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Ask me a question about the HTC One and I’ll buy you One


I’m currently in love with the One and we teamed up with HTC to do a series of Q&A posts about their upcoming flagship phone. If you leave a comment with any question about the HTC One, and we pick your question to highlight in an upcoming post, then you will be entered into a contest to win your own One. Sounds simple, right? So what do you want to know about the HTC One before you buy it?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • VS

    Will HTC ever sell devices direct to US consumers (thru a website or Google Play Store), that are unlocked and untied to a specific carrier?

  • Pravas

    Will there be a HTC One+ like the HTC One X+ ? I personally liked the improvements the OneX+ had over OneX but it was little over priced. My only question is that does HTC truly believe that this is the One and not rush into other with little upgrades?

  • boro09

    What feels better in your pocket – the One or $600 in $20s?

  • stenzor

    How easy is it to get the One to stock Android (or as close as possible)? I love the experience of stock Android on my Nexus 4, but I do enjoy the sleek look and specs of the One.

    • droidguyuk

      The only way is a launcher like Nova.

  • stepquick

    Do you think HTC will succeed in reclaiming ground with the new HTC one, or do you think it will just turn into one of their other neglected phones? I haven’t seen a single advertisement for the One, and right now with all the delays it doesn’t seem like they’re doing so well.

    I’ve seen sooo many Samsung advertisements, on top of other phone competitors, that it’s kinda obvious why they haven’t been the best. Either misdirected advertisements or very little. In all honesty I don’t even know if I’ve ever seen an advertisement for any of their phones, and hopefully they realize it’s something they’re starting to learn they need to do.

    It’s a beautiful phone and would definitely consider it if the opportunity came up, but right now there’s no reason for me. I’m not entirely sure they can recover with just ONE phone.

    This can have a lot of puns in it.

  • fechhelm

    It’s been said that all the different features that Sense adds from stock android is one of the main reasons updates are so slow to come. How will the ‘One’ try to make updates available quicker?

  • shoa37

    Is HTC sense worth switching over from pure android ?

  • pinkelpause

    How to produce unibody design practical enough to scratch-resistant and light weight for this size smartphone?

  • KaryLT

    I don’t even have a question to ask, I already know everything about and I really, really, really want one!!! So, my question is… would you buy me one?

  • spikz

    Why would you guys offer the 64 gig version exclusively to one carrier while there is no sd card usage?

  • muhammad89a.ibrahim

    can you customize how does the BlinkFeed looks?
    Plus, can you add a website to the BlinkFeed or you shall be saticified with what the HTC offers?

  • roland

    I ask if in 3 months will it upgrade some what Loki the one x did. And how fast will HTC upgrad this phone.

  • Cruzz563

    I haven’t used an HTC phone since the G1. That said I would like to know if you’re missing the double digit megapixels when it comes to camera? Yes I understand that megapixels aren’t everything. :P

  • muhammad89a.ibrahim

    some videos on YouTube shows that the music player is able to show you the lyrics. My question is, does the music player bring you the lyrics automaticaly or you shall get it or something?

  • pathofthehero

    I used to have a Droid Incredible back in the day that took some of the most solid looking photos for a phone. Nowadays, I find myself hard pressed to get anything good out of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (Not holding my breath for the S4, ew). Will the new HTC One help bring back the focus on what goes into a good camera with this new flagship device? If so, then perhaps I just may wind up buying myself one even without this promo. :)

  • muhammad89a.ibrahim

    how do the Zoe (three seconds video) pictures look like when uploading to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other site? Will it look like a video? Flash? Or normal picture?


    Why has the original One series been stuck on ice cream sandwich while Samsung had been able to get jelly bean on the GSII?


    As a company known for great build quality, how were you ankle to improve on that worth the HTC One?


    As a company known for great build quality, how were you able to improve on that with the HTC One?

  • Nilf

    What sets the HTC One apart from the competition?

  • Khyhouth

    By comparing the spec, HTC one is comparable to Samsung Galaxy S4, I prefer the aluminum body of HTC one. what I am still skeptical about HTC one is the ultrapixel, what are the features that can make the 4MP ultrapixel better, more interesting than the 13MP? Are those new features worth the sacrifice of that much MP?

  • deveshprabhu

    With regards to the camera and pixels, what is the actual & factual difference between ultrapixel and megapixel, other than the obvious naming convention?

  • mikemarz

    How can HTC look to return to their former glory without releasing a variant on every carrier. Also I’d like to know why HTC hasn’t released a true flagship phone on Verizon in past year or two. When I say that I mean to ask why i a Verizon customer always has to miss out on great htc phones such as the original one series and now the new HTC one. WHY DO THEY HATE ME SO!!!!!

  • rvirga

    Can the notification light on the HTC One blink in any arbitrary color, or is it limited to red/green like in most previous HTC phones?

  • vbanagas

    How do the front facing speakers and Boom Sound make a difference in audio quality?

  • speras

    With the recent review of the HTC One on… are you worried that their 1/10 repairablity score will negatively impact the sale of the HTC One?

    With that in mind will this score increase the premium rates on insurance plans that cover that HTC One.

    I wanted an HTC One but when I read the review by iFixit I went with an LG Optimus G instead on the Sprint Network. I would appreciate a response so that I may better decide if the HTC One is for me or not.

  • mikermccue

    Coming from a Galaxy S3 what makes HTC top the S3 or S4 ? What features put it on top?

  • mvndaai

    How long does the battery last? Can I keep it in my pocket all day and it not die before 8pm?

  • robyteck

    If the alarm is set at a certain time and i turn of my phone or it runs out of battery, will the alarm still ring?

  • hurric

    will you keep up to date with software updates? that’s really important to not lag a few months behind for me. Thanks

  • Dr.arun saxena

    i have been using htc one for last 1 there any potential that enable doctor to get holter monitoring done?

  • Hirvesh

    HTC have decided to drop the “quietly brilliant” slogan in favor for a new one, and have decided to up their marketing budget.

    Since you seem to love the HTC One, with the new approach HTC is taking towards marketing their phones, how would you, if given a chance, market it? :)

  • Congascribe

    Really looks like HTC has a real winner on their hands. My only question would be, how can you get this message out to the masses? Samsung and Apple are winning the marketing war, what can HTC do to build the momentum?

  • ms893

    I have registered for the new HTC One, and I received an email to confirm me that I can get at least $100 back.

    For that, I nedd to send my old HTC and a proof of One purchase (by May 31, 2013).

    Is it possible to send a proof of purchase for my old HTC instead of sending the phone ?

  • ms893

    I have registered for the new HTC One, and I received an email to confirm me that I can get at least $100 back.

    How do I get more than $100 (“at least”) ?

  • Christopher Wueste

    I love my Nexus 4 and would have a hard time parting with Vanilla Android. What are some of the pros and cons to Sense 5 as opposed to Vanilla Android 4.2.2?

  • NamelessTed

    While I would try to use the new version of Sense UI I still think I would prefer using either stock Android or something similar like CyanogenMod. Some companies, specifically ASUS, already have utilities available on their website that allows a user to easily unlock the bootloader on sever difference devices. Does HTC have any plans to release a utility or offer a simple way of unlocking the bootloader on the HTC One?

  • jhadi

    HTC One has a gorgeous design featuring amazing specs! But is it possible to get the stock Android on it?

  • Jp2dj1

    Why was the decision made to not include Micro Sd Card and the option to take out the battery if needed? Thank you!

  • chris6647

    Hello Android and Me,

    I’ve been waiting for the perfect phone for me, and the HTC One is the closest in years. The two main issues I have with it, however, is the no sdcard slot, no wireless charging and the apparent not OTG-USB+Charging+MHL simultaneously.

    I understand that Google at one point made a statement that they choose to not have a sd card slot because it can confuse the user or just makes things more complicated. But why is that a valid argument, when all the geeks always seem to want to have one anyway? Is it really that much harder/expensive to cram it into a device? I’d like to know HTC’s reason for not including one.

    While on the topic of storage space, i would also like to know why the 64GB editions seem to be even harder to come by than the regular 32GB one? Shouldn’t a company aim to please the geeks first, because they are the ones who will later spread the word to their friends? They would be the first adopters, and if they’re happy, it’ll spread like wildfire.

    Why not have a separate MHL port, or more pins in the current port, to allow OTG-USB while charging while showing the display through MHL? I would love to be able to use my future android device as a portable media-center, but for this to be a reality, I need access to these three functionalities at the same time.

    What was the reasoning by leaving out wireless charging? Was it simply prioritized lower because of physical space requirements? It seems to be that wireless charging is a step towards the future, and I don’t understand why one would chose not to include it.

    Thanks in advance for answering!

  • Jp2dj1

    Hello! Why is there a bit skepticism on the camera section of the Htc One regarding MegaPixel and how does it rank up to the galaxy 4, Iphone 5, and Nokia 808? Thank you!

  • P.P.Foong

    I am interested with the IR remote control feature of HTC One. Does it work with any brand of TV? How about other electrical appliances (DVD, air-cond, fan, door access, alarm, …)?

  • Rulob

    Can You please post a video taken with the htc one at a concert? Galaxy phones such at it, and had a better experience with my older atrix. I will try my htc one x at the killers concert but would love to know this in advance for the htc one

  • Jp2dj1

    Will the Htc One be developer-friendly? Because past incidents of drivers, developers has turned a cold shoulder to Htc. Thank you!

  • P.P.Foong

    I am using HTC Incredible S. When the phone hang, I can take out the battery for a while and put it back to “hard restart” the phone.

    If the HTC One hang, how to “hard restart” the phone?

  • Max.Steel

    How good is the camera on the HTC One?

  • admir91

    Is HTC Sense more practical over stock android on the nexus 4?

  • P.P.Foong

    We get 25GB of Dropbox storage for 2 years with all the previous HTC One series of Android phones.

    Do you get free Dropbox storage with this new HTC One as well?

  • Player01

    How much does it cost to build an HTC One?

  • Jp2dj1

    Hi! Some people criticize the Htc one in particular looks too “stylish” per say, why haven’t you focused on the professional and business type of people that is to there appropriate style? Thank you!

  • remmbermytitans

    The last HTC phone I owned was an HTC Thunderbolt and it almost immediately fell behind with updates, which was very disapointing for a “flagship” phone. What’s to say that the same won’t happen with the HTC One? How has HTC learned from the mistakes of the Thunderbolt?

  • dimiboy

    I have 2 questions….
    1. Will HTC release a global version of 64GB as well? I heard it will be only on AT&T.
    2. Does HTC One support MHL directly and i can connect a micro USB to HDMI cable to it or i have to by HTC’s Accessory for that?

  • Jp2dj1

    Hello! Why and how was the decision made to put a newer version of sense instead of stock Google experience? Thank you!

  • mirrr

    What are the real benefits do I get to change my HTC One X on HTC One, except that I can say one letter less in name (and ghostly pixels and Mhz at the expense of battery)?

    Sorry for my english)

  • Jp2dj1

    The Htc One BoomSound stereo speakers is a very unique feature! Is there any future improvement to make here? Thank you very much!!

    • greatlorens

      does htc cover official service and repair in case of hardware failure.? and can the device be fixed or it will be replaced with a new one? as that uni body design seems impossible to open the phone

  • zubster

    When considering ethical and environmental aspects, what initiatives during the development and production of the M7/One might it stand out above other companies flagship devices?

    The HTC corporate responsibility page shows many excellent examples of adherence to international standards. I would like to know if there are any areas where HTC has assumed leadership and is actively driving improvement.

    There are many great flagship handsets to chose from, which share similar internals and materials. Knowing that the handset manufacturer is improving the industry and environment, is an important differentiator.

  • jdmst77

    Will the HTC One support NFC & Google Wallet?

  • comanitabogdan

    As we all know, every great product design has an even greater story behind it. So my question is:
    What inspired the design team to create this unique, One of a kind phone? Because before you can think about specs, your first encounter with the phone is with its outer shell.

  • alwynjoy

    We saw HTC being opened up by iFixit recently and saw the battery being sandwitched deep inside, is the battery replacable once user find its dead after say 2 years?? What is battery replacement policy for the HTC One?

  • vidhatreg

    How good does the HTC one camera fair with the competition and is 4 “ultrapixels” good enough for images?

  • sicharles

    I have the original OneX and love it. I’m considering getting the One but is it worth changing seeing that i’ve only had the OneX for a year. Maybe it’s better to wait for the One+ which i’m sure that HTC will release in about 6 months.

  • m4lli

    I’m looking to use BT accessories such as a smart watch, but really want to use one which won’t require constant charging, so can you tell me if the One will support the Low Power functionality which exists in BT v4.

  • jj86

    HTC has always had a top, if not, the top tier line of cameras on their phones. The biggest thing that could separate this phone is quality of pictures. Even though there are a ton of comparisons out there, do you feel like the camera can live up to its name?

  • yeahlucass

    How it taste? I´m hungry of a new smartphone jajajajja

  • Tico4674

    Why should I choose the HTC One over the competition?

  • SmallJiji

    How is the reception. Are there any weird technical problems or hardware problems such as the iPhone 4′s death grip? How is the display compared to other high end displays like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z, etc?

  • Tico4674

    Why doesn’t HTC beat other manufacturers to the punch and be the first major company to exclusively use stock Google as their OS?

  • mdawg924

    My first smartphone was HTC Evo 4g and I miss it! Is this going to be the game changer I hope it will be?

  • Dubmess

    I can only afford this phone if I go on a 2 year contract with my provider. With no access to the battery would I be mad to commit myself to such a long term?

  • JayDelz

    Can you specify a port when configuring Exchange Activesync in the built-in mail app? This is important for many business users. I used to be able to do this on my HTC Evo 3D, but had to replace it with a Samsung GS2, and none of Samsung’s recent devices let you do this. You have to buy at least a $10 app instead for port specification. It’s very frustrating for all my co-workers with Samsung devices because our Exchange server uses a non-standard port.

  • scaarg

    What was the inspiration behind the new and improved Sense, its features (like BlinkFeed, Zoe and the UltraPixel camera) and the new way to navigate (removal of the multitask button, the new drawer, the homescreen aside BlinkFeed, etc)?

  • duffguy123

    What will HTC focus on to attract people who are in the market for a new phone? For example, will front facing speakers be enough for a galaxy s3 owner to abandon Samsung?

  • diuc

    I currently use a sony tx20 as a backup to my slr, when I don’t feel like lugging the camera bag around. Besides the size, I also enjoy the abundance of one-touch features in the point and shoot: hdr, panorama, effects, etc.

    Is the One camera good enough to replace my p&s as a backup to an slr?

  • kaelen

    As a serious competitor for the no.1 spot with the htc one, other than a slogan change what will or has htc done inorder to really make the one stand out?specialy knowing that a consumer would want maximum value out of their handsets…what makes this handset my best buy amongst other competing smartphones?

  • els

    If there were one feature of the HTC one that could bring the HTC brand back to its former glory-what would that feature be?

  • emmagine79

    I’ve used a Samsung device for the past four years, why should I buy the HTC One?

  • J-Man

    Having used a Galaxy Nexus for over 2 years now, the camera always left me wanting more. With a lot of discussion going into whether the camera in the HTC One is good enough (pictures have been noted to being noisy, especially in low light), even when compared to its older sibling, the One X. With a variety of phones packing much better (subjectively), bigger cameras (pixels), like its main competitor the S4, does the camera stack up? I never carry a camera with me, so having a decent camera in my phone is something I want for those impromptu photo sessions.

  • catt4u

    I’ve realy read many previews and reviews about the One from all the well known sites and I’ve also seen a lot of YouTube videos.

    They’re all about the wonderful unibody, crisp/natural screen, great battery life, perfect stereo sound, mediocore camera compared to other todays hi-end smartphones, Sense5 which you love or hate with the Blinkfeed feature, the layout from the software keys, etc.

    There are a couple of things though none of them have those covered:

    How is gps reception? (how many satelites does is see)
    Does it get a quick fix after a cold start?
    Since I’m a very frequent gps-maps user (with the TomTom app) this is quite important to me.
    With my Note1 I got a fix with 8 to 12 satelites all the time.

    What about the WiFi reception on n/ac (5 Mhz)?
    I know from the recent past there were many OneX devices having problems with the contacts inside the phone, causing bad reception on WiFi.
    You had to push around the camera lens to get a stronger signal…

    There are more non-covered items (like radio reception when walking around, what is the sound like with the original earbuds)

    But these two points are far more important for most users as they are part of the user experience and not just gadgets.

    So Taylor give me an answer to these questions and be the first to write about it!!

  • ninjatertle

    how does the ultrapixel camera stack up against nokia’s line up of pureview cameras (808 and lumia 920)?

  • danpaul

    Does the HTC One has the Placebo effect to cure my 6 years iPhone “illness”?

  • weaponx169

    How will the phone add to the quality of my life like it was demonstrated at the launch event? It looked like it took parts of my life and from different sources and would help me keep track of things.

  • Leod_UK

    How does the new Blink feed differ in it’s ability to customise the user’s experience to fit their busy lives and see and access the information and content that’s important to them quickly and easily?

  • Leod_UK

    I of course mean “its”

  • Chris Haun

    How does HTC intend to support hardware compatibility with devices such as Fitbit, Bluetooth Low Energy compatible devices and the related API’s. Etc Basically how committed to offering apps and encouraging developers to support your phone as well as Samsung has done with the S3 and likely the S4. I can verify Motorola has failed in this venture with the Razr HD series.

  • Whittall

    I’ve owned 5 HTC handsets over the past few years primarily because of build quality and Sense,
    I love HTC, I like their innovation, their marketing style, their attitude, hell I even helped kit out their UK repair centre!
    …….But I’ve recently bought a Galaxy S3.

    Why? because It was the best on the market when i bought it like to root and tailor the phone for me, I like LOUD ringtones, it has great xda support AND I like a removable battery!
    But recently i’ve found myself wondering what Blink Feed and Boom Sound and Ultra Pixels are like, and I like an underdog, so….

    How do you make me love you again HTC?

  • ibringkarma

    A quick search on Google highlights numerous accounts of Bluetooth on HTC devices being incompatible with a lot of car phones. I recently had to leave HTC due to this problem and so too did my mother. (HTC desire in VWGolf & HTC One S in BMW 1 series)

    What improvements or guarantees have HTC made to ensure compatibility.

  • Nodigo

    Has HTC finally managed to claw its way back to the glory days with the new One?
    The Hero, Legend and the Desires were devices that to the public stood for android and the Sense UI was widely acclaimed for its looks and functionality.

  • occamslazor

    The real question is: Can it play Crysis? If yes, I’ll take it. If no, I’ll take it.

  • ralucah

    What is the WOW factor of the HTC One? How many non-techy friends wanted to see the One in more detail?

  • Gpap90

    Are you planning to release a 16g version in the near future?

  • sheanzyy

    Do you think the HTC One would be a good enough of a phone that can handle some of the rigorous environments inside the LE world? I am a police officer and I need a durable and performance bearing BEAST.

  • rainero

    What will the after-sale support (in terms of future software updates) for the One be like?

  • Samhybrid

    Why is the HTC one so hard to repair? People eventually tear down the HTC one will have a problem to putting it back together…. And it’s one out of ten for super non repairable

  • Lucian Veliman

    How fast will be HTC in offering future versions of Android to the ONE after Google launched them?

  • supertramp02

    I’m wondering whether the placement of the lock button at the top of the screen is a pain in day-to-day usage.

    And do you miss the center home button placement or did you get used to the new layout after a while?

  • simonmaclean

    When will the HTC One be updated to the current release (2.2) of Android? And, in future how long will it take to release updates?

  • parthpatels007

    I would like to know if the UltraPixel camera of HTC would actually get me better images compared to those of say Xperia Z or the Galaxy S IV.

  • gtz.dennis

    Is it possible to disable the new Sense5-Features to get as near to Stock-Android as possible? Espacially is it possible to disable the BlinkFeed or is it always on my homescreen?

  • nouninou

    the most important thing about smartphones these days is the support of their companies

    so the question is : would htc keep supporting htc one for nex three years by updating their

    devices to latest android versions and keep making kits for this device just like apple or better

    than it

  • kelltrash14

    My question is what’s this garbage about AT&T getting exclusives on the 64 gb version? I thought we were past that!

  • Nice

    Why is it releasing with Jelly Bean 4.1 and will it ever receive future updates?

  • Darxor

    Is there an option to hide applications in app drawer? Sometimes you just need the simplicity :)

  • kcastillo

    I am currently using a windows phone operating system on my Nokia lumia. The camera quality is great although I’m getting tired of the lack of apps. The HTC One’s camera may be close to the camera quality I am receiving now and I want this phone to be the reason I switch to Android.

  • t.daeges

    The HTC One does not have a removable battery. Will it be possible to have it exchanged by HTC should the battery become unusable?

    Also, iFixit reported that the HTC One is very hard to fix – will this affect me as a user?

  • bdds13

    Due to it’s powerful hardware I’m curious to know about the longevity of the phone. How many versions of android will the HTC One be upgraded to?

  • kcastillo

    why was it given the name One, honestly the M7 seemed to fit more although a new name such as as the HTC Resolution or HTC Optic.

  • tmihai20

    I love what HTC has done with the HTC One. I want to know why HTC has decided to use a 4 Megapixel camera with UltraPixel technology and not a 5 or 8 Megapixel camera that could perform just as well. This is the only argument that makes some people doubt the HTC One. I’ve read that the Ultrapixel is creating some issues with manufacturing the HTC One.

  • NasLAU

    Google is expected to release the next version of Android at I/O in a few weeks. What is HTC’s plans for upgrading the One to this send later versions of Android?

  • eclein

    I’m on Verizon, with unlimited data, next month is upgrade time. Either way to get into a HTC One
    I’ll probably have to switch my contact with Verizon so do I wait and see if they will carry it or jump
    to another service??
    I will have a HTC One somehow, someway!!!

  • patatdrolleke83

    Will the aluminum case be easily scratched?

  • rolan2dr

    Consumer demand for tablets is increasing significantly, based on HTC failure in this section of the market have they complete given up on making a tablet perhaps with the HTC One camera technology?

    • fygesser

      Will warranty service replace the battery when it becomes unusable?

  • Xye

    Is it the One?

    (i.e. Is it the one to buy? What does it have that others don’t? How does it stack up against competition?)

  • miwaca

    HTC really emphasized at their launch event that the One’s manufacturing process is superior to that of the iPhone 5. How does the One fare when it comes to ‘real world use’?

  • goldenmac

    I think some great phones are coming out real soon, but what about the accessories and life of the phone? Everyone likes that newest thing, but will the phone keep up with the newest things that will come out in the near future? Because phones are released so often, I would just like a phone that I can say is “still the best” in 1 year. Will the One fit that need?

  • gianthobbit

    Would you be able to program the built in IR blaster to work with an Apple TV?

    • Randy White

      How will a case work with this phone with the speaker configuration on the front like that?

  • parsonsxe

    How durable is the metal body in comparison to plastic or glass?

  • darkjuan

    Why would HTC give exclusivity of the 64Gb HTC One to AT&T when they know that giving any one carrier exclusive rights to a version of a great phone like this is going to hurt them in the long run? Do you know if they will release the 64gb version to other cariers at a later time?

    Sorry, that was 2 questions.

  • manidip

    HTC One scores just 1 out of 10 in iFixit repair-ability test. Please take a look at the link:
    This is just poor. One can’t dis-assemble the device without cracking or breaking the display. The aluminum unibody design is the culprit here. What should one do? Go for a device that can be repaired or it’s still okay to go with HTC One..

  • briankariu

    How does the One compare to the Droid DNA in terms of handling (general feel), fluidity. Which screen size do you prefer between the two?

  • selmdpa

    as an owner of many HTC phones over the years, I have been a huge fan. My DNA has performed flawlessly. I loved the 5 inch screen and am curious why down to a 4.7 inch screen on the One?

  • lilrara77

    What makes new sense different from the last version?

  • adamtauro

    I LOVED HTC one X. This is the sole device I used for communication, entertainment and taking snaps. I’ve created several short video just using this phone. I love the camera on this One X. Why would I go for it instead of 8mp and 13mp camera.

  • adamtauro

    I LOVED HTC one X. This is the sole device I used for communication, entertainment and taking picture and video. Out or indoor. This is the only one. And I don’t have any complaint on ot. I’ve created several short video just using this phone. I love the camera on this One X. Why would I go for it instead of 8mp and 13mp camera.

  • mrcrusha

    Will HTC stop the nonsense of no MicroSD slot on their phones? The devices that are coming out from HTC are geared towards entertainment but the phones are limited when it comes to putting entertainment media on them. Most people have MicroSD cards and when coming from another device it is much easier to just pop in my SD card and have my content ready to go.

  • kschauhan

    There is always a frame drop or lag in Games or apps in usually all android devices. Dose HTC overcome this problem or still there?

  • Anne A

    With its new “ultrapixel” camera and dedicated imaging chip, how does the HTC One’s camera truly compare with top-of-the-line phones boasting higher megapixel counts and resolutions?

  • I’d like to hear what you think of the 64gb being exclusive to at&t? I mean a phone with no removable storage and a minor problem with delays…I think it’s a bad move! Never really understood this exclusive business anyway…not in today’s world! Curious on your thoughts about storage too…is 64 too much?

  • sergio reyes

    When android first released i was very htc loyal G1, mytouch,evo 4g. Then i went to Galaxy S I, II, III, what has htc improved on since those devices that should entice me over the S4?

  • MrDuhawesome

    How useful is BlinkFeed on the One?

  • therooferking

    I think the HTC ONE looks perfect. However HTC seems to be in trouble, so if I get this phone what happens if they go out of business? Would that mean no more updates? No way to get parts?

  • stringdidj

    I love the design, the front facing speakers are a must for gaming and media consumption, but My question is regarding the Android OS itself, When is Jelly bean coming for this device and how easy is this to unlock if I want to put a custom rom on it?

  • Willy Morgan

    For the past few years HTC has always come up just a little bit short. Their design has always been a point of pride, but either their internals have been just a step behind, Sense has been a memory hog, or the display / camera hasn’t been where it should be. Why should I put my faith in the HTC One (and HTC) to become my phone brand of choice?

  • Vance

    I currently own the One S and generally love it, however, one seemingly simple flaw has irked me over the year that I’ve owned it: the top position power button is not only less ergonomic than side positioned power buttons, the power button on the One S, specifically, has had issues with consistently functioning correctly. Over time it gets more and more difficult to press (and especially long press) making simple tasks like locking the phone, rebooting, and taking a screenshot enormously frustrating. As a future HTC One owner, I’ve been dying to know how this specific design issue has been addressed and corrected.

  • mmitchum

    What is the equivalent of 4 ultrapixels in megapixels?

  • Kanishk Singh

    What I have seen is that HTC has one of the weakest batteries compared to other OEM. As it is smartphones dont last long. What has HTC done to improve the battery compared to others or is it still short of others?

  • ddaniel87

    Can you give insight, videos, into the everyday functionality of the new Sense OS. I want to get the One and go back to HTC and would like your input on more than just what HTC highlights as selling points. Messaging APP, Email, Calendar, etc. I really liked my One X for its beautiful design, screen and most interfaces. But the battery life and a few small other problems with the interface were bothersome. I like to send multiple photos through texts, be able to access Groups from the contacts bar, etc. The One X could not do this, as a GS3 can, in texts that is. I ended up with a GS3 simply by making the choice for better battery life. I have already seen that the HTC One has much better battery life and would really like some more information on the actual interface in stock apps.

  • Averizzle

    I have an S3 right now. Between the sd card and on board storage I don’t even use 32gb. Also i have never had to remove the battery. With that in mind does the S4 have any deal breakers?

  • muffstic

    I haven’t had an HTC phone since the HTC Thunderbolt. HTC Sense made Android ugly and laggy compared to stock Android when ICS came out. Have these issues been remedied with the HTC One?

  • Julio Chavez

    Will there be a model that supports expandable SD storage?

  • cutiyar neriman

    Do I have Switch To HTC One?

  • Broseph Stalin

    The design is quite different than previous One series devices. What inspired the new look?

  • jordanfritzsche

    How is Zoe officially pronounced? And will I be able to share them with other users easily? (Other brand smartphone users, computers, etc.)

  • carlito2cool

    I believe the HTC One is a great phone and I am a huge fan in news. What would set BlinkFeed apart from all other news sources/apps?

  • aash247

    How important was the deal you made with Apple to the design and overall feel of the HTC One?

  • Zadnak

    Hi Android and Me,

    I’ve been using the G2 for quite a while now and am considering an HTC One when it comes out.

    I am fascinated by the ability to control your tv remotely through the HTC One. Is it easy to setup? It it cumbersome to use at all? Do you think it is likely to replace the remotes in my living room?

    Look forward to your answer.


  • mklpickle

    Why are people making such a big deal about the un-replaceable battery when most iphone 3GS/4/4s users have never replaced their batteries in years, yet seem to get through the day just fine?

  • aaronlivera

    how difficult(or easy) is it to take of the white strips on the back of the silver htc one (black strips on the black htc one…??

    and what material is that strips made of ..??

  • mechon23

    Considering AT&T seems to have some exclusivity with HTC with their flagship. Products, shouldnt their staff know what this product is? All att staff ive spoken to think im asking about the one x or one vx.

  • mechon23

    Does this phone have gorilla glass 3?

  • pasbond

    Why did HTC decide to go with the 4 megapixels “UltraPixel”? Geeks like me understand that it’s really a better technology but the majority will just look at the number 4 and then look at other phones which have 8 mp and think its lower quality.

  • bdenny

    Is the One the first phone with dual speakers on its face?

    (I think all phones need to start doing this seeing as how the screen isn’t on the back….)

  • blueyedsoul25

    Will the HTC One make me look more awesome than I already do? I think so.

  • Thekgb90

    What was the decision process and reasons for not bringing this phone to Verizon? I think it is an amazing phone and my fiance and I were looking forward to it

  • TomBorehamUK

    Seeing as this is for a Q&A I’ll direct my question at HTC themselves and make it better suited for the general public;

    ‘What was your inspiration behind blinkfeed and how do you feel it will help me in every day life?’

    Or if it is for you to answer then simply;
    ‘What is your opinion on blinkered and how does it help you in everyday life?’

    Hope this helps, I’d love ONE :)

  • Melo

    Every review I’ve read about the HTC One seems to praise the battery which seems to provide a very good autonomy. How did you achieve such performance considering the phone components are always more and more powerful ?

  • brucekjeff

    With all the talk from HTC about the ultra pixels and little to compare it to, will the time and stock invested by HTC be worth it? Or will this just be like the retina display from apple, and only hang around for a single generation of phones.

  • Robfactory

    If a person is torn between the HTC One and the Samsung S4, what would you say are the advantages of the One and Disadvantages of the One. Lastly, based on the comments from Android users, why not integrate an MicroSD slot or Swappable battery capabilities?

  • Viequense

    I love my nexus one should i replace it with THE ONE? THE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josegb2011

    Will the HTC one come unlocked?

  • GBT

    Based on the comparisons out there, HTC One could lose to Galaxy S4 in terms of battery life and camera performance (even at low light) – not to mention other new functions of Galaxy S4. My question is: why didn’t HTC choose better specs, including an Ultarpixel camera with higher than 4MP and a battery bigger than 2300mAH, if they really determine to provide the best smartphone to turn HTC fortunes around in 2013? I wouldn’t accept cost and phone thickness as justifiable reasons. In other words, how did HTC decide the megapixels and size of battery for HTC One?

  • Sameer Kumar

    Since keeping up with software updates seems to be so important to so many users (including me), but continues to be such a challenge for companies like HTC, would they consider dropping HTC Sense altogether and offering stock Android as default? That would effectively make every device a Nexus device and give HTC an advantage over their competitors. I also believe that the combination of HTC’s fantastic hardware (I have owned an HTC Desire) and stock Android would almost be irresistible. Would HTC consider going stock on their future devices? If not, why?

  • GenTrevNL

    Is the HTC One going to be the best android device when it comes out and if so why?

  • rarestock

    My experience with an HTC device about 2 years ago was that Sense was flaky and crashed a lot. Is the new version of Sense along with Blinkfeed on the One really an improvement over a device with a stock Android experience?

  • GenTrevNL

    What are the materials used in the HTC One that give it such a premium look?

  • Scirca

    After all the rave reviews of the Nexus 4, which currently retails at $300 for 8GB and $350 for 16GB of storage, why should I spend $300 more to get an unlocked HTC One, OR tie myself down to a carrier for 2 years?

  • GenTrevNL

    Will the HTC One work with t-mobile’s recently announced LTE?

  • spicyguy

    A few questions:

    1. How is the battery life compared to Samsung? (This is the biggest complaint about HTC ever. I am a owner of two HTC phones. I love them, except battery)

    2. HTC Sense is bloated. Is it possible to stock android with HTC one or as close? This is the choice for many.

    3. Can HTC promise the Android updates quickly?

  • LarryLars

    Will the black model get scuffed like the iPhone 5???

  • GenTrevNL

    What is the ppi for the HTC One?

    • andreimtny


      • techmanwest

        468 actually

  • GenTrevNL

    What are some perks of HTC’s skin of android?

  • Alexis

    I had a lot of previous HTC phones, my main complaint is the battery life. Does the HTC ONE hold its own in terms of battery life?

  • GenTrevNL

    Does HTC One have beats audio like past HTC devices?

  • GenTrevNL

    Will the HTC One be upgraded to android 5.0 key lime pie in the future?

  • GenTrevNL

    What is the battery life of the HTC One?

  • saltytaco

    Will the HTC One definitely be getting the next android release in a reasonable time? Will the HTC One be coming to Verizon and other carriers?

  • milus

    BlinkFeed is nice, but is there a way to disable it?

  • antzrevenge

    I’ll keep it simple, how scratch resistant is the aluminum back?

  • GenTrevNL

    How good is the camera on the HTC One?

  • sipjca

    As a developer I bought the S3 because of its immense popularity which made it a perfect device to target, and also for the most part guaranteed that my app would be compatible for almost to years.

    Do you think the One has the possibility for this immense longevity that the S3 sustained?

  • Chroem

    As a mechanical engineer, with all that aluminum, how did you manage to keep the device lightweight and prevent it from sagging peoples’ pockets?

  • rotty73

    Will the ONE come with wireless charging?

  • faeq

    how Does the HTC One bring all the things I love together? (Blinkfeed)

  • cris312

    Out of the HTC One and Galaxy S 4 which of the 2 is designed better for its processor? In other words which UI will operate better around its processor?

  • Prasoon Tiwari 1

    What is the biggest Draw back of the HTC ONE ? , What is the best part of HTC ONE and What make you fall in LOVE with HTC ONE ?

  • youngji

    Black or White?!

  • k.mohammed

    The HTC one has a futuristic and market leading design. Internal specs are some of the best in the business. This phone was designed to capture moments and create and impression. My question with such a great product would this phone also fall into the 18 month OS life cycle? Granted new device every year and sales but if you observe the sales trend mostly developed countries get the devices first and takes almost a year for it to reach countries like mine i.e Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Most of my phone purchases is done on Amazon and by the time I’m able to get the new device another is there with the new os and the old is stuck in the old.

  • ffviiifan

    I love the design of htc one. But not sure how does it feel in my hand. Can i have one to try? :)

  • dimitrakhs1

    Why HTC is so scroodgy about hard disc?Why not support for extended memory?Now with full HD content,is needed…

  • serialtoon

    What is battery life like on the HTC one? How do you think it will decrease when the lte version of the phone is available?

  • sourabhsekhar

    HTC ONE-4MP ultra pixel camera
    Galaxy S4-13mp camera
    nexus 4-8mp camera
    many competeing phones on the market have a minimum of 8mp of one has a 4mp camera but with a catch,it has a big sensor.mainstream consumers looking for a flagshipphone usually associate more megapixels with better image quality.when they look at the specs,they will see the large difference in megapixels. how is htc planning to educate consumers about its better “Ultrapixel camera”.also samsung has more features to boast like hover play or whatever.(they arent very useful which i learnt from the S3)htc has relatively fewer features but far more useful features.again how is htc palnning to educate customers about its superior features? given that htc has been on the lower side of advertising of its amazing phones.

  • anjeltenchi03

    What are some of the advantages of th HTC ONE over the current phones on the market?

  • yourissues

    With the current arms race of phones with specs and everything how future proof is this phone?

  • sampit

    Since the HTC one has a permanent Battery (Non replaceable), I think we need to know about : How long is the Battery Lifespan/Number of cycles?

  • golfpedaler

    My question is “How long can i hold out from purchasing an HTC ONE if I don’t win one…?”

  • jonathan_a

    How hard is it to root an HTC One?

  • Bridwell

    Since the back of phone is part of the antenna, do you foresee any reception issues? How does the HTC ONE signal strength compare to other smartphones on the market? Signal strength is very important to me.

  • glovesfootball

    HTC ONE Question: “What additional strategies will HTC implement that will enable this phone to be the ‘One’ to bring HTC back to it’s rightful place as a premier mobile phone manufacturer?”

  • apgrovas

    I am currently a Galaxy Nexus user and would like to remain at the latest pure android build. That being said, I love the hardware that has been implemented in the HTC One and would love to use it as my daily driver to replace my Galaxy Nexus. Will it be possible to root and unlock the HTC One to use it as a pure Android phone?

  • rauelius

    What benefits does the HTC Sense 5 interface offer over stock Android?

  • I wanted to buy HTC but I am wondering in case its battery is dead then how I will be able to replace it with new battery

  • zerosix

    1) What is the update plan for the One? When wil we get 4.2, 5.0?
    2) People are keen on specs. Were you afraid to make a 4uPix camera? Do you have to explain customers, that 4uPix can be much better than 13 mpix?
    3) HTC gives strange names to devices. HTC One, One X, V, S, SV, etc. Do you have plans to make naming more clear for users?
    4) Can HTC One 2 (I mean, the next year flagship device) become Google Nexus One?

  • Tsany

    Q: “Couple phones from HTC I owned had lousy loudspeaker – How HTC One’s loudspeaker performing (loudness, clarity) ?”

  • mahoneyb

    I currently have an HTC phone. I was planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it came out. If the performance of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are projected to be similar, what would convince me to go for the HTC One? Will HTC provide good support and timely updates? Will the HTC One have a better future trade-in value? Will the HTC One wear better than the Galaxy S4?

  • pryvateid

    I have a few questions about camera software. Will there be any software implementations of a dual-shot like software? I think that’s a very hand software, especially when you’re v-logging, and or doing a video chats. Also, is the Ultrapixel camera only good for low-light situations? I’ve looked at reviews that have said the HTC One camera is great for low-light situations, but average in full-light situations, which I find quite weird.

    Sorry, I have just one more question.

    Since HTC is now focusing on one big flagship device a year, does that mean more focused support on the HTC One. Examples: software updates, accessories. I have a HTC One S now and shortly after Cruzerlite started making cases for the HTC One S, they basically discontinued them. I think it’ll be cool to have different cases supported by various manufacturers for the HTC One since it’s a flagship across multiple carriers.

  • Partof300

    Is there any… [O]ne… feature you wish HTC had left out or included?

  • lotuse

    Simple and straight forward. Is it worth it? There are other phones that are close to par with the HTC one but cheaper. so it is worth the investment?

  • andreimtny

    I am wondering about the non removable battery.How long is it going to last until it stops working properly? and i’ve heard that htc one is hard to disassemble so will i have to change the phone in 1,5 -2 years when the battery is gone?

  • skinnyp19

    I’ll be making the move from iPhone 5 to the Htc one . My question is which is the most important feature tha the htc one has in the music player that apples iPod doesn’t have ?

  • scubabum

    I like the full metal body of the HTC One.
    I don’t want to use a case to cover such a beautiful phone.
    How rugged is it? Is the back easily scratched?

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I have multiple questions if you guys do not mind.

    1. How is boomsound, does it live up to the expectations? I’m a big audiophile and would like to know.

    2. How much does the HTC One’s camera experience differ from others, like how is Zoe?

    3. Do you think this hone has the potential to put HTC back on the throne?

    4. How is the battery life on the phone?

  • pjamies

    He is a stumper for HTC…

    If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?

  • Jonathant21

    I have a couple of questions:

    Does HTC plan to expand the customization options associated with Zoe in future software updates?

    Can you comment on the charge life the the battery? Not simply in terms of day to day use but how viable the battery will be two years down the road? Does it use a technology that will allow the battery to maintain its charging capacity better than other competitors with non removable batteries?

    Thank you!

  • ZB

    Is the camera a risk that HTC will regret?

  • josh9090

    How resistant is the phone to scratches and damage? I loved the nexus 4 but that glass back ruined it for me and I wanna how the aluminum fairs. Have you easily dented or scuffed the aluminum and has the screen taken any unwarranted damage? This will be a big factor for me so thanks if you answer!

  • titan13

    Why are the wifi battery life tests so good compared to previous generation phones when videos play tests are quite similar to older models? Is it something to do with the new wifi chips or is it because the video puts more strain of the gpu due to extremely high ppi?

  • zedklind

    I’ve been rocking Nexus devices since the Nexus S and I’ve always had stock android on all my devices since the G1. Tell me why I should buy the HTC One on contract when I can get fully stock android for cheaper on the Google Play store. Why is Sense better than stock and why should I pay extra for it?

  • SeanK_

    How do you like the design of the phone, is it pretty awesome to hold?

  • alexmaco

    Is the Htc One worth the price?

  • citychik

    I am new to Android and new to smartphones in general. Would the HTC One be good for a newbie like me who has never used such devices before? I’m a quick learner. Previously I had Nokia phones and really liked them.

  • pcarangelo

    Here is what I need to know more than anything. How is the battery life? Coming from an s3 which has alright battery, will the HTC one top that?

  • androidgak

    What is your opinion of the photo quality of shots made with “ultrapixels”?

  • Yash Jethmalani

    Is there going to be an option to disable BlinkFeed in the near future?

  • serivolk

    Have you noticed an improvement in picture quality with software update? How much better have the picture become in normal conditions?

  • jak2rocks

    I just want to know… Can I have One?

  • svendenadel

    Why is it that new HTC Phones takes too long to come to South America, I’m from Colombia and we don’t have the chance to get HTC phones like the HTC ONE! (which I Love <3), so accurately like other places in the world. and another question would be.. Does Zoe lets edit pictures with filters? Im crazy about it!

  • Rock826

    can i have only the feed specific to facebook, twitter and specific websites that i follow show up on the home page stream in blinkfeed

  • kelsonhu

    I always drop my phone. How will the aluminum casing handle against drop and scratch?

  • TheVoodoo

    As a user of HTC One X, its build quality, ergonomic design and overall feel in the hand have awed me since day one. However, I was very disappointed with the low-quality of the HTC MediaLink connection for large-screen viewing.

    Has the HTC MediaLink capability been improved to match the perfection of design that is the HTC One?

  • eithanpillipow

    This phone is HTC ‘s 2013 flagship product, how do you think it will compete against the major competition in the smart phone market? People are loyal, how does HTC plan to convert the long time supporters of apple and Samsung?

  • GenTrevNL

    What is the difference between ultrapixels and megapixels?

  • bibek

    How will the HTC One improve your life…?

  • troysyx

    With all the amazing things I can’t wait to use on the One (build quality, camera, and blink feed), I’m very excited for Sense 5. What are the most exciting and new features that have been added or revised in the updated sense?

  • tayoonja

    With other OEM’s making accessories for there products, what special accessories can we expect to see come out for the One?

  • cheeseonastick

    How should HTC be marketing the One to give it the success it deserves? With their previous creations often falling flat when compared to the competition, what should HTC be doing to make this the next ‘must have’ smartphone?


  • androidkin

    Why HTC decide to go with the button layout(Home, HTC logo, and Recent)? Will HTC officially support the HTC logo as button in a future software button?

  • zhiqiang

    My wife has small hands. How big does the phone feel? Would it be suitable for those without baseball glove sized hands?


    The blinkfeed is a great new addition to the Sense but it can be somewhat limited. Would HTC open it up and allows users to have more control over what can be shown on the Blinkfeed?

  • Andy_jr

    Will the One have USB host capabilities (which would reduce the need for a SD card)?

  • pankaj.desarda

    My Question is with the Introduction of Ultra pixel camera what about the software update for the camera? Is it coming out with d Phone?
    and secondly With Android 5.0 Likely to be launched in Q2 , Can HTC guarantee a quick update ?

  • aranea

    Most smartphone users will agree that software is as much important as hardware to make a phone success. How many new major and minor Android updates HTC are committing to bring to One and how fast they plan to do it?

  • jordanrai2812

    Why is the ‘One’ the only phone I need and what does it offer that no other phone has ever offered before?

  • impromark

    Let’s look at the future-proof-ability of the One. If it is indeed THE ONE, do its specs suggest it will be a leader in this class six months form now? A year? Two? What is HTC’s track record with these sorts of devices and will that translate to a phone that will still be a premiere phone for some time to come?

  • sixfathom

    Two questions. First, will HTC be offering any kind of unlocked/developer purchase option?

    Second, BlinkFeed could provide a great differentiator between the One and competition. Are there plans to allow others developers to build functionality on top of and extend BlinkFeed?

  • bigmixxx

    A Lot of people Don’t like Sense. Not that it’s BAD, it’s just no one has really sat down and explain ANY skinned functionality ( In Sense UI there is a facebook feed, what’s the difference between that and the facebook application? How do you explain that to a user. Same goes for Twitter, flickr, and all of the major social/streaming services). But this problem exists in many other roms as well.

    HTC’s use of other’s API (such as facebook or twitter) is not evolving as fast as the built in applications ability to provide the same functionality. With that, the question becomes:

    IS there ever, EVER going to be an opportunity to ‘turn sense UI off’ and allow people to selectively use HTC build quailty or selective apps vs. subjecting them to the UI of your choice?

  • Anjie Cai

    Which phone is better from a romaholic/tweaker’s point of view? I know HTC is more open but the i9500 exynos processor has the dev community frustrated. Which one would have better/more complete development of aosp :D less bugs

  • Hip2u77

    Simple. . .

    What has HTC done to keep the One from having poor reception like so many after the original Evo 4G?

    After all, this is a phone first. All the bells and whistles mean little if it has lousy reception.

  • droidguyuk

    I love Zoe and have seen that you can do some amazing things with it already, Are you looking to update the features of Zoe in the future with different effects, filters perhaps ?

  • teoB_Glar

    My question is about blink feed. I’ve read that the user can customize it through social network accounts but also htc will have it’s own feeds for news , customised for user’s country. can we add our own rss feeds, because I’m sure that htc won’t have feeds for Greece?

  • hoorayfortanzi

    In terms of performance for a mid-level user, why would it be worth it to move from something like the Galaxy S III to the HTC One?

  • Twister_69

    How is the battery life on it? Since it has a 1080p display.

  • happy-guy46

    What are some of the stand out features unique to this phone?

  • Mcfresh

    Will this phone be available with the no contract carriers, such as Cricket in the next 6 months?

  • tehCylex

    Why did HTC stop building High-End Android devices with hardware keyboards?

  • intel8140

    What is the battery life like? I need something that can last all day without being on a charger.

  • Hannu Leinonen

    Could it stop the Samsung domination in the Android world?

  • Bridwell

    How can AT&T claim exclusive rights for the 64GB HTC ONE when HTC has already announced it will be selling the 64GB HTC ONE Developer Edition in the U.S.? Do you think it is a marketing ploy to drive the demand up for the developer edition so HTC can sell directly to the public? Discuss……

  • homj

    can you use it as a bottleopener?

  • Roxing

    How long will it be upgradeable? I’m talking in Android versions and Sense versions.
    Android 5.0+? Sense 5.x/6.x?
    I don’t assume it will be able to adopt all new features, but I’d like to think it can be updated alongside the next ‘One’

  • JS755

    What is the power draw of the 469ppi display, the quad core processor, and the 2gb of RAM? More generally speaking, how does this phone balance performance and energy consumption?

  • Robert Ayala

    I love the design of this phone but need to know average battery life of this phone. Specifically, what’s the average on screen time before the battery is exhausted?

  • rjshaytoon

    Nexus 4 vs HTC One… Which feels better to hold and use one handed?

  • seskima

    How much better is the 1080p screen in the HTC One than the 720p screen in the HTC One X?

  • techfanatic9

    The HTC One has an insanely beautiful design with aluminum wrapped around the entire body. Do you think the phone will be prone to scratches like the Nexus 4 or will it have a better fighting chance?

  • rpras

    I have never bought a non-Nexus smartphone. Why should I consider One now?

  • androidfan2233

    With its large 2GB of RAM and full metal construction, how does the HTC One combat generated heat? Does the processor throttle under full load? Additionally, will it rely solely on passive cooling, or is another type of cooling being implemented?

  • chenxiaolong

    How well would the HTC One work as a developer’s device?

  • llbpll

    Do you think the IR blaster might be the surprise breakout feature?

  • romy134

    The Camera, How does is fare when there is too much light?

  • Lojtari

    Will HTC One get update OS updates faster this time?

  • Esoth

    Are the unibody aluminium body and camera lens susceptible to nicks, dents and scratches? I’d love to show off the phone’s design, but a case might be necessary if it’s damage-prone (like a certain fruit-themed competitor’s phone).

  • CactusCat

    Since there is no sdCard slot on the HTC One, is it possible in the future to have more than 64gb onboard?

  • unwiredmedic

    I actually have two questions.
    1 – Will the battery be user changeable?
    2 – How resilient is the aluminum casing to dents and dings?

    Thank you!

  • stothy862

    The things I look for when buying a new smart phone are reliability, usability and developer community. Now I can see that this phone will excel in each 3 categories but so do so many other phones now, the S4, the rumoured Nexus 5 (which will likely be cheaper too) and a plethora of other high end smartphones on the market today.

    What does the HTC One have that these phones don’t? In other words, what would you say is the Unique Selling Point of the HTC One for you?

  • kimminer1

    I am not a power user….would the HTC One be a smart choice for me?

  • classic_hero

    Will the HTC One have an unlocked bootloader?

  • redrabbit477

    I’m looking to finally make the jump to Android from iOS. What kind of advantages are there to the Sense 5 skin over the stock Android experience?

  • Jdenbeaux

    How does the HTC One compare specwise to the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3?
    Does the HTC One’s unibody have a lip, or some protection to the screen from cracks?

  • ginzls1

    why should I make the switch from touchwiz to HTC sense what’s the new feature of the sense now?

  • Galen20K

    Is the 4MP Ultra-pixel camera good in No light conditions?

  • Gibberish

    Is there a reliable root available yet?

  • d3uce

    What are the technical diferentiators between the One and the GS3 (or 4) that would make it stand out in gameplay such as Ingress? Items such as GPS, graphics processing and data speeds on 4G.

  • nickystyx

    I understand that the Ultrapixel camera takes more detailed indoor/low light images because of the physically larger sensors, but what about when pictures are taken outdoors when the amount of light isn’t an issue? What I’m still not sure about is when I take a picture outside and what to crop/edit it, or just want to see as much detail as possible won’t I be at a disadvantage since the image would be about half the resolution of a picture taken with a traditional 13 megapixel camera (ie. Galaxy S4)? It just seems like HTC has improved one aspect of the smartphone camera while sacrificing another. I do understand that almost all sites that people upload images to will significantly degrade the quality of the image but still like being able to zoom in to the image and see all the details on their super high resolution phone screens.

    Can an image be more detailed while also being of lower resolution?

    I have always owned HTC devices but this one thing has been keeping me from making a final decision as to what I’m going to get as my next device; the HTC ONE or Galaxy S4.

  • poosh2010

    Will there be a noticeable difference between the LPDDR2 RAM in the HTC One vs. the LPDDR3 RAM in the S4??

  • mattb5

    What is the battery life like? Can you swap it out for a larger battery if you’re a power user? And does it have an SD card slot? These are two of the go/no-go questions I’m asking for my next phone.

  • Logan Edwards

    I’d like to know how the aluminum body holds up to wear. It looks like the anodized aluminum finish on my Macbook Pro and it had held up admirably over the last 3 years.

  • doctoryim

    I am currently a huge fan of flipboard, especially since it came with my Galaxy S III, but what would make me switch to HTC for their Blinkfeed feature? Also what is better about the Sense skin that makes it better than the features from TouchWiz?

  • naypalm

    Does the HTC One’s build quality compare to Nokia’s build quality?

  • likebutta

    My question about the HTC One: Does the HTC One represent the current/future vision of where HTC as a whole is headed?

  • reykeith

    How is the HTC One better than the DNA, and which one should I choose?

  • VanillaB

    I currently own the Droid Galaxy Nexus. Can you give me 5 things that the HTC One has that would convince me to spend my hard earned money rather that keeping my current smart phone?

  • dezb90

    This is a very serious issue to me: Will the HTC One slow down or bog down after several months of extensive use and will the battery life decrease faster after the several months as well?

  • slimx30

    what was the main decision in going with the 4mp ultrapixel camera instead of an 8mp or 13mp camera?

  • BreezeDu

    How good a chance does HTC ONE stand for a long-lasting device life, meaning the longevity of its aesthetics/technology/OS update?

  • reddragonman

    With it launching with Android 4.1, does this show a future of slow updates? My wife and I both have Samsung Epic Touch 4g, and even that now has an official update to 4.1, even though I’m on Cyanogenmod. Samsung has shown that they are willing to support their phones, and the fact that the S4 is launching with 4.2 shows their commitment to that. Also, is there any reason not to hold out to see what Motorola will be bringing to the table?

  • Daniel Hakimi

    So a nice build quality… feels nice. I touch a phone like that, and I am thrilled… for a bit. But I’m not sure that feeling is going to last. I’m not sure that, two years from my purchase, holding the HTC one in my hands will cause the same magical feeling that it will the first time I touch it. When I put my phone in my pocket and mostly forget about it, is build quality still something I’ll care about?

  • GenTrevNL

    Is it safe to say that the HTC One has the best sounding speakers of any other phone in the market?

  • Daniel Hakimi

    What will HTC do to ensure that custom development for the One goes seamlessly, and carries well into the next two years?

  • GenTrevNL

    Will the Htc One support NFC?

  • amin888

    I just like to know how is Galaxy IV camera (photo+video) compare to HTC One as buying guide? Thanks.

  • GenTrevNL

    What are some of the great camera options on the HTC One?