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T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note II updated with support for LTE


As T-Mobile continues to prepare their LTE network for consumer use, its handsets are being updated with the appropriate firmware to take advantage of the LTE-capable radios already on board. Today, an update for the T-Mobile branded Samsung Galaxy Note II is being pushed out that does just that.

Packaged in the form of Android 4.1.2, T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note II is officially ready to take advantage of Magenta’s brand new LTE network. Weighing in at just 9MB, this update is a small one, only including a few, “various device improvements,” along with LTE compatibility.

To check if the update is available now for your device, from the home screen press the menu key, enter the settings, enter the “About phone” section of the settings, and finally press “Software Update.” It’s as simple as that. If the update isn’t available quite yet, don’t worry, it will be soon. You can also install Samsung’s Kies software, but waiting for the over the air update is much easier.

T-Mobile’s LTE network was recently tested by several sites, and speeds were in the range of 60Mbps for download, and 20Mbps for upload. Once LTE is widely available, real world speeds are expected to hover around 20Mbps down and 10Mbps up.

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  • Nate B.

    & they’re having their event March 26 showing how they will no longer act like a wireless carrier with no contracts. I think hat’s pretty cool. But their coverage is spotty mostly where I go so.

    • Galen20K

      With $1Billion AWS Spectrum from Att failed merger, more Spectrum recently bought/traded from Verizon, and even more with the buying of MetroPCS T-Mobile will have more Spectrum now than they ever have before. I have a feeling coverage is about to start getting FAR better than anybody has ever seen before. Having said that I happen to live in an already Spectrum rich state for T-Mobile and I’ve always had fantastic signal, no dropped calls, and I regularly get 20-29Mbps on HSPA+42 already. The best thing is MetroPCS has a lot of spectrum as well in my area so when the merger goes through, it’ll be even better for me.

      • redraider133

        I hope they put that spectrum to good use and quick. I would switch to Tmo in a heartbeat if they expanded their coverage a little more especially in rural areas.

      • clocinnorcal

        I live in a great T-Mobile +42 area as well and I get about the same DL speeds as Verizon’s LTE service in side-by-side tests with my buddy, but I get spanked in UL speed.

  • teen-mobile

    t-mumble LTE = gprs speed, way to go terrible-mobile.
    Your prepaid customers will love it, real customers use real carriers!

    • Galen20K

      uh huh, loser don’t you have a life? I’m sure not considering.

    • jonathan3579

      You couldn’t be more ignorant to facts.

  • Nathan D.

    That nice, but I don’t have an Lte phone to use on t – mobile network yet. But that okay I’m still very happy with hspa+ speeds here in mass.

  • sly

    Can’t wait for Google to push an update to enable LTE on the Nexus 4! (yes, I kid) lol

    Having just switched from Sprint and comparing their 3G/LTE with TMO’s HSPA+, TMO has won me over. Sprint’s LTE upload is faster than TMO but downloads are comparable. I will have to say that, even though my area is supposed to have HSPA+42, I can’t find any area that test higher than 15Mbps. In fact, in dense areas, TMO’s speeds are usually 3Mbps/1Mbps. Network Signal shows it’s HSPA+21 but it seems like a lot of congestion.

    Anyway, if TMO’s LTE upgrade has the side affect of improving their HSPA+ network altogether, then keep the upgrade coming!

  • jamal adam

    I think the great thing about T-Mobile’s LTE is that if you don’t have manage to get out of the coverage zone, you will be dropped down to HSPA+ 42Mbps which is way better than any other carriers backup. You won’t even now it happened unlike say, Verizon or Sprint or even AT&T.

  • donger

    Yes, go T-mobile.

  • Richard Yarrell

    2013 will be all about tmobile. My Galaxy Note 2 is waiting for that LTE love here in New York City.

  • larry z

    Only people with low income choose T-Mobile.
    Thats why they are at the bottom, they are the food stamps carrier.
    I have at&t.
    A friend of mine recently called em fa.g carrier because of the pink color which they call fa.genta….atrocious.
    The hot chick wont save em, imho.

    • Onthemove

      The girl in pink is not a good reason to move ahead of the other carriers, but I can think of 4 billion other reasons they will do fine.


    I got the update yesterday.. But No LTE in Orlando/Kissimmee anyway.. sigh

  • nivekkev

    I am guessing that the 4G symbol won’t change to LTE when it’s connected will it?

  • j

    Any chance the gs3 will be updated with lte support?

  • Clee Garrard

    Just got my LTE update this morning and wow its amazingly fast…

    • Paul

      What city? It’s so hard to find out which cities T-Mobile has activated LTE in. But one posting suggested it’ll be in the same cities they currently support 1900mhz HSPA+ in, which is like 49 cities or something. Those same 49 would have LTE.

      This post on AndroidPolice looks great and all but if I’m a person with a T-Mobile Galaxy Note II in Charleston, SC or Jacksonville, Fl. or Houston, TX, etc. should I get excited about this update? There’s no way of telling.

      • Paul

        Son of a… I wrote AndroidAndMe but my Autocorrect changed it and I didn’t catch it. I visit a lot of Android sites, and tech sites for that matter. Sometimes Swiftkey Flow gets on my nerves. Sorry AndroidAndMe, I meant no disrespect.

  • Shahriezaan Sabarudin

    Need the network application to power up my galaxy note 1 same like note 2.. Pls

  • Ed

    I’m not hopeful for LTE to arrive in my area any time soon. Sometimes we get lucky and get HSPA+, but usually not and I frequently drop into Edge (especially at times when the phone is actually in my hand and being used – sit it down HSPA+ 2 bars, pick it up Edge 3 bars). In some of the more popular areas in town we even go to GPRS or no signal at all! However, go to the T-Mobile store and you’ll have a perfect signal every time – I think they have a booster or something in there, because nowhere else in that area is the signal anywhere close to that good.