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Twitter for Android updated with Holo UI, new card support

twitter holo

The number one reason why third-party Twitter clients are so popular on Android? Because the option Twitter has provided, for years now, sucks. For how big Twitter is, it’s astonishing how bad their app is. Or rather, was. Today, Twitter for Android has finally been updated to feel more at home on the platform.

I know; it almost seems unreal. But it’s true. Twitter has updated their Android app, and it’s amazing. Not only does it feature a revamped Holo UI, but there are swipe-able tabs and font changes. That pesky legacy menu button is gone, too. Even after fifteen minutes of use, the new Twitter feels a million times better than the old. It almost, almost, makes sense why they’d want to close down third-party “clones.” The default Twitter app is finally worth using again.

Among the design changes to the app, there have also been some added features. Twitter’s new cards, expanded tweet info-container-type things, now support enhanced app integration. So when someone posts something from Path, for example, you can be taken directly to Google Play from the Twitter card to install the app if you don’t already have it. If you do, you’ll be directly taken to that app. There’s also been changes to hashtags, @username support and the discovery tab.

If you’ve shunned the default Twitter app in the past, the latest update definitely warrants a second chance. Head to Google Play on your device to update now, or if you’re Twitter free, use the download widget below.


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  • halo0

    aaaand the first thing I see upon installing the app and looking at my feed? A “promoted” (aka “spam/advertisement”) right above the androidandme tweet. Open up Tweetdeck – look, no ads!


    • halo0

      This is the exact same reason BTW, that I refuse to use the official FB app.

    • herbivore83

      I must say I dislike this attitude. You’re taking advantage of a free service that costs real money to maintain and improve, and I think it’s only appropriate that the provider of said service sees some benefits in your use. Ads are the primary method internet companies use to make their money and you’re hurting the general ecosystem by treating them this way. This is the same reason I only turn ad-block on for sites that don’t respect their users by flooding them with ads. I don’t mind small, discreet ads on sites I frequent because it makes me feel like I’m contributing and not just leeching a free service.

      • daehder45

        Then they should promote themselves correctly. as in “Free (advert supported) service”. I’m foreseeing a move to the Free-to-Play model where you have to click on ads to be able to send tweets.

    • vforvortex

      Another thing that I need Twitter to update is their widget where the tweets are scroll-able similar to Plume.

  • Adryan maldonado

    It is actually quite nice. I’m really enjoying it. Now if only it could somehow integrate with google now hhmmmm…

  • redraider133

    It’s good to see more developers going with the holo theme for their apps, hopefully more developers will continue with this theme UI.

  • Nate B.

    Much better but it’s still missing some things I’ve been spoiled with. The twitlonger, preview thumbnail or pics in the feed without having to click on the link or actual tweet, zip feature, and more. Still it’s nice they did something.

  • jamal adam

    A nice update but that ain’t gonna make me go back. I’ll stick to my beloved Falcon Pro.

  • donger

    About time. #twitter

  • Dave Hughes

    You may be all bullish about it but it’s not universally liked. I’ve now uninstalled the official app and gone 3rd party I dislike it that much.

  • Richard Yarrell

    The official application is just fine and serves it’s purpose well.

    • Raefel

      Richard is an idiot that gets banned from every site sooner or later

    • Max.Steel

      You do know that it is actually a horrible app, right?

  • AnthonyRyan

    I like the newer version a lot better, I still prefer Carbon and Falcon Pro.

  • Nathan D.

    I like the tweaks they did, and I have a ad blocker so I’m golden :-)

  • SaranganiDiver

    Dosen’t work on Galaxy Tab10.1 and a lot of itger devices too. Pathetic update!