lose.

    • Raptor

      That anyone with 4 classes of elementary school can easily prove mathematically you homoprimitivuses. Look how country of suicidal idiots vote!

  • Raptor’s Insites into Flip Side of Android Fanboism of Dumbos

    Android brings only salespeople and government some profit of few $Billions from allowing TENS of $Billions cross US border forever. And that is not all. That money there feed US competition. wow!

  • dh33r4j

    Why not Mali GPU. And where is PowerVR Series 6 GPU. We started hearing about it over 2 years ago.

  • surethom

    Even though this will have a larger screen the S4 Needs to have be less wide than the S3.

  • wyatt

    i don’t care about the size, specs, , etc. etc… as long as samsung keeps up their their absolutely abysmal software packages, i cannot be a customer. As long as they keep producing plastic cased power houses, i cannot be a customer.

  • poop mcguinness

    Rest in peace S4.. M7! m7! m7!

    • Mike

      M7 is now called the HTC One and it was a major disappointment.

  • Joel

    Man I hope they really do eliminate the need for seperate LTE and GSM models. I really wanna get the feel of Exynos – I know Snapdragon has been doing freaking awesome, but this octa 5410 has me super interested. Besides, having a samsung chip in a samsung device just feels…right.

  • XpZ
  • Richard Yarrell

    Samsung rules this space boys. Piss on all iphone users.

    • squiddy20

      “piss on this”, “shit on that”, “go piss on yourself”, “you smell like doo doo”
      What are you, 8? Or do you have a piss/scat fetish? For god sakes, grow up and get a wider vocabulary.

  • Jack

    if the Samsung S4 is not completely bezel less phone from the sides I’m not buying it.