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Ask me a question about the HTC One and I’ll buy you One


I’m currently in love with the One and we teamed up with HTC to do a series of Q&A posts about their upcoming flagship phone. If you leave a comment with any question about the HTC One, and we pick your question to highlight in an upcoming post, then you will be entered into a contest to win your own One. Sounds simple, right? So what do you want to know about the HTC One before you buy it?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • GenTrevNL

    How easy is it to transfer my content and settings to the HTC One?

  • Ayo234

    What things make the HTC One the best Android smartphone of 2013?

  • doccy

    Been using HTC for 6 years now, without a doubt HTC ONE will look & feel just as impressive as the ONE X felt last year compared to other androids. But tell me Taylor, is it going to be the ONE with a bettery that won’t disappoint like always?

  • DreamBrother

    Is there anything it can’t do?

  • themyers

    Is the one compatible with us hosts and mhl?

  • gumbyshu

    I’m insanely curious about the One, because I love HTC. I’m also a little leery of the new home screen (start screen?). Is it good? Is it worth my hard-earned dolars?

  • deus

    How does the HTC One compare to other bands’ top offerings (eg Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, etc)?

  • raspewtin

    For those of us with an HTC EVo 4G LTE or a ONE X (X+, S, SV etc….). Other than Sense5, camera and sound enhancements, What is the ONE thing that would sway us to upgrade to a ONE?

  • Borealis

    How does the ultrapixel camera perform?

  • orangestrat

    Does the desire to lick that display go away or grow with time?

  • Chuong Luong

    Can it run iOS at some point :D

  • rr2009

    Do you like live tiles? How does the ultrapixel camera compared to your previous cell phone cameras? Has the update improved the quality of images? Do you use Zoe often?

  • kvn.keith

    Does the HTC One support wireless charging?

    • llbpll

      Nope, sadly not

  • Bigjay

    What are the ergonomics like for users with larger hands? The general trend of handsets getting bigger is nothing but good news for my big neanderthal hands.

  • sureshMhz

    Why should i change my Galaxy S 3 with HTC One, Just only that the design of HTC One is mesmerizing?

  • Wheaties466

    There are a great number of consumers that will be comparing the spec sheet between the HTC One and the Samsung galaxy s4. They might be a bit shocked when they only see 4MP camera on it. How do you plan on overcoming this ,spec sheet shock, in your marketing campaign?

  • gaidon

    Why should I leave the comfort of iOS for the One?

  • yvhweh

    I want too go really unique with this question so here I go; HTC/YOU what makes this product different than any other phone you’ve past built that was packed with HTC sense, but ended up being quickly unsupported or unsuperior because of another release of the same phone but with upgraded specs a couple months later. As a consumer, I look at the phone and see something beautiful, but as the person I am, I see something I wouldn’t suggest to my friends because I’m tired of them buying htc phones and bugs not being fixed because of them being unsupported in the first 5 months of their release. So the soft ware, specs, camera, is it good enough to were 1-2 years down the line, I’ll want to upgrade to another htc phone? I’m in no way saying it has to be perfect, i just want to know is it worth it truly! I love this phone, its design, and software, but do you think the support and software will be good enough down the line as a consumer? Will my battery last long enough toomake it through a day of all my classes in college so I can call my dad to pick me up from there? Battery also is it top tier, or is HTC just bringing enough again to the table with below average battery life?

  • Roger Rabbi

    I’m already seeing advice to wrap that gorgeous phone in a case, which seems to defeat the purpose of, well, a gorgeous phone. Any idea how durable it is? Planning on doing a scratch/drop/dunk test?

  • atiq

    How long does the battery last in real time usage? In addition what new cell technology have HTC used to improve battery performance?

  • joshcrch

    How was the HTC One’s build process?

  • jeanbigga06

    How does the 4 Ultrapixel stack against the other top tier phones out? Does HTC One come with any custom apps?

  • Mmajtyka

    In the early days of android, sense was a big selling point for HTC since it added functionalities and polish that were sorely missing from early versions of the OS. Frankly, I think that Google owes HTC, since sense greatly aided in android’s adoption in those early days. However, as android matured, those added features became incorporated into android. Sense became seen as unnecessary bloat that was resource hungry yet didn’t bring anything new to the user experience besides unneeded animations and graphics. We all know about blinkfeed and have seen it demonstrated. Are there any other new functionalities in this latest version of sense present on the One? Does it actually enhance the user experience, or is it simply change just for the sake of change? Has any work been done to ‘lighten’ sense and make it more efficient and streamlined?

  • kavyarooney

    Been using HTC for years…was never satisfied with camera..macro shots the HTC one camera does the macro shots works good and does it focuses on the objects properly or focuses out like previous models ?

  • kavyarooney

    How is the battery backup compared to samsung devices and lg nexus 4..since battery is the weakest point of HTC ?

  • kavyarooney

    HTC have been boasting about there camera..but does it really comes close to samsung s3 s4,i phone and sony phones camera..which are thought to be the best in the market ? or its a new trick like beats audio for marketing purpose ?

  • mattprime86

    I want to know why HTC thinks that THIS phone deserves to be called the ONE, when their previous models all had sub-names. (Ex: one x, one v, one s) Is this HTCs ONE phone to rule them all?

  • F4

    How quickly will you update to the latest Android versions? #aprilfoolsjoke?

  • Dannyhyu

    How well does the Ultrapixel sensor perform in comparison to Sony’s Exmor RS 13MP stacked sensor? For that matter how well does it stack up to Nokia’s Pureview?

  • pinke123

    I’ve read that the camera on the One can produce soft images, does increasing the sharpening and structure in an app such as Snapseed produce better looking images or does it simply magnify the effect?

  • 1for28

    What will be HTC’s new tagline to promote the HTC One?

  • Jota

    What is the One’s best feature?

  • Jota

    How can the One optimize my game play experience?

  • bootsywootsy

    What is the difference between the HTC ONE and the Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • MJM128

    From the hardware standpoint did they make the right choice by going with ultrapixels rather than a 13MP sensor like one found in the galaxy s4?

  • paul.k.clark

    Does HTC guarantee Android version upgrades for a particular number of releases

  • Abdur Rehman

    How many options HTC One can offer to share contents on other devices wirelesly such as TV?

  • harishjain

    Will the sense 5 (blinkfeed nd zoe) affect the performance nd will it affect the true android experience??

  • LAJohn

    Do you believe iFixit’s low score of 1 out of 10, will affect sales ?

  • Dr.Carpy

    What is the One HTC One feature that was the tipping point? You’re in love yes, but why?

  • linkinmark5

    Will HTC sell “One” body design for all carriers? For the previous HTC one S it looked great on ATT and when Sprint released their version it was in my opinion an ugly looking phone in comparison.

  • pat.0525

    Why has HTC decided to use Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 instead of its faster 800 version?

  • bambang

    how does the Ultra pixel 4MP HTC One vs current phone 13MP??
    also why htc decide to make the menu look like window phone? i’m still prefer current type Sense, but welcome to new kind of Sense

  • Mrali_87

    I want to ask about screen brightness. I own the htc one x and I personally believe it is still the greatest screen I have seen. I checked out the xperia z in the shop recently and this was the first time I had seen 1080p. It was indeed sharp but for me max screen brightness was poor. My one x has amazing colour reproduction and great viewing angles as well as decent performance outdoors. I assume this is all the same on the one and the one is 1080p but does it still offer high brightness? Is it the best overall smartphone screen to date?

  • Mrali_87

    Also is the follow up to this phone going to be called the one two?

  • brycewat

    Will there be a photosphere option on the HTC one?

  • reevester

    How ‘root’ friendly is it? Is it a pain to root? Custom ROM support? Kernel is locked like a b*tch?

  • cryax

    What offering does HTC one have to Samsungs S voice and Siri? Will there be a virtual assistant in the future?

  • marco8757

    Will HTC One have LTE for my country (Malaysia)?
    What is HTC BlinkFeed??

  • Drewsen5

    Does it get hot like the HTC one X? And does the battery sometimes use more power than the charger kan put in it?

  • Shrink

    Will there be any accessories for the HTC one?

  • egasal

    My contract expires soon and it would be good, if HTC could give an estimate when the ONE will be available?

  • Cypher

    How does the One’s Ultra Pixel camera compare to the Galaxy S4′s 13 megapixel camera?

  • bitlebron

    will the htc button on the “one” be active later through firmware update>

  • GopalBhaire

    Does it gets repaired after a fall???=_=

  • jamesforsey6

    What was the design idea behind the HTC One?

  • subraya29

    Blinkfeed and UltraPixel Camera being the 2 most Innovative features of the HTC ONE which will be used most often. Since blink feed fetches live feeds onto the home screen & Using the UltraPixel camera should consume quiet some power. How does the 2300 mAh Battery perform with these 2 features used most often?

  • engrjayze

    i have a mediocre samsung phone and looking for a good replacement..will the HTC One keep me satisfied this year despite the other release of drool-worthy phones? if either YES or NO I’ll still want to have one..thanks

  • Youssef

    How well the HTC one does it hold up in a crash test?

  • Shawn Clark

    How reliable is the HTC One?

  • arturjc

    In a regular use )some calls, some browsing, GPS enabled, notifications enabled, LTE enabled, how long does the battery last=

  • linezero3

    Now there is Blinkfeed, Ultrapixels(updated recently) and Boomsound.

    So what will HTC bring on it’s next software update?
    Since HTC OneX’s jellybean update, I praised the effort HTC made to make the experience almost flawless also amazing and easy and I just want to know…. What’s next to update?

    HTC ONE X(Int’l) owner. A proud One.

    • linezero3

      For the new HTC One that is.

  • tdyzzle18

    What are some of the best features if the Camera?

  • Bill Sincavage

    How is the battery life on the HTC One and does the software have any battery friendly features. A mobile phone is great as long as it’s mobile and not attached to a power cord.

  • Bradleybones

    I would like to know how well the HTC One handles hands free op. I spend a great deal of time comminicating while driving and like to stay safe by using bluetooth for dictating texts/emails, having incoming texts/emails read, searching for Navigation, etc..

  • Bdoggy25

    I’ve never owned an HTC device and this is the first one that I’ve considered solely on build quality alone, so is it ok to fall in love with the shell of a phone and hope for the best when it comes to what’s inside?

  • RRR

    Here is the key simple but killing question:

    You are like most of readers here hi-tech heavy user and definitely will charge this phone minimum ones per day. The best of the best latest tech battery last 800 charge-discharge cycles. In how many years you will be pushed to buy new phone since according to iFixit there is no way to substitute the battery without literaly cracking the phone?

  • joshkay93

    Will the HTC ONE come with 4G capabilities and a high Level HD screen

  • What are some features, and specifications of the device that make it stand out from the crowd,

  • Jmo

    Is the HTC One the phone that will get HTC past their latest ‘losing’ streak in the Android market or will this suffer the same fate as other great HTC offerings like the One X that while having great specs and build, ultimately fail to make a sizeable dent in the Samsung machine?

  • engellivaja

    does htc have plans to expand to other areas/markets for example ?
    - watch thats connected to the phone
    - mediaplayer/gamebox/workstation thats connects to tv and uses the phone as control.

    via phone stream movies, photos, powerpoints ………….. to the mediaplayer

    play dowloaded games on the phone and display on your tv/projector, and with multiplayer functions

    blinkfeed on my tv screen, and picture in picture, when iam looking on tv/movie it displays my sms and socialmedia updates

    “one” to connect them all

  • cynknoll

    Have had HTC phones for past 5 years. They have taken a beating too. No trouble, easy to figure out. The HTC ONE has made me fall in love with phones again. You know, right now there are some super phones, but for me this one is just IT!

  • Uroc327

    How about the non-removable battery: do you really need a removeable one? Or will I never need this ‘feature’?

  • pitchbend

    All the nice specs in the HTC One like the Ultrapixel Camera, Boomsound and HD Screen, sound awesome, but how will they impact the battery life? what has HTC done in order to optimize battery life?

  • sandroid1

    Why should I be looking forwed to HTC one? I have been extremely disappointed as a Verizon HTC thunderbolt user. HTC Hyc sold us phone and forgot, I fear they will not change and leave us with another brick

  • draven31

    what does zoe function does in Camera app?

  • draven31

    can htc one use the old sense interface or just work with the implemented new one ?

  • rafaelrossi

    How can I personalize BlinkFeed?

  • jnyc

    why HTC didn’t put 8 or 13 Ultrapixel camera in the HTC ONE? the pictures are small i like big pictures that i can print for my kinds and put them in there rooms this is a big deal breaker for me. i like there new technology about the Ultrapixel camera i notice is the best camera on the market at night but during the day not so good because htc only used a 4 Ultrapixel camera.

  • techvudu

    The most intriguing part of the One for me is the unibody construction. This is not a new concept, but certainly gives the One a very attractive exterior fit and finish.

    My question is: (HTC) Are you confident that this unibody design and Gorilla glass clad display are tough enough to handle the daily grind without a case and screen protector? It would be a shame to cover up this beautiful phone with a cheap plastic case.

  • Cyberdan3

    Do you think that the HTC One camera will cause other manufacturers to take a step back in megapixels in favor of an “ultra pixel” of their own?

  • SnipesYan

    What are the international options for the HTC One? If there are any.

  • jafunk

    As a hobbyist photographer, I am extremely glad to see a manufacturer step back in megapixels and go for better quality of pixels. But I am very curious to see how it will work out for them in the long run. I would love to see some real world examples from the camera, including a video of the autofocus in action also showing shutter lag, some low-light indoor shots, etc. As someone who won’t buy a phone that can’t be rooted and have custom roms (CM in particular), I would also like to know what HTC’s stance on that with this phone will be. Will they support the developer market that (in my opinion at least) really helped to push them in the early years?

  • Alan Reboli

    Will it have a super locked bootloader?

  • CrCross

    If ATT has an exclusive on the 64gb version when exactly will the other carriers be getting the 64gb version or should we just get a GALAXY S4 and a micro sd.

  • Lovenyc

    Why didn’t HTC give 64gb version to all carriers? when they know everyone want bigger storage the HTC one doesn’t have SD card?

  • tobin_o

    Aside from aluminum and plastic/polycarb, were other materials for the HTC One ever considered?

  • hokiewv

    Will it blend?

    • Burnd

      Best question around

  • sltiedeman

    When my friends with an iPhone5 ask me how my HTC One is better than their iPhone, what are the key features you would mention?

  • Mark_MN

    Does the HTC One have the same multitasking limitations that the One X had? (Please say “NO!”) I loved the One X but ultimately returned it because the delays I experienced when switching between applications were significant, in my opinion.

  • GenTrevNL

    What was the reason that the HTC One releases with android jelly bean 4.1 instead of 4.2?

  • alxrock

    How much battery life does Blinkfeed use?

  • GenTrevNL

    Is it safe to say this is HTC’s best phone yet?

  • GenTrevNL

    Will blinkfeed work to update my twitter and facebook?

  • XEOD

    In today’s market with all manufactures trying be the “first” to launch new technology and features, how does HTC plan on treating the HTC One by this same time next year or even in the next two years? Will HTC finally be a consumers manufacture and support devices long term or phase it out within the next year once the next best thing is available?

  • theviper21

    What software features make the One better than the Nexus 4?

  • Qrkchrm

    While I enjoyed HTC’s DSLR challenge quiz, I want to see how the HTC one stacks up to a normal point and shoot camera and a DSLR. The HTC quiz was fine, but the images were too small to make an honest comparison. Can the HTC One replace a decent point and shoot for normal sized images?

    I’d love to carry one less device.

  • Andrew Ensley

    Blinkfeed looks great! What options will there be to customize it, and will a classic Android homescreen experience also be available?

  • GenTrevNL

    When does the HTC One release for T-mobile?

  • RD

    How easy is it to mirror the HTC One’s screen on my HDTV?

  • earthformed

    Does the HTC One have AirView (manipulate the screen with your finger hovering over it) and/or SmartScroll (senses the movement of your eyes to scroll up/down) features like the Samsung Galaxy S4? Also, is it available on the Verizon Wireless Network?

  • tranceformer978

    Given the difficulty (impossibility) to open the phone up, how much would it cost to replace a damaged screen through HTC?

  • CattleCorn

    Will the IR remote control function as a true universal remote like the Logitech Harmony, with custom functions for PS3 and the like, or will it only let me browse tiles of what’s on and change my DirecTV receiver channels?

  • RD

    Will the HTC One be penta-band to get high speed on both Tmobile and AT&T?

  • RD

    Does it make a phenomenal difference in the sound quality given that the HTC One has front-facing speakers (which is one of the distinguishing features of this phone) ?

  • azswift

    I know that phone is sexy as an Italian sports car, but is the shape and finish slippery?

  • kerrins

    I liked my previous HTC and would be happy with another, how is this smaller megapixel camera going to compete? Is there something unique about the lens or ability to zoom?

  • t3chn0s1s

    Is the HTC One still plagued with aggressive memory management like the One X was?

  • protozeloz

    I know Ultra pixels are supposed to end the pixel war…. but how does it compare with the rest of the cameras? is is really so good? if so, can we expect the ultra pixels to increase in terms of the number of pixels while keeping a great quality?

  • techprof

    Taylor – I have been an iPhone user since the first version came out and currently have the iPhone 5. I have flirted with the idea and moving to the android system and the HTC One and the motorola droid razor maxx hd are vying for my attention. However, my iPhone has always been trusty and works even if she isn’t the sexiest phone out there anymore. Tell me why I should dump my iPhone 5 for the new girl on the block? Is she just sexy or does she also have zest inside as well?

  • vonschaper

    I totally want an HTC One, but will it be available on VZW and if so, when?

  • mrjackm124

    HTC has been known to slow down their phones with the software-heavy HTC Sense. Is Sense 5 going to be the same memory hogging software that has been present on other phones?

  • vonschaper

    One (no pun intended) more question…..what exactly IS the difference between a mega-pixel and an ultra-pixel? Is that just marketing?

  • Jimmy_Jo

    The previos devices had many different variants instead of being just the One they were advertised as. Is this ONE going to be the same ONE for all carriers and markets? And will this ONE therefore be fully supported for at least a year?

    The past devices all seemed to fall through the craps in a few months.

  • ianh2o

    I’ve been a fan of Samsung since the Galaxy S line started. What is the main reason for me to purchase the HTC One over the GS4?

  • Ktucker1222

    How does the stitching of the “ultrapixels” compare to simply having the equivalent number of total megapixels present in this sensor in terms of image quality?

  • Atrixdroid

    When you are on a speakerphone phone call, do you hear the caller out of both speakers or just one?

  • leozno1

    What do you think is the limit of potential for the HTC Zoe software and how do you plan to work towards that potential? Be it more camera modes, more sharing options, ability to add personal music tracks & transitions, etc?

  • robwhittaker

    I’ve currently got an HTC One S and it struggles when there’s a weak telephone signal. Probably due to the metal body.

    What measures have you taken to improve the aerial reception on the new HTC One given it has a metal body?

  • Max4x4x

    How is HTC changing the mobile computing experience?

  • GE918

    What features if any has HTC put into the One to attract women?

  • delesh

    How do each of the new features actually integrate with real life? Specs and flashy features are great for selling phones, but how will the features and design of the phone actually make my usage more enjoyable and useful?

  • dingosaurus

    The HTC One X was arguably one of the best (and underrated) phones to come out in 2012. With top notch build quality and a screen that was considered to be one of the best on any mobile device to date, how does the HTC One come in as a successor to a flagship to this model?

    Follow-up – Do you believe that the One being released on three providers will help this device be better received here in the states?

  • Noven

    I currently have the Nexus 4, and it has been by far my favorite phone I’ve ever owned. The last time I made that claim was when the original Nexus came out, and I have been a die-hard HTC fan since then.

    If you had to choose, Nexus 4 or HTC One, which would it be and why?

  • Burnd

    The HTC One X had the most beautiful screen among the high end phones released in 2012. What additional technology has Super LCD 3 to offer?

  • androidindia

    How clear and loud is the speaker?

  • Sameer

    Why to buy HTC one when i have better option in term of S4 and Xperia Z?

  • ben steel

    I see it comes with an IR blaster….will I be able to control my TV, Blu Ray, Tuner, etc that feature..?

  • jwier

    What would be the one feature that sets up apart from the rest of the new phones out there now?

  • drejohnson

    Does the HTC One have any cool or useful features that’s not talked about or marketed?

  • zacks2art

    How do the multimedia capabilities stand up to some of the previous HTC devices? Is the video and audio quality up to par with the standard that HTC has set?

  • NeoJesus

    This is not a kiss ass, I want to win post. This post is about getting down to brass tacks.

    Our family used to be HTC users (Evo & Evo 3D) but we have since switched to Samsung in the past 1.5yrs. Here are TEN reasons why we are most likely to go with the Samsung Galaxy S4 for our next upgrade. I’m going to say up front that this is not going to be an easy list to beat but, in reality, this is the competition HTC is facing.

    In no particular order:

    1- 1080p screen in a 5″ device that isn’t gargantuan, thanks to thoughtful design, thin bezels and doesn’t weigh a ton thanks to generous use of plastic.

    2- Removable battery. The only company I would buy a non-removable battery phone from is Motorola because they seriously put huge battery tanks inside their phones. HTC needs to come clean, they do not. Either go big or go removable.

    3- Removable storage. This is important to us because we’re on a tiered data plan. We each have 64gb cards in our phones + 16gb for a total of 80gb. This presents a GREAT VALUE for consumers.

    4- The ability to use the screen with gloves on.

    5- Air View, the ability to hover my finger over the display to interact with it.

    6- S-Beam, this is not a new feature but we’ve come to use it quite a bit to share pictures. It is much more functional than the stock Android beam. It uses NFC only to initiate a connection but uses wifi connection for faster transfers.

    7- Side by side comparison shots of the HTC camera vs the SGS4′s 13mp camera at indoors and low light situations. Also, how fast does it focus compared to the SGS4? Personally, I think all the extra camera features (like Dual Camera, Sound & Shot, etc) of both brands are froo froo since average consumers never end up using them.

    8- Pretty fast updates. My current SGS2 is running TouchWiz with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. I think the most current version is 4.2. That’s pretty impressive by Android standards.

    9- Samsung WatchON, looking forward to being able to ebay my Logitech Harmony remote.

    10- S Voice Drive…unfortunate but true, most of us use our phones in our cars, so anything to make that safer and less distracting to driving is a feature I want in my next phone.

    So that’s it! I told you this would not be an easy list to beat. In order to be the best selling smartphone in the world, you really HAVE TO BE THE BEST SMARTPHONE IN THE WORLD. As a consumer plunking down $250 for a new device, the SGS4 has very little if any sacrifices in features that we have to tolerate. It does and has pretty much everything that most users want in a smartphone without having to sacrifice anything!

    I would be impressed if the HTC could beat Samsung at everything on this list! But, I already know that it can’t. However, I would love to be proven wrong. :)

    • Sameer

      This is not a comment, you just posted an article :D

  • Taknarosh

    As a big fan of the all aluminium build, I’d like to know how they got around the signal attenuation issues that are attributed to an all metal build and exposed antennae issues has plagued other phones in the past like the iPhone 4.

  • muchachodelcampo

    At what point in the future will this device not be considered top of the line anymore?

  • Skapheles

    With the ultrapixels camera, how will this affect other third party photo apps and will they still work?

  • kickyoface86

    Will HTC be better at updates this time around with the HTC One? It’s not fair that international versions get the goody updates and the US gets left behind. Thanks!!!!

  • dhilby09

    What is it that the HTC One does better than all other phones on the market?

  • humanios

    Why would you buy me an HTC One as opposed to an Samsung S4?

  • Graey

    I love new smartphones. When I got my first one I felt like I was living in the future. Does the One offer anything truly innovative that will give me that feeling again?

  • rjyorks

    So which is better; DNA or One? Need something soon and these two are my top choices!

  • JBnHollywood

    How long before HTC comes out with yet another phone that prevents them from updating this one in a timely fashion to stay current with the latest features and functions available to the consumer that spends his hard earned money to have just that? Does it really have to come down to knowing my hands are tied and that I will do without if I continue to stay a loyal customer?

  • justin Poirier

    How does the camera hold up in everyday life, it seems cool in theory, but having not used one personally I’m curious? Also, what options do you have if the battery dies, I had another phone where I could easily replace the battery when it stopped holding a charge, what options would I have if something similar happened with the HTC One?

  • jsngrvn

    How does the HTC Sense Interface stack up against the feature rich Samsung Touchwiz or even the beauty of Android naked?

  • Russell Sprague

    Is it going to have an unlockable bootloader, or is there going to be a developer edition?

  • Tarwin

    Okay, I have a couple of questions but I don’t know if they should go in separate posts or all in one. Also it is unclear to me if it’s supposed to be Q&A sessioins with AndroidAndMe asking the questions and HTC answering, or AndroidAndMe answering our questions (with maybe some help from HTC) so here they go.

    1. What’s the miracast performance like? On the HTC One X some people reported stuttering with the HTC Media Link HD while others said it was buttery smooth. Some said that it was good enough for all gaming including FPS and racing, while others said only for slower genres due to the delay. So I’m wondering if the improvements are enough to make it a perfect choice for wireless gaming (completely wireless as in not even HDMI wires).

    2. What kind of battery does it have? Standard Li-Poly is good for 500 charge cycles but as we know from the Optimus G there are now batteries good for 800 charge cycles. If it happened to have a battery using the newer tech then it would go a long way to allay fears from it not having a user replaceable battery.

    3. How loud do the speakers actually get? In the gsmarena review they measured it as a lot less than the announced 931db and only classified it as “good” not “excellent” when it comes to loudness (quality of the sound on the other hand has been declared as great by all.

    4. Performance of the new mics. Are they always active? Do we get the benefits in all applications ranging from voice recorders, video, and calls? How far away can you comfortably use the phone in speakerphone settings (the ability to actually set down the phone and walk around a little bit would be great, and surely the speakers help with that a bit but it would mostly depend on the mics).

    5. Storage memory speed. One thing that I really like about expandable storage is not that I can have more storage (though it is nice), but rather that it prevents slowdown. As I’ve seen on the Flyer and now the Note 10.1 the devices become unresponsive/slow down when downloading to the main memory but if you download to an external microSD card you can keep on using programs and the device without any problems. This is normally due to speed limitations of the memory. From what I saw on the benchmarks from different sites the new memory is much faster, so does it help to at least alleviate the problem of downloading while trying to use the device? (be it downloading from a webpage or the play store).

    6. From what I read the IR functions of the One include an IR reader so that you can register/copy codes from remotes which are not on file, making it possible to truly replace your other home remotes. If this is correct how easy is it to do this? I know thaht on the PEEL app for my Note 10.1 the only functions I can properly use for the sound part of my home theatre system are only power and volume (no input selection or anything else), which means I don’t really use the app/function much.

    7. Are there any kind of “death grip” issues? I can normally compensate for them but it would be nice to know if they exist.

    8. How well does the lyrics function in the music player work? Especially the karaoke mode.

    9. When you import contacts from your previous phone do they get imported as phone contacts or google contacts? Is there any way to change it?

    10. Has Trace gotten better? I have it on the Sensation and have preferred it to swyp eand SwiftKey but there is room for improvement. (Ii am looking forward to using a keyboard on a biigger screen since that size seems to me the perfect compromise between one and two handed use).

    11. How sensitive is ithe screen? I’m not expecting hover functionality like on the S4, but even so the Flyer was very sensitive while the Sensation not so much yet I could get basic functinality on the Sensation using thin gloves.

    12. How fast does it boot? And I mean fully boot till everything basic is loaded? (compared to those fast boot solutions where the phone is on but you still have to wait for contacts to load, for the gallery to load, for your text messages to load, etc.

    13 & 14. Two questions about the camera. The first is how well the OIS works (I’m suresomeone else asked but hey, I want to know to). The second is about the post-processing and other camera apps. From what other sites have said (and from what I’ve seen in some of the sample pics), the sharpening algorithms are sometimes too aggressive (only sometimes in my opinion), can this be easily compensated by adjusting the sharpness settings in the camera app or bypassed by using a different camera app? Or is all the image processing being automatically done on the HTC Image Chip 2 making using a different camera app a moot point since you’d lose all the added functionality such as simultaneous pics and video capture as well as the Zoe function.

    15. What does the power mode actually do? I know it throttles many functions but how much? With the CPU is the speed throttled, cores disabled, or both? What else is affected and how? And how would you describe the experience/performance on power saving mode?

    16. Gamepad support. I know that in the past HTC handsets haven’t worked all that nicely with bluetooth controllers. Has this changed? There are now some great bluetooth controllers and more games supporting them so it’d be great if the phone recognized them properly.

    17. Finally a blinkfeed question. Is there any way to choose to specifically follow certain people or groups from facebook? Or does it just mirror what appears on my wall. There’s a facebook group for my work and it’d be great if it could focus and get me all the updates from that one.

    Well, those are the questions for you Taylor. For HTC I actually have less.

    1. Can we (and if so when) expect added functionality for Zoe such as adding our own soundtracks to the highlight reels (or did you choose not to go that route due to potential rights issues with the use of commercial songs) or HDR?

    2. From what I’ve seen I love your choice of going with “ultrapixels” and opting for improved performance in all situations but are you also planning on seeing if in the future it’s possible to up the resolution while keeping the ultrapixels?

    3. You mentioned somewhere that you have made your improvements/different parts of Sense more modular making them easier to upgrade since you won’t have to upgrade the entire OS. Does this mean more frequent updates or does it just mean a smaller delay when there is a newe functionality added or a security patch is needed?

    4. How difficult was it to integrate the antennas into the casing and what advantages/disadvantages are there to the process?

    5. Why did you choose to go with a Broadcom WIFI versus the Qualcomm one. What are the benefits of this choice for us the consumers?

    6. The GPU in the S600 found in the Galaxy S4 is faster according to reports. Did you not choose a faster speed for the GPU due to the power draw, heat limitations, or is it dependent on the configuration of the rest of the SOC (i.e. 1.7Ghz vs 1.9Ghz). And along those lines what do you say about having a flagshipi with an SOC that we know will be surpassed in only three months by the likes of the S800 and Tegra4 (if they actually come to market on time this time around). I know that the chipset is only one factor in the decision making along with the release dates of other products and such and you work with what you have. I also know that the One is meant to be a premium experience both hardware wise and physically as well as offering premium performance (more than one page seems has mentioned that the S4 in hand seemed to be slower and lag more despite the faster processor) but I am curious as to what HTC’s official stance on the matter is.

    6. Will there, in the future, be greater granular control in the power saving mode so that we can choose what gets throttled (i.e. CPU but not WiFi) for those of us who know what we’re doing?

    7. I find your implementation of gestures for the menu function to be interesting and full of potential. Will its implementation be dependent on developer adoption or will you look for workarounds?

    Well, that’s it. Sorry to have bombarded you with questions Taylor. I hope they weren’t too repetitive but honestly after reading the first hundred or so I just gave up and decided to post mine without seeing if they had already been asked.

  • glennw

    What is the one unique functionality/aspect of this phone that you can’t live without?

  • chestont

    Are Zoe’s the most underrated feature of the HTC ONE?

  • inviolable

    HTC has been known for the imaging quality of their phones, especially coming off last year’s models. Does the One’s approach with the camera improve it in a meaningful way? Is it immediately noticeable?

  • Techfiend86

    How will the HTC One be improved in performance and battery life compared to the Evo LTE once the Evo gets updated to sense 5?


    How does the One’s camera stack up against the competition (GS4, iPhone 5, Nexus 4, Xperia Z, BB Z10)?

  • David Keller

    In your opinion, what is the defining feature of the HTC One compared to the Galaxy S4?

  • barca009

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use HTC One even go want to do look more like?

  • Bigjay

    With a phone this gorgeous, I don’t see myself confining it to a case anytime soon; but that leaves it prone to the big scary world of pavement and wooden floors.
    What is this phone like in terms of durability? Will we possibly see some HTC-made cases that keep our little investment not only safe but still fashionable?


    Do you think the HTC One will get (suffer) from the facebook home (facebook phone)?

    Meaning that the HTC One will have “exclusivity” to the “new” facebook app?

  • mrscientifik

    How do the stereo speakers sound for music and for podcasts?

    It always bugged me how low quality the speakers are on most phones.

  • ciutyone

    What I would really like to know is what is the experience of owning this phone? I would like to know the smallest annoyances and problems with it and the nicest things about it. Thank you!

  • Trevor Cameron


    My question is: How exactly does the technology in the HTC One work to ensure that you can record live music and video, and be able to enjoy it on your home theater at a later date? This by far the feature that I’m most excited about.

    Background: About six months ago I was at a concert, tried to record some HD videos with sound, and the sound sucked so bad, I never got to enjoy the videos. I said at that time that I wished someone would invent a phone that could record quality video and audio at a concert. Props to HTC for reading my mind and doing just that.

  • underamoon

    How is the mic on the HTC one. Android has always been way behind on its microphone compared to apple. How badly does it clip in loud environments like concerts.

  • CrCross

    Will the lack of 64GB version on carriers other than ATT for who knows how long become the final nail on HTC’s coffin? No micro sd, no removable battery those 2 were already making me think that maybe I should upgrade to something other than an HTC phone now this normally 3 strikes means you are OUT! My question is give me a good reason to stick with an HTC device for another two years?

  • TrixzD

    Hi my question is about the sound of this phone with its dual speakers at the front of the handset instead of the back. Its a bit of A stupid dumb sounding question but just how clear is the sound ? and how much difference does it make having them at the front ? as i love using my phone as my primary media player but often find the loud speaker and placement of it are terrible.

  • Joel

    How long does it take to carve the phone put of aluminum?

  • eliander mendoza

    Why should I buy the ONE and not the Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • jonathan3579

    There is nothing better than finding your One. What was the inspiration behind the HTC One’s beautiful design?

  • HellGuardian

    What does the HTC One have over the competition in terms of build quality and sound enhancements? namely “Boomsound” and “Beats Amplifier”

  • watchnj

    is the HTC ONE a business ready smartphone ?

  • DoctorZaius68

    Can I turn off blink feed?

  • th3gabe

    Is it as sexy as it looks?

  • Stella

    How is the battery life? Do you see a large battery drain for playing games, using Netflix or when GPS is enabled? Also, does the GPS lock quickly?

  • ReverseEsper

    I’m using my current phone as work platform when in home. I connect it to TV and bt keyboard and mouse. Is such feast possible in htc one. Especially docking station with usb and hdmi

  • alex13

    What is the difference between HTC Sense 5 and previous version of the OS? What are the major strengths and how the new upgraded system behaves in terms of performance in comparison to say, the Nexus 4, which comes with a stock version of Android?

  • cheeto_residue

    The HTC one is the best looking and well built Android phone made to date. But will its stunning looks and premium build quality sway you from buying the galaxy s4 with its many features? In other words would you sacrifice buying the Gs4s feature rich almost future proof phone feature wise over the stunning looks of the HTC one if you only had one choice?

  • Rockstar323

    What could HTC do to make the phone better?

  • GenTrevNL

    What are some of the best feature of HTC sense?

  • decker

    How is HTC going to improve releasing OS updates?

  • Dr.Carpy

    I hope this isn’t a cruel April fool’s joke like Google Nose! I want to smell success!

  • seanr517

    Will the HTC One last for a solid 2 years before it’s overshadowed by another flagship device?

  • euio

    I am thinking about getting the GS4, so tell me, can it really compete with the GS4? I have had an HTC Sensation for the last two years and GS1 before that. I am not a big fan of the metal unibody, but the camera work is impressive. However, I think things like the GS4′s head/eye tracking and similar software features might take the cake. Can the One compete with that?

  • Anduril

    When is HTC One coming to US/AT&T? I so want the phone, just want it to be available …

  • damambt

    Enough with the bullsh*t, how much REAL battery life will the avid social networking aficionado get out this device?

    I’m tired of finding ways to conserve battery life. Awesome specs are worthless if the phone can’t stay powered long enough to use them.

  • yurma415

    does giving at&t exclusive rights to the 64gb model put you at a disadvantage against samsung with the other major carriers?

  • WatcherJohn

    I use Sprint. What flavor of 4G does the One use?

  • gabesaves

    I am a fervent Nexus owner and can never convince myself to switch back to “altered” android. Every year Samsung and HTC come out with a new suite of software/hardware “features” that come across to me as throwing paint on the wall and seeing what sticks (touchwiz, sense, finger hover, eye control, IR ports, HTC ZOE, ultrapixel camera, etc. etc. etc.) Do any of these features on the HTC one have the potential to dramatically change the function of Android? Is one feature specifically superior to all of the above mentioned and worth the turbulent upgrade cycle of non vanilla android? Thank you.

  • LucenNox

    Given that the Ultrapixel camera uses multiple sensors, do those sensors activate simultaneously, or is there a delay? Also, if there is a delay, is it large enough to risk, say, blurring?

  • Barabbas

    How sexy is the One on a scale from 1-10?

  • MetalPhoenix79

    What are you thoughts on the camera in comparison to the latest iphone? I realize this is subjective but I’m asking anyway. Reason I ask is I have heard mixed reviews. The latest I’ve heard is that HTC does better in some areas while the iPhone does better in other areas. Let me know your thoughts.

  • Luke Haviland

    The biggest concern I’ve always had with phones is the update timeline, how much support the manufacturing is going to give the phone.
    I love the pure Google experience but I also think companies can vastly improve on this.
    but this always creates a lag time between when Google releases an update and the phone actually gets the update, if it gets it at all.
    how much attention will HTC give this phone as far as Google updates and updates to its own sense?

  • GenTrevNL

    What is the HTC One’s screen size?

  • Dee

    will it blend??

  • dking9101

    Will the HTC One arrive in other colors & what about Sense updates

  • nemesys

    Having previously owned an HTC flagship device (Sensation), I was extremely disappointed with the support life and upgrade status of their “Top-of-the-Line” phone. While the pace of this industry makes almost immediate obsolescence a given, is there any reason to believe the One will receive the more prolonged software support its stature and importance within HTC and the marketplace warrants?

  • Carlos icee0711

    I have a few questions:
    Do the tv functions work as fast as and convenient as using a normal remote?
    How does the two button layout feel? Does having to double-tap the home button ever hinder the usage of those functions?

  • Loempiavogel

    Will there be exceptional NFC use ?

  • swauger

    I read rumors online that the 64gig HTC ONE will be exclusive to AT&T, is this true? If so, why would you commit this to only one carrier in the US.

  • BlazinSwishers

    I am already planning on buying this phone, but Taylor, if you want to buy it for me, even better. I appreciate the offer.

    I understand that megapixels in a camera become obsolete after a certain point, unless you plan on printing huge pictures. Since the camera on the HTC One only takes pictures at 4.0 Megapixels, what does that do to the quality larger pictures that I want to print?

    It would also be nice to have a section explaining the advantage of Ultrapixels to Megapixels.

  • hurracayne

    I have been using HTC smartphones since the HTC touch with it’s Windows mobile customization’s that you used to differentiate your devices. Looking towards the future how committed to Sense customization in never smartphones or do you feel the general consumer is migrating towards a stock android experience?

  • DroidPower

    Will HTC also offer accessories that will protect the HTC One and also enhance the user experience? : D

  • toshistation

    If Facebook is the only feed chosen, is blinkfeed still an attractive experience, or does it just look like a widget-ized Facebook?

  • squrel23

    When should I expect it at my doorstep?

  • GenTrevNL

    What is HTC Zoe?

  • Bryan

    How is the battery life?

  • GenTrevNL

    What is the advantage of beats audio over regular speakers on any other phone?

  • sncrmck

    I’m using the Nexus 4 in large part because I love having vanilla Android and instant access to updates. What features are on the HTC One that could convince Android geeks like me to switch from a very affordable phone that stays current with each update of Android?

  • larkhillv

    Do you think this shift towards an ultra premium build alongside quality hardware such as the camera are enough to save HTC from the death knell?

  • Jorge Eslava

    How long should we expect to wait for updates after Google releases them?

  • Nextgin

    With the GS4 being released around the same time as this phone in the US with Android 4.2, why should I consider buying the HTC One when it is released with Android 4.1 instead of 4.2?

  • michael_mills

    Manufacturers have been having the ‘megapixel race’, with manufacturers competing to cram as many megapixels into their camera’s as they can, hoping to entice buyers with a bigger camera which is not necessarily better. Tell me, how does the 4 megapixel camera fair against the competition, and explain to me what the ‘ultrapixel’ actually is? Is it clever marketing, or a genuine feature?

  • Rikkey

    Is using the HTC One a rewarding enough experience to move away from a pure Android (Nexus) experience for the life of the device?

  • swa2k4

    If you already have the DROID DNA what improvements can we see in the HTC One from this device? Is the battery life improved because thats the biggest problem I have… I have to charge my DNA twice a day fully.

  • phaet2112

    what kind of update cycle is HTC willing to commit to? also how open will the One be to altering some of the more fundamental aspects of it, like adding functionality to the HTC button area, or getting a better understanding of default sharpening added to pics taken?

  • titan13

    Why did you go for an expensive unibody design when everyone else goes a cheaper route I.e. glass or plastics. If you spent more money on a thinner bezel or even just a dedicated camera button key it would have made for a better functioning phone. The One SV doesn’t have a unibody design but it feels great in hand, really great and it has a removable battery too because of it. The only reason to have a big bezel was to cut costs, I would take a thinner bezel and the One sv’s non-unibody design anytime over this one and a micro sd slot, removable battery and a dedicated camera key would have made for a much more perfected design in the eyes of almost anyone who knows anything about smartphones.

  • Tatoniss

    Something I have been curious about is the stereo speakers. When holding the phone in portrait is it odd to have the sound coming from the top and the bottom of the phone where your hand is?

  • aantoine87

    duh obviously the best question is:

    Is this phone even worth asking questions about?

  • theha9

    In terms of battery life, does features like the Zoe result in a drastic battery drain compared with standard smartphone cameras?

  • fc3s

    Will the double dip hard shell case come in different colors?

  • dsFaccount

    The HTC One is going to be shipping with android version 4.1.x while its competition the SGS4 is going to be shipping with android version 4.2.x; what were the technical/development issues that lead HTC to choose to ship with android version 4.1 instead of 4.2

  • dsFaccount

    One of the major complaints about HTC devices is that they never get updated; would you get them to discuss how much support and resources HTC will be putting into maintaining the HTC One (how long will HTC commit to providing official updates both technical to fix issues as well as new android versions; how long will these update dates take on average; how many developers and man hours are going to be tasked to maintaining the One; etc)

  • dsFaccount

    Ask HTC which if any HTC Ones will ship with the bootloader unlocked? Then follow that question up with which specific models (carriers) will be supported on their bootloader unlock site.

  • dsFaccount

    Ask HTC if they plan on repeating last year and release an updated version of the One, the One+

  • dsFaccount

    Ask HTC if they have given any thought into following Sony’s lead of developing a set of sensor APIs that would give developers a way of accessing, controlling, utilizing all the sensors on the HTC One and future HTC devices. If HTC is serious about supporting the development community this would be a good move to make

  • dsFaccount

    Ask HTC when the source code for the HTC One is going to be released.

  • dsFaccount

    Get HTC to talk more about the amp section on the HTC One; what kind of headphones/speakers will it drive?

  • dsFaccount

    Is the amp section on the HTC One used when streaming audio over bluetooth?

  • dsFaccount

    Does the HTC One support HD Voice (note: in case I got the name wrong I am not talking about the noise canceling mics on the device)?

  • dsFaccount

    Is it true that the 64GB version will be an AT&T exclusive? If this is true ask them what lead them to make this decision? Again if true ask them don’t you think it will alienate and ager many potential consumers? Again if true push a bit and ask them if the exclusivity is a timed exclusivity and therefore be available on other carriers after a period of time? If the answer to this question is yes then ask what is the time frame when the 64GB version will be available on other networks?

  • dsFaccount

    oh and of course, ask them when it will actually be available in the US (in particular on T-Mobile)

  • Nicholas Rynjah

    Will the HTC One be the one to help HTC reclaim its lost mojo.

  • dsFaccount

    I have read that content developers have to do something special to their sites/content in-order for it to be displayed on BlinkFeed; what specifically do content developers/providers have to do to their sites/content in-order to be BlinkFeed compatible?

  • NegativeOne13

    I have always been greatly partial to HTC phones. I had the Hero CDMA on Sprint when Android first started getting the ball moving. Then I moved onto the Droid Incredible on Verizon. Finally, I am stuck with the dreaded Galaxy Nexus. My question is does the One still feel solid and sound like the previous devices? I remember the Hero and Incredible held very high standard in my books for overall build quality. I know Android has came a long way since those days, especially the days of Donut. So how has Sense came as far as sleekness, and usability? I haven’t seen anything newer than what was previously on my Droid Incredible while running Gingerbread. I know the new Sense looks good, but how is the performance?

  • What was their inspiration to design the One the way they did?

  • Why did HTC choose to only use a 4.7 in display? When all their competitors are moving on to a little larger displays?

  • Shazam

    How good is the camera – picture and video quality?

  • CaptaiNex2

    How do I know the ”HTC One” is the One?

  • nish228

    What do you think htc could of done to make it better?

  • Julian Rafael1

    Was it difficult to shrink down a 1080p resolution screen to 4.7″ seeing that all current technology only yields 5″ screens?

  • I love that manufacturers have shown commitment to their handsets via updates of camera software etc., later on down the line. I would like to know how nimble HTC plans on being with supporting the One a year down the road from now (in the area of camera software and all other aspects)?

  • melvinjavier

    How will the HTC ONE convince us that it is worth buying in simple words and explanation because not everyone is geeky enough.

  • Rogue1212

    How will the HTC One Convince people to bail on iOS?

  • dtwhsieh

    If with HTC Zoe, one tap of the shutter button captures up to 20 photos and a 3-second video, would frequent use of HTC Zoe put a lot of demand on the size of the phone memory?

  • Ausy

    In the above paragraph you say you’re in love with the One…so, my question for you is, what is your favorite feature of the HTC One and why?

  • JarlSX

    can a blind person use it?

  • Teebor

    I’m interested in the construction of the phone, how does it feel in comparison to say another manufacturers brand? i.e. the plastic construction of the galaxy phones, or the Lumia design from Nokia?
    Also after using it for a short while how well does the zero gap case design really fit together? do you get those annoying little bits of dust in the gaps like you do on other phones? or is the zero gap design really that, and as such there is no visible dust getting in between the screen edges and the case?
    I hate that annoying dust

  • jnweezy

    How is the sound of the stereo speakers? Whats the lowest frequency (+- 3 dB) ?

  • yowanvista

    Why are the HTC updates so slow compared to other manufacturers and what guarantee do customers have when it comes to major post-4.2 Android updates for the HTC One?

  • kronite

    From what it looks like to me, the HTC One won’t support LTE in Norway (scandinavia). But it will in the UK and other markets.

    Is this correct? And if it is, why have THC chosen not to support LTE in a market known for being early adopters of such technology? Especially since LTE is supported on both major networks in the country.

  • shadowxof

    I’m currently using an HTC One S and love the design and features of what’s in the new HTC One. The only question I can really ask would be, will be possible to raise the bar anytime soon?

  • KidEnglish

    Sense 5 seems like a big change in direction for HTC’s implementation of Android. How are you finding the new homescreen is changing your use of the phone and interaction with your social groups?

  • z0phi3l

    My only question, is it as sturdy as the design indicates it should be? And do you feel that aluminum is better than plastics when it comes to absorbing shock?

  • Fenetron

    Will you support the Cyanogen community or any other open Rom communities in their effort to create custom user experience on your phone?

  • wirpo032

    If you would have to point out one feature that is missing on the HTC One, what would it be?
    Or: Would you rather have a standard 8 Mpx Camera on the One or does an “ultrapixel” provide that much better pictures, that you would say “Hey, I’d rather have the lower resolution, because the overall quality of the camera improves by that much?”

  • Jeremy Johns

    Did HTC get inspiration from their Windows phones to create the Blink Feed home screen as it seems to be similar to Windows tiles.

  • GenTrevNL

    Will the HTC make it easy to unlock the One’s bootloader?

  • Taco Neto

    How much does the HTC Sense itself deserve to be in HTC’s outstanding aluminum body?

  • RaVage

    Is the HTC corp (the real one, the one who made the Nexus One) back on tracks with this (at last) flagship phone ?

  • Play16

    I currently have a Nexus One on T-mobile, and have had it since it came out. I would like to get the 64GB HTC One which is either AT&T or available as the Developer Edition. I want to stay with T-mobile, but I have heard that these versions will not run on T-mobile’s network. Could you clarify this?

  • manpaka

    Seeing how this is in all likelihood the best designed smartphone ever (I’m not a big fan of iPhone’s design), I have a related question. How come this is the first Android phone (or at least a popular one) to have speakers at the front of device? I assume this either involves engineering challenges, or some trade-offs, which finally have been solved in what seems like a no-brainer for people who don’t like their calls missed. Please elaborate on what exactly the issue was, and how it was solved in the One. I am genuinely interested in finding out, so if anyone else knows the answer, please let me know. Thanks!

  • jdanner46

    I’ve hear and read about the HTC and the SG4 and both sound great, why do you think the HTC would be a better phone for me over the SG4?

  • BillJude56

    One simple question: Why should I buy the HTC One instead of the Samsung Galaxy S4?

  • nomispin

    Has HTC done anything for battery conservation? And did HTC add dustproof protection to the device?

  • wrfrazier

    Will the CDMA version be able to connect to data and phone at the same time? Like the OneX / Evo 4g Lte allowed?

    I haven’t seen this explained in any article to date.


  • nova_orange

    When will the AT&T exclusive right to sell the 64GB version end?

  • nova_orange

    When will there be a sim free version avaiable?

  • nova_orange

    How quickly will HTC be sending out updates after there are released? I hope the would quickly as to match the change their image along with their slogan.

  • mformarcee

    WHY should I choose this phone? I mean, why should I choose THIS phone and not, for example, the Galaxy S 4? Tell me real life situations in which HTC One excels. Is the HTC One future-proof?

  • GlorifiedSlum

    How has Blinkfeed changed how you consume information? Do you quickly snack on social networks and news outlets whenever you have moment?

  • kitster

    What consumer research did HTC do to come up with Zoes? What kind of feedback did you get that led you to come up with Zoes?


    What kind of customization can we expect?

  • GenTrevNL

    Will the One be easily chipped/scratched because of its aluminum body?

  • Atrixdroid

    I understand you can control your tv… Do you have to point the ir directly at the device you want to adjust and how many devices can you program it to control?

  • the5thdimension

    The most important question of all to me is, Why is this phone launching with Android 4.1.2 instead of 4.2.2?

  • myandroid99

    Can the ir blaster work as a universal remote?

  • Fuducky

    New features like Zoe, HTC Share and Blinkfeed sound great but how can I customize them so they are exactly the way I want them?

    For Zoes for instance, I would like to have the option of increasing the Zoe video length to 5 seconds while keeping the number of stills the same. I would also like to select other music for the Highlights. Will these options be available in the future?

    For HTC Share, I want to be able to geotag my photos/Zoes but not have the exact location show up on HTC Share. Is this possible?

    Finally for Blinkfeed, I would like to add various feeds from smaller sites that are not currently partnered with you. Will this option be available in the future.

  • alvin105

    I’ve read some articles about how great this phone is but will it blend?

  • alexandre.ladeira

    How HTC believe it’s going to rise the sell of it’s smartphones if they don’t have present on big markets like Brazil?

  • Steve Nutt

    Why should I get rid of my Nexus 4 and get an HTC One instead?

  • GenTrevNL

    Can the IR blaster be programmed to work with any tv?

  • DevCompany

    I have 2 pre-order questions.

    1. What will HTC’s OS Updates policy be for the One? 1 more Android OS version… 2 more or 3 more?

    –> I don’t like it when these beautiful phones cant get Firmware & OS upgrades.

    2. How well does HTC One sync my data with Mac OS computers and How easy is it to transfer my contacts and emails from iphone/mac to HTC One?

    –> Being an iPhone user all these years, I am finally taking the dive to android not because of the OS but because of the hardware of Unibody. All Android phones have felt cheap to me and now finally I can hold a phone that has “substance” and not cheap plastic feel. I want the heave “metal” feeling

  • bluevoodo

    Why is the picture ratio set as 16:9 and the cuts down resolution to 3mp on a ratio of 3:2?

  • bluevoodo

    Does it support Miracast if no, why not?

  • titan13

    Why did you disable the android “secret codes” which can for example disable hsdpa. I had an htc one sv but I had a problem with constant hsdpa and umts switching, meaning that using 3g in some areas was unusable because of this constant switching. Nothing loads while switching. I sold my one sv for a galaxy s3 which has the codes and now I have no problem.

  • jonstle

    It seems that for a while android phones have been stuck in a rut, just making things faster, smoother, bigger camera, and more storage while not really innovating anymore. Is the HTC One as innovative as I want/hope it to be? Or is it just another phone with slightly better stats than the last one?

    It seems like there is potential with HTC BlinkFeed.

  • archere3

    Is HTC One’s aluminum body scratch proof? And when wiill you think it might get 4.2.2 update?

  • overclockthesun

    Ok I have one question: Why is it that HTC are stuck with “One” naming nomenclature?

  • ajhall62

    What is the screen material?

  • PostScriptum

    Question in short: The question is about pricing policy – it’s incompetitive (see extended considerations for prove). Don’t you think it would be better to price it around 600$ (Unlocked) and win agains Samsung S4 with price, and agains Google Nexus 4 in quality? I suppose in this case it would be definitely the best-seller of the year.
    Extended considerations:
    Price nowadays is probably more important than all the characteristics. I’ll explain why.
    The device is really high-end, but most of characteristics are out-of range of the average-user needs. I can buy much cheaper device with completely innoticable difference in main parameters: display (I don’t usually look at it through a microscope), software functions (all Android programs, the main difference is inly in discutibile blinkFeed?), GPS, …
    In such situation pricing is extreemely important. As for me the main competitor for HTC One isn’t Samsung Galaxy S4 or IPhone 5-6, but the “old” Google Nexus 4. Maybe 800-900$ isn’t a significant money for US citizens (additionally many of them have contracts from operators), but 70% of population lives in not so rich countries and can’t afford it. IMHO (and not only my) it isn’t worth 2 of the Nexus 4th and many of my friends bought the Nexus not even waiting the One Release. It’s real price for the value comparing to Nexus is around 600$. But nobody from eastern Europe, Asia and many other countries will pay 900$ and it may lead to a great fail of a great product.

    Some additional points:
    - there are well-known obvious weak sides of HTC (battery, camera, Sense, screen) comparint to Apple and Samsung. All those sections were remade in new HTC One, but it didn’t add trust yet. To promote experimental technologies HTC needs to encourage customers take the risk that those technologies aren’t so good as promised.
    - it’s a fact that HTC isn’t so marketed brand as Samsung and Apple. So it should cost a bit less than concurents to attract customers;
    - people who wants top-priced smartphone not considering parameters in-detail will definitely buy Apple or Samsung, just because they are top-phones and Samsung’s S4 will release almost the same time as HTC’s One.
    - the price difference from Samsung S4 is very small considering the scale and I (as a general buyer) won’t run to the store to buy One today – I’ll wait the S4 for few more weeks. That may slow-down sells in first few weeks.

    General conclusion: HTC One is too different from Samsung S4 (not in characteristics, but in market position and marketing strategy) to try to enter the same price-level. S4 will be sold in more quantity even though HTC One has competitive characteristics.

    So don’t you consider the option to reduce the price and win in the quantity rather then the price? At the same time price reduction will make it comparable to Nexus 4 and a lot of people may chose One in this case (nowadays it’s too far and there is not an alternative to Nexus 4).

    • PostScriptum

      As for me and most of my collegues currently HTC One looses comparing to Google Nexus because of the price (I would buy Nexus if I needed a phone at the moment) and again looses agains S4 because of more functions/status of the later one. It only really wins agains S4 in original design, but probably that won’t be decisivo to most of customers. So if I don’t need the phone right now and have enough money, I would wait for Galaxy S4.
      But if the price was 600$, I would probably order it as soon as it is released and forget about Nexus 4 and Galaxy S4. If the price will fall by summer, I would be in a doubt to wait or not to wait. If not, I’m buying Nexus 4.

  • GenTrevNL

    Will other carriers other than att get the 64 gb version also?

  • titan13

    Your camera design on the htc one is innovative and daring. Did you choose to improve image quality, especially low light image quality, at the expense of specs on a sheet because you understand that the specs wars was undermining the quality of your product? and if yes, will we see this kind of innovation in other areas. For example, the cpu speed, ppi of a screen, numbers of cpu’s, screen size, amount of ram; is there a point where enough is enough? And to increase these things further is bad design?

  • titan13

    Your super lcd2 and lcd3 screen technology is very good as are many aspects of htc design. However where htc falls down is in flexibility. Sense is not as much fun as many custom roms because the options are limited. For example, on sense I could not set battery life to a percentage. The recent apps pop up screen has no kill all button. Touchwiz has this. The countdown timer on sense is bad because to put in a time is slow because it uses dials. Touchwiz uses a touch pad and it is very fast to input a time. A little thing, on setting> apps> running, to see cached apps you must press menu and then select cached apps. On Touchwiz I just press cached apps because they don’t bother to include a menu button because ‘cached apps’ is the only option in both cases. Touchwiz is generally less bothersome to use because they seem to be trying to be helpful. That is how they think. That is why they include micro sd card slot and removable battery because it is helpful to some customers. Locking bootloader for example is unhelpful to customers. Apple tell people what they want. Samsung gives people what they want but yes this is balanced with cost of production which is important. But htc is not doing well trying to be like apple. So, when is htc going to be more like samsung and give customers what they want? And write software in more thoughtful way?

  • justthisonce

    What are the ONE’s kinks and bugs – the things little things that just drive you crazy?

  • GenTrevNL

    What are the color varieties that the One will be available in?

  • Cwalden21

    Why is the One that I am very interested in… leaving out the ONE feature that every android phone should have!? Why is there no Micro SD Expansion Slot!?!?

  • smoiu

    We’ve seen HTC constantly upgrade hardware over the years at quite a fast pace, following the release of the One can we expect to see less hardware iterations and more of a focus on refining and improving the experience on this flagship, and possibly even the introduction of more software?

    For example, in 18 months time can we realistically expect to be able to hold the HTC One in our hands and for it to have evolved to match the software and features running on whatever HTC, or their competitors, have released around that time? Phones are so expensive that they are a long term commitment for consumers now and with the power and capability of the hardware featured in the One it would be comforting to think that going forward it will continue to be utilised even more than it is now.

  • Samar

    I have been curious about this all along.

    “The tiny holes grilled for the speakers and notification light on the front of the device – Are they susceptible to tiny dust particles ? , if not water. In other words, if something tiny gets in there, the last thing I wanna do is poke in there with a needle. How do I clean it up then, HTC ?”

  • manny84

    what maked it different compare to galaxy 4 and xperia z. They have almost same features . Screen Size , Robustness of xperia z ??

  • GenTrevNL

    How durable is this phone?

  • nks7

    Is this phone water resistant???

  • jevazquez17

    Can one purchase a HTC One Developer Edition through Carriers or does one have to purchase it through HTC’s website?

  • Eggie

    The new htc flagship promotes with new “high-end” features ,like the display,two frontspeakers, the ultrapixel camera ,better hardware and so on … But this Phone has only 2300mAh battery capacity is this really enough battery for excessive use ?

  • Deveal2014

    Is it true the HTC One will come in a red color as well? I remember seeing pictures of a red htc one.

  • Varekai

    While this is a great phone, both aesthetics and hardware wise, what about this phone would make me want to get it over waiting another month for the inevitable release of the Nexus 5?

  • oenoke

    Are there any specifics on the upgrade path for the upcoming Android release at the I/O? Are they going to be able to support two Sense upgrade UIs now that One is getting the upgrade but even newer phones like the OneX aren’t getting the sense upgrade?