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Source: HTC One headed to Verizon a “month or two” after other US carriers


AllThingsD reports the HTC One will be launching on Verizon, but it will “trail the other U.S. carriers by a month or two as it winds its way through the testing process.” HTC already announced their flagship One device would arrive on AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile, but Verizon was mysteriously absent from the launch event.

We have yet to receive any US launch dates for the HTC One, but it appears the device could hit retail stores by April or May. If this Verizon report turns out to be true, they could offer the HTC One by June or July.

Another possible scenario is that Verizon might launch the HTC One under their Droid brand. Kellen Barranger of Droid-Life reports that a device with the model number HTC6445LVW and codename DLXPLUS could launch as the Droid DNA+ or Droid One.

Whatever happens, it does appear likely that Verizon will carry some version of HTC’s flagship device. There is no telling what the final product name might be, but we should expect to see all the highlight features of the HTC One including the Ultrapixel camera, Boomsound speakers, and Blinkfeed home screen.

If you are on Verizon and want to grab HTC’s upcoming device, let us know what you think. Would you rather purchase the same HTC One that every other carrier is getting or would you prefer a Droid DNA+?

Via: DroidLife

Source: AllThingsD

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  • redraider133

    I hope this is true. I wanted the one x but it never came to Verizon. Choice is a great thing!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Poor device is already crippled with crappy bloatware. Filled of bugs and stupid wifi notifications in the pull down menu. If you want a true device made by the manufacturer with NO internal changes then get it on Tmobile, Sprint, or [email protected] Ditch Verizon at all costs.

      • redraider133

        Except all those devices have bloat, etc so your comment is null just because you are mad and left Verizon.

  • Mustin

    Really hope this works out. I want to switch to my wife’s plan on Verizon but also really want this phone.

    And can we please kill the “Droid” line name? It’s really confusing older people into thinking Droid and Android mean the same thing. The more the phones keep their names across different carriers (e.g. Galaxy), the better it is for everyone.

    • Prince77

      Thank you sir. It pisses me off when people I know say they have a Droid, but they are on Sprint. I tell them that it’s an Android not Droid. THey swear up and down I’m wrong and don’t want to listen, I just walk away and say whatever.

    • thel0nerang3r

      The “Droid” branding works. To many people it’s a “Droid”. I think that this marketing is what pushed Android into the mainstream.

      • Prince77

        I don’t think so. Android was out way before the first Droid. IMO I think the people who are virtual unknowns get a phone that everyone is talking about and don’t know much about it. So when they hear Droid they mis interpret that as Android and it goes from there.

  • dpleus

    As a current VZW customer, I would just like to have the phone. As long as the same tech is in it, I don’t care if it’s the Droid One, the DNA+, the Rezound 2, or the Incredible 5. What’s the saying, “A rose by any another name would still smell as sweet” or in the case “A One by any other name would still rock just as hard.”

    • Richard Yarrell

      You should know by now that Verizon isn’t capable of just launching a device as intended from the manufacturer. These months and months they are taking to launch this device is so they can make internal changes. What appears on Sprint, Tmobile, and [email protected] definitely won’t be what Verizon gets. Be prepared for crippling bloatware and crappy wifi notifications. Verizon sucks monkey balls.

  • uknowme

    I really hope HTC doesn’t change the name for Verizon. I really want them to stand their ground and say take it or leave it.

  • Thomas Biard

    Zoe here I come!…Oh yeah and lets not forget that crazy fast 1.7Ghz processor! Now all I need is Verizon to allow LTE on prepaid and we should be good!

    • Richard Yarrell

      Nice dream. Verizon will never be Tmobile that’s for sure.

      • redraider133

        You’re right, they will never be the #4 carrier in the states and will always have more coverage

        • squiddy20

          I could not have said it better myself! :P


    “it appears the device could hit retail stores by April or May”

    May? You can’t be serious HTC!! That Delay is unacceptable. (I know its just a rumor but the thought alone is crazy)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      May is just a guess, but you would think that the carriers would have announced some dates by now.

    • Nick Gray

      why are you blaming HTC? It was Verizon choice not to be an initial launch partner for the HTC One.

  • Nate B.

    I’m not a Verizon customer but I will assume it will look a little different or have a different color scheme exclusive to Verizon. If I was HTC I wouldn’t do these type of models. You don’t see Sprint calling it an EVO. I would keep the same name and device inside and out across the board. This messes up with the branding a little. This was one of many reasons why HTC flopped all the time because there were so many variants and slightly bumped up spec models. I think they’ve learned their lesson….a few times, but so far they seem to be on the right path and I hope they stay that way. Now all they need to do is work on software updates and possibly a beast of a tablet or some other solid device for another market for the second half of the year. Then they can start holding their own events and gain popularity and ride of the success of the One. Keep it simple but good enough you only need two devices a year. A phone and a tablet or something else…

  • DroidSamurai

    >> Would you rather purchase the same HTC One that every other carrier is getting or would you prefer a Droid DNA+?

    I have no interest in a company that doesn’t defend its brand — to me, it smells like failure. How HTC would let Verizon does this to them is beyond my ability to comprehend.

  • donger

    Please come to Verizon.

  • Mick

    You guys are acting like its got an amazing name like the HTC Badass Unicorn Slayer 3. It’s a “One” so BFD if Verizon Droids it. I’ll just be happy as a subscriber to actually have a good phone to replace my Rezound with, even if it means paying full retail price.

  • Nathan D.

    Wow, that sucks, but at least Verizon customers will get it eventually.