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Feedly version 14 now available in Google Play with improved search and more


When Google announced they’d be shutting down Reader this July, Feedly really stepped up to the plate. Despite being around for years now, Feedly has just recently caught fire. Promising continued support and seamless migration after Reader is dead and gone, some 3 million new users have flocked to Feedly since Google reported the end of Reader. Today, the latest version of Feedly was made available in the Play Store, with a handful of new features and enhancements.

Feedly version 14 features a laundry list of shiny new additions, all centered on making Feedly faster and making you more productive. If you swipe all the way left in Feedly, or press the three bar “hamburger” menu icon, you’re taken to a panel that allows you to manage your subscriptions, view your folders and access the settings menu. Along with the “Today” section, available when new content is in your feed, Feedly has added a new feature titled “Must Reads.” According to Feedly, “new posts from the feeds that you promote as ‘must read’ will bubble up to the top of the feed selection panel and in the ‘Today’ section.” Pull to refresh functionality has also been added in the far left panel.

In the main content screen, Feedly has added a new “view title only” view that looks and functions similarly to the old Google Reader app. Title only view makes sifting through large amounts of articles and scanning your feed easier than ever. Lots of people have been asking for this feature, and Feedly has delivered.

If Feedly’s sharing options have ever disappointed you, Feedly 14 will cure what ails you. Not only has Feedly enhanced sharing support, with a Google+ option finally available, there’s also a quick menu that makes sharing from right inside articles even easier. And it’s customizable, too. You can set the service of your choice as the quick access default.

Quite possibly the biggest new addition to Feedly 14 is an entirely reworked search and discovery engine. When you search Feedly, over 50 million feeds are sifted and sorted to find content relevant to you. The new Feedly search utilizes its users to help in that. The more people using Feedly, creating folders, organizing tags and searching for feeds, the better Feedly search and discovery will become. Feedly is one of the few services able to leverage a large user base and do things like build new search algorithms. We’re glad to see their popularity and reach being put to good use.

Finally, as a special Android-only addition to the new Feedly, a new layout for the Nexus 7 and 10 has been added, providing tablet users with the best experience possible.

To download the latest version of Feedly, check Google Play for an update. Or if you’re new to the service, you can use the download widget below.


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  • LazCas

    Really like that they are listening to consumers and adding features. Hopefully they add offline reading which is really the only thing that’s kept me from solely using Feedly since I fly quite often and end up reading news in airplane mode.

    For now I’ve been using gReader.

  • PaulP

    Hah! Can’t full us that easily! April Fool!

  • donger

    About time.

  • Ben

    Still could not find how to remove those cover pages getting displayed over newer content.

    Couldn’t we just get a chronological feed where things are displayed from new to old without any page bumped to front because many people loved it ? This is the most annoying thing about Feedly for me at the moment.

    I’m trying to force myself to use feedly but I always end up opening Google Reader, sometimes it is by habit sometimes it is because Feedly pisses me off and I go back to an app doing what I want from it.

    Cool view and features should not harm basic features and uses.