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Samsung Galaxy S IV has the opportunity to make wireless charging mainstream

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Digitimes reports that Samsung will adopt the Qi wireless charging standard for their upcoming Galaxy S IV. Recent smartphones like the LG Nexus 4, HTC Droid DNA, and Nokia Lumia 920 have all supported the Qi charging standard out of the box, but the wireless charging technology is still not very widespread and accessories are limited.

A representative from the Wireless Power Consortium told me that they estimate there are around 10 million Qi-enabled devices world wide. Analysts are predicting that Samsung could sell 100 million units of the Galaxy S IV, so that could increase the number of Qi devices by a factor of 10.

Some may remember that Samsung and Qualcomm created the Alliance 4 Wireless Power to push another wireless charging technology, but that is not expected to appear in devices until 2014 or later. Our sources tell us that technology from A4WP will be backwards compatible with Qi, so it makes sense for Samsung to use Qi in the Galaxy S IV, as it’s the most widely supported standard for now.

It is unclear if Samsung will embed the wireless charging technology or require users to purchase replacement back covers, but we are hoping that Samsung makes the feature standard. We have witnessed Samsung pushing their flip-covers in recent TV ads and we know those products are high margin, but we think that Samsung could create a whole new industry of wireless charging accessories if they just include Qi out of the box.

I own the LG Nexus 4 and use the LG wireless charging orb, but I have been longing to see wireless charging built into furniture accessories like a coffee table or night stand. We have seen several companies produce furniture prototypes (see my hands-on video from CES 2011), but none are currently available for sale.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S IV on March 14th, so we shouldn’t have to wait much longer to see if these reports are true.

Is wireless charging a feature you would like to see included on your next Android phone?

Source: Digitimes

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  • amIT29

    Well for me its not much of a deal breaker ..i bought a 920 two weeks and use the wireless charging only at home where i can do wired charging just as easily…maybe for people who tarvel often its kindof more useful feature. Adding wireless charging to furniture.keyboard etc that sound exicting.

    • ashok pai

      the big thing about the wireless standard is that if everyone has a wireless charger, no one ever needs to lug wires, hotels will have tables / furniture with chargers etc. so it’s going to be a wireless world

    • LukeT32

      I think the wireless thing is a bad idea. How many times have you heard and or seen where it says to fully charge your battery. Not disconnect and re-connect your charger 10 times and only charge 10% at a time. I am pretty confident wireless charging will just kill the batteries in phones quicker then we already do. I pick my phone up and use it while it is charging all the time, with texting/phone calls. I’m not picking up a whole wireless charging base just because a received a text.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Flexible 1080p display=Check

      Exynos 5 Octa prrenited States clocked at 1.8ghz=Check

      ireless Charging=Check

      And the KICKER: The Galaxy S4 will as a bonus have a pad that will enable the device owner to measure blood pressure, and blood sugar levels as well as other signs regarding health. The monitoring of certain physiological signs would definitely represent an useful application for all customers from children to the elderly.

      The overall versatility of the Galaxy S4 will revolutionize the gadget market in 2013.

      The rest I have NO COMMENT.

      • Orion78


        Can you please stop spreading the same garbage on every website? Stop making crap up. We will all find out on Thursday.

        • Richard Yarrell

          Same old shit heads on androidandme you bumd ain’t buying nothing anyway. You and this other trolling asshole @squiddy20 total waste.

          • squiddy20

            “you bumd ain’t buying nothing anyway” Too bad you can’t even spell “bums” correctly. Also, “ain’t buying nothing” means we ARE buying something you idiot. It’s a double negative. Didn’t they teach you that in grade school? Oh right, as shown above, you can’t even spell simple 4 letter words, let alone be expected to have passed 5th grade -__-

      • squiddy20

        1. Congratulations. You’ve proved once again that you’re nothing more than retard who feels the need to spam the entire Internet with your BS. You’ve literally copied and pasted this exact post at 5 different webpages, and you somehow managed to leave off the “W” in “wireless” and screw up the bit about the processor. Amazing. The list of your ridiculous comments can be found right here:
        2. As I said in a few of those other posts, a 1080p screen is nothing new and it won’t be flexible because the tech was unveiled not even 2 months ago and was labeled as “experimental”. Wireless charging is also nothing new, and I think I’d be more surprised if it *didn’t* have that feature.
        3. Again, as I said in a few of those other websites, to check for “blood sugar levels”, the device must be able to take a sample of your blood and process it. Good luck getting that sold to the masses who generally don’t need such a “feature”, let alone all the germophobes and clean freaks who would now have to worry about blood being on/around common devices like smartphones. You clearly don’t think about things.
        4. Considering within the past week, at various different websites, you’ve flip flopped your position on what processor the S4 will/won’t have, you clearly don’t know. Just like the rest of us. It’s a joke to think you have “insider knowledge”.

        • Richard Yarrell

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          • squiddy20

            1. I’m curious what a “falimy plan” is. Before you insult me about how much of a “loser” or how “stupid” I supposedly am, maybe you should try spelling things correctly and/or proofreading your posts BEFORE you post them. You won’t look nearly as big of a hypocrite as you make yourself out to be.
            2. If you took a look at his profile (which you obviously didn’t), you’d have noticed that Orion78 has been a member for 486 days (at the time of this writing). Hardly a “new” so-called “asshole”.
            3. “None of you losers will be purchasing any new products in 2013″ Glad to know you claim to predict the future. Too bad you won’t (and can’t) know for certain since you are not us, and don’t know us. Please, leave the insults to people who actually make sense, which is certainly not yourself.
            4. “I will be enjoying … the unpacked show at Radio City” Please. Yeah, the event itself takes place at the Radio City Music Hall (which only the media will be allowed to attend, if that), but the “public” portion will be at Times Square. This just proves how stupid and gullible you are.
            5. “Guess you guys will enjoy you tube the next day have fun losers.” Considering the posters for the event say at the bottom “You can watch Samsung Unpacked via livestream…” (which obviously means you can watch it *live* from the comfort of your home), no we won’t be watching it “the next day”. Moron. You obviously have no observation/reading skills.

          • Orion78

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          • Steam

            Your “two friends?” You mean the Evo the outreach program gave you and the 1977 television you watch? You’re not going to the unpacked event, you’re a soup kitchen worker, not a journalist.

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          • Orion78

            And Android and me allows this hating garbage to continue? Nice.

          • iamXiV92a

            Bust his chops all you want but the slurs are extremely unnecessary guys :-/

      • Max.Steel

        Richard, are you pretending to be stupid or are you just really stupid???

        • snowbdr89

          I’m pretty sure he is that dumb!!

  • darkjuan

    I still feel it’s more of a gimik than anything. You still need to have the “wireless charger” plugged into an outlet, and will need one for home and work. At $50 per charging device, I feel it’s too expensive to be a viable option when all you need is a second or two to manually plug in your phone.

    We won’t see “TRUE” wireless charging (OTA) for a long time I think.

    • Alan Reboli

      It would still be the same. You can make a ‘wireless charger’ wireless if you wire it right.

      • BobbyPhoenix

        True wireless charging is when you can sit on your couch, and have your phone charge from a device that is 10 feet away. If you have to put the phone down on something for it to charge then it’s not wireless charging. If that is considered wireless charging then my Nexus One had wireless charging in 2010 when Google released the Nexus One Dock. You didn’t have to plug the phone into the dock. It just sat on top, and charged via two gold points. The only difference I see is now those two gold points are under plastic instead of being seen.

    • reddragonman

      While I do feel that the chargers are overpriced, prices will come down as more devices support a set standard. With the numbers Samsung has, it can be a game changer to a point where we may start seeing charger prices closer to the $20 range. I’d love to be able to integrate one into my car, as you’re not going to be using it while driving(or, at least you shouldn’t be). Only thing that’s holding me back is the price of chargers at the moment.

    • godnikeboy

      Lol at the idea of true wireless charging. Charging needs very strong electrical current, unlike wifi or radio signals. Could you imagine strong volts of electricity transporting through air?? That would be effin dangerous.

      Please think before you say anything and also think outside the box. Wireless charging would be useful in public places like airports, coffeeshops, restaurants or anywhere you can place your phone without bringing your charger and looking for a plug.

      • aranea

        You should read about the technology. There is no electric current jumping in the air from charger to device. It uses changing electromagnetic field to induce a current in the receiving device i.e. phone. For more information:

        • Healthy

          you realize that inductive charging is exactly what qi and powermat are, right? I think the silly thing about the previous commenter’s statement was the implication that wiresless charging isn’t wireless charging until it charges your phone while in your pocket, or something equally grand.

          people need to realize that if they fill their entire house with strong inductive magnetic fields they will suddenly realize that THEIR ENTIRE HOUSE IS FILLED WITH STRONG MAGNETIC FIELDS (it is already filled with other much lower power electro-magnetic spectrum like cell and radio and bluetooth signals). they will waste tons of $$ and energy keeping those fields going.

          • aranea

            I know the Qi is inductive or so called wireless charging. That’s why I gave Wikipedia link for it. And I understand your point. Just to correct one thing though. It’s ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD not magnetic. You can have static magnetic flied by just having lots of magnets around. And if the field does stay static it won’t induce electrical current.

            My point wasn’t against the previous comment. Because of the requirement for the very short distance for charging I don’t find it practical my current use of the phone and I don’t have one despite having a Nexus 4.

            Though there are studies done on increasing the distance. Case in point, here is a device that works with ambient electromagnetic fields that’s around elektric cables and such


  • ode

    Just a gimmick at this point in the game and i’m pretty sure you’ll have a faster charge with using your regular charger than this. I would like to see real wireless charging, say for example like having a device that broadcast a signal which would in turn ( like a tesla coil) be picked up by a device to charge or power it without docking it on a plate/puck like thing. Sort of like how your laptop picks up a wfi signal in that sense.

  • Nate B.

    “Sounds cool” but you’re honestly doing the same thing. It’s sitting in one spot and and if you pick it off the Qi it’s stops. Some people like to charge and do other things at the same time. Not all wireless chargers are built for interaction and charging at the same time. It may be to small and if you tap on the device it tilts over. Or what I you want to play a game and charge it? Like an intensive game that requires movement. People just usually pick their phone up when it’s still charging to interact with it. Point is it still had to be stationary so it’s nothing truely beneficial. Until they have them intergrated into things we use or have around us daily and can do it from a distance. That way it can charge on the go.

    Anyways, I hear the S4 will have a touch floating feature. Where your finger acts like an arrow like the S pen to get a preview of things before you actually touch it.

  • Cwalden21

    Wireless Charging is definitely the future! But, I sure hope companies are focusing on longer battery life as a whole as well. We should be able to use our phones without charging for as long as possible!

  • redraider133

    They just need to advertise it like crazy and it will. I mean look at how they advertised NFC which before that, most people had no clue what it could be used for,

  • Paul Atreides

    They need to be more portable and come in the device box. Not worth the extra price to most I believe. Nothing really exciting about the feature, this coming from someone who destroys micro-usb cables. If it took a few seconds or maybe a couple of minutes to charge, now that would be exciting!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I believe the cost to make a device Qi-enabled is pennies.

  • mercado79

    i think the use case for me would be mainly as a bedside charger. Late night, fumbling around in the dark trying to connect a micro USB cable the right way, while not waking up my sleeping wife, is a little frustrating (first world problems, I know). In most other cases, I’d like to interact with my phone while it’s charging…say in the living room. Same holds true while at work.

    As others have mentioned, over the air charging, now that would be idea.

  • swazedahustla

    Unfortunately the S4 will be full of gimmicks. Eye scroll, picture in picture, etc….all stuff that is pretty irrelevent to the average user of a phone. What won’t change is the plastic cheap feeling phone, with a bad UI.

  • Mix

    Asked this in the forum with no response so I will try here!

    Is there any way to set my Nexus 4 on “Phone Calls Only” mode?

    I don’t want my phone going off for every text/email/game reply especially when I am going to bed but I can’t find a happy medium as I want phone calls at night to get to me in case they are an emergency.

    It just seems that it is either everything goes off with the LED and noise or nothing goes off.

    Do I need to download an app for this?

    That has to be the one feature I missed about my Blackberry, lol.


    • Healthy

      you can probably set something up with Tasker. make a notification profile for when it is charging at a certain time of day.

      • Mix

        Is there anything free like Tasker or a demo…..Don’t want to spend $6 on something that might not work.


    • darkjuan

      I know on my Rooted Sensation has this ability, although I never use it.

      Settings – Sound – Quite hours – Check the box and adjust your time settings.

      Hope this helps.

      • Mix

        I just double checked and I do not have stock setting like that ;_;

        Samsung did something right in when compared against stock Android, lol.

  • reddragonman

    I think a lot of people don’t understand that to see the full potential of wireless charging, More manufacturers need to put it in their devices. Where I’d really like to see this is in laptops, ultrabooks, and tablets as well. Just imagine going to a Starbucks, or waiting for a flight in an airport, and being able to put your laptop and phone down on the table and have them start charging. The real issue right now is that not many manufacturers are going to want to put out a product, then have the industry adopt a standard that is incompatible, If A4WP truly will be backwards compatible with Qi, I see no reason Samsung shouldn’t get the ball rolling on getting a standard set. You start seeing more cars(Toyota Avalon being the first) with this as an option, as well as furniture, and public places. It will only move the industry forward.

  • chiefs9089online

    I use a Nexus 4 daily. I did buy the LG wireless charger for it. I wouldn’t say it is a gimmick as if you are in the right situation, it can be useful. I first had it on my nightstand to charge the phone overnight. It works fine, but there are situations where it becomes irritating. For one, by the end of the day, your phone is typically near death and you may want to do some browsing (FB, calendar, to-dos, etc.). Well, you can’t charge the phone without contact with the charger, and you can’t efficiently use the phone without breaking contact with the charger. To get it to charge, you also have to someone align the phone correctly on the charger. This is a little harder to do at night with one eye open/half asleep. Advantage wired charging.

    I now use the wireless charger at work. When I get to work, I typically just throw (align) the phone onto the charger and forget about it. If I need to do anything on the phone, I just pick it up and then put it down back onto the charger when I am done. This is the convenience part as I dont have to find and connect the wired charger. Yes, I could do the some thing with just leave the phone connected to a wired charger at work, but I find it hard for anyone to argue that having a cord attached to a phone is easier than having no cord. At the end of the work day, my phone is charged and ready to tackle the 2nd half of the day.

    I have gotten the wireless charger (LG WCP-700) that will only charge if the device is aligned in a particular direction. It is slim and fits one phone. The charger are getting better everyday. I know some give you the extra option to charge perpendicular to the charger (90 deg rotation) and some even add the 45 deg rotation scheme. If the chargers ever got to a true “dont care where you put it on the pad” situation, I see wireless charging being very useful.

    • donger

      Sounds like an ideal situation.

  • Ed

    Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 has already made that mainstream, and everyone is emulating them since then. There is hardly anything the galaxy line makes mainstream. What Samsung does is, it cherry picks functions from other competitors and puts it in its phones.

  • a

    what’s the price of samsung galaxy S IV?

  • Bj

    They should try motion charger and solar chargers as well. ;p

  • Eddy

    I would like a phone with latest tech. specs. and outstandingly fine body design. And i don’t think wireless charging technology like this would make much difference unless it’s a charger that doesn’t require any sort of physical contact with the phone.

  • Leon Hitchens

    Wireless charging is nice because I can just throw my phone on the matt. Now I want to see how Samsung does it and if others follow suit.

  • HeadDoc

    Oh, MAN do I want this phone.

  • Tony

    How about they make Qi charging more powerful and efficient. Wireless charging is a neat tech, but in practice.. it’s sooo slow.

  • screamingindigital

    I have a Galaxy S3 and read that it will be compatible with the wireless charging device of the S4 as well. I love my Samsung but agree with others here, that I just don’t see the appeal of this wireless charging unit if is what we think about here – where you have to place your phone directly on the unit.

    OK, now if you have multiple phones, sure – there I could see the appeal. You don’t have to have multiple wires. But if you have just one phone to worry about? I’m sorry Samsung, I just don’t see it. If you have to plug the wireless charging unit into the wall (which is of course expected – it’s not magically powered by unicorns), why wouldn’t you just plug a mini-USB into the phone?

  • Burnd

    Just wondering, does the HTC One have Qi charging?

  • John Blau

    I like plug in charging and not having to purchase additional equipment that costs to much. They should have both.

    They seem to do everything to add accessories that cost a fortune. Charging wirless systems, Case becasue phones are made of ……………… You fill in the blank. Glass that breaks. My old Flip phone is a 2004 phone and never has broken. I have dropped it at least once a day and it never stops working.

    I plug it in at night and charge it that works for me. Also on a train I can plug it in and get a charge same in my car. boo to the rest.