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Facebook Home now available for select Android devices


If you love Facebook, or you have a Facebook account and are curious what all the buzz is about, now is the time to install Facebook Home. The new app from Facebook is actually a family of experiences that includes a new lock screen and home screen called Cover Feed, a new app launcher, and a new messenger feature called Chat Heads.

For the initial launch of Facebook Home, only a handful of Android devices are supported. Facebook Home is also only available in the United States at launch. However, Facebook has committed to updating the app on a monthly basis and more devices and countries will be added soon. Facebook Home will be available for Android tablets in “several months.”

Facebook Home supported devices include:

  • HTC One X
  • HTC One X+
  • HTC One
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy S 4

When you first open Facebook Home, it will prompt you if you want to make it your default home screen. You can select always or pick only once to just test it out. If you do select Facebook Home as your default home screen and later want to turn it off, just open up the Home Settings app and select “Turn off Facebook Home.”

I’m not a huge Facebook user, but I have an account and I check it on a weekly basis. My gut tells me I’m going to miss my normal home screen, but I plan to try out Facebook Home for a couple days to see how the experience feels.

And if you do try it and hate it, remember this is a Version 1.0 release. Facebook will be listening to user feedback to improve the app and add new features, so share your complaints in the comments below.


Via: Facebook

Source: Google Play

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  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    Several of our Twitter followers have been able to pull up the Play Store listing, but we are not seeing it on our supported devices yet. It should be live for the rest of us at any moment hopefully.

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    Can I use it without a Facebook account? Just for the Chat Heads over SMS?

    • peekay5000

      Apparently, you need a fb account to log on first. But it works wonderfully with normal SMS/MMS once you have logged in and enabled it via the settings

      • peekay5000

        And, you don’t even need the entire bundle if you just wanna use chat heads. Just the messenger app will do

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Hah poor Clark with no FB account. I’m sure some dev will rip off Chat Heads and make a standalone SMS app.

      • Nate B.

        This is exactly what I want. It’s so cool. I wonder why Google didn’t think of this for a universals chat/SMS app. Their Google+ displays look like that already.

      • Jorge Vieira

        Once its activated you can actually back out and it still hangs out over the stock launcher!!! I’m stocked ill its actually part of the messenger app it seems.

  • fearphage

    The play store link is 404′ing for me in the browser and it’s not coming up on my SGS3.

    • RIOTS in Vancouver and Tottenham!!!!!!!!

      I heard the british barbarians started riots and a brawl at Wembley? Millwall and Tottenham vs Vancouver would be epic!

      Facebook home is disappointing.

  • sknoslo

    Any particular reason Facebook is doing such a limited roll out? I’m assuming HTC and Samsung paid them to do so?

    Also, Chat Heads is an awesome feature but I found that it gets in the way of everything. Doesn’t even hide for keyboards, and I’m constantly moving it so I can access stuff behind it. Hopefully they will address that in an update soon because I’m sold on that idea, and it might even make me use Facebook more.

    • Jon

      I think its got to do with qualcomm devices and a specifix chipset.

  • SGB101

    Not showing for me either

    • SGB101

      It’s not showing up through the phone play store, for s3,note2 or one X.

      If I search via browser FB home shows as incompatible with any of my device!

      Must be a UK thing atm.

      • SGB101

        I just side loaded it on my one X, seems very well put together, but doesn’t seem to add to the FB experience and make android awkward to navigate IMHO.

        I ha e read the apk works on most devices not just the supported models.


        • SGB101

          To add my X isn’t running stock, but CM10.

  • Andrew

    Has anyone been able to download it for their Galaxy Note 2? I’m antsy to see how well they make use of all this screen I have.

  • mike scott

    My Galaxy note 2 Facebook Messenger has the new Facebook Home bubble feature for messenger. As of 1235 still no facebook home yet but the messenger has changed

    • Andrew

      I was able to update both the Facebook app and the messenger app. New chat heads feature is pretty convenient, but it kind of makes it easy for anyone to pick up your phone and look through your messages… We’ll see how it pans out in everyday use.

  • stevoo

    Really Facebook … No support for the nexus devices ? Roll it out and let us see what you have done !!

    • virexed

      Installed and uninstalled. You’re not missing much. It really kills the android experience.

      • RIOTS in Vancouver and Tottenham!!!!!!!!

        I agree, home is a flop

  • Luis

    Downloaded it onto my Note II a few minutes ago. The application seems to be rolling out super, super slow. Anyway, for me, this app is essentially useless. Unless you are a Facebook fanatic, and I mean absolute fanatic, you won’t find much use for it. Everything, and this may be because of the friends I have, is pixelated and just looks a bit awkward. It’s like Cover Flow, but for Facebook posts. Eh, it isn’t for me. That’s for sure.

    • techsavy

      Hi luis, how does have you downloaded, can you please share the url. thank in advance.

  • Ralph Conrad Valido

    I was able to install it but it says that is not compatible with my HTC one X At&t version running cm10.1when I opened the app.

    • techsavy

      how does have you downloaded, can you please share the url. thank in advance.

      • Ralph Conrad Valido

        I was reading this article using my phone and I just click the Google play store link and it brought me to the Google play store Facebook home download page and I just install it. The app opened but like I said it said that my phone is not compatible.

        • techsavy

          ok, anyways thanks.

    • Derek Ferguson

      Same here. Hoping it will work soon, but I’m guessing if we want to use it, we will have to go back to stock Sense

  • Luis

    Yeah, I just clicked the Play Store link posted in the article. Downloaded just fine.

  • Henrique Miraldo

    Apparently it’s country-limited.
    I can’t install it on my SGS3. I’m from Brazil.

  • Matthew Reynolds

    not compatible with evo 4g lte. really? it is basically a one x, not like i want it anyways, just wanted to check it out lol

    • thel0nerang3r

      I have FB set to auto update on Evo 4G LTE, it needs additional permission for Home. For me, it’s not a separate download, but part of the FB app. I guess they are doing a staggered roll out if you are not seeing it.

  • Everette Henry

    Installed on my S3 got bored in less than 5 minutes. Useless. If you cannot download it, do not worry, you are not missing much. Stick with a real launcher.

  • smeghead68

    Haven’t tried it and i don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Maybe because I’m not a huge FB user. But even then I think this would only be for real heavy users.

    Oh well each to their own.

  • Nathan D.

    My device is to old, I doubt my phone will get it

    Sent from my sensation 4g

  • http://www.openintro.com OpenIntro

    It should work on any rooted device if you know how to change your build.prop :)

    I’m running it on my Nexus 4. I really like the idea for the lock screen. I hate the actual launcher.

  • jamal adam

    I wanted to checkout chat heads (terrible name)but since it’s already in Messenger, I probably have no use for Facebook Home but then again, I’m curious to check it out so when it’s available for my Nexus 7, I’ll see what all the fuss is about. I do like the idea of chat heads, I think this is beautiful way to show messages and makes it very convenient and it’s simple and easy to use from the looks of it.

  • Richard Yarrell

    I tend to like it chat heads are great. All in all a pretty fluid experience on my Note 2 well worth waiting for. Will decide to keep or uninstall by Sunday.

    • snowbdr89

      You say chat heads as if you actually have friends!!

    • Max.Steel

      No one cares.

  • PhyzX

    It doesn’t work on the Roger’s HTC One X =.=

  • ihatefanboys

    what ? no ONE S love ?

  • Karlo

    Facebook home is stupid. I will never change my launcher with it. http://exclusiveapplications.blogspot.com/

  • jo k1mball 34135

    More shit jammed down our throats ZTE do not buy un-American if u Google zte vs USA u will no the facts!

  • santiago

    i want facebook home on IOS

  • Aqua
  • donger

    What’s up with the spam in comments?

  • Bhugtaan mobile and Dth recharge App

    This is a good news for all facebook users, but its has some disadvantage that this is only available for limited users.

  • james

    When will it be available for other phones? Why wouldn’t they release it for all of us? I would like to try it but I have the first note and the jellybean ios,
    but still. e