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Samsung posts Galaxy S IV teaser image to Twitter and Facebook

galaxy s iv render leak

Just when you thought it was safe to rest for the night, the Galaxy S IV news keeps on rolling in. So far today, we’ve seen the second part of Samsung and Jeremy’s adventures in Galaxy S land, and some pictures from the Chinese forum 52 Samsung, supposedly detailing the device in full, color photos. Now, Samsung has taken to Twitter and Facebook to tease the S IV even further, releasing what appears to be a picture of the S IV lurking in the shadows.

Reminiscent of a Galaxy Nexus teaser released some time ago, tonight’s Galaxy S IV teaser shows just a small area of the device, accompanied by absolutely no details or hints. Much like the 52 Samsung photos of the S IV, Samsung’s official teaser image leaves us with plenty of questions.

If you adjust the exposure and mess with the contrast a bit, you’ll see that the device has no speaker grill. Some have taken this to mean that Samsung has something crazy up their sleeve with audio playback, but I wouldn’t count on it. The image also shows no camera and no sensors. So unless Samsung got rid of the front-facing camera and ambient light sensor on the S IV, this picture is no exact representation of the Galaxy S IV.

As far as it looking like the leaked images from earlier today, yes, it does. But it also looks like a press render of the Galaxy S III. In fact, it looks more like a Galaxy S III than the images from earlier today. It’s even the same color.

So what does it all mean? From the looks of it, Samsung used an incredibly bland render of either the Galaxy S IV or Galaxy S III, to tease what’s going to be unveiled at their March 14th event in New York City. If it is the Galaxy S IV, the visual differences between the IV and III will be practically nonexistent. Check out the comparison picture below, and let us know what you think.


Source: Twitter

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  • YMS123

    It would be pretty cool if the Samsung logo IS the speaker.

    • izzyb47

      Samsung sucks htc is where its at idk how many more HTC phones have be released before people realize that samaungs phones re at best mediocre compared to HTC

      • Mike

        I have an HTC phone. It will be my last. They are not better than Samsung’s. Not even close.

      • Dags -

        Compared to the HTC One X, the Galaxy S3 had a microSD slot, replaceable battery, faster processor (some versions), twice the RAM (some versions), unlocked bootloader, a lighter/less bloated skin (Touchwiz, still ugly though), and multitasking wasn’t borked. If this is repeated with the One vs S4, Samsung will win again.

      • c1liu

        I wouldn’t say samsung sucks.. but I’ve owned the HTC Mytouch (back in the day), the S1, S2, and now my S2 died, so I’ve been using a friend’s Samsung Nexus S. My wife used to have the HTC Incredible, the list goes on.. From what I’ve owned/seen, HTC phones generally have a better look/feel, and the new HTC One looks sickkk, much better than any galaxy. I don’t doubt that Samsung will win again, as their business strategy and marketing campaigns have been much more effective and widespread, but I’d take a top tier HTC phone over a similarly spec’d Samsung phone any day. Also the plastic casings that Samsung uses make the phone feel cheap when held in the hand. Sense is also way better than Touchwiz, which is incredibly ugly. I’ve played the rooting/flashing game, used to flash my phone to a new ROM pretty much every day, and now I’ve grown tired of it. It would be nice for the phone to just come nice out of the box without me having to tinker with it after hours of studying up on XDA, and flashing anything AOSP or MIUI related means no wifi-calling for T-Mobile users. What a pain.

    • Richard Yarrell

      Expect MAJOR SURPRISES….

      • snowbdr89

        Would this major surprise include you moving out of your moms basement and getting a job along with a life other then being the ultimate blog troll?

      • TruFactz

        *GASP* Your AndMe score going up??????????

      • squiddy20

        “Major surprises” like the totally unfeasible “blood sugar level” monitor that you said would be in the S4? Riiiiiiight.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      That would be cool! That’s an innovative idea

  • YMS123

    Personally, I think Samsung is screwing with us, and there’s some big surprises coming on Thursday

  • robaire

    this teaser is definitely not the same phone pictured in the leaks from earlier in the day the Samsung icon is centered in the upper bezel on one and definitely not centered in the other picture

  • donger

    It’s coming. We know.

  • classic_hero

    S3 Plus??

    • JustReboot

      - I saw what u did there :)

  • poosh2010

    this could possibly be a pic of a new galaxy player styled after the s3….maybe they’re going to announce it alongside the s4 and they’re just using its picture to throw us all off

  • derrick

    Am I have used htc phones from windows6 mobile to htc one along the years. My friend always had Samsung. Gw always leaved a better life than I did.

  • da9el

    can’t wait!

  • Nathan D.

    Just two more days of waiting, is all I’m going to say.

  • Prince77

    Do you guys really think they want to give away any type of hint of what the phone looks like??? This could be a early model of a GS3 that they decided to put up just to have everyone talking even more as the reveal comes closer. Or this could possibly be the phone and the camera and sensors are all at the bottom of the device, we just have to wait and see.

  • redraider133

    I like the more carbon fiber look if this turns out to be the actual design

  • theluck

    i want one anyway!!

  • james denoil

    Very excited!