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3CX brings mobile device management to the masses


Does your family or small business rely on you for support with their smartphones? It can be a pain to keep up with multiple devices, but there are solutions that can make your life much easier. One answer is 3CX Mobile Device Manager, which provides an online dashboard that lets you track and monitor all your connected devices in real time.

Most of the mobile device management platforms are only geared towards large corporations, but 3CX has a free edition that allows you to manage up to 5 mobile devices, including Android and iOS. Since 3CX Mobile Device Manager is a hosted solution, it doesn’t require any complicated setup. All you need to do is sign up for your account, login via your web browser, and then download the client to your mobile devices.

After 3DX MDM is installed you can find and track devices, manage and deploy apps, lock and wipe devices remotely, push WiFi hotspot passwords to connected devices, and more. All of this is accomplished through your browser, which lets you audit and monitor your devices in real time.

Also, with the BBC in the UK reporting that over 300 mobile devices are stolen every day in London alone, it’s becoming vitally important to protect the data that’s stored on your Android and iOS devices. With 3CX MDM, you can protect your company’s corporate sensitive data by remotely locking and wiping your devices, even if they’re not connected to the internet! You can also enforce password policies and monitor for malware and inappropriate apps easily.

Even though 3DX MDM is accessible to novices and small businesses, they still provide plans for larger operations. An onsite version that can be downloaded and installed on your own server is available, and it can support up to 5,000 connected devices. Maintenance and support is also included with the paid versions.

If 3DX MDM sounds like something you would like to try, just visit the source link to register your free account and then download the Android client to get started.


Source: 3CX Mobile Device Manager

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