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Facebook enables free voice calls in US via Messenger app

Facebook Messenger

Early this year Facebook started testing free voice calls in Canada via their Messenger app, and now the feature is slowly being rolled out to the US. If you have Facebook Messenger already installed, just open up your contacts list and click info on any person to see if there is an option for “Free call.”

Facebook calling works essentially the same way as any other VoIP service, such as Skype, but Facebook has the huge advantage of being the largest social network and having access to all your contacts.

I tested out the Facebook free calling feature last night and found the voice quality was pretty good. Calls can be made over a WiFi network or a cellular network. Facebook warns users that they still have to pay for data, but we are not sure exactly how much data a call consumes.

Most carriers now provide unlimited minutes, so there might not be an immediate advantage to making a VoIP call when data consumption is often limited. However, there are still a lot of people on older plans that have limited minutes and unlimited data, so Facebook calling could be appealing to them. For businesses, however, VoIP these days is a must-have due to cost savings. Business VoIP service can be had at a rate much lower than traditional phone service, and the quality is on par.

The feature is slowly being rolled out to Facebook accounts in the US, so don’t worry if it’s not available yet. If you have a Facebook account and want to test it out, grab Facebook Messenger from the link below.

Source: Facebook Messenger

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  • SGB101

    No matter on your view of FB, this could be huge, and be a carrier killer.

    • herbivore83

      How so? How do you get the smartphone or data connection without a carrier?

      • meidindan

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        • FakU

          I had a pet bear once. He died in a Russian guerrilla attack.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Carriers are giving out minutes like it’s candy. Voice usage is going down year on year. Carriers care more about data usage… which is why most plans have caps. The carriers would love for more people to use VoIP on their cellphones. They can charge you for data overages.

  • duffguy123

    Or if you’re on the T-Mobile 100 Mins/5GB of data….I always run out of minutes a little before the end of the month :-/

    • SGB101

      I’m on unlimited calls / text / data.

      But I’m slowly moving to im and voip services, as I’m planning for when my contract ends.

      Had a contract for 13years,and come end of contact, I’ll be getting a data sim only, using my Skype number, facebook, and bable. I’ll only meet minimal data as 9/10 times I have wifi.

      The carrier data will be a back up for emergencies

  • jskennedy19

    …… Google Voice + Groove IP. Free calls to any US number as well as free texting, and free call forwarding to any phone.

    FB Calls is kinda stupid when Google lets you do all that.

    • SGB101

      Until we see bable, Google offering sucks and is mainly used but geeks.

      O and the main thing g voice is us (maybe canada) only. And they way it works atm it is likely to stay that way.

      I know Skype, and a number of others do calls well, but facebook has the numbers.

      The carriers will be watching this very closely.

  • Nathan D.

    T-mobile already had wifi calling that does similar job so it not like it a big deal, yet.

    • sandra

      Actually i am with tmobile and i cant actually call thru wifi…this feature has helped me, since my phone is disconnected….

      • Aaron

        Your phone has to be activated for wifi calling to work, it needs an active number.

        • michi


          My phone service is disconnected….I was shocked when I received phone calls from two of my friends in India ( im in U.S.A.)
          I am only able to use my phone over wifi ….and use mainly for facebook and youtube….. so Im pretty excited to know I can get calls now too!

  • killrgummibear

    this is really just another gimmick. no point to this at all. until this starts doing free international calls including mexico (not discounted) it’s worthless. ppl were making voip calls last year without facebook so why do we need it now all of a sudden?

    and to the guy above that said this “Google offering sucks and is mainly used but geeks” really!?!? since you’re on this site and posting i’m guessing your using an android device…so i’m go out on a limb here and say that you sir are a geek. that’s if you stand by your own words. if you haven’t notice android is google…or did you think it was just apple in disguise? also stop trolling.

    • SGB101

      Hell yes I’m a geek,I wouldn’t be here listing to your shit otherwise! I was talking about everyday people aren’t using Google voice, it a geek thing mainly. There was no trolling, it was the complete opposite, I’m in total favour for a company to bring free calls to the world, and FB are In prime position.

      Google to should be able to make an offering, but what they have today just doesn’t cut it. To many disjointed services, Hopefully Babel will cure it.

  • MC_Android

    Of course, USA only…

  • donger

    Facebook is taking over.

  • FormerYooper

    I have tried the free phone call feature with a family member …. and we’ll be darned if we can get any audio to work. We both hear the FB phone ring when the call is coming in … but no audio for the conversation. Then, when we end the call, we hear the audio of the call ending. Can anyone give us any tips or suggestions on what we’re doing wrong? Thanks a bunch!

  • Bhugtaan mobile and Dth recharge App

    When will this feature available in India. I also want to take advantage of it.
    Dth Recharge App

    • michi

      I am in USA and two of my Indian friends call me… calls get cut short at times but call sound quality is very good.

  • Dinda

    yeah oke

  • Mary Lou Allen

    When using messenger phone can you see who that person is talking to? ie: their profile pic in the background

  • steveaugusta

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    Natwest Customer Service Phone Number

  • jill waugh

    when i free call people they cannot hear me,i can hear them perfectly

  • Cassie

    I used it FB messenger call from my apple I phone while in Mexico and it worked great I was on free wifi through the resort! Just wonder if it used any of my data because I had it turned off

  • Lisa Roy

    Thanks a lot for wonderful information. This information gonna help me a lot to be on safer side . Will remember all the tricks from next time. Thank You Very Much .
    Pc Help

  • manoj

    hi i am from bahrain and using samsung note 2.
    not getting fb free call. please help me…

  • dipankar das

    aei nokkia5800 massanger thaka call kara jaba yes\no