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Is switching from T-Mobile to Virgin Mobile a “no-brainer?”


Last month T-Mobile un-leashed their no-contract Simple Choice plans, which separated the mobile device costs from the service plan. This is a relatively new concept for the Big 4 US carriers, but Virgin Mobile recently reminded us that they have offered similar no-contract plans for Android devices since 2011.

This week Virgin Mobile rolled out a new promotion which attempts to lure away T-Mobile customers to their service by bribing them with a $100 credit. They compare their $55 unlimited plan with 2.5GB data to T-Mobile’s $60 unlimited plan with 2.5GB data, and boast a savings of $120 over two years. Virgin Mobile claims the decision to switch is a “no-brainer.”

We love to share the benefits of unlocked devices and no-contract plans, so let’s compare Virgin Mobile’s current offerings with T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plans.

Selection of Plans

  • T-Mobile: Pre-paid plans start for as low as $30 per month. Simple Choice plans start at $50 for one line, $30 for the second line, and $10 for each additional line. Simple Choice lines start with 500MB of data, but users can upgrade to 2.5GB for an additional $10 or get truly unlimited data for $20 per line.
  • Virgin Mobile: Beyond Talk plans include $35 for 300 minutes, $45 for 1200 minutes, and $55 for unlimited minutes. All plans come with “unlimited” data that is throttled after consuming 2.5GB.

Winner – T-Mobile: This one is a clear victory for T-Mobile since they offer a wider choice of plans. T-Mobile’s basic $30 pre-paid plan with 5GB of data is unmatched, and their multi-line plans offer greater savings over Virgin Mobile.

Selection of Phones

  • T-Mobile: Compatible with most GSM phones, including unlocked devices like the LG Nexus 4, HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, etc.
  • Virgin Mobile: Limited to CDMA phones that were designed to run on Sprint’s network.

Winner – T-Mobile: With the ability to bring your own GSM phone, T-Mobile is once again the clear leader.

Cost of Tethering

  • T-Mobile: Tethering is included with Simple Choice plans. Their unlimited plan only comes with 500MB of data for tethering, and each additional 2GB will cost $10 per month.
  • Virgin Mobile: Tethering costs an extra $15 per month for 1 GB.

Winner – T-Mobile: Another easy victory for T-Mobile. They include tethering with their Simple Choice plans and additional data is cheaper than Virgin Mobile.

Network Speeds

Winner – T-Mobile: The 4G HSPA+ network of T-Mobile is faster than Sprint’s nationwide 3G/4G (WiMAX) networks. Both carriers are currently rolling out 4G LTE and expect to cover 200 million people by the end of 2013, but T-Mobile is in the lead with speeds when you compare nationwide results.


I don’t have much else to add, but it looks like sticking with T-Mobile is a “no-brainer.” Sure you could get a $100 credit for switching to Virgin Mobile, but then you would have to buy a new device and put up with Sprint’s 3G network — the slowest 3G network of any nationwide carrier.

We love to see no-contract carriers compete with each other, but maybe the Virgin Mobile should be targeting customers from the more expensive carriers like Verizon and AT&T.


Source: Virgin Mobile: Switch and Save

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  • inviolable

    You literally couldn’t pay me to switch to virgin mobile. Oh…

    • Carly, T-Mo chick

      T-MO is better, so is Dortmund crushing Malaga!

    • Mobile and Dth Recharge Android App

      I totally agree with you.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Nobody will be leaving Tmobile for Virgin Mobile any time soon period.

    • Max.Steel

      Isn’t that what you said about Sprint before switching to Verizon before switching to T-Mobile??

  • trees247

    nooo way jack!

  • SushiMane

    Who would want to switch from a nation wide carrier to a regional carrier for a 100 dollar and out dated cellphone?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Virgin Mobile is not a regional carrier. They are a pre-paid brand of Sprint and operate on Sprint’s nationwide network.

      • sushimane

        true but sprint coverage isnt the best anywhere in my opinion from my house to a friends house down the road i have no signal but so far i have been with tmobile i got coverage everywhere i go.

        • dakota

          I’ve never understood if every article says how bad sprint network is, how have they had more auctioneers than T-Mobile? more

          • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

            That is a great question! I had Sprint on my first cell phone ever, but that was over 10 years ago. My recent experiences has showed me that Sprint’s LTE network is great but limited, and their 3G network is the slowest 3G network around.

      • Jimmy_Jo

        Is it possible to port a Sprint phone over to Virgin Mobile so I can take advantage of their no contract business model?

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          Yes, I believe both Virgin Mobile and Boost allow you to bring over your own Sprint phone.

          • Conan Kudo

            As far as I knew, Sprint’s BYOSP program specifically excludes Virgin and Boost. Perhaps it should be checked into…

        • mike

          I believe in order to get the $100 promo credit you NEED to port your number over from t-mobile.

          source: me, retail store employee

        • Clod Zoderov

          Both Virgin and Boost told me I had to buy one of their phones to switch from Sprint. That was less than a year ago, still my cell is for emergency use only, so Boost’s $10 every 90 days and $0.20/min plan gives me more minutes than I ever use.

  • http://www.jeffkibuule.com Jeff

    CDMA = no swapping SIMs = Nope.

  • Nathan D.


  • eClipse

    I don’t really see them as competing, not especially for techies. As mentioned, no GSM = no SIM swap, a deal breaker for me, and most people with more then one device or who like to mess with ROMs.

    I recently looked at the offerings and they aren’t really compelling, especially if you are already off contract.

    • joe


  • mattcoz

    I’m switching to T-Mobile to get away from Sprint and their awful network speeds, so no way I’m going to switch to Virgin. I’ve got six months to go…

  • ben

    What about the cost of tethering on T-Mobile pre-paid plan? (i.e. the $30 one, not the Simple Choice unlimited plan)

    • Shamus

      From my experience, if your phone is running GIngerbread or earlier Android, tethering is included in the $30 cost. My understanding is that those earlier iterations do not give T-Mobile a way to identify when the user is tethering. However, if you upgrade your OS or phone to ICS or JB, then they’ll spot it & say you need to pay more. How much? I don’t know.

      • Beetle93

        I have the $30 plan running on a Nexus 4 with Jellybean 4.2.2.
        I discovered that I have tethering and have used it numerous times. I do not pay extra for it. I talked to a T-Mobile salesman and he said that “yes, you can use tethering but may get cut off if you use it a lot”. I don’t know if I will ever actually be cut off or limited. It is great to have the option and if they catch me and require the $15 payment, I will probably take it. Of course you can try the FoxFi and PdaNet apps that supposedly bypass tethering detection by the carrier. I did use them on Virgin.

        • who_cares

          there is a huge problem with TM prepaid 30/mo plan.
          they ‘prioritizing’ you after those who’re post-paying.
          so, in Chicago I can’t get their 3G working during business hours.

          and they’re clearly stating that limitation on the pre-paid plains page (read the fine print).

          if you’re in a rural area, then may be it’s working.
          but not for me. got to leave them.

  • irishrally

    Yes, you have no brain if you make the switch.

    • reddragonman

      I started with virgin mobile when I first moved to a smart phone. Big mistake. Not only was their phone selection terrible, the service sucked, and the customer service was non-existent. Moved from there to Sprint, and while the phones were better, the cell service was still bad, but at least they gave me bill credits to make up for it. Now that they are no longer willing to be working with me(with credits,) I’ll be switching to T-Mobile. Now that’s a no brainer!!!

      • Andrew Ensley

        Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint, so that explains the cell service still being bad.

      • Mary

        Agree Virgin Mobile is terrible, Tooooooo many dropped calls, that is annoying can’t deal with it. I want to go back home to T-Mobile. Wish I had never left sorry t-mobile.

        • D Trimble

          You must work for t mobile No one in their right mind would want them for services. T mobile has ripped me off out of so much money for services that they messed up on. Go with sprint they are the best

    • Andrew Ensley

      D’oh! That’s exactly what I was about to write.

  • Co1e

    I’ll be switching!

    In the other direction. Take it from someone with experience. Everything posed above is true. There are work arounds for certain things like tethering, and my bill is only about $20 but it’s still god awful. A locked down GS2 for $300?! I could get an unlocked Nexus 4 for that. Come the fuck on.

  • ihatefanboys

    Virgin Mobile is the same crap as Metro POS and Boost, theyre just slightly flashier, kinda like a polished turd. People drawn in by cheap plans need to realize one thing, you generally get what you pay for.

    • mike

      believe it or not, virgin mobile has better coverage than metro pcs.

      I would even go as far as calling metro pcs a regional carrier.

  • ihatefanboys

    I must say I love all the T-Mobile love in this thread. Wasnt long ago that people were trashing T-Mobiles service and prices. Now theyre the heroes of the mobile industry. Glad I never left, the best is yet to come !

    • Austin

      T-Mobile CS sucks, so whoever mentioned earlier that you get what you pay for then that’s right. I’ll take Sprint, ATT, or Verizon over T-Mobile any day of the week to avoid that nightmare… Unless it’s a broke day, then T-Mobile here I come!

      • ihatefanboys

        Ive never had to call T-mobile CS, thats how GOOD their service and network and phone selection is. I mentioned you get what you pay for, cheap plans are bad, overcharged plans are worse, especially if you are ignorant enough to actually like Sprint, AT&T or Verizon. They are the exception to the you get what you pay for rule. They overcharge but you might as well be on Metro or Boost, or Virgin with their crappy service.

    • jamal adam

      They are doing a lot things right and are pushing the boundaries of what carriers can do to better serve their customers and hopefully bring in new customers as well. I’ve always been loyal to T-Mobile and it’s great to see them turn it around and innovating in a space that has been stuck in neutral for quite some time. So long as they continue to do such things and get customers to learn and understand this new Uncarrier concept then it looks to be a bright future for T-Mobile and customers in general. Also, it helps that soon Metro-PCS (if the shareholders vote yes) will be merging with T-Mobile and that will bring more coverage and drive it to new heights.

      • D Trimble

        You are telling a lie T Mobile is the worst scam

    • snowbdr89

      I’ll admit tmo has come along way from when I tried them out 2 years ago I recently tried them out again for a couple of months but I travel to rural areas a lot so that ended my tmo experience but I was surprised how decent their service was clear calls no dropped calls ( 2 years ago I dropped tons of calls when trying tmo ) an their data here in SLC I’d say is faster and better then Verizon’s lte!! Who knows I might try them again if their coverage gets bigger.

      • richard facey


  • jamal adam

    Going to Virgin from T-Mobile is like going from a smartphone to a feature phone. It’s just not right and doesn’t make sense whatsoever.

  • donger

    Go T-Mobile.

  • Stella

    I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for over 10 years and the prices and coverage for my area can’t be beat. No brainer.

  • Richard Yarrell

    As I said before nobody is leaving Tmobile for Virgin Mobile any time soon period.

    • Max.Steel

      STFU. People aren’t stupid. They can read. They don’t need to read the same comment twice.

  • ranman

    I don’t know why anyone would switch to Sprint’s horribly slow network, unless they were already in one of the very few cities that has LTE already. I just switched to T-Mobile, and couldn’t be happier.

  • VS

    I broke a contract and ate a good sized ETF to leave Sprint for T-Mo. Not a chance in hell I would go back to another CDMA carrier.

    My hope is that eventually hardware advances will make choosing a carrier a simpler process, based on price & service, without having to worry about CDMA v GSM and portability of devices.

    One day…

  • Jamie Martin

    No 4G in Phoenix means it’s a no-brainer to stay with T-Mobile

  • snowbdr89


  • renyo

    Made the switch to T-Mobile!

  • captain

    Living in Western Michigan, where 4g is almost non-existent (wimax or lte) Virgin was the logical choice for my family (4 phones). T-Mobile actually cancelled my service because I was 200 ft too far into roaming areas. I live across from their coverage boundary. While Sprints 3g IS slower than hell AND I’m stuck with a CDMA phone, I’d still rather be where I’m at considering the alternatives.

  • Michael

    I’ve had Verizon for about 6 years and this much i can say, CS is great, I could be driving a Cadillac for what i pay for my family plan, the devices are great. I’ve owned the Droid, Droid X(where is the RAM?!), Droid X2(better?, same 512MB RAM! WTF?!), Samsung galaxy (fascinate -now improved with CM7.2 :D), And the RAZR MAXX and RAZR M(girlfriends).
    Their coverage & speed is second to none, but the cost of $380/mo for 2 yrs on 5 lines is well… I dont want to know.

  • Marx1684

    The Virgin will remain untouched.

    • angry virgin mobile customer

      I would never switch to Virgin Mobile! I have it now and have not been able to get data for three weeks due to “upgrades” and “conversion” and “data provisioning.” I have spent hours on the phone with customer service who has done nothing to help. Frankly, they lie to get you off the phone. I have saved money over the last two years, but now I’m stuck with an expensive phone that I can’t use. Avoid them if you want a phone and network (and customer service) that works.

      • Virgin Mobile user in New Haven CT

        I am in the situation. Service was OK before the upgrades, now nothing but low signal 0-103 dBm, plus data and gps problems.

    • Nick W.

      I live in an area where T-Mobile service is so bad, that if you leave the center of the city, the signal is nonexistant. I am very happy with my service in Western Massachusetts on Virgin.

  • Mary

    Virgin Mobile you are terrible, I’ll take my chances with T-Mobile. Going back home.

  • Jim in Raleigh

    I truly appreciate the feed back. 2 things:

    1. Sad that virgin mobile has done nothing to counter all the negative comments. Not 1 person has even attempted to explain or defend the comments…therefore I must assume that Virgin Mobile and its employees do not disagree with these comments.

    2. Having been a Verizon customer for nearly 20 years, – I contend that they are trying to restrict their customer base to only the very rich – with excellent customer service, higher priced/fewer minute plans and (almost unique-in the-world) CDMA technology….it wants those of us who have more dollars than sense.

    I am now considering an unlimited T-Mobile plan for each of my 3 lines as each contract runs out at an estimated annual savings of 1200 dollars.

    • Mark Woodcock

      I hear that. Verizon is too expensive. Just came back from a trip to Europe.. They are paying about $30-40 month for unlimited everything. I am tired of having a phone bill that excedes $200 and am looking for a cheaper option but it’s not easy. T Mobile’s plans may be better but their coverage is not great where I live (lafayette)

  • Austin J Chapman-Moffitt

    To be honest, I am with virgin mobile, and I don’t mind my service, since I don’t leave town very often. And even when I do it, doesn’t matter because I love Virgin Mobile,they’ve been pretty decent.
    I mean Sprint should update the 3G network, and Virgin Mobile should come out with new phones.
    I switched from Verizon, to Virgin Mobile, because I get unlimited internet. With Verizon, I paid over $100 for the Intensity 3, you may hate it, but let me tell you, my calls haven’t dropped, so I’m happy, it fits my usage, unlike Verizon or AT&T, $70 for unlimited call+text with like a GB or 2 of data….lameeee.
    But T-Mobile is kinda sucky brick buildings. Plus, T-Mobile, isn’t sold around here, Virgin Mobile is.. I had Virgin Mobile before, I know it, T-Mobile, I don’t.
    Say I don’t have a brain, but sorry to burst you’re bubble, but I’m not that actor who plays the Scarecrow.

  • Ellie

    I’m happy with Virgin Mobile ’cause is better than T-Mobile and I save A LOT more. T-Mobile talks s**t about ATT, Verizon and Sprint about how high their prices they are and how slow bad their 4G. T-Mobile outta look at themselves in the mirror. T-Mobile is such a liar and a HYPOCRITE! Their a lot ATT, Verizon and Sprint. Their awful expensive with several fees with too-good-to-be-true deals to reel people. And hello? They used to be a network that if people want to get a great Android phone with them, they have to get a 2-year agreement to get a good deal. T-Mobile, you’re the pot that called the kettle black. You’re not any different from ATT, Verizon and Sprint. You are a similar network. So cut the crap, and pull all you’re lying and hypocritical ads off the airwaves.

    • Ellie

      Even they are even more expensive, Verizon, ATT and Sprint have better service and 4G than T Mobile.

      • Ellie


        Even though Verizon, ATT and Sprint are even more expensive, they have better service and better 4G than T-Mobile. After all, you get what you pay for. T-Mobile, cut the crap, you’re just jealous ’cause you’re always the bridesmaid and never the bride. Verizon and ATT will continue kicking your ass

  • Brett Turner

    I can’t follow the price information in this post.

    There is a $30 per month, 5GB data TM plan on the TM page linked to—but it has only 100 talk minutes. If you need more than 100 minutes but don’t need unlimited, there is a $35/mo VM plan with 300 minutes and a $45/mo plan with 1500 minutes. All unlimited text, unlimited data, throttled after 2GB.

    If you need more than 100 talk minutes and less than unlimited, there is no TM plan which matches the $35 and $45 VM plans. There is only simple choice, which starts at $60 per month.

    I would LOVE to be proven wrong on this, as TM has much better phones. So, please correct me if I am mistaken.

    Background: My daughter is on the $35/month VM plan, 300 minutes talk and 2GB data before throttling. Meets her needs perfectly. My wife wants a smart phone now. She needs 200ish talk minutes, unlimited texting, 2GB data. This fits the VM $35/month plan almost like a glove.

    But the phones on TM are so much better… would love to find a way to make TM work for a comparable cost.

    • green

      I didn’t read this before I posted my comment, but me and my girlfriend are in pretty much the exact situation your daughter is in. We found all the same things while researching and decided on the same plan as her and have been very happy with it.

  • Linda C

    So…I’ve been with VM for about. 5 yrs. And. So disappointed with their lack of updated phones…I went to them because of horrible experience from metro pcs..was so much cheaper than sprint but then I went upstate with my nice metropcs fone and no service..at all :(…went to bestbuy and bout my first vm . It was fine at the time but with all these awesome phones coming out and they are so so outdated….looks like the only way I’ll get
    My note 2 or galaxy s4 is by waiting for the prices to go down a bit at tmobile then I’m out..later vm..u obviously charge enough from your sprint customers ..God know how stressed out my daughter is trying to pay that bill with a minimum wage job…smh….so many insults about to come out but I’ll keep it to myself….will see u at ur funeral vm

  • Ellie

    Switching to Virgin Mobile is a no brainer my ass! Virgin Mobile has way too many damn drop call and busy network signals! It’s in living hell making phone calls in many areas in Houston and Katy, Texas with Virgin Mobile ’cause I have to deal with f***ing “CALL DROPPED” or “NETWORK BUSY”. I want would give great service with no drop calls and and busy network signals and T-Mobile is the place. So, it should be: “Switching from Virgin Mobile to T-Mobile is a no brainer”. So when it comes to great service with no annoying 2-year contract with fabulous coverage, the choice is obviously a no-brainer………T-Mobile kicks Virgin Mobile’s ass

  • funmathfacts

    How is T-Mobile’s new plan such a great money saver?? My daughter pays $60.00 a month now on contract for unlimited access to everything across the board, and has a Galaxy S3. When you use the price check tools on the website, it comes up to $70.00 a month for the Great New No Contract model. Such a bargain. This is why Verizon is ahead of them in many places.

    • John Doe

      T-Mobile are comparing their new plans to those plans at Verizon and ATT to which new subscribers don’t have access. It’s an unfair comparison I think since Verizon seems to desire retaining a higher-earning clientele.

      I only stick with Verizon because … even I still am in shock … is the least expensive of the four major carriers. Cost: 62$ with tax for unlimited data. Since 99% of the people I talk to outside work have Verizon, I essentially have unlimited minutes.

  • green

    I switched to Virgin Mobile. I was just about to buy a new phone anyways so I looked at both.

    I only use a single line and use around 200 minutes a month, so it was just easier for me to do virgin mobile’s $35 dollar plan with 300 minutes. The Tmobile plan with only 100 minutes is a bit of a hassle, since I’d have to do voip to avoid overages. The other Tmobile plans had much lower data limits before they start throttling you, which makes it not worth it. I mainly use the phone for data and text instead of talk, and I’m in a city where Sprint’s 4G is faster than Tmobile’s 3G.

    So ultimately Virgin Mobile was the better option for me. Certainly it’s not the best option for everybody, but this article read like an advertisement for T-mobile and didn’t seem like quality reporting.

    Why didn’t you conclude something like: If you have more than one line or don’t have 4G in your area Tmobile is the much better call. If you use more than 100 minutes and less than 300 minutes think about switching if you need a new phone anyways. I wouldn’t be surprised if the segment of the prepaid market that fits in that category is larger than you’d think.

  • Linda

    Tmobile’s plan offering unlimited data plan (500 mb high speed and unlimited at a lower speed) only applies if it is running off of their towers. If you roam off of other carriers towers you are limited to only 10 MB of data! A significant fact that you should consider and investigate. I’ve been with Tmobile for seven years and it is something that I just discovered recently. Tmobile claims that AT&T (the tower I roam to in my northern Michigan home) limits T-Mobile’s access now because of the heavy data traffic. I’m not sure if everyone does the same but when I checked with AT&T they claimed their unlimited data applies to roaming even if you are off their towers. I think anytime you have to roam off a Tmobile tower, you are not going to get what you pay for.

  • Robert Forbes

    My Virgin Mobile bill has no fees, just a simple sales tax which adds 3 bucks to the bill. Other plans have fees that are over a hundred dollars a year the virgin doesnt have. Why all the fees from other cell providers?

  • Virgin Mobile user in New Haven CT

    If you live in New Haven, Connecticut *AVOID* Virgin Mobile. I switched from T Mobile, seduced by lower prices and the delightful HTC One. I love the phone itself, but the cell signal is now too weak to make a call inside my apartment (since May 28 2013). When I first got the service in December 2012, the cell signal quality was OK — not as good as T Mobile, but acceptable for the few calls I make and lower prices. But now I only get between 0 and -105 dMp and all callers say “you’re breaking up” until I go outside.

    This is a new problem with Virgin Mobile, which they attribute to upgrades to the Sprint Network. They said they would credit me for the time I have not been able to make calls from home (may 28-June 26 so far) but what I really want is decent service. Of course the $200 HTC One only works on Virgin Mobile so I can’t get the phone unlocked and take it to T Mobile or any other carrier. So that leaves me with a $200 phone I could only use for 5 months.

    SAVE YOURSELF from the frustration, the phone calls to customer service, the e-mails to customer service and go with another provider. AVOID VIRGIN MOBILE.

    • Virgin Mobile user in New Haven CT

      NOTE to earlier post: The customer service I have gotten has been polite and competent — much better than ATT or Verizon — but even the best customer service cannot make up for no cell coverage. AVOID VIRGIN MOBILE and the Sprint Network.

  • Tulsi

    I will definitely stick with my virgin plan, I only have to pay $25(Because I got my virgin mobile phone when I first started college) and by far it is the cheapest plan that I could get for my needs, all I need is unlimited text messages and I am good. Our family tried to switch to a family plan for t-moible but they were going to charge us a huge fee because my brother updated his phone recently and I guess that it’s on contract….so for a no contract brand…it’s sure does still seem like a contracted company. You are also paying monthly to pay off your new phone that get at t-mobile….so I don’t know it doesn’t seem all that different from when t-mobile had contracts.

  • jorge

    I have had virgin mobile or virgin Chernobyl as I call it sometimes since 2009.. (unlimited talk and text for 25.00) it is now 2013. I have to give virgin mobile credit and props because they were the 1st to my knowledge to have anything sub 35 a month. I had the sprint 35 a month but it was always like 48 a month after taxes and fees. (I live in NY state and it is horrible and not worth a penny to live here) Soooo the 25 a month virgin was great and with the simple old school phones and flip phones it worked ok. Customer service was always horrible! even comically so. Sometimes I would just call to amuse myself for a few min. while on the toilet. the accents are so thick and impossible to understand. When ever I try to “top up” I get the same asian guy somehow who always checks my credit card number 3 times.. as if hes making carbon copies to use it later. (tho I’ve never had problems or fraud charges pop up from virgin)
    If you top up online it will charge you tax twice.. which is why I call in. ex: to put a 35 dollar top up to your online account it charges you tax to do that so its really 38 and change.. then i have 35.00 in my account.. but some reason when I click to pay for the 35 a month plan on virgin online it wants tax again.. SO if you top up online you have to add 38 and change to your account not 35 to cover the tax.. so you end up paying on the 38 dollar top up to get the 38 in your account.. so I was paying close to 40 bucks a month for the 35 a month plan.. To my knowledge they still haven’t fixed this. Which after 2 times I called in every time after.Every time I called they said “you can do this online” then I would tell them yea it will cost 4 dollars more. They never looked into it. why would they? they get like 5.00 an hr. and are half way around the globe and probably think I’m a spoiled rich american.. who lives next to kim kardashian… :(

    I would have to give virgin a solid 2.5 out of 5 stars.. My texting always worked great. minus trying to send pictures.. which sometimes took forever. But if I walked 30 feet from my house the data was better.. which brings me to the new phones.. they actually have worse reception for me.. I should have known better from being in the “fair” area of sprint coverage.. just my section.. like 100 feet away is the “good” coverage.. If I walk into the middle of the woods I have great service ironically.. Virgin mobile works well everywhere but my house which is really disappointing and I think I’m finally done with virgin mobile. HOWEVER they did save me lots of money and never ever any surprise “you went over your min. and its 45 cents a min.. verizon B.S.” so that was good. If I didnt feel like paying or using my phone I just didnt pay.. I never lost my number.. never a “late fee” or penalty or end contract fee. my 1st big hint and natural instinct is never activate automatic billing for a pre paid company.. that just makes me laugh. and I read horror stories.. for the 5 min. call or 5 min. trip to the bodega to get a top up card, my financial security is worth it. which is a huge plus of pre paid. In 2002 Verizon once claimed I called phone number area code (000)-000-0001 and for 120 min… at like 1pm.. I had class from 12-3pm.. I didnt make the call. the phone was OFF on my desk.. the whole time.. I called customer service for days only to get up to some vice president level person to tell me it was an “internet error” and that I still had to pay the outrageous 134.00 bill.. (i was on the 35.00 a month plan) and a very poor student at the time… welcome to verizon.. how is this legal? This happened way back in 2002. verizon has lost many class action law suits which I should have been a part off but oh well. verizon has cleaned up a bit. but not really.. they still have daytime and night time min.. like its 2002.. and its still 45 cents a min for overages.. unreal.. its a satellite in space.. you mean it costs more to beam a phone call to space at 1pm then at 10 pm?? It’s the same thing. I’ve always hated verizon and I always will. Even with the 50/50 dropped calls at my house and having to reset my phone every few days virgin mobile was way better. like the ghetto hook up. you just need to know how to flex it. After a few times calling customer serf-ish I noticed the rest code was always the same so I just wrote it down and memorized it. (saved me 15 min. a week for like 4 years) I also had the 1st version of the LG rumor touch which could be unlocked to get all the free games and songs which virgin also didnt like. (maybe thats why my phone has to be reset so often VM is jealous?) but like I said sadly I think its time to move on to try something else. It was fun while it lasted like a college fling. I need something where I dont have to walk out of my house to feel safer that the call wont be lost. Tho in some spots in my house it works but I dont like standing completely still for 20 min. while I talk to someone in fear I might loose the call. If you live in a more urban place, or just want to text. virgin mobile is for you! IF you want to talk and text get one of there 10.00 flip phones. Ironically they will do you so much more good. Virgin mobile internet is very slow unless you have full bars which i have to walk or drive for. In new york city tho its very fast and very reliable. With full bars its great. so if you live in a good spot I’d say no one beats unlimited data and texting for 35 a month.. (used to be 25, wow) but I never signed up for the auto re-fill so I wasn’t grandfathered in.. I wish I could use the phone in my bedroom more reliably.. T mobile is the only phone service I havent had along with boost. I refuse to get boost just cause all the low lifes I know use it. Its such a stereotypical ghetto jack ass customer phone. At least around here. But more importantly it uses the same towers as virgin and sprint so it would work the same, right? Trac phone was the best signal where ever, net 10 and at&t were a close second but all those had old crappy phones and were kinda pricey for just text and phone service. Verizon pre paid was laughable, It’s cheaper to get a 2 year unlimited andriod plan with them.. Consumer cellular was ok but I forgot to change my plans sometimes and ended up paying more than I should have a few times.. Sprint had the same coverage issues as Virgin mobile. I even had H20 wireless for a few months before it got stolen.. It wasn’t that great.. oh and the straight talk wal mart garbage.. wow. felt like I was talking threw a tin can.. muffled calls and weird echo.. I hate walmart too. they said they had trac fone towers but every call sounded like crap. very low volume and a muffled sound. usable but crappy. Only had that for a month before putting money back on the virgin Chernobyl phone..

    In conclusion you have to give virgin mobile props because if they didnt start this 25/35 a month unlimited no contract stuff NO ONE would be giving you a deal on anything.. like verizon. who still has night time min. and roaming fees.. lol. verizon will always suck in my opinion. verizon is like a big bully that no one wants to stand up to. even if you have proof they illegally stole from you. people wont help. its amazing.. so verizon dead for life to me.
    maybe I will try t mobile next just to say I’ve tried them all…

  • Kelly Scrichfield

    It is the opposite where I live, and it is a no brainer to switch back to Virgin Mobile. Sprint/Virgin has 4G LTE coverage in Longview, WA whereas T-Mobile only has Edge service in town. If you have ever tried to deal with Edge it is worse than the worst 3G I have ever experienced on Sprint or Virgin. My Wife tried T-Mobile for 5 months and can no longer stand it, she is willing to give up her Galaxy S3 with crap T-Mobile service to switch back to a Virgin HTC One V.

    • Kelly Scrichfield

      BTW, with T-Mobile we experienced Edge service in most areas of our town of ~50k people, busy signals instead of voicemail 50% of the time, and no indoor coverage. Customer service was useless when it took them 5 months to get our rebate after buying the phone.

  • Jason

    Well, I have had virgin mobile since 2-11 and have been very pleased. I live in greenville sc and have never had a dropped call and my internet is faster than a lot of PC’s. Also I travel to Florida often and am able to use my phone the whole trip. I have several friends who have t-mobile and they all complain about internet being no good and dropping calls everywhere. So untill I see better I think I’ll stay with virgin thank you.

  • ted

    This comment comes from tired of no covarage in chicago t mobile user.
    Can you immagine not being able to make a call or checking your email or just run a light app to check your flight? Well this is the reality in downtown chi…wacker dr and monroe,lassale st and maddison,wells st and north ave…huuuge blackuots with ZERO network!!!! Im moving to palatine and just checked the covarage at my new home and guess what?!!! Poor me….i got another year efore swiching to verizoon

  • Elijah

    So I had T-Mobile for 2-3 years and they are great. I had 2 basic phones and currently I have a Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile and even though it isn’t LTE, I get up to 20 mbps on HSPA+. Some places have the best T-Mobile coverage, some don’t. I get $70 for unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data. I can use as much data as I want and not get throttled. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are way to frickin expensive. Thank god my parents didn’t switch me to any of those carriers. I have a few friends who have Sprint and the coverage is just crap. I don’t care what people say. I will be on T-Mobile as long as I can.

  • Barbara Senter

    I LOVE T-MOBILE ! ! THERE HAS BEEN ONLY 2 PLACES IVE VISITED IN MY TRAVELS ACROSS THE U.S. . I HAVE HAD SERVICE WITH THEM FOR BETTER THAN 10 YEARS, WITH NO COMPLAINTS, UNTIL NOW!!! IT ISNT THE SERVICE I AM HAVING A PROBLEM with, its the confusion in their billing dept. And the fact no one documents information with each time a custumer calls with a problem. The frustration, anxity, stress, are enough to make you snap ! Th we last straw is the anger ! , especially after you have spoken to 15 different customer service representatives, repeating myself is enough to make you mad as hell, I feel as though there should be a compensation for what we are put threw. I am sick and tired of being taken for granted and having to put up with uninformed CSR that keep telling me they dont know or see the problem and keep referring to things that dont have anything to do with what I called about, promise to call you back by a certain day, guess what ? THEY DON’T !!! LEAVEING ME SO FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY , for what we are being charged to have the luxury of a cell service, they should be bending over and kissing our – - -s. I’ve always been taught, and trained other employees THAT THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR PAY CHECK ! WITHOUT US THE CUSTOMER, YOU MAKE ABSOLUTLY NO MONEY. PEOPLE STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES, BECAUSE THESE COMPAINIES DONT CARE ABOUT US, AND I TIRED OF IT. I WANT SATISFACTION , I WANT COMPENSATED.

  • Cant Decide VM or TM In NYC

    I had VM last year (MAY 2012) the service was great and everything. it was just the phone i had a problem with the screen kept shutting down I couldnt take it no more !!!!! and I had to return my phone and get a refund It and that exactly what happen a Refund- I purchased it from BestBuy they Have great service there. Anyways I have Metro Pcs and its F**kin suckass they really need to go out of business asap its Disgusting and there getting away somehting needs to happen NEVER AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! … Im looking forward to VM service its great never had problem with the service and better (phones now )!!! , I haven’t tried TM yet and I’m definetly going to :) !!! … everything different now and updated now I will seek my options.

  • Cant Decide VM or TM IN NYC

    everything is different now and updated IN BOTH SERVICES now I will seek my options

  • Keith Graham

    I live in the UK where unlimited texts, unlimited data and unlimited calls cost £15 ($23) per month on sim only 30 day contract. They use the T-mobile network.

  • Luke

    You left out a whole lot of things that Virgin Mobile offers. I have been a Virgin Mobile customer for 7 years and no I do not work for them so I’m speaking from personal experience.

    You said that the phones that Virgin Mobile offers are:
    Virgin Mobile: Limited to CDMA phones that were designed to run on Sprint’s network.

    I have a galaxy s2 and you can buy an iphone or an s3 on their website or at best buy right now. They work exactly the same as they do on sprint’s network. It just says Virgin Mobile on it.They have a wide variety of phones that are comparable if not better than anything that t-mobile has to offer.

    Also you said that t-mobile has a $30 a month plan. I just went to their website and clinked on the link you provided and unless I am completely missing something the cheapest plan that they have is $50 a month.

    I pay $35 a month plus tax and get unlimited everything and 300 minutes. There is no comparable plan for that price on T-mobile (unless I am just not finding it anywhere).

    So the tethering is $5 cheaper on t-mobile than it is on virgin mobile, big deal, if you tether from your phone, it is a waste of money all together in my opinion. Go to starbux or mcdonalds or barnes and noble and get the much better Wifi for free.

    So I don’t know if you have a beef with Virgin mobile or just haven’t researched them but I have had a very good experience with them and have saved over $3000 over the last 7 years by switching over to them vs. sticking with verizon who I was paying around $70 a month with.

    All in all I just hope that people start to realize that the contract phone that are over $100 a month are a joke and a way of the past. They nickel and dime you and lock you in on purpose because they know that they can get your money and if you try to cancel it they charge you a huge fee. Virgin mobile every time in my book.

  • Chris

    It would be a brain dead maneuver to move from Tmo to VM. In Minnesota where I live they are “upgrading” the network, or so that is the lie they are telling me, since October. Calls to voice mail warble, lots of dropped calls, calls that take 30 seconds to a minuet to get a ring-back tone, calls that are initiated but never complete. If you are going to rely on a VM phone for E911 service DO NOT PUT YOUR LIFE AT THAT KIND OF RISK. When I complain about being charged for this lousy service I am more or less told “lump it or move on”. I show up at a Sprint store and when I asked ‘when will your upgrade be done? I was told “when it is done, what more do you want?” Then the jackass said “it will be way better data when it’s finished”. If Centruy-stink said “hey your dsl will suck for a year and you will have spotty unusable phone service during that time” would anyone else put up with that? If sprint tries to lure you away don’t fall for it. It’s a trap! How much did you get paid for this white wash?

  • Troy Foxxin

    I only use Virgin Mobile for there prices for my location.

    I am in a small town. T-Mobile is poor for small towns. there not god any where like ive seen some say in these comments. it just tells me they dont travel very far. lol

    Check the coverage maps. I do like T-Mobile and other carriers on there network. But only if im somewhere and dont have to travel to small towns or live in them.

    I currently live in a area that barely has Talk & EDGE for T-mobile. no 3G or 4G.
    So while im stuck here for the price T-Mobile is a waste of money.

    It all depends where you live when a carrier is a winner on deals. Sorry but i find post like this only half usefull. They give a look into the deal out there. but saying who is the clear winner should be up to the reader, and there area.

    Where i live. with virgin i get more for my money. So for me Virgin is the winner.
    but i know when if i move to a major city again. I will switch carriers again. Its no biggy, just resell my Virgin Phone and get a GSM Unlocked phone or use my last one. Still got it just in case.

    Just check out the coverage for Mount Vernon, MO. T-Mobile Coverage is very poor the EDGE is slow slow slow. So i switched to Virgin, and im enjoying it allot more.

    So in the end. its up to your readers who is the winner. t-Mobile maybe the winner for your area. but not mine. but yes i like T-mobile. but there coverage is not the winner if your a traveler. I think if your a traveler far as talk servicses go. Sprint would be a good pick to get or at&t. just vist coverage map reports by others and carriers and compare.

    so aside reading the post, do research for your area before you decide which is the winner for you.

  • jkmk

    most of the T-mobile plans are no longer available so wasted article.

  • cimyesi

    Instead of trying to fool us.
    Why cant all cellphone companys offer amazing coverage an unlimite 4g speed for 25$.

    That would be awesome.

  • Connie

    If you want service steer clear of Tmobile! Tmobile is deceiving people to switch! Let call this corporation on their deception and get them to provide adequate. Sign and Share ! Lets get the word out!! http://www.goo.gl/frArXp