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This is the Motorola “X Phone”, and it’s going to level the playing field this summer


Imagine a world where you buy your smartphone first and then pick your wireless carrier. Picture a fantasy land where you can customize your phone’s hardware to your liking, similar to how Dell or Lenovo lets you build a PC. You can laugh and say I’m full of it, but I’m here to tell you this could be reality sooner than you think.

According to several anonymous sources within Motorola, the “X Phone” project is real, and the first retail device will go on sale this summer. Our original source said the first “X Phone” product might ship in June, but another fact checker tells us the target date is the end of July.

We have also learned that one of the “X Phone” devices has already leaked out. Remember that unannounced Motorola phone (pictured above and below) that appeared last week and was quickly dismissed as not the being the X Phone? Our source tells us the device is real, but it was an earlier prototype and the design has undergone some slight changes.


The first “X Phone” will feature a touch sensitive area on the back.

The back of the first “X Phone” is said to look mostly the same as the leaked prototype, but we have learned some additional details. The Motorola logo will act as touch sensitive button that allows you to launch commands. Motorola has included a similar feature on past phones (remember the Backflip?), but it sounds like Google has something special in store for this device.

Patent Bolt just spotted a patent application from Google that covers backside device touch controls. We don’t know what the mysterious back button on the “X Phone” will do, but I speculate it could be used enable a listening mode that allows you to issue voice commands. We already reported on the rumor that Motorola is working on a new human language system, and I have a feeling it will be integrated with this button.

Most people initially dismissed this unannounced Motorola device because it didn’t feature top-of-the-line internals, but you have to connect the dots to understand Google’s strategy for these new “X Phone” devices.

Google is not focused on specs or software gimmicks for their upcoming products. Instead they want to produce an ultra-affordable mobile device that connects to a bunch of wearable accessories they plan to release later this year. Google Glass and Google Watch are two examples of these accessories, and we are told more are in the works.

And when I say “ultra-affordable” mobile device, I’m talking a starting retail price of $199 or less. Google and Motorola will sell smartphones for the same prices that people are willing to pay for today’s flagships, but these devices won’t be tied to a two year contract.

To the average consumer I’m sure this whole rumor sounds a little far-fetched, but that is what Google and Motorola are banking on. As I said yesterday, people will flip out when they realize they can purchase a customized device, with the latest software, without carrier crapware or contracts, and it’s sold at an affordable price.

Dell revolutionized the PC industry with its direct-sales model and its “build-to-order” approach to manufacturing, and now Google will attempt to do the same with smartphones.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • lolobabes

    if thats the X phone then Motorola is doomed! What an ugly phone!… ahihihi

    • aykutb

      @lolobabes it’s just an early prototype,sure they won’t make a customizable phone with crap design.

      • lolobabes

        I know but i am sure it will not be far from that… They need a new industrial designer…

        • eebrah

          Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I think it looks okay as will most people who are more concerned with features and cost.

          Also google do booming business elsewhere, if their attempts at hardware fail, they will just keep on doing what they have been doing before, web services, search e.t.c hardly “doomed”

    • heat361

      I dont think they are doomed. Plus when tat photo leaked pi had suspicion that this is the x phone, you could clearly see the Google influenced design.

      • heat361

        *that and *I

        • heat361

          Here is the video of the phone with English captions. Enjoy :)

          4.65-4.7 inch screen
          1.7ghz dual core processor
          Strangely has no volume rocker, but that could be due to the touch back Taylor spoke of.

          The guy says it looks like an amoled screen, but he is not sure.

          • vforvortex

            Ya i noticed that too regarding volume rocker. nice catch.

          • WickedToby741

            Let’s be honest, if this device is more of a design study than anything, and it probably is, it’s most likely using the same screen and chipset as the RAZR HD. Think about it, the screen size is right and it’s likely a higher clocked version of the same Qualcomm processor in the HD. As an early design prototype, it would make sense to stick with internals you’re familiar with so the software side of things is easy to pull off but at the same time you can show off the new design direction.

    • Nate B.

      This annoys me when they show basically nothing and people judge it. If they showed you the corner of the phone you would say it sucked.

      • Raptor

        Do you mean Tailors speculations ? LOL

        • Raptor

          Both bro can not made Edit or even Delete button on his site in 3 years

    • Christopher Chavez

      I thought it looked pretty cool *shrugs* :T

    • jonathan3579

      What makes you guys think this is the X phone? Every other site seems to believe this is nothing more than a future mid-range device.

    • Live

      lol, i thought its the best designed phone, liked it very much :P

  • oddball

    This looks like a home run if it falls out that way. The ability to choose my phone then my carrier and pay a fairly reasonable price for the hardware would be incredible. It will also change the US market to the point where the carriers no longer have all the power which means we might actually see reasonable pricing for service again.

    • GMoneyGonz

      As far as I knew, you couldn’t bring your own device over to VZ or Sprint. If Google has made a deal with them, or they found a way to get around that, then this will be awesome! But I seriously doubt that the carriers would allow something like this that will force them to have more reasonable pricing. Here’s to hope though!

      • uzunoff

        I think the reasons why you can’t bring unlocked devices to Sprint or Verizon is because all unlocked devices are GSM. Sprint and Verizon use CDMA. So they are just not compatible.
        Other than that I don’t see why not they wouldn’t allow you bring your own device and still charge you for services as they would if you get unsubsidized device. More money for them.
        Virgin mobile is using Sprint’s network to provide cheaper services on post paid bases.

        Besides, Verizon’s own CFO said that end of phone subsidies is a matter of time. So I don’t think that they will mind that.
        A real Nexus experience on Verizon’s network will be amazing. Of course without Verizon meddling with the updates like they did with GNEX.

        • mercado79

          Sprint has already started allowing out-of-contract phones on their MVNO’s. They just have to be registered with Sprint. Not as easy as swapping a SIM, but it seems that’s the way we’re heading.

        • bear831

          Due to the way Verizon’s network works I believe that the IMEI Number has to added to their system in order to get CDMA service. This method is used in place of a SIM card for calls and 3G data. This is the reason someone can’t buy a phone designed for Sprint and have it activated on Verizon. I remember seeing plenty of threads when the original Evo launched for sprint on flashing it to Verizon because so many people were given the phone at Google I/O.
          If Google manages to have this phone be purchased and activated without any interaction with Verizon (outside of the call to setup service) I will be amazed and immediately purchase the phone if it is priced as predicted. This has the potential to shake up both Sprint and Verizon and may lead to shifts in their retail structure.

      • some internet dude

        All major carriers can activate a phone that one buys for them selves provided the freqs are compatible, they will never advertize this though. Its just that they make more money from contracted subsidized handsets sold in stores or thru web portals.

        I applaud Tmo for going the no contract bring your own phone way, just like the rest of the world.

    • uzunoff

      I think that is how they will be keeping the price of the phone down. By letting you upgrade, and if you choose all the bells and whistles, you will probably end up paying probably close to 400 -500$.
      But never the less, I think that is a brilliant idea. Especially for people that like smaller phones (crazies) :)
      As far as the looks goes, I am secretly hoping that Moto is following Samsung’s steps with GS3. If you remember early test devices leaked before the event in London but they was covered with some ugly plastic shell. Hopefully Moto will change the case.
      Looking at current phones, Moto uses kevlar. I don’t think this super special phone will be sold with inferior case.

      • R.S

        I was thinking the same thing.

        Maybe similar to when buying a car. $199 would be for the base model with lower or mid range specs.

        As you you opt for upgrades, the price of the phone would increase to where the fully optioned, top spec phone would be a bit more pricey. Probably closer to what phones currently cost without a subsidy.

        This would allow people who either can’t afford or don’t want the top end specs but still want the Moto X. Sort of how people sometimes opt for the V6 rather than the V8 when buying a sports car.

        • nimslake

          Just like when you customize your laptop or tower. (think Dell).
          But when you think of phones, customization is different for everyone. Being able to move to different providers is based on your phone config, too bad no one is thinking a ‘setting’ that would allow you to move from one to another.

          That would really keep the providers from charging so high and keep the rates affordable for everyone and still allow them to do Tier charge plans…

          Just saying…

          • joshua

            Qualcomm is making a chip supporting CDMA +Gsm + lte on all bands. Supposedly it will be ready this year. There is also a spec for a programmable sim card that you can simply reprogram on the fly to switch carriers, however us carriers swore to never support it.

    • Ross Pendleton

    • furius

      I’m from Italy and here it’s normal that you buy your unlocked phone then you choose the carrier (also if carrier are trying to constrain users with contracts) … The result is that telephone costs are relatively low but smartphone costs are the highest in the world … :(

  • aykutb


  • ddpacino

    But I read that this is a 4″ device that will be more of a midrange. Doesn’t look like anything that contains the mentioned ceramic build that has been rumored.

    I really don’t think this is the Real Moto + Google collab device. This is something that was already in their pipeline. I believe the REAL X phone will be released later this year or something next year. This ain’t it.

    • uzunoff

      Customizable means that you will be able to make it the way you want it.

      It should include size, screen, storage maybe even processor.

      You can make it mid range or high end

      • epps720

        I can’t imagine being able to select the screen size. I would think that would be a mess for production.

        While I really like this idea in theory, I can’t imagine the nightmare for manufacturing. Computers are much larger devices and I would think would be much easier to customize than a small phone.

        • uzunoff

          It wouldn’t be that difficult. You can choose between two or three sizes and based on that you either get a 1080p or 720 screen.
          SO technically the Moto team would need to design and manufacture 2 phone frames, or re use the ones currently out.

  • Adam

    Go Taylor! This is why Android and Me is still my fav Android blog.

    • shadhussain

      agreed. taylor’s breaking ‘rumors’ have a healthy dose of plausible thought and analysis without making sweeping far-fetched claims.

  • Stella

    I love the idea of a customizable phone. This could be a game changer if done right.

  • halo0

    If it has a ~4.6-4.7 inch screen and everything else is true…

    TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    These giganto phones like the GS3/4 are getting on my nerves.

    • ranova

      funny thing is that the SGS4 (5″) is slightly smaller than the SGS3 (4.8). The One X, which is 4.7, is taller than the SGS4.

      I want this phone to be 4″ to 4.3″

      • vforvortex

        The prototype seems to fit the 4-4.3 inch screen according to this (held next to iphone5)

        • siberx

          I initially thought the same as you after watching the video vforvortex, but a close inspection of the video reveals that the button bar at the bottom is actually a soft bar (part of the screen) and when carefully measuring including that and the tough-to-see status bar the numbers work out for the unit to have a screen bigger than the iPhone; 4.5-4.7″ by the measurements I took.

      • halo0

        The SGS4 is not smaller than the SGS3. It’s thinner. They’re not the same thing.

        • Becoming

          It’s slightly narrower, lighter and thinner. So in every way (except height, which is the same) it IS smaller.

          But you’d know that if you bothered to pay attention.

    • zerosix

      I hope for a _almost_ hi-end device with 4.0-4.3 inch screen. But when everyone else makes 5 inch devices, 4.7 is ok too.
      Anyway, it’s Motorola, and that means… I will own it. No matter what I’ll have to do:)

  • sandwich

    I want a ~3-3.5″ device (that still retains the high PPI of today’s 1080 devices). I want high-end smartphone internals (quad-core or more, 16Gb+ int. storage, 2Gb+ memory, etc). I want the battery life of a dumbphone (3+ days regular use). I want a camera that takes quality photos & video (with an optical zoom).

    I don’t want a device that’s 3mm thick. Battery life > thickness. I don’t want a device whose screen corners can’t be reached by my thumbs in one-handed use. It’s a phone, not a movie theater.

    All of the above can be accomplished today, and yet no phone today has all of the above.

    WHY. NOT.

    • halo0

      Why not? Easy. There’s no market for that. A 3-3.5″ screen is a joke.

    • vforvortex

      You can get yourself an Iphone 4. And if apple stock is any indication, halo0 is right, there is no market for it. :D Kidding.

      But i think you might be able to find high end phones with that screen size from China.

      Or is this something similar to what you want?

      • sandwich

        Nope, look at the resolution. 320×480 = iPhone (the old models). Bump that up to 720p or so, give it a decent dual-core / quad-core processor, and you’re getting close…

    • Jonathan

      How do ypu thinl you will fit all of those features into a tiny 3.5 phone? It will end up being taller then it is wide. Also, screen technology isnt advancrd enough to have 1080p res on 3.5 inches.

      Also, nobody would buy it.

      • siberx

        They *used* to fit all this tech into 3.5″-4″ phones 3 years ago, and if you’re telling me there haven’t been enough improvements in mobile hardware to pack upgraded chips into the same form factor you’re crazy.

        Like sandwich I would love a high-end device that’s small enough to use one-handed – my ideal size is 4″ with a thin bezel. He did not claim to want 1080p in a 3″ phone; that is obviously ridiculous. He wanted the *pixel density* of the modern (say 5″) 1080p phones in a smaller form factor – simply lop the edges off. A screen of that size is 440ppi; for a 720p screen at the same density you’re talking 3.4 inches (meaning the tech is there *today*), so explain to me why nobody makes a 4″ or less phone with anything higher than the abysmal 800×480 (233ppi)?

        You say “nobody would buy it”, but is the market for android handhelds truly so small that no manufacturer is able to make a profit making anything but one style of device that is identical in nearly all respects to every other manufacturer’s device? Apparently there’s at least two of us (and I suspect a whole lot more from recent comments I’ve seen) who would be more than happy to purchase one…

        • sandwich

          Indeed, like siberx explained, 1080p at ~3″ is ridiculous, and not what I wanted. I want the DPI of today’s 1080p phones, not the resolution.

          Currently I’m using a temporary phone, the Samsung Galaxy Pocket. It has a 2.8″ screen with the truly abysmal resolution of 320×240 (Windows Mobile, anyone?). If it had a 800×480 resolution, I’d be far happier with it – my old Nexus S had that at 4″, and it was plenty.

          Halo0: “A 3-3.5″ screen is a joke.”

          The ~3″ screens that people are producing today are, yes (see my Galaxy Pocket screen res above). Why is a ~3″ screen at ~300-400dpi a joke?

  • dukenilnil

    Being a Motorola loyalist, this is definitely good news. One of the few who liked and still loves my Bionic. I probably lucked out and got one of the stable devices but its been great. I dread the day I have to replace it mostly because I really like the Lapdock functionality to provide free/legit 4g in a laptop-like experience.
    Offer users replaceable/upgradeable batteries (unlikely with new route everyone’s gone) and I already know my next phone.
    I’m a Verizon off-contract for good with the grandfathered 4g so this is news to my ears.

    • S Mac

      I agree, my Motorola Atrix 4g was one of the first phones to have a dual core processor and I loved the biometric finger print swipe power button, I obtained a Htc One X since which just upgraded to Jellybean the other day, quite frankly the ICS was better suited to the One X, I still own the Atrix running Gingerbread but had to cut the sim card downto micro sim size for the One X, even though this phone is bigger and newer I still have never felt as connected to a phone as my Motorola and I’ve had many, Google bought Moto last year and I expect great things!

  • triangle

    I really want Motorola to do well and come out with something great, so that there is competition and innovation. I just hope that they can make a great, high-end smartphone that can be released on all carriers, not just an unlocked GSM version. I doubt that they will get significant market penetration if they don’t have carrier support since most phones are still sold through carriers or outlets that have carrier support.

    I’m not saying that I like the current system, but it’s the one that we have currently and it’s doubtful that Motorola will have a lot of success if they don’t play within the current system.

  • Nate B.

    I’m just gonna be a reader on this one Taylor. I’m not really buying it. It sounds way to good to be true. Possible, yes. But I don’t see this happening at all. Google might as well be a carrier if they want to pull this off. If you do get to choose hardware etc, I think they will have a fixed variety to choose from. Otherwise people will see this as a fantasy like you said. Nerds like us will go for the the most outrageous stuff that is available right now. It’s just not happening. I think something was interpreted wrong somewhere. You’ve been wrong before but it doesn’t stop me from liking Androidandme. Surely is the best mobile blog site :).

    Keep them coming when you get more juicy rumors because now that the S4 was announced it will be a dry month and a half until another event.

    • rk

      Taylor or his sources have not had a good track record when it comes to rumors panning out. Good rumor though!!

      • J3R3MY_H

        He did pretty well with the Nexus 4

        • Nate B.

          He was actually way off with the Nexus 4. As far as the device itself and who made it he was right. But the additional info and ecosystem he was way off. But this is info he gets from his sources and even they can be told something wrong. We definitely can’t get mad about it. It’s fun actually :).

      • Nate B.

        I agree, but they all make sense and we love them and that’s what this mobile blog is all about! Rumors, leaks, reviews, etc. I love this site and others.

    • Orion78

      I agree. This seems like total wishful thinking and fantasy dreaming. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • redraider133

    I hope they can make it $199 with some pretty good specs and get it to work on all carriers for those of us stuck on cdma carriers

  • EggoEspada

    $199 for a flagship device with high end specs? Really? Also, this looks more mid-range than a Samsung Galaxy brand rival. I mean, I’m sure Google is willing to take some lose on hardware so they can sell what matters — ads and Google Services — but they still need some profit to actually function. The device would probably cost as much to make for the price you’re saying they want to retail it for. Plus, I’m more inclined to believe the persons who actually leaked the device to know the story behind this device as opposed to a news source with a little iffy track record. I’m positive this is just a Motorola device and not some halo device made by Google + Motorola.

    • NasLAU

      Why is the price so hard to believe? The Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 started the trend. I’m sure Google/Moto can squeeze out some savings by cutting out the middle men: Samsung and LG.

      • vforvortex

        They might be willing to take a loss initially to gain back market share. Wish i was sitting in on those meetings.

  • Walt French

    “Google is not focused on specs or software gimmicks… Instead…an ultra-affordable mobile device that connects to a bunch of wearable accessories…Google Glass and Google Watch are two examples of these.”

    So the M-spot that the modest will cover up, the Glass and Watch: those are hardware gimmicks, not software gimmicks.

    Last we all looked, the Bill of Materials for all but the slowest and least capable mobiles was somewhere around the $200 that Google will be charging; that suggests the complete lack of retail support that other experiments have produced. And if you want to use it on one of the major carriers in the US, you’ll still be paying the subsidized rate plans, or has that changed?

    Net-net, to actually save any money, the buyers will have to sign up with a second-tier or MVNO provider, and hope for the best regards Google having upped their game on customer support. Hard to see what “playing field” is getting leveled.

    • NasLAU

      T-Mobile is no Verizon but not a second-tier MVNO and they are changing the game. You can already go there without an unsubsidized rate plan. I believe AT&T might let you bring your own device as well. Not sure if you are forced to sign a contract.

      At any rate (see what I did there), you have at least one major player on board. And the pre-paid revolution is just getting started.

  • Co1e

    Vanilla Android with a $200 base price? Yes please! Even if it doesn’t get “nexus like” updates I would think that the dev community would be all over this thing. I would love to see all the rumors come to fruition but for now I’m just gonna keep my fingers crossed. Good scoop Taylor!

  • heat361

    Hey Taylor remember that video showing off the device it was taken down by the user.

  • vforvortex

    Just imagining the day when i can buy a bundle pack of Google-Phone/Glass/Watch. :D
    And hopefully in future, fit google driverless car functionality to a Tesla EV.

    I also like the back touch interface as a scrolling option, reading or watching without having to place hand over view of screen and less fingerprint marks.

  • aranea

    This is great yet it sounds too good to be true at least in parts. If google didn’t come out and said motorola integration was not where they wanted it to be yet I’d believe all of this. On the other hand i want to believe it.

  • joogleme16

    If this is the case I’m looking forward to their reveal. Its been a long time coming where the consumer has more say in the device they want to use to explore their world. My biggest hold up would be should I skip the N4 and wait for their newer phone this Summer. Or will it still be a prototype. And my dams of a new device are set further back.

  • joe kimball

    This is worth waiting 4 the sg4 will become a antique if this comes 2 lite all phones will stop dead in there tracks, but u never no,apple suk mud!

  • Fernando

    No sd card the can shove upt their assessment.

  • jamal adam

    Having the ability to customize a smartphone to make it truly yours is a wonderful idea and something that I feel many would be interested in. Google just makes me love it more and more each day, with the exception of the Google Reader being shutdown.

  • Andy_jr

    Taylor, you predicted it in a comment to a previous article, and you were right – I like it!

  • Paul Atreides

    Definitely has me curious, but I can’t get excited for this until I have a lot more details. Not getting my hopes up like the “multiple Nexus devices made by multiple manufacturers” rumor from last year. We all know what happened there, don’t we?

    • Charlie Callow

      Yeah I know, how wrong they were! Oh, wait… Asus made the Nexus 7, LG the Nexus 4, Samsung the Nexus 10 and Google had the Nexus Q built themselves. Not that far off then really were they?

      • Paul Atreides

        Was it off? right,,,

  • Ross Pendleton

  • Arthur

    If this turns out to be true, it could be pretty revolutionary in this industry. I highly doubt we will see an extensive list of customizable options, nowhere near what is available with PC’s if we were to use some reference to compare to but even if their are multiple screen sizes, storage levels (4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB) different color cases, maybe different material options for those cases. Some cases allowing for the battery to be removable, some offering wireless charging. Different MP cameras (5MP, 8MP, 13MP). Smaller or Larger batteries.

    All I know is if it ends up being true, as a industry enthusiast and follower, this is something to be very excited for. I just hope they have enough options to cater to the high end shopper and not just the bargain or mid-range shopper.

  • sly

    I hope it’ll be a worthwhile upgrade for Nexus 4 owners.

    On another note, this “X Phone” name thing is just silly. I keep thinking X-Men and I surely don’t think there are any mutant genes in there. Unless Forge built in, in which case, it might kick ass…

    • Arthur

      Being a Nexus 4 owner now, I can’t see this being an “upgrade” to the N4 in every way imaginable. For one, if it is not technically a Nexus device and won’t be running “Pure” Vanilla Android but as close to Pure as possible and won’t get future updates as quickly as the N4, that alone won’t make it an upgrade.

      Even in hardware, it would need to have a 1080p screen, at the very least a Qualcomm 600 CPU and no less than 2GB of RAM not to mention the build materials would need to be as premium as the N4 is not better.

      I see this “X” phone as more of a mid-range Nexus-ish device for those who want to enjoy guaranteed updates (albeit if not as quickly as a Nexus device) straight from Google with no carrier disruption and at a unsubsidized price that the average consumer can afford and not be tied to a 2 year carrier contract. Also like the Nexus, I see this being a world phone, compatible with all GSM bands if Google is planning allowing purchasing from outside the US.

  • tdesai4

    so I assume this means there will not be a CDMA version :(

  • Slith

    Best news all day. I hope it is true. Put the carriers back in their place.

  • DroidPower

    sweet stuff. hopefully they’ll also poor some marketing money so more people can know about it

    • Robert

      They could always just repurpose the old dell commercials. They could qualify as retro now right?

  • DroidSamurai

    I just hope that the camera will be better. All Nexus phones have less than optimal camera when comparing to flagship at their times. Motorola phones’ camera aren’t particularly better either.

  • Alan

    Yeah, and now Dell is going out of business…

  • surethom

    Nice ideas but its the camera that is the most important thing for me, Lets hope it has a large sensor to take nice low light photos .

  • Shizz

    Talk about the full potential of Android being reached. Instead of just having personalizable/customizable OS, it’d be a personalizable hardware too!

  • h0ruza

    I’m going to wait until this is out in the open.

    Under cutting the partnership doesn’t make for good business sense.

    And what of the nexus phone?

  • Tico4674

    If I could build to order with Verizon radios and LTE chip I would be all over this.

  • Bryan Stoner

    I’d like to point out this was an idea I had back in December: imagination-desireplex

    “1. Entirely modular. If I want a better CPU let me just swap it out with a new one.”

    muhHHOhohohooOkie dokie =^w^=

  • swazedahustla

    I was interested until I read that they would only guarantee 1 full update of the software. That right there is enough to say no way. I won’t consider a phone that’s guaranteed to get left behind.

  • Jillxz

    Well , the X phone will be a GSM and that is out for me. AT&T is spotty in my area , T-Mobile and Sprint non existent , so that just leaves Verizon in my area as my only choice.

  • pikahatonjon

    i honestly hope you have a legit source this time. remember the whole debacle with the “breaking this is what 4.2 will bring?”

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yep I remember. I posted a rumor and it turned out to be a hoax. I let everyone know it was fake as soon as I found out and then moved on.

  • HeadDoc


  • donger

    Can’t wait for this X phone.

  • Byteninja2

    Lenovo and Dell let you CUSTOMIZE a PC off their base. It is a complete ripoff over building a PC yourself. But seince you can’t build a phone, then you can only buy one. I wounder if customizing the phone like dell or lenovo will cost way more then just buying a regular phone.

  • Nathan D.

    This will be great if it does come true, I hope they get a better casing for the phone though.

  • tempdomain

    Is there a Google watch now? I heard of Google shoe few days back but watch?

  • jordanfritzsche

    I just love Taylor’s articles, I’ve said they’re some of those only ones in the Android world that offer real substance. Oh by the way, the ideas talked about here are pretty awesome! I can’t wait to see what Google drops at I/O

  • anon

    US carriers seem to offer very high subsidy on flagships. It”s not possible to get them at us$199 here even with super high monthly plans.

  • Besnik

    That x phone prototype im sure youll be able to order carbon fiber back and 1080 display witha maxx battery size that alone could make it a top phone

  • digvijaya07

    Seems Good..Lets see Forward :)

  • LOL

    SO, basically, this RUMORTICLE (article-rumor) says that highly profitable Google has bought struggling 82-year-old tech pioneer Motorola:

    1) to become the CHEAPEST LOW-END LOW-MARGIN manufacturer in the world?
    2) to turn struggling tech pioneer Motorola into a struggling its own hardware subsidiary
    3) to undercut partners and partners-suppliers (more important) with these low-margin products
    4) to end Motorola’s “-350Million per Q” era and start subsidizing the NEW cheap Motorola
    5) to invest $billions in R&D and give the result for free, selling WOW for LOL prices

    I can confidentially say: customizable hardware, WOW software&features, low price, by Google-Motorola. PICK TWO.

    Google-Motorola Xphone is going to be a Google Glass/NEXUS Q/ Chromebook Pixel of smartphones, not a money pit.

    Hardware Google currently manufactures, yes, it manufactures it. Is MADE IN USA, it’s expensive and is hi-end. Google will NOT start manufacturing $199-$499 products in the US, by itself.

    Google has a lot of partners that can manufacture $99-$499 products for them AT SCALE on their facilities. SAMSUNG, LG, SHARP, Toshiba etc.

    And cheap lowest-end manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE.

  • Swooper

    “Imagine a world where you buy your smartphone first and then pick your wireless carrier.”

    …You mean, like the rest of the world outside the US? Because that world exists already, no imagination required. The monopolization on the carrier and ISP market in the country that calls itself the “land of the free” boggles the mind.

    • Sam

      I see you haven’t been to Japan lately…

      • fyezool just lucky enough that my country is a free from these crappy contract but price is little higher than in us..crap contract+low price vs freedom+high price..

  • Jorge Eslava

    This is what i’m looking for. Good specs at a good price are the main reason I got Nexus phones since the Galaxy nexus.

  • Tritaru

    That is ONE HIDEOUS phone! Makes me sick that they have to put that really ugly logo on the front.

  • BigCiX

    Patiently waiting for the Nexus 5

  • Eutychus II

    No Motorola for me. I will be getting some other brand. Motorola creates too much junk.

  • Roger

    This “Quick OS update” thing is making everyone MAD…Mostly there won’t be a SINGLE app that makes use of latest features..immediately…apps are for latest update is in a sense for owners virtual satisfaction…Be wise..Choose right

    • Hari

      THere is dash clock app for above android 4.1.2 which says ICS cannot do that. so nexus devices can enjot that app where as non-nexus devices cannot.

  • anonymous-x

    I really hope the X shows up the HTC ONE & the S4. I’m not buying anything until this phone arrives, even if it is the 1st of a series.