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Straight Talk denies hard cap on “unlimited data”, but fails to disclose when they throttle


Last year I briefly switched to TracFone’s Straight Talk SIM when I cancelled my Verizon contract, but I eventually left the service because of their undefined data policy. Straight Talk SIM offers a no-contract plan for $45 which includes unlimited talk, text, and data, but we all know that “unlimited” is never really “unlimited.” This week Straight Talk went to their blog to try and clear up the confusion.

In a recent blog post by Straight Talk, a company representative said, “You may have heard rumors online that there is a hard cap of 1.5GB for data on Straight Talk.  We want to clear this up for you right away: We are NOT cutting off data at 1.5GB on Straight Talk.”

A quick Google search will return all kinds of wild stories about the amount of data that Straight Talk will allow you to consume. Some people say Straight Talk has a daily limit of 150MB, while others claim their monthly limit is anywhere from 1-4GB. A couple users have reported that their data speeds were throttled after consuming too much data, while other horror stories report that Straight Talk cancelled abusers accounts with no warnings.

Straight Talk says that the rumors about their hard data cap came from their sister brand Net 10 that does have a data limit on their Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) AT&T-compatible SIMs.

Unfortunately, Straight Talk still failed to address the exact terms of their “unlimited” data plan. We assume that users are throttled after consuming a certain amount of data, but we have no clue how much that is. Most carriers and MVNOs will state how much data you get before being throttled (normally 500MB to 5GB), but Straight Talk has not shared this information.

I once listed Straight Talk as a top choice for no-contract service on Android devices, but it’s hard to recommend them now when we don’t know how much data they provide. Straight Talk also let to users choose between AT&T or T-Mobile’s network, but they stopped selling AT&T SIM’s and we don’t know if they will return.

When it comes to no-contract plans on T-Mobile’s network, there are much better options like T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plans, or any of the MVNOs that operate on T-Mobile.

If you have experienced any issues with Straight Talk SIM, please share your story in the comments below.

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Source: Straight Talk Blog

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  • veesonic

    You can replace “straight talk” with “simple mobile” and the story holds true. I got a Nexus 4 when it was released and signed up for simple mobile. After about 4 gb I got a warning that my service was going to get cancelled. I switched o T-Mobile but I had to sign a contract to get the unlimited plan. I wish they would have done the whole “no contracts” thing sooner :/

    • J

      T-Mo has actually always had no contract plans. been on one for the last three years, you just had to know how to ask for it.

    • T

      $49 = Solavei = 4gb of high speed data before throttling, unlimited voice and text

      • Abner

        solavei sucks. I had that plan and in my iphone i just had Edge and drop calls and bad customer service. I hate that.

      • dale

        i wanted to start solavei but SOLAVEI is a lie it’s unlimited 4g speed for the first 2gb after that is E and the custumer service is *********

        • david rosso

          You are mistaken! Solavei doe NOT throttle at 2GB. You get highspeed up to 4GB of data, then it is throttled to 2G speed but still unlimited. I have been using Solavei since they launched last September and I have never reached 4GB and never been throlttled! David – http://www.Just4Bucks.com

    • Jerry

      I have been with straight talk for years. Purchased their first real Samsung Straight Talk phone for $330 way back, it was on verizon system. Had it for like 3 years? Then just recently purchased the S2 for $330. I am not that tech savvy. I downloaded a ____ load of apps. I drive over the road and would stream Pandora for hours on end. Never had any problems til recently. I haven’t been driving lately and usually only listen to Pandora on the road. Took a 3 state trip and did a lot of Pandora. About two weeks later received and automated message saying I had exceeded data usage and this was a warning prior to termination if not remedied, something to that affect? When I called two hours later to find out what the deal was they told me my data usage had been terminated. I was furious and was hung up on by several supervisors during my rantings. After cooling off and taking the time to check, I discovered that my data was still working. I have since installed a data usage app. 2 days later I received another automated call even though I had only used 5MBs that day. I did have some intelligent conversations with the department that troubleshoot data usage problems. At first they were just pointing me to section 6 of the terms and usage agreement which only infuriated me more. I am still receiving data and am told the messages will probably cease after refilling my next month. I dont do much in the way of heavy data usage but apparently just having a lot of apps updating is a problem. No longer using Pandora! We shall see how it goes.

      • 300c

        Well I can say this download speed test it will really show you how slow your data is , wish I had the resources to band straight talk !!!! I use YouTube mostly and it takes minutes to load or it sayes your connection has timed out I have the iPhone 5

      • Tausha

        That stinks, but at least you got a warning. We got nothing. Just canceled.

        • amber

          mine was canceled when I tried to have a book on my phone…..no warning what so ever….. called customer service who just told me not to use so much data and kept sending me to an automated message

          • Dan

            ATT has the best network. ATT has the worst customer service. (Equal to most carriers) Straight talk is the most deceptive about what they provide and they love to run you in circles with their automated “screw the customer” business model. They shut off my data plan on their BYOP program. I refilled my service and they shut off both phones data. I use very little data on these phones. both phones lost 3G at the same time and we never got it back. The only way consumers will get service, is to drop the carriers and switch to another, even if you move to a carrier that is just as bad! Keep them working! Make their life as miserable as they seem to enjoy making your life miserable. Never sign up for a two year contract again. 2 year contract is your first clue that you are going to be screwed. If everyone moves to a non contract agreement, they have to perform as advertised or they lose your business.

        • Cindy

          I didn’t get any warning at all,just turned off!!

          • W. Lorraine Ball

            Just like you. No warning, just last night lost the internet now there is no data. Its off folks.

        • bethani

          Same here and when I called, they got Pissy with me and told me everyone is getting 1g now, but I’m so confused, I’ve already gone over that and I’m still able to use the internet, does anyone know what’s going on?

      • steve

        for the last couple of months now straight talk has throttled my data it seems just after about a week of usage. I have been using straight talk for 3 years and never had an issue until the last 3 months or so. Internet, Facebook and web browsing is useless after about 1 week..I think it’s time to move on

      • killerbrick

        Yes..i too experienced ST and the bad way they handle business. My data was abruptly cut off without warning 2 and a half weeks b4 my renewal date for a service plan. i was livid. trying to speak to a manager was friutless as they kept transfering me to automated data usage prerecording. I eventually got thru to a manager who actually gave fair customer service and said i wud have to wait to renew my service plan b4 i cud have data again. I renewed on my service date only to have to call customer service managers for them to take over an hour to reactivate the data to my phone. Never encountered an issue of being cut off and was normally using phone.. no tethering etc. Will eventually leave ST for such bad CS practices. They wont even give customers the info that tells the data cap b4 they arbitrarily cut data service off. And depending on what carrier your phone uses it has a different data cap. E.G. verizons data cap is suppose to be more than ATT which is somewhere around 1.5 GB. Notice to ST:Let users know the data caps for the carriers that you use and give customers adequate warnings b4 cutting services. You might keep a few customers from leaving if you only did basic customer friendly service. But… Its probably too complicated for them to do that much.

    • john

      Have a nexus 4 with a att compatible sim card activated with straight talk.my data was completely shut off a 3g.I called customer service and they told me anytime you go over 1.5 g they can cut it off. Said it would be cut back on when I bought another 45 dollar card

      • Nicky

        I found this site due to I am experiencing the same symptoms. I had my phone for less than a year on the ST plan. My usage is a little more than 1.5 and I am not able to view anymore youtube videos which I love. I can go on facebook but it runs slower. I can still make calls but that is about it. I did not know this is how the phones operated being that this is my first smart phone. If I can’t use the net like I want than having the phone defeats the purpose as to why I bought this plan. Do you guys just go to another provider when this happens or buy another phone?

    • alicia

      its all a lie. they cut u off at 1.5.

  • Dave Clary

    If you look, none of their material says “unlimited data.” What it says is “unlimited WEB.” Their TOS specifically excludes streaming music or video (at least it did when I had them). If you truly want unlimited data, best look elsewhere.

    • Adam

      Yeah, but ALL of their advertising says Unlimited Data….. That’s the problem. If they want to say “unlimited talk and text and web browsing for $45, but no internet streaming”, first, they would lose a lot of new business up front, but secondly, it would be fair and reasonable and us consumers could make an informed choice. I personally switched off of Sprint after 15+ years, bought a $600 S3 (last year) after doing the math. But, honestly, ST is just a big lie. They even have a television ad that has a gal getting ready for her date. She goes to the phone and googles food and orders it. Then she goes to Pandora and starts the music streaming. Then she goes to Netflix… I pointed this out on the ST Facebook page and some marble head had the gaul to say “oh, can’t you see the wifi icon? All that is supported via wifi.” Seriously?

      On another note, Metro PCS and T-Mobile have merged and you can now get unlimited everything at PCS for $60, AND they have lots of complany stores with real life people to talk to if you have issues.

      Bye bye ST, RIP.

    • Me

      what Straight Talk is doing is the epitome of deceptive advertising they know fully well there is no legal recourse for the consumer, what they should say when. advertising is unlimited with limitations its just sad. what they are doing

  • Thomas Biard

    This is the info people need to look for before jumping on prepaid and expecting it to be like the Big 4.

    Thank you for posting what you have found and then telling us why you chose to leave their service. Too many people reviewing things now just say “I left because they weren’t nice to me” and it gives no useful information for other when they are looking to try it out.

    • steb

      Its always been like this. Nothing has changed. Prepaid usually doesn’t include roaming and direct carrier contract customers always get priority when networks r congested

  • Nate B.

    Lmao what? You use so much data they cancel you? That’s messed up. I rather be throttled than canceled. Who the hell has the authority to do that? This isn’t the days where are mom paid the phone bill and we used abuse the phone bill and our moms would take our phones away. Sounds to silly. I was actually gonna switch to them because of the options to choose between AT&T and Magenta. But but hearing that and I’ve heard those stories before. I’ll wait and take a look at Magentas coverage in my area and where I mostly go because they weren’t they best.

    • steb

      They usually warn you once..that’s what I’ve always read and been told

      • Patti

        They did not give me warning. They just cut off ny online access. I thought I had deleted a file in my browser by accident. when Icalled they gave me a recording that I had a violated my agreement by overusage and nobody on the phone had authority to over ride the action. I wad without

        • Sherrie Pros

          Same with me, no internet access, no messages, I am new to ST, just bought this phone in Novemeber, I thought phone was malfunctioning, I called ST a little while ago, couldn’t understand what she was telling me, then to she switched me to the recorded message. So $45 UNLIMITED false advertisiing card and they shut you down when they want.

          • Tyrone Isaac -Stuart

            I just had the same thing. Very unhelpful on the phone and i often got given the automated message.What did you do to overcome the situation?

        • Chip Bryant

          They just did the same thing to me. Two weeks left til my next renewal. I will find and use a different service.

        • Chris Evans

          Hi Patty,
          I am facing the same situation.
          I have had my service for a week and Straight Talk has cancelled my internet browsing.
          I believed it was UNLIMITED.
          I called straight talk and spoke with “Rachel” ID number 45447.
          She said my data would be restored in a couple of days.
          A couple days passed and I called Straight Talk again to see if the issue was resolved.
          They said they could not honor the commitment their company had promised me.
          They are going to lose me as a customer.

          • william

            I have had straight talk for over a year in march they started cutting my data off then back on then all of a sudden they cut me off for a month for saying i was abusing my data but not true. the next month did me the same way again saying i violated my data usage NOT TRUE I AM DONE. after the 16 of this month i wont page another dime i will be on pageplus. straight talk is lying when they say they dont throttle data.

        • billy

          exact same thing happen to me. i had st talk for 5 months no problem. boom, my data was shut off. i called was told i violated sec. 6 and data would be turned back on at my next service date.

        • Dan

          The days of “truth in advertising” are over! Customer service is “chump management” Keep the “customer” paying and we will pay you to string them out with empty promises! NO REFUNDS! This is the business of cell providers! They over sell their bandwidth and do rolling service blackouts known as “dropped calls” They consider your “Unlimited data” as “Data leakage” and they plug the holes as they see fit! They use customer tolerance algorithms to determine just how much abuse you will endure before you drop them. The 2 year contract was their best tool to keep the infuriated customer captive. We can all fix this problem by refusing to renew 2 year contracts. Buy your phones on-line and force them to change their abusive business models. Never get sucked into upgrade specials because you just get enslaved for two more years. Keep your phones or sell them to individuals instead of these phone buyer programs. They are probably sponsored by cell providers that want working and unlocked phones off the market. Don’t let them keep you captive with 2 year contracts! If we all work together on this, the abuse will stop!

      • Patti

        They did not give me warning. They just cut off ny online access. I thought I had deleted a file in my browser by accident. when Icalled they gave me a recording that I had a violated my agreement by overusage and nobody on the phone had authority to over ride the action. I was without online access for 8 days including 3 after my new months plan was purchased. I am in the auto renewal program thru my bank. They renewed it on 4/10 and charged me. Then on 4/11 they charged me again. verified by my bank. Denied by Straight Talk. Now I am afraid to log on for fear of not being able to find the website the recording said to go to and find suggestions for using less airtime. Right now I’m freakin because it took so long to write this. :’(

        • maddy

          How did you finally get your internet turned back on? Every time I call straight talk all together is forward me to a recording that states why my internet was shut off

          • Tyrone Isaac -Stuart

            yes that’s what i seem to keep getting, it really annoys me, and wastes my time. What are you doing to Solve this?

      • karen

        I wasn’t warned at all. I have been looking up information on Retinitis because my grandbaby has a glow in her eye. They said I looked on the internet too much and they cancelled my internet on my smart talk phone. I can no longer look up the information. My service was cancelled and the customer service lady told me, “you can go elsewhere, we will release your contract”….I don’t have a contract and I was told everything was unlimited. This is just wrong.

      • Joyce smith

        I received no warning.

    • NettaKaye

      I have had ST for about 3 yrs now. First time I’ve really had problems. Took a trip 170 miles north last weekend and lost service about 10 miles north of my hometown. When I called, they informed me that I would have to change my phone # to the current area code that I was in in order to obtain service while I was there??!! I didn’t do it. Then today I receive an automated message that says my data usage is excessive and they will terminate me even though I pay $45 a month for unlimited usage. WHAT???!!! I’M DONE!!!!!!!!!

    • Dan

      Cell companies respond to the inflow of money from the customers pocket book .. They couldn’t care less about how happy you are as long as you keep paying them. They monitor the horrible customer interaction by ALL of the carriers and that becomes the norm for all of them. I just looked into consumer cellular to replace straight talk. (Straight talk cutt off my data so I am going to port my number to another carrier.) If you look at consumer cellular’s coverage map, you will notice that they have 4g LTE coverage. You will also notice they have no legend to their map? I called them and they said “The dark orange indicates coverage in a particular area.
      4G LTE showed to be well covered in my area! I asked the salesman what the rate plans for
      4G LTE and he responded. “WE DON’T HAVE 4G LTE”? … OK….So much for truth in advertising!
      I thanked him for wasting my time and I moved on. I think that we, as the consumer, need to be proactive at insisting cellular providers provide what they advertise. If they lie, we move around to other providers until they they deny service. If we make it costly for them to be dishonest, then we may see a change in the way they treat the consumer. ATT got real ugly with me when I reduced my plan! I wouldn’t sign up for another 2 year plan so they sent incorrect equipment and started randomly turning off features. I finally dropped them after 20 years. It became apparent that I was not worth keeping as a customer because they lost the ability to abuse me and keep getting paid. They are now trying to charge me for data overages during a period of time I had no ability to use data? Customers are a necessary evil to these carriers. They are always looking for ways to take your money under the illusion that they provide what they claim. (Just enough service to keep you paying)

  • KennyL

    I’ve been on ST for a few months and have stopped worrying about being “throttled”. I stream Pandora to and from work all the time (35 min commute), download my podcasts and surf without a problem. I don’t watch too much video unless it is on WiFi however.

    ST throttles you if you start using a TON of data all at once. I have one friend that was tethering his PS3 to his phone and streaming NetFlix. Naturally he got throttled. First tethering is expressly forbidden. Second NetFlix takes up a ton of data. He used 3 gb in 2 days.

    If you are the type of person that tethers everything and is constantly watching video over a cell connection, ST is not for you. If you however stream some music and check email, FB, G+ and surf you’ll be just fine. You also probably use far less data than you think.

    • steb

      35 min commute streaming sounds strange as that would use a tin of data,especially when they said they forbid streaming..

      • Brandon

        Not really. I stream Pandora all the time in the car. It really doesn’t take up that much, and ST has never once throttled me.

        • Becky

          I have been with ST for over a year and a half and I have never had problems with them and my data until now. I do not watch movies or you tube or even listen to music on my phone. All I do is check email, Facebook, and occasionally do home work on it. They recently, without warning shut my data off!! I called them to see what was going on and they sent me to an automated recording. I called back to talk to someone, who didn’t speak English very well, for him to ramble on about how I used too much data. He then stated that I could spend another $45 to turn it back on again! It’s BS in my eyes because they only give u 1.5 GB a month and shut you off even if you didn’t use that much in that month. He couldn’t even tell me how much I used!! So beware because like I said I never had this problem in the last yr and a half until now.

      • John

        they don’t forbid data on the new terms of use effective on 2/1/13

        • Brittany

          Where in the heck did you hear that?? I just signed up for ST mid May 2013 and I read the Terms before I signed up. They do expressly forbid data streaming and tethering…

          • D34d10ck

            Not true I have the terms right in front of me they forbid automated constant streaming (I.E. Uploading) and please stop being redundant I work in IT and know how to read a contract. I have read your “expressly forbids streaming” and you sound like the rep I was talking to. OK then explain why on the display it said buy the unlimited plan card to watch YouTube or quit repeating yourself.

    • jo

      I’m on auto-renew and I was with ST for years. I only used email and GPS once in a while, long story short I was banned for using a bit more than a gig in 1 month:/

      • B J Henry

        Did you evey get your internet back? My grandaughter used her ST phone as a hot spot to get netflix through her XBox is that teathering.? She got no warning but she probably did not realize what was happening.

    • josh

      i have a quick question and was wondering if anyone here could help.me and my wife are interested in getting new phones so we can video chat while at work.i figure it might use a lot of data but wanted to see if anyone could tell me.we usually talk 20-30 minutes during the weekdays.any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.thank you

  • Ardrid

    This is exactly why I didn’t go with Straight Talk when I left AT&T in November. I’m currently on Solavei but I’ll be leaving them this week for T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan. The ability to have a family plan, plus being able to use my employee discount, gives me a savings of $30/month after taxes/fees. Solavei’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired, to say nothing of the lack of short code support and spotty service (which T-Mobile customers don’t report having).

  • garrett

    Taylor, i’m on verizon too, looking to go prepaid and was looking at straight talk, with this all being said, what prepaid would you recommend now?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I am currently on Solavei (T-Mobile). Their plan is $49 for unlimited talk, text, and 4GB data. After you consume 4GB, then you are throttled to 2G Edge speeds. The only real downside of the Solavei service is they do not offer 4G LTE yet, but they are working on it and they should be one of the first MVNOs to include it.

      T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network is so fast where I live (Dallas), that I don’t miss LTE yet. However, when T-Mobile brings LTE to Dallas then I might consider another switch. And that’s the beauty of no-contracts — switch devices and networks whenever you want.

      • garrett

        awesome, fort worth here so that actually helps alot, thanks

      • Ardrid

        Solavei also doesn’t support short codes, which is a major concern for a lot of people since most banks use them for fraud messaging.

    • T

      $49 = Solavei = 4gb of high speed data before throttling, unlimited voice and text

  • redraider133

    Wish they would just come out and say you get X amount before we throttle, etc. I dont understand the need to be so shady about it and not just lay it out for everyone to know exactly what they are getting

  • bobba

    It should also be noted, T- Mobile states on their own website, that prepaid plans below $50 or $60 / month get lower priority on their network. Now what real world impact that has…who knows. I’m quite happy with $30 5 gig data, unlimited text, 100 talk Plan. I pay $.10 / min to talk the extra time I need and my bill averages $45/ month. At least this way I’m guaranteed my 5 gigs before throttling. But Google Voice doesn’t work with this plan. I think you have to go for the $50 or $60 plans for Google voice to work seamlessly.

    • Robert

      Google Voice does indeed work with the $30 t-mo prepaid plan. I used it for months.

  • steb

    Not sure why you’re printing this now. Straight Talk has always throttled and never would tell you at what limit.. They always just say it depends on the network. Yet they advertise unlimited. I’ve tried repeatedly to get a straight answer, even Tracfone execs in Miami refused to posy a clear answer. I’ve used them for 7 months on a Tmo sim. I’ve used between 1.7-2gb a month. I’ve used 100mb in a day. They say they don’t allow any streaming so if your daily data was super high,I’m sure you’d get dinged. It appears they won’t have access to Tmo LTE so they’ll lose customers in ayear or so. For now 2gb for $45still beats $60 from Tom. The customer service reps in the Phillipines are incompetent at both.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I’m posting this in hopes of getting there attention and maybe an answer.

      • Steven

        What is the ? Is it in code? How decode?

        • D34d10ck

          How much data is excessive data use on unlimited data…….k?

  • Co1e

    I don’t see the point of going with Straight Talk if you can’t find an at&t sim (which I have heard can still be found in stores occasionally). Way to many other well defined options.

  • tami

    My coworker got a Straight Talk phone and the UNLIMITED PLAN card for $45.She downloaded the IHeart Ap to listen to radio stations at work. We have been doing this for about 5 months. This last weekend her phone would only work to make calls. She called straight talk and after about 20 prompts got a person in another country. She pulled up her account then trasferred to an automated message stating she violated the terms and conditons. Her phone was suspended due to over useage of apps more than the average person.

    • donger

      That sucks.

    • Rick

      I have had my data cut off nine times now. I have not streamed audio, video, or done anything more than browse a handful of webpages per week. The reps will not even talk to me. They just transfer me to “another department” for the “you have violated your Ts&Cs” recording and it hangs up. I cannot believe that a company can get away with shit like this.

      • dakota

        How much data did you use? Have you kept track.. Never heard anyone getting into trouble for using less than 2gb… but most people don’t read terms and it does say so. Even T-Mobile e with their new plans day there are fair data usage limits on their unlimited plans. They too refused to tell journalists what that is. I’m sure it’s a higher limit but what? I don’t know about people saying streaming doesn’t use a lit of data. I’ve streamed Google Music on a 10 minute drive and was nearly 100mb…I can’t comprehend how a much longer commute wouldn’t eventually get you into Stair Talk trouble.. Esp when their terms explicitly forbid any streaming. Maybe it depends on network traffic in your particular city.. But if you’d ask them, their trek you it’s not allowed

      • Patrick Wemitt

        Same here! This is a case that begs for a class action law suit for false advertising! I have had 2 warnings and no human has ever spoken to me about throttling down ! Now I’m hesitant to even use the Samsung 2 for fear of losing even my phone service.

        • mike

          A class action suit should be taken for their lies

  • Raptor

    “Solavei is the only SIM I’ll stick in my a…″ oops.

    I switched to Straight Talk 3 mo ago just to check it. No issues at all.
    $125/3month = 42/mo hard to beat

    Few unlimited internet plans which beats it are
    1) my kid’s grandfathered Virgin Mobile $25 plan, but it has 150 min talk
    2) Walmart Tmo $30 plan but it’s only 100 min talk and
    3) Tmo Simple Choice when there are more then 5 people on the account – then we get around 25-27/mo per line (1000 talk minutes or so)

    Here is my SuperRequest to Wimberly Bros: Can you ask T-mobile CEO (personally, do not bother with anybody else) that if you bring Tmobile 1000 new customers integrating them via A&M will it offer us $20/mo and no single cent more 5GB unlimited plan ? You will setup automatic monthly payments or better just single one per year for small fee, say 10% for this to be economically viable for A&M. A&M will pay Tmo monthly and will always have money on the account. Sounds good?

  • Ryan

    I had Straight Talk for 3 months and they throttled me each month. I was really careful with my data and only used about 1GB a month. Even so, speeds dropped to about 200kbps consistently. And every time the billing cycle reset, speeds jumped back to normal. When I would call, they insisted I wasn’t in violation and wasn’t being throttled. After the third month of that, I was done.

  • Bgohan R

    Straight Talk cut off my 3g access with no warning. they stated that i had violated sections 6 and or 7 if the contract but could or would not say exactly what i did wrong. The sections name various donts. i was incredulous that they could tell me what don’t i did. i simply wanted to avoid future issues. their techs read from scripts and are not allowed to deviate from what script says:AKA tell the truth. When pressed for details, they simply re read script. Aggravating as neck because i could not get them to admit that there is a limit to unlimited plan. When i asked for s superviser i was transferred to another tech who knew less. I was then transferred to a “high data useage hotline” which is simply a message that hangs up on you. I’ve wasted 15 hours plus on hold and talking to poor english speaking techs. Mexico has worst cell service in world and Straight Talk is controlled by a Mexican based family, the Slim family. Their ads state “Unlimited Everything “. NOT! They need a class action suit slapped on them to force them to clearly define limmitted service details and to prevent the con of bait and switch game they are playing. Anyone considering purchasing an iPhone for $600 from Walmart for ST “unlimited service should think twice and look elsewhere. You can’t stream music or video or watch movies on mobile service without eventually getting cut off. Wifi access and data use is unlimited though.

  • ArticulateFool

    I’m very glad I left strait talk. I had so many issues with tethering it was ridiculous.

    I went with T-Mobile’s truly unlimited plan and with work discounts it comes to $51 a month. So for and additional $6 I get real phone service and can consume over 20gb a month data if I please.

    • Brittany

      I bet because tethering is expressly forbidden…

      • D34d10ck

        Really my terms don’t say tethering anywhere I have a hard copy right in front of me. Where?

  • matt

    Does Pandora use less data than streaming directly from Google Music? If not, I’m confused. On my GNex on Straight Talk, I just streamed 5 minutes of music, not even 2 full songs and it consumed 34 mb. There’s no way I could steam an hour or even half without quickly exceeding 100mb at once.. There has to be a reason why they say no streaming of music or video…. So I’m confused as to why I’m using so much more days than you guys apparently are

    • IT_Guy

      Google Music does use more bandwidth than Pandora. Pandora is a lower quality stream.

  • T

    $49 = Solavei = 4gb of high speed data before throttling,

  • stepquick

    I didn’t like Straight Talk at all. It took two sim cards before I just ended up dropping the service. My girlfriend had horrible service most of the time too, and bad data connections.

    Been pretty happy with the $30/mth t-mobile prepaid.

  • SimonSays

    Geez, failing to disclose such information should be illegal.

  • kayla

    Whether they will state it or not there is clearly a cap my husbands data wasnt just throttled it was SUSPENDED for the rest of the prepaid month! i called them and they acted like it was no big deal ‘yes it looks like his data was suspended for excessive use’ uh yeah he was using what he believed to be UNLIMITED! If u use internet a lot on ur phone do not go with straight talk especially if using it is essental for work or distant family.

  • jean

    Straight talk is not unlimited data, falsely advertised and refused to explain why they shut my data down

    • Kjay Chambers

      Same here

  • Blake

    StraightTalk told me not to use my internet so much. I find it funny to call them to see if I can hear new things from the reps. They all say different things which is reallly funny and I think 10 reps because I always get the same people. They act like roleplayers mostly.

  • Al

    Just switched to straight talk Friday 4/12/13. Downloaded Iheart music player Sunday. Played music for about an hour yesterday. Today while listening to it for about 20 minutes, a coworker with straight talk service came by, saw me streaming and warned me about being throttled. Not sure what the hell that meant so I looked it up on google and found this page. While scrolling through the comments I realized I was hearing Ruby Tuesday for the 4th time. I checked it out and discovered I lost data and the song was in a loop. So I guess I have just been throttled. Total playtime today was about an hour. Lesson learned….

    • Brittany

      That happens when you don’t pay attention to their terms of service…

  • Andy

    DO NOT go with Straight Talk if you are actually hoping to use data.

    I was throttled 3 weeks into my first month after using approximately 850m of data. I called customer support and had perhaps the most absurd phone call of my life. Comments included…

    “Do you always close your Facebook window? Leaving Facebook by pressing the home button still uses data so you need to close browser and Facebook apps every single time.”

    “If your kids have used it to look at YouTube videos you need to be more responsible to make sure it’s not used for video streaming”

    “The unlimited plan is only for web browsing. You’re not supposed to use it for any downloading, music or video streaming, or watching Youtube.”

    Etc. Etc. It was surreal. They couldn’t tell me how much data I had used or what the violation was specifically. They couldn’t override it either. I was even transferred to an automated system that made me go through a list of 10-20 questions answering questions about my web usage. Just insane.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      Had this exact experience. I was clearly being throttled, but they couldn’t confirm my usage, my penalty, or even the fact that my service was still on. They have no answers, even after I escalated multiple levels. A full month came and went at throttled speeds, and I finally left after realizing they are selling service without any way to make sure the service exists / is turned on.

    • Andrew

      Wow it’s like they read from a book cause I heard these exact same lines today

  • Kjay Chambers

    Customer service just told me that Straight Talk does indeed throttle at 1.5 gigs

  • JJ Stevens

    3 months ago my data was suspended for over usage. I was told by Straight Talk representatives after the plan expires the cycle restarts and my 3G data would return. This is in fact A LIE. I have been through 2 more $45 unlimited plans and my 3G DATA has yet to return and they refuse to help or fix the issue or give me a reason for this action. I have called everyone I know and now I want to file a law suit. If anyone can help me please call me 256-646-0535

    JJ Stevens

    • Jillibme

      I want in on this lawsuit…total false adverting…worst customer service…YOU CAN EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE SAYIN! Data was shut off before 2 weeks of just adding $45 so I called and was told it would return when another $45 was added. Needless to say I had spent$90 in one month and still nothing. I called everyday trying to get any kind of answer as to what used all of my “unlimited” data…can anyone explain how you can exceed UNLIMITED….i was so frustrated with customer service and yes…a few calls had a few choice words…then msging and calls were cut off for 2 days! went to Walmart furious and they had 3 different employees call…I keep telling “don’t let them transfer you…it’s a recording” and they seemed baffled. I never even got a warning call or txt. How are you suppose to know what your doing wrong and what is using all your data so you don’t do it again and why can’t they just answer a simple question?! I’m glad to have some kind if answers from these posts but it really sucks that we were all taken advantage of. No Straight Talk…I DON’T FEEL RICHER!

      • Brittany

        You could use your phone’s data logging info… If you have an android phone you go to Settings, click Data Usage and you will see a graph with lines in it, drag the left of the two lines to the far left of the graph. You will then see how much data you used during the billing cycle. For me, mine says May 15 – June 3: about 220MB.

        And below that you see the apps that used your data, the top of the list is the highest data use apps. For me it’s Google Play Store which used 68.92MB so far in my billing cycle. The second one down is Speed Test which used 55.33MB, Facebook 26.28MB, etc… You can edit your billing cycle if it’s not correct. Just scroll up above the graph and click on the Data usage cycle drop down box where it lists two dates, and click Change cycle… and it gives you a day of the month that your usage cycle resets. Now I don’t know if you don’t ever touch it if it runs on 30 days or the full 31 days if that month has 31 days or if it changes to 28 days in february… You may have to google that for the answer. But that is one way of find out how much data you actually used per billing cycle, you just need to check periodically to see if you are using more data than you used to which might indicate that you could be throttled or shut off.

        • D34d10ck

          Shut off for how much? They advertise unlimited everything. So if I don’t automate or download/upload p2p according to their TERMS OF SERVICE I SHOULD BE GOOD THEN RIGHT?

      • renee ball

        yes how do I get into a lawsuit also I cant even use my phone at all they keep telling me a lot of lies and bullshit and I told them I want a refund and they told me no my service has been out for 13 days now in the worst snow storm Ohio has ever seen and they still keep lying to me about my phone and I have told them several times I just w
        want my money back and I don’t use any data packages at all

    • Misty Smith

      Hi.. it seems we are in the same area.. I also have a 256 area code and would be interested in collaborating a lawsuit with you against straight talk.

      Misty Smith

      • D34d10ck

        I am in my email is [email protected]

      • nicck

        if we all stand together we can get a lawsuit and stop their company from ripping people off we need to sign a petition to stop them their corporate office is located in Florida if a few of us get the same lawyer we can end this who’s with me

  • terry

    I have the 45 a month from straight talk and the first time i had a problem concerning the net was last week the kept calling me and saying my data has reached its limit and will be shut off if it wasnt addressed

  • IT_Guy

    From the comments, I think a lot of first time smartphone users are purchasing Straight Talk plans. Every mobile plan is a compromise in some way and the key is to pick the one that best fits. I left Verizon for Straight Talk (with an AT&T SIM) about 3 months ago and have been very happy. At the same time, for $45/month I did not expect technical support and read forums like this regarding data limitations so I knew what I was getting into. Even though I work in IT, I find that I don’t go much over 1 GB of data per month by simply using WiFi in the office and at home. I do listen to Pandora and podcasts in my car and even watch the occasional video using AT&T’s network. I listen to a lot of music via Rhapsody but find that downloading my playlists while connected to WiFi minimizes data usage. T-Mobile’s coverage is awful outside of large cities and I have no Sprint signal at my house. For me, AT&T’s coverage is now almost as good as Verizon’s and the availability of WiFi make Straight Talk a good fit. Roaming isn’t a concern with an AT&T SIM though it would definitely be a problem with a Straight Talk TMobile SIM. As others have said, if you want and are willing to pay for more data go with another carrier.

  • Doughnut

    Got my $650 straight talk Iphone 5, 16 days ago downloaded a few apps, banking, gmail ect no games or big apps, I do everyday google searches and watch a couple vids per day and Fb and they squashed my Data usage forget this bcrap

  • Amy

    Same here. They have shut my internet off twice and neither time gave me any warning! Seriously all I do is look on Fb and Google things. I do not download any videos or music but yet somehow i violated their terms. I close my windows out and sign out of everything. What i do find funny is my mom and sister in law have the same plan, do what they want on their phone. I mentioned it to the rep about why my internet was down and he gave me some of the stupidest remarks. Said mam im not concerned with your moms phone, im talking about your phone. I believe they randomly pick users and make money off them by charging you and then shutting down your internet. Its just plain false advertising and wrong. If i violated anything why can’t they tell me? How can using Facebook and Google violate their terms? Its bull! And on top of that you can’t even understand anyone you talk to!!! I do not recommend straight talk.

  • beansdouble

    My gf got a $300 Galaxy S II Smartphone from Straight Talk which of course operates on the AT&T network a couple months ago. She didn’t realize that unlimited data wasn’t actually unlimited and installed the Netflix app…

    …Need I say more on the data this app uses. About 2 weeks after she installed it her data was suspended without warning, not even a warning call or message. One day there was just no data connection, no H+ icon next to signal anymore.

    Upon calling foreign tech support she was told by the Rep that it was due to overusage and she was transferred to the infamous hang-up-on-you high data use hotline recording.

    Her data was cut off around the middle of March, 2013. Her service end date is on the 6th of each month, therefore after calling tech support multiple times to inquire how long the suspension is I was told until the next service end date. At that time the next end date was April 6th.

    This date came and went and still suspended, so I called them back several times (because many would find any way to transfer me to that recording) and got some lady who explained that a message had been given to them from upper management that there has been some problems with the network and there has been a large number of “high data users” (we have a label!) Which are being processed and yours is currently being processed. She went on to say that she doesn’t know when it will come on and there is no one who knows or can manually change it (so nobody at all operates the computer systems, really?) She said there’s nowhere else to transfer me except that recording.

    I think this one actually went off the script this time and told me how useless they really are. Usually they don’t run themselves in a corner and explain what they can’t do like that. She reaffirmed that nobody could control the suspension at all that it’s a purely automated process and we just have to wait. She also told me that the data limit is 1.5GB when I told her I took tech support’s advice before to download a data counter but didn’t say What it can count to.

    As of today, April 23, the data is still suspended. We were told before by several reps that the data would be restored 24-48 hrs. After the service was refilled on April 6th. That never happened and that’s when the lady I explained above told me it was in auto-limbo (so to speak). I called them twice today since it had been over a month and the second time I avoided the recording but was told I had to wait until May 6th until my internet will be at normal level and not suspended.

    By May 6th it will have been about a month and a half since the data was cut off. My question to anyone reading this who may have had their data suspended, how long was it suspended for?

    She just wants her data back and won’t be using Netflix anymore. We also considered a different service, I know the S II is a GSM device operating on AT&T network. We’ve just invested all that money in that phone and would be a shame to have to buy another. I’m having a hard time finding defense information online about unlocking these and using them on other GSM networks. It is a native Straight Talk phone with Android Gingerbread. If anyone knows anything about this too please let me know.


    Dustin (minus the word “defense” up there this stupid GO keyboard screws with my typing and I can’t place the cursor to edit) -more aggravation on top of that from ST. ..anyway Thanks again.

    • Lola

      The same thing happened to me with the same exact words when I called customer service I used to recommend straight talk to friends not anymore, Im switching to anoyher company

  • Daniel

    We have brought our own iPhone 4′s over Straight Talk this month. So far everything is working great. We mainly use WiFi at home and work. I download my music and podcasts at home to listen on 35 mile commute. One tip: You can track your Cellular Usage on iOS devices by going to Settings – General – Usage – Cellular Usage. Simply reset the statistics at beginning of your pay period.

    • IT_Guy

      Same thing for Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. Go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Usage’. You’ll see that by default Android track the amount of mobile network data used. If you specify the day your billing month resets, Android will automatically reset usage statistics for you. You can also have it warn you about usage amount at whatever point you specify. Additionally, it will automatically disable data access if you wish at that point [NOT enabled by default]. You’ll also see a list of apps and amount of mobile data used ordered highest usage to lowest.

  • Andy

    Lest anyone believe that a data tracker will actually help, ST throttles users WAY before approaching the 1.5 “cap.” if they think you’re streaming or dl’ing files, they’ll throttle. the overwhelming majority of folks that have been throttled (according to the folks complaining online and my personal experience) were punished because of the type of usage. not the monthly total usage.

    • IT_Guy

      Data monitors definitely help and absolutely cannot hurt. The point here is to help people and others have posted they’ve been punished without knowingly streaming or downloading anything. Again if one expects helpful tech support or needs a large data allowance, this is not the correct carrier to work with. However with a little bit of knowledge Straight Talk can save quite a bit of money as long as one knows what he’s getting in to. On a different topic, to anybody reading all of these posts I absolutely would not recommend purchasing a phone from Straight Talk or Net10. Purchase an unlocked GSM phone on eBay or wherever and just move it to another GSM provider if you don’t get what you want out of Straight Talk.

      • Andy

        of course it can’t hurt. my point is that getting a data monitor in the hopes of making sure you’re not going over the 1.5 cap won’t keep you from getting throttled.

  • Sleeve77

    Signed up with Straight Talk a few months ago. Purchased a Samsung Galaxy S II from them at Wal-Mart. I was not aware of the data useage limitations until I received a voicemail notification from Straight Talk this week informing me to cease my excessive data useage practices or be turned off. Wait a minute! I thought I had unlimited everything? How can it be unlimited and excessive? Spoke with ST Customer Service and they couldn’t or wouldn’t share with me what my data useage metrics were nor what their definition was of unlimited or excessive. They would online tell me that any data useage outside of using a web browser had to be over Wi-Fi and that I should refer to my terms of service paragraph 6 & 7. It was then that I realized the trap I was in. Was it my failure to catch that in the beginning when I evaluated signing up? Not sure. So I searched on the topic to see if others were experiencing this and found myself here. Now it all comes clear to me! I wish I had been more thorough and figured out the TOS stipulation pertaining to data useage. However, I deem the evasiveness of the company in answering questions pertaining to data useage, including quotes from ST Executives noted in this article here, to be a service and marketing strategy that avoids pointing out this stipulation within their marketing at any time in my decision making process or after. I view unlimited and excessive to be mutually exclusive and deceptive that the term “Mobile Web Access” is not referenced in any marketing information for the buyer except in the TOS. That and the evasiveness of the company at many levels leaves me feeling deceived. I view it as a platform of deception and denial that the company is operating under and I’m moving to T-Mobile ASAP. Live and learn and take my lumps I will but I will also be reversing my promotion of ST and providing input to all legal means available to bring this company accountable in their trade practices to help others to know in advance what unlimited means in this context. Hope this helps you to be more informed when you are making your decision.

  • been there done that

    I had a similar problem when I let my service expire. I added another unlimited plan but never was reactivated. It took me calling over tens times and being sent to the recorded message that I finally got a hold of a rep that knew her job and took care of the problem. FINALLY!!! I’ve been with STalk for almost four years and never had any problems till I got a smart phone. what I’m finding is they put your speed back up shortly after you refill your service. My advice is to do all downloading while on wifi only. Over all I’m happy with Stalk.

  • amanda adams

    I have straight talk and had it for 4yrs with no problems until now they r saying i use to much data and im gonna be kicked off but they can’t talk to me about it. I think if i pay for unlimited then thats what i should get..wish i knew how i was going over.

    • zex

      Straight Talk:

      You are not telling the full story, Your cell towers are controlled by others , AT&T , Verizon ect. Your company has been informed that they are imposing a limit on higher speed data at 1.5gb per 30 day period. Then the speed will be throttled down.

      I been with the company for 4 years.. This is the 1st time I have been throttled.. They are being Squeezed by the competitors that control the towers.

  • beansdouble

    BOY at this point my gf wishes she had at least throttled data, then at least she could do something with her phone while away from Wi-Fi. Lucky for you guys all they have done is “throttled” it and it seems to return to normal after service refill.

    Hers was completely cut off or suspended as they call it back in Yvette middle of March. Her service refilled April 6th and the data has yet to be restored. They say now to way till May 6th… so she paid for a whole month of no data at all. I have yet to feel confident it will actually be restored at that time.

    • Brian

      After refill date it is still throttled. can use it to Google and access internet web and that’s about it no streaming video music no nothing

      • Brittany

        Of course you can’t use it to stream video or music. It’s in their Terms of Service… Jeez… Haven’t you learned anything from this site and all these comments?

        • fat ninja

          I stteam everyday on my st verizon android, over 3 gigs according to 3G Watchdog, no issues at all

  • jt

    actually I am a straight talk representative and i felt pity for those customers who were suspended, even us representatives we don’t even know when will be the customers will be able to connect to their web after refilling their account with service plan, because we are not explained briefly if what is the correct turn around time to be given to the customers or when will the customers be able to have their web again. It’s hard to transfer their calls to the same extension number even if they are tired hearing the automated machine but what can i/we do, if we don’t transfer the call to the extension number we will get automatic ZERO on our scorecards. But straight talk services has good service they just failed in terms of data services.

  • lefffa

    straight talk are just renting towers and it’s not really the straight talk who cuts your connection but the customer rep are not allowed to divulge any information so until now it’s the straight talk who keeps on receiving complains

  • Patrick Wemitt

    It’s out and out marketing deception; Can we all just say class action law suit! The Terms and conditions of 6 or 7 does not speak to excessive or even “normal” usage! I live in Upstate NY perhaps the attorney general should be called, this is a scam!

    • Dusty2000

      I think something needs to be done!

  • cody_tyler

    Ive had Straight Talk for over a year. But for the past 3 months they have been cutting my data off in the middle of the month. So I have to wait until I refill my service so I call them and they will not give me my data use. ITS NOT UNLIMITIED DATA. Ive made my choice to leave Straight talk.

  • beansdouble

    I’m thankful that if jt is actually a representItive (which the broken language hints it to be true being most do not use English as 1st language.) for Straight Talk that he does recognize the piss-poor way they handle their “unlimited” data plan.

    Obviously there is a definate cap as my gf’s phone has reached it and I have been told by Straight Talk that it is 1.5GB.

    That is fine $45 a month for 1.5GB of data on a Smart Phone isn’t too bad for everyday small things like checking the weather doing Facebook and some web browsing. I would have much more respect if they flat out told you What you were paying for on the cards/site. At least my gf would have known her limit and the consequences and would have never used the Netflix on her phone. She would have had a data counter and kept an eye on the meter.

    Now that I know, I keep count myself and keep it in range. People here are right though the marketing is very deceptive and even the fine print, paragraphs 6, and 7 are very unclear and misleading.. no definitions for excessive. That could be 10MB or 50GB you know? It isn’t clear What happens when you exceed the unknown excessive limit.

    One Rep told me to buy a new phone and a new number if I want to fix it now, otherwise wait till some unknown time when it comes back on. Seriously?? The phone is only months old and was $300!! I am not made of money to just throw it away! If it came to that I would port the number elsewhere where they are more honest about there policies and give you actual amounts you can use.

    I wonder why they can’t just cancel the account for the phone and reactivate it on a new straight talk account and if possible just port the number to the new account using the same number. Probably way to complex flexible them to handle, but hey, it’s a thought. Then would be a fresh account with fresh data to be careful with.

    I’m still wondering though if anyone knows if you can unlock the Straight Talk Galaxy S II? It’s a good phone and I know there are other GSM networks including it’s native AT&T.

    Thanks for all the follow ups!

  • Kendra

    I have been with ST for now 2 months and the first month I was able to consume over 30G of data… I byop and used the network for mainly tethering…. well here I am in my second month I used only 4G and has been suspended… Here is the problem I called CS and was told that maybe something was wrong with my phone or SIM bc my account was ok… So I go out purchase a new SIM bc I know for a fact my phone is functioning properly so spends $15 on a SIM (my local mall has the ST vending machine which is a plus no waiting on the delivery man) still no internet so I call CS back and then was told I had reached my limit for the month and there’s nothing they can do about it… I was stunned because it said unlimited… I wasn’t sent any warning messages emails or anything…. I know I used enough data last month but at least if I was given some type of warning of this new policy I would’ve went to my local library, McDonalds or Starbucks to use free Wi-Fi… so 10 days before my plan is up and I am switching back to T-Mobile… I was told my a cell phone retailer that T mobile has been getting all of simple mobile and straight talk customers I rather throttle than to be completely shut off….

  • Rahim Rahim

    Im on the bring your own device plan Straight talk with T-mobile Sim, my data has been completely cut -off!!!!! till today for the past 7 months my data was never throttled and i was using around 6+ gb a month. i can see why they got this month.

  • Brandon

    i agree with the writer and others in this post, for overall usage and value i would choose the Solavei option they are upgrading all the time (1700 to 1900, best roaming agreements for prepaid ive seen, and fast as all get out LTE coming in a few months) plus i pay NOTHING for it..shit, they pay ME as im sure they pay the guy who wrote this..BUT even if they where not, and even if my phone bill wasn’t free, for 49 bucks…i’ll pay the extra few dollars over straight talk to have better service, better data usage, and better IN COUNTRY customer service hands down.


    agree or disagree they can only get better and they have been since they launched, fastest growing in history, had an android with them now got i phone 5 with em, no complaints so far..

  • Rick

    My data was throttled on ST after using less that 200mb over 7 days. I have spoke to CS & through their support on FB but keep getting the “violation of TOS” runaround.

    If less than 25mb per day get you throttled then you have virtually no data plan!!!

    Wish I had not bought the 3 months of service so that I could just tell them where to stick it.

    I have recommended ST to several friends & now telling them to move on.

    Their complete lack of CS is ridiculous.

  • Mathew

    I’m on Straight talk with AT&T Sim for the past 4 months, and yesterday my data was completely cut -off without any warning!!!!! I naively had no idea that there was even a limit and did recently use my internet excessively over a week span, which was why my account was understandably flagged. After calling customer service, much like a lot of your own experiences, the representative, who are impossible to understand, transferred me to a recording, saying that I had a violated my agreement by over-usage.

    The worst part is that on the recording they almost dare you to go ahead and switch, “If you’re not happy with our terms, we will release your phone number.” This has got be a joke. I emailed them hoping to get a response from someone versus a threatening recording.

    Straight-Talk should be ashamed of themselves. I mean I wouldn’t have minded getting “throttled” or AT LEAST sent a warning.

    -Unhappy Customer

  • SomeUser

    I hope you guys are calling the FCC and FTC and filing complaints against them.

  • scott raley

    BBB is a much better choice you guys. I am on straight talk now for almost 5 months…. This whole hotline number has been new because when they used to throttle my account in the beginning I would just call in and there was a special department not a hotline who would reset my data. Maybe that department is not around anymore and now there is no luck. I have no clue but I feel all your pain everyone and want to help. The best Help I can give is BBB will do something about your claim right away!

  • Eric

    It’s hard to recommend them now. Straight across from that paragraph is a giant ad for Straight Talk. That’s funny.

  • lisa

    i’ve had the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for about a month and a half. my internet connection has just been cut off because I used YouTube without a wifi connection??? Like really i used the youtube APP THAT CAME WITH THIS PHONE WHEN I BOUGHT IT please somebody tell me what is wrong with this picture.

    • Andrew

      That is exactly what they told me I violated the terms cause I used the YouTube app on my phone that came per loaded along with Netflix they said using the phone to stream any video is a direct violation to there terms .so y the f$$$ put them on there there response from one was if I put you on a bridge we we don’t make you jump off it we can’t make you use the apps we gave you, you did that that is why you violated the terms and they said they have no control what apps are per installed on there phones even the ones that violate there own terms

  • Andrew

    I have not noticed any data throttle and I use a lot of data since my phone is rooted. I am not Pro-Straight talk tho… there customer service sucks, can’t get access to any phone records, if you need a sim, your pretty much out of luck, and there is countless other issue’s i could state but if you have ST you know what they are. I guess this unlimited data is worth all the hoops you have to jump through…

  • Highgrade

    Horrible service my billing cycle end on 4/30/2013 I did not renew service until 5/3/13 and my data was turn off on 5/4/13 contact straight they advised my service was disconnected for using to many data for previous month so basically I bought a 45 dollar card to use data for 1 day in the billing cycle they advised me I will have to wait until next month when I purchase a new card for data service to be restore will wait until the end of the cycle and go h2o rather pay more and deal with this bullshit highway robbery

  • Mitsuo

    I had them for a little while and also Simple Mobile which both companies ripped me off.. Aside from being throttle down I also totally got my data suspended. I called them to double check since I read many complaints online and I was told by a customer rep that they never throttle and never would suspend my service. Bullshit! First month already got internet cutoff and when I called and asked to speak to a Supervisor they said they would transfer me but I got transferred to a recording that said if I download or stream videos or music too often I will be throttle or suspended and if I go to Netflix it is violation and I will be suspended and this ia in terms and agreement on the website. Went to check website and read it over and over for hours and had no such information. Pure Bullshit! Was going to sue them but was told by a friend that was in terms and agreement that we cannot pursue legal actions. Funny they already knew they would get them since they are baawd on deception!

  • Mitsuo

    Oh, I later switched to Solavei from friend. Only by website. Went to Solavei.com/oahu1. Unlimited everything for 49.00 a month but u do get throttle but only after using 4GB of data. Love it since now my phone service is free! People can only get the service from you. Its a Tmobile partner but u can’t go to the store only from Solavei website. Can’t beat free service and if not it is cheap no contract for what ya get.

  • dldavis

    They cancelled my sons internet today and he is not due for another card until the 22nd. Today is the 5th. They say he used too much internet on his unlimited plan. Yes i am mad but all i can do is look for another carrier.

  • kdub

    Unlike some people have commented.. i never received a message about acceding my data usage. I was cut off three times! The first time they turned it back on but didn’t explain what had happened.. second time they said they couldn’t turn it back on because i had abused their service by going over a data limit. I tried asking multiple times as to why they advertise “unlimited data” when its NOT the case. Also asked 3 people what the data limit is so i know not to go over it and i couldn’t receive answers for either question. By the 3rd time they shut me off, i was told my service would be terminated if it was to happen again. Completely fed up i gave them a piece of my mind and back to boost mobile i went!

  • Ashley H

    I got cut off last month with the BYOP and what they did was merge my match and April data usage together which put me at a month and a half of data usage. I called 12 times and kept getting transferred to that automated service saying I used to much and they can’t do anything. So on the 12 th call I said if you transfer me to an automated service and not a manager I will sue straight talk for disconnecting my data after they mad the mistake of running my months together! It took about 20 min with a manager and my 4G was back on for good!!!

    • Linda

      I am having the same issues. Nothing but a recording n they won’t transfer me to any supervisors or managers. Just someone with a thick accent that I can barely understand.

  • Linda

    I have an iPhone 4 through AT&T but when my contract ended I switched to straight talk thinking it was going to work good. The first month I had no problems. Then the second one came n I found myself without any data on my phone even though I had refilled my minutes for the same plan as before. The $45 one. Well I called Straight Talk n they gave me the run around about having to wait another month bc I was on a high data usage restricted list. Like seriously I used the damn phone to look up directions n play a song while on a trip. And they’re saying I used up too much data n just cut me off. Wtf! I have called over n over n I keep getting a recording about it. I can only use the phone to call n text unless I’m on wifi. I would not recommend anyone get this cheap service. You get what u pay for. :/

  • Pat

    ZTE -990G Using ATT boat load of Pandora one month. About 2000 plus songs I got an auto text saying I was “burdening”, their system. No throttle back, though I did chill out a bit. It has always worked really well for me. Went to contract with ATT now cause everyone in family wanted a phone. Thought I would see an improvement in service……NOPE…..kind of a big disappointment for me and I think straight talk would still be cheaper. One daughter joining the military needed a no contact phone and went with a Samsung Proclaim through straight talk. I just set it up. It uses Verizon. when I click on the data button it says ” you will no longer be able to use data applications such as browser, email, and YouTube via mobile network. calls and texts will continue to function”. YouTube does work but once in awhile it asks me to update the phone and asks me to input my phone #. Never seen one of my straight talk phones do that before and I have had 3.

  • Karl J Cresswell

    The bastards at ST are aparently doing this all over the place. I’m with you you. My internet was shut off on May 3 2013. When I called I couldn’t understand the lovely people at the foreign call center. Sarcasm! After being transfered multiple time with out any understanding of what they were doing I was suddenly listening to a recording that was accusational that I have violated the terms of service. WHAT! The terms are on the box Unlimited! This is pure bait and switch deceptive selling practices. The shutting off or throttling of data is unwarned. If they had a store I’m sure people would be throttling them! Even their customer service reps don’t know how they figure out when they are shutting people off. The guy I spoke with was sympathetic and told me to download “task manager” from google play to watch my background apps so they are running using up data.
    Thats nice and all but why do I need to do that? I bought an UNLIMITED data plan. Anyway I am desperate right now and thought I would get everything back to normal by buying a new 45.00 card today. NOPE! still no data. That Representative said to try again tomorrow. WTF! I will, and I will post the results here too

    • Karl J Cresswell

      And yes I submitted a complaint today to BBB. More ppl need to.

      • Andrew

        Start calling Walmart hq they are involved with straight talk they told me they are getting hundreds of complaints a day about these problems that’s what I did they weren’t happy when I called and tomorow I will to call the bbb

        • Andrew

          Also they told me the same thing buy another 45 card and next month you will get a restricted data back and when the month after comes buy another and then that will restore my data but it will be limited not full for 2 more months before being restored for 2 months bs bait and switch is right

  • sylvester

    NET10 does shut down the data and they did so after 1 week of service I must admit i was aware of the data cap but thought they would just throttle the data NO THEY SHUT IT OFF and advised they wouldn’t return my data service including picture messaging until the next billing cycle..

    Spent an hour on the phone with the guy from net10 going thru what I do and do not do with my phone telling me that he needed to trouble shoot why my phone would have used so much data in such a short period of time and that he would restore my data.. He did not after calling the next day i was forwarded to a recorded message telling me that I wouldn’t have any data at all until the next cycle..

    I have the att sim because my tmobile service doesn’t work in my apartment I have a contract and I pay for the unlimited data but it works on edge if i stand in a certain spot in my bedroom but when I’m in the city (Pittsburgh) it works perfectly and no they do not throttle or mess with my data with the “Unlimited plan that I play for..

    Stay clear of the NET10..

  • Andrew

    It’s funny after 6 days of no data I called st and I’ve been on the phone with Filipinos for over 12 hrs and I’ve been hung up on 19 times and I’ve gotten told nothing, I’ve been called a liar, rude ignorant and stupid dozens of times even after everyone who works for st is a manager they still can’t tell me how I violated the terms and conditions , and if I went over the data cause they can’t tell me what the limit is even though they have repeatedly told me I have unlimited data. Also one of them let it slip that because there wireless carrier is AT&T it’s actually AT&T who downgraded our service from unlimited to 1gb per month an as soon as u hit 1/2 a gb it throttles then shuts off ur data so your not actually getting 1 gb , so long story short I’m now taking the Walmart route and when I contacted Walmart hq I was amazed to hear the response of another person calling to complain about straight talk I was then told they are getting hundreds of complaints a day, for u people who don’t know straight talk is a partner ship of Walmart and trac phone so everyone start directing your calls to Walmart I got further with Walmart in 5 min the I did with straight talk in 12 hrs on the phone and I got to talk to someone who speaks English inside of the USA not a foreign speaking person with broken english

  • Gloria

    I’ve been a Straight Talk customer for just over a year. Apparently unlimited data doesn’t mean unlimited anymore. They turned my data off and there is nothing I can do about it.

    They accused me of tethering my phone. I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that.

    I have used a total of 10.9GB of data since I got my phone on Christmas Day 2012, which is about 2GB of data per month.

    Straight Talk hides their “Terms and Conditions of Service” in a link at the bottom of their page. It is not a printable document like every other Straight Talk website page. It is a pop up that cannot be printed.

    The kicker is I JUST got a “courtesy” text message from Straight Talk today saying, “Your Straight Talk service expires soon” on May 17, 2013, so I went and refilled my service plan. They turned my data off within an hour of me paying.

    I am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as well as contacting the California Public Utilities Commission.

    Please join me in reporting Straight Talk for their false advertising. I have been a customer for over a year and never had a problem, until now.

  • Cody

    I have been a Straight talk user for over 2 years now. I haven’t had any data for almost 2 months (2 Service Refills) I am on my 3rd service refill and still no data…They say that my data will be restored on the next Service Refill date…3rd Month and obviously it was a lie…Plus they said my data has been “Reduced” not Suspended or canceled or anything of that nature, but yet I have no data…and all they do is transfer you to the High Data Usage Hotline…and still after a couple months of having no data whatsoever I call and they always transfer me to that stupid automated crap…Just like today, I called, they told me that my data would be restored after they transfered me to the technical department…well it wasn’t technical it was that same hotline…I called back, and what you know….the same thing again…don’t know what to do about this neither.

  • tmjam2011

    Hi. I just signed up on this forum to post this comment. And also to spit out the rage I have against this company.

    I have had straight for about six or seven months now and this is what I have experienced

    I used to have the AT&T sim with them. Used that for a few months. But realized 3G data was capped to under 2GB. After which I was slowed down to a crawl. So I decided that this cap was not enough for me. I have an iPhone 4S. I called straight talked. Asked them about the tmobile sim. The rep told me that unlike AT&T sim, there is no data cap on the tmobile sim. So two months ago I got the tmobile sim. The rep seemed right because last month I used about 35GB data. Mostly tethering. But this month as soon as I touched 5GB yesterday. My Internet got disconnected. Completely. No 3G or E sign. I called straight talk 15min ago. He told me my account was flagged for high data usage and that I would have to wait for the next billing cycle to get my Internet back. He said unlimited plans are not for streaming. Only for browsing. I have decided to switch to tmobile after this billing cycle ends.

  • Blake
  • TheHAG

    I noticed that Straight Talk throttled my speed during certain times, i.e. 7am-11pm and also removed my access to my data half way through the month after I consumed about 2 GBs of data. So I called and after being on hold for 2 hours, only to leave a callback request, the rep. called me back and said that I would have to talk to the top brass, and all she could say was that my unlimited data plan would renew with my next months payment. So I followed through with payment yet still no data, So I finally get ahold of a Manager and they run me through the works, giving me a survey of what I can and can’t do. Always log out of any email or social apps, hotspot apps are prohibited, I should not download media, etc. She told me if it happen again then I would permanently lose my data. WTF??? Unlimited Data??? Sounds like false advertisement to me and I would think they could face litigation over that.

  • J.M.E.

    Wow…I’m experiencing the same B.S. with ST…someone please tell me y Walmart still carry thm…so sad i tell ya!

  • Lisa

    No warning. They canceled my internet access. I thought it was something I did, like stop a running application or change some setting. But after days or troubleshooting, re-tracing my steps, and finally calling Straight-Talk for “Tech Support,” they told me my “data had been reduced.” They then transferred me to some automated recording about not using Pandora and other continuously running services and using Wifi when available. I did not get to talk to any tech support. Got no warning. Had the over 3 weeks until the next billing cycle! STRAIGHT TALK FALSELY ADVERTISED. I do not respect that. IT IS NOT UNLIMITED AND THEY WILL NOT SAY WHAT THE LIMIT IS JUST TO BE ABLE TO KEEP ADVERTISING “UNLIMITED.” Not cool at all.

  • Samuel Guzman

    They cut my mobile data at 1 GB this month. I’m not too pleased, I read the terms and conditions and found no cap.

  • Nic Checkettspne

    Ive been on straight talk for about three years now and never had problems until recently. The last two months they slowed me way down and without warning they cut of my data service. I didnt think i used that much data, especially since i use my iphone on wifi when im at work. im a delivery driver so i used a square for payments and when im on the road for about 2 – 3 hours a day i run pandora. They cut me off without telling me and when i ask to talk to a supervisor they transfer me to a automated voice message system that tells me i used too much data. Im now looking for a new prepaid service. Ive been reading that boost users have used 50+GB… Very disappointed and i will tell everyone. Whoever came up with the bright idea of changing their terms and conditions will lose plenty of customers…

  • wm cshaw

    I was cut off from data use without any notice when i called customer service I was transferred to a recorded message you could not even discuss it with a person this is the 1 st time it has happened I have been a customer for 2 -3 years I will be looking for another service provider unlimited is not unlimited I love how these companies like to change the meaning of words

  • Daniel Hattis


    I am a California class action attorney who is bringing a lawsuit against Straight Talk for deceptive “Unlimited Data” false advertising and the throttling/cutting off of customers’ data usage. If you reside in California and have been a victim of this fraud, we would like to learn of your experience at http://straighttalkfraud.com.

    Daniel Hattis
    [email protected]

  • B

    I been with ST (Iphone 5) for a total of 3 months, and i must say it has been a weird experience. My VERY FIRST MONTH AS A NEW CUSTOMER , i was throttled without any warning whatsoever. No text, no email, no nothing. My phones are usally on WIFI for majority of the time, so my ST data DID NOT EVEN HIT 100 MB. Soon i noticed my web pages would barely load, so i called customer service. They said i violated sections whatever and so and such… I asked them one simple question.. “How can i violate terms of service when im usually always on WIFI and i barely use 3G??.. They couldnt give me a answer, just always a repeated script. Ive talked to numerous reps and supervisors, and they still gave the same answer….It doesnt add up. My slow data speed lasted the entire MONTH AND HALF. Yes thats right, not the end of billing, but during a new billing period plus 2 weeks… Entering into my half second month, data speeds seem back to normal finally. And going into my third month, it still looks legit. But whats to stop it from happening again? This is the strangest phone service company.

  • Christina

    I am very upset with straight talk they cut my phone off without warning. When i called they sent me to a recorded voice an then disconnect when they were finished. i will NEVER suggest anyone to straight talk they lie about being unlimited. Im supper happy I wont needing to make a emergency call cause I wouldnt have been able to do it. Its just to good to be true there the cheapest phone bill ever but they only do that to lure you in. I had just bought a $45 card for my phone its only been maybe two weeks and they just cut me off i am highly upset cause i wasted $45 on this crap. But its okay straight talk will not be getting any more of my money. (please excuse any missed spelled words)

  • Patty

    I have been a Straight Talk customer for 3 years. I just bought my new 3G unlimited data phone 2 weeks ago. I was shut off of that a completely and have no idea why. . I live in Washington is anyone has any idea of what I should do please let me know. . I do not even know what streaming is. I did not abuse their service. I did not use my phone any differently than I have in the past. I had no morning and no questions answered I was simply transferred to a automatic recorded message. will calling the Better Business Bureau or Walmart help?

  • nyk

    straight talk sucks balls.. it is no rumor about straight talks limit to data.. today i became victim of the straight talk trap.. i was using my phones data for gps and it all of a sudden stopped working while i was out in the middle of nowhere installing directv. when i called to find out what the problem was the cc rep (from india) told me that i used too much data and that my service was disabled and i wouldnt be able to regain any data service until my service plan ended. wtf?????

  • keeg

    From ST TOS:


    (Scroll down for the Straight Talk Wireless Home Phone Terms and Conditions of Service)

    Please read these Terms and Conditions of Service carefully. These Terms and Conditions of Service are a legally binding agreement between you and Straight Talk. They contain important information about your legal rights, and require that certain disputes be resolved through Arbitration instead of a court trial. Straight Talk reserves the right to change or modify any of these Terms and Conditions of Service at any time and in its sole discretion. Any changes or modifications to these Terms and Conditions of Service will be binding upon you once posted on the Straight Talk website found at http://www.StraightTalk.com. Straight Talk is a brand and service of TracFone Wireless, Inc.

    By purchasing and/or activating a Straight Talk phone, SIM card, activating Straight Talk service on a CDMA phone and/or using any Straight Talk service (“Service”), customer (“You”) acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions:

    1. REGISTERING, ACTIVATING AND USING YOUR STRAIGHT TALK SERVICE: You may purchase a Straight Talk wireless phone or a Straight Talk SIM card for use with your own compatible wireless phone. Before you can use your Straight Talk service, you must register and activate a Straight Talk phone or your own compatible phone. You may activate your Straight Talk phone by visiting the Straight Talk website at http://www.StraightTalk.com.or by calling our Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-CELL (1-877-430-2355) from a phone other than your Straight Talk phone. If you have purchased a Straight Talk SIM card for use with your own compatible phone, follow the instructions that came with the SIM card to activate your service. You will need to provide an email address in order to activate your phone. You will be prompted for an email address upon registration at Straight Talk’s website at http://www.StraightTalk.com.You will use this email address to create and access your account. If you do not have an email address, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-877-430-CELL (1-877-430-2355) to complete your activation and registration and you will receive an email address for registration purposes. Upon registration, you will have the opportunity to provide your address and to set up a password for your account. If you elect not to do so, you may not be able to obtain copies of your call detail records except upon service of a valid Subpoena or a Court order. You must accept the Straight Talk phone number assigned to your Straight Talk phone at the time of activation, unless you choose to transfer (also known as “port”) your existing telephone number to a Straight Talk phone. In certain instances, you may not be able to transfer (port) your existing phone number from another carrier to Straight Talk. If you do not refill your Straight Talk account by your Service End Date, your Straight Talk phone number may be lost. Your Straight Talk phone can only be activated where Straight Talk Service is available offered and supported by Straight Talk. The wireless telecommunications networks used to transmit calls for the Service is owned and operated by licensed commercial mobile radio service providers (“Carriers”), not Straight Talk. Your Straight Talk phone can only be used through Straight Talk, and cannot be activated with any other wireless service. Your Straight Talk phone will only operate with a Straight Talk Service Plan or Straight Talk Service Plan Card. The terms of the Straight Talk Service Plans and Service Cards are subject to change without notice. Straight Talk Services are provided at Straight Talk’s discretion. Once you have been assigned your Straight Talk phone number you cannot change it or your Service plan until your Service End Date (as described below) without losing any unused Service balance. If you change your assigned phone number or Service plan prior to your Service End Date, you will lose any unused Service balance. If you notify us that your phone is lost or stolen, your account will be deactivated and any unused Service balance will be lost and will not be transferred. Some functions and features referenced in the manufacturer’s manual provided with your Straight Talk phone may not be available on your Straight Talk phone. Upon activation of your Straight Talk phone, you should retain your activation card that includes the IMEI/MEID DEC for your phone and SIM number for the SIM card associated with your phone for future reference. You will need both your IMEI/MEID DEC and SIM card number in the event you need to reactivate your phone for any reason.

    Certain mobile phone features may not be available throughout the entire network or their functionality may be limited. Some Straight Talk features are available only on Straight Talk phones purchased from Straight Talk and will not be available if you have purchased a Straight Talk SIM card for use on a compatible wireless phone or activated Straight Talk service on a compatible CDMA phone. All plan rates, features, functionality and other product specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation. Color of phones may vary. All talk and standby times are quoted in Digital Mode and are approximate.

    If you are using your own compatible phone, it must be compatible, and not interfere with, our service, and must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Devices capable only of using data service are strictly prohibited and Your use of any such device is grounds for immediate deactivation and termination of your service without a refund. You are responsible for ensuring that any compatible wireless phone that you use is compatible with the Straight Talk wireless service and that your phone meets all Federal laws and standards. You are further responsible for the purchase and maintenance of any additional hardware, software and/or internet access required in order to use the Straight Talk service. Straight Talk service will only work with wireless devices that are compatible with our network. Not all services are available with all wireless devices or on all networks. We may remotely change your wireless phone’s software, applications or programming without notice. This could affect your stored data, your phone’s programming and how you are able to use your wireless phone.

    When You activate your Straight Talk service, you will be provided with a telephone number or you may, in some circumstances, port-in a number from another carrier. Please note that You have no ownership rights to any telephone number, IP address or any other identifier associated with your wireless service and You acknowledge and agree that we may change any such number, IP address or other identifier associated with your Straight Talk service at any time without prior notice to You.

    TERMINATION OF SERVICE: Either party may terminate this Agreement (which will terminate the provision of Straight Talk service) at any time. Any unused service at the time of termination will not be refunded. Straight Talk may terminate this Agreement at any time without notice if we cease to provide service in your area. We may interrupt or terminate your service without notice for any conduct that we believe violates this Agreement, if you behave in an abusive, derogatory or similarly unreasonable manner with any of our representatives, if we have reasonable cause to believe that you are using your Straight Talk phone and/or wireless service for an unlawful purpose or in a way that may adversely affect our service, if you engage in any deceptive or unfair conduct with respect to your Straight Talk phone and/or wireless service. Any provision of this Agreement which by its context is intended to apply after termination of the Agreement will survive termination, including, but not limited to, any restrictions on the use of Straight Talk phones.

    2. REFILLING YOUR STRAIGHT TALK SERVICE: Your Straight Talk phone will only operate when your Service is active and you have a positive Service balance in your account (Services include minutes, texts, Mobile Web Access and Service days). Minutes, texts, Mobile Web Access and Service days do not have any cash value and do not accumulate. With each refill you will lose any unused Service balances (including any remaining days, minutes, texts and Mobile Web Access) and your Service Balances will reset with the refill amount of the new Service Plan or Service Card added. Straight Talk Services are non-refundable. No refunds or discounts will be given for (i) unused Service balances when you refill your Straight Talk phone and your Services balance is reset with your Service Plan or Service Card refill; (ii) unused Service balances that expire by your Service End Date; (iii) unused Service balances on your Straight Talk phone if it is lost or stolen; or (iv) Services purchased that are not compatible or supported by your Straight Talk phone. Any unused Service Balance(s) that exist at the time you refill your Service or at your Service End date will not carry over or accumulate. Customers whose Straight Talk phones are not data-enabled or that cannot use Mobile Web Access will not receive a discount or refund for the unused service. Straight Talk Service Plans and Service Cards are subject to change without prior notice.

    You may refill your Straight Talk Service as follows:

    (1) Straight Talk Auto-Refill: You may enroll by registering your credit or accepted debit card (with Visa or MC logo) at http://www.StraightTalk.com/autorefilland you will receive a recurring charge to your credit or accepted debit card on your Service End Date each month which will automatically refill your Straight Talk service with the Straight Talk Plan you select. **Please note: Your Auto-Refill is determined by the last plan or card you have added to your Straight Talk phone. For example, if you purchase a 3 month Service Plan, your Auto-Refill will occur every 3 months. To change this, you must call Customer Service and speak with one of our Customer Care representatives. If you have any Service Plans or Cards in your Straight Talk Reserve, those cards will be applied first before an Auto-Refill purchase is processed. Once you have used all Straight Talk Service Plans or Service Cards in your Straight Talk Reserve, the Auto-Refill purchases will resume.

    (2) Straight Talk Service Plan Cards: Straight Talk Service Plan Cards are available at Wal-Mart stores and online at http://www.StraightTalk.comand http://www.walmart.com. . Each Straight Talk Service Plan or Service Card comes with a specified amount of Service (minutes, texts, Mobile Web Access and Service days) as disclosed with each Service Plan and on each Service Card at the time of purchase. Service begins on the day you add the Services to your Straight Talk phone or, if the Service Plan or Service Card is placed in your Straight Talk Reserve, on your Service End Date. Service Cards do not expire except as specifically permitted by law. See below for more information regarding Straight Talk Reserve.

    (3) Straight Talk Reserve: With Straight Talk Reserve, you may purchase and add Straight Talk Service Plans and Service Cards to your Straight Talk Reserve to be automatically applied on your Service End Date. You may access the Service Plans and Service Cards in your Straight Talk Reserve at any time through “My Account.” All Unlimited Service Plans and Cards you redeem are automatically added to your Straight Talk Reserve to be applied at your Service End Date. When purchasing and redeeming an All You Need Plan Service Card, customers will be prompted to elect either to apply the Service Plan or Card at that time or at their Service End Date. With Straight Talk Reserve, if you decide you might need a Service Plan or Service Card prior to your Service End Date, you can visit “My Account” to apply a Service Plan or Service Card or otherwise manage your Service Plans and Service Cards in Reserve. If you are an Auto-Refill customer and have decided to add a Service Plan or Service Card to your Straight Talk Reserve, the Plan or Card in Reserve will take precedence over the Auto Refill and it will be applied before an Auto Refill purchase is processed.

    3. SERVICE END DATE: Your “Service End Date” is the last day of your Service period. When you add or refill Services, your Service End Date will be reset to the number of Service Days purchased. Some Straight Talk phone models may not display your “Service End Date.” You can find your Service End Date by visiting http://www.straighttalk.com/checkbalance.

    Refilling Your Account before Service End Date: If you are not on an Unlimited Service Plan and you want to refill your Services balance prior to your Service End Date, you can do so by purchasing Services online at http://www.StraightTalk.com,, by buying a Service Card at a retailer location and using the Service Card PIN to refill your account at http://www.StraightTalk.com, or by calling 1-877-430-CELL (1-877-430-2355). You may also enroll in a recurring charge (“Auto-Refill”) to your credit or accepted debit card by registering a credit card at http://www.StraightTalk.com/autorefill, and your account will be refilled automatically upon your Service End Date. If you refill your account with an All You Need Plan card prior to your Service End Date and you elect to apply the card immediately instead of placing the card in your Reserve you will lose any unused Service balances (including any remaining minutes, texts, Mobile Web Access and Service days) and your account will be reset with the refill amount of the new Service card. If you have Service Plan Cards in your Straight Talk Reserve those cards will take precedence over Auto-Refill purchases. Auto-Refill will automatically resume once you have used up all the cards in your Straight Talk Reserve. All data capable phones with a web access portal powered by Straight Talk will have an option titled Refill my account. This feature allows customers to add an airtime pin. All the customer must do is click on Refill my account from this feature, have his service pin handy and follow the prompts. In the event you choose to use this option, data usage will be deducted if you are an All You Need customer. The Refill my account feature may not be available in all phone models.

    Refilling Your Account after Service End Date: If you do not buy and add Services prior to the Service End Date, your Straight Talk Service will be deactivated on the Service End Date, you will lose all unused Services (including minutes, text, Mobile Web Access and Service days) and you may lose your telephone number. If your Straight Talk phone is deactivated for failure to add Services before the Service End Date, you will need to provide your Straight Talk wireless phone’s IMEI/MEID DEC number in order to reactivate your service. If you have a phone with a prepaid engine, you can add an airtime card from this prepaid area. The prepaid engine is accessible from your phone display. Select the menu option and a selection titled “Prepaid” will display. You may add an airtime pin by selecting “Add Airtime” and following the prompts. This feature may not be available in all phone models. Please note that Straight Talk does not provide refunds for unused minutes, texts or Mobile Web Access.

    4. STRAIGHT TALK SERVICE PLANS AND SERVICE CARDS: Straight Talk Service includes at least two service options: Unlimited Talk, Text and Mobile Web Access and the All You Needâ„¢ Plan that provides 1000 airtime minutes, 1000 texts and 30 MB of Mobile Web Access. You may be charged applicable taxes and fees at the time of purchase in certain areas.

    Unlimited Minutes, Texts and Mobile Web Access Plans: With these plans, you receive nationwide calling, text messaging and Mobile Web Access for the number of service days stated in the plan. Straight Talk currently offers Unlimited Minutes, Texts and Mobile Web Access Plans with 30, 90, 180 and 365 days of service. Please note that the unlimited service plans do not track “per minute” usage for nationwide calls or text messages. The Unlimited service plans are subject to certain limitations. See paragraphs 6 and 7 below.

    All You Needâ„¢ Plan: With this plan, you receive 1000 minutes, 1000 texts, 30 MB of Mobile Web Access and 30 days of service. This plan includes nationwide calling and calls to 411 at no extra charge. The name “All You Need” does not imply that this plan will meet the needs of all customers. The All You Need Plan is not available with certain models of Straight Talk Phones such as the Android powered phones and other models. See your phone’s packaging for plan availability.

    All You Need Plan Services are deducted in the following manner:

    Minutes: All calls are charged at a rate of one (1) minute per minute of use. Minutes are deducted in full unit increments and partial minutes are rounded up to the next minute. No credit is given for dropped calls. Simultaneous calls such as call waiting and 3-way calling will deduct minutes for two calls at the same time. Unless you are on an Unlimited Service Plan, minutes will be deducted for all time during which your Straight Talk phone is connected to, or using, the wireless system of any Carrier. Use of a wireless system typically begins when you press the “send”, “call” or other button to initiate or answer a call and does not end until you press the “end” button or the call is otherwise terminated. Minutes are deducted for all incoming and outgoing calls, including calls to toll free numbers, 411, 611, *611, Customer Care, and to access your voice mail. Minutes are not deducted for calls to 911. For outbound calls, minutes will be deducted for incomplete and/or busy-no answer calls. There is no additional deduction for nationwide long distance or for 411 calls. International long distance is not available on any Straight Talk phone. Any attempt to place an international long distance call may result in service deactivation and termination of your account. You will not receive a refund if your service is deactivated and/or your account is terminated as a result of your violation of these terms and conditions. You may purchase International long distance service to certain destinations through Straight Talk’s International Long Distance Service program.

    Text Messaging: Unless you are on an Unlimited Service Plan, text messages are deducted from your separate text balances. For picture messaging and other multimedia messaging, deductions from your text and Mobile Web Access balances will occur simultaneously based upon the type and size of the message being sent or received and in accordance with the plan under which you are receiving service. Your text messaging rate may vary based upon the Straight Talk plan you select regardless of the model of wireless phone you are using. In the event of any conflict between the text messaging rates associated with your selected plan and the text messaging rates associated with a particular model of wireless phone, the text messaging rate associated with the plan will control. Please refer to the terms of the particular plan you have selected for further information. Straight Talk Service does not allow international text messaging except on certain limited phones as described in the phone packaging (currently available with specially marked Samsung Galaxy Precedentâ„¢ (M828C), LG Optimus Qâ„¢ (L55C) and LG Optimus Blackâ„¢ (L85C) sold by Straight Talk). Attempting to send international messages where not permitted or supported could result in Service deactivation. In the event of a deactivation, your minute, text and Mobile Web Access balance previous to deactivation will be cleared from the account.

    Please note that Straight Talk does not participate in Premium SMS services or campaigns. Premium SMS refers to activities that usually involve sending a text message to a designated “short code” or buying or attempting to buy SMS services from anyone other than Straight Talk. Premium SMS campaigns include activities such as casting a vote, expressing your opinion, playing a game, subscribing to a service, or interactive television programs. You should not attempt to participate in Premium SMS campaigns, unless it is a Straight Talk authorized campaign. Any charges you may incur as a result of an attempt to participate in Premium PSMS services or campaigns (not authorized by Straight Talk) are not refundable. Some Nokia Straight Talk Phone Models do not support text messaging to e-mail addresses.

    5. STRAIGHT TALK MOBILE WEB SERVICES: With certain Straight Talk phone models, you can access Mobile Web Services and purchase ringtones, graphics and applications from the Straight Talk Mobile Web Shop and from other third party websites (purchased ringtones, graphics and applications are collectively referred to as “Web Content”). With BYOP products and certain smart phones, you may access the internet directly through any compatible web browser.

    Accessing Mobile Web Services and Purchasing Web Content: Unless you are on an Unlimited Service Plan, each time you access the Mobile Web through your Straight Talk phone’s browser, your Mobile Web Access balance in your Straight Talk phone will be debited for that usage (“Access Charges”). Access Charges are deducted in full kilobyte increments. Access Charges begin when your Straight Talk phone connects to the Mobile Web Service. This should occur after you open your browser, send or receive a multimedia message (for example, a digital photo), initiate a content download, or if Mobile Web Access is initiated for any other purpose. Access Charges end when the connection to the Mobile Web Service terminates. This should occur shortly after you close your browser, successfully receive or send a multimedia message, after a successful content download or when you exit a Mobile Web session. The Mobile Web Access duration and the related Access Charges are NOT determined from the exact moment you press a button on your Straight Talk phone to open or close the browser.

    Unless you are on the Unlimited Service Plan, there is always an Access Charge associated with accessing the Mobile Web, sending or receiving a picture message and downloading content. Total Access Charges will depend on the size of the content and the actual time it takes to download or transmit the content or multimedia message. Any Web Content you buy and download may only be used or viewed on the Straight Talk phone for which the Web Content was purchased and cannot be transferred to any other device, including a new or replacement Straight Talk phone. Web Content purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Availability, Interruptions and Discontinuation of Mobile Web Service: Straight Talk does not guarantee the availability of Mobile Web Service in your network coverage area at any time and reserves the right to modify, suspend, interrupt, discontinue or permanently cancel Mobile Web Service, or portions thereof, without notice. Mobile Web Service may not be available outside of your coverage area. Straight Talk is not responsible and will not be liable for any modifications, interruptions or discontinuation of Mobile Web Service or for your failure to receive any purchased Web Content. If Mobile Web Service, or any part thereof, is modified, interrupted, discontinued or cancelled, Straight Talk will NOT issue any refunds or reimburse you for any remaining used or unused Services. If you cancel, or attempt to cancel a web download, subscription purchase or a multimedia message in progress, or if this process is otherwise interrupted through no action on your part, Mobile Web Access usage may nevertheless be deducted.

    Straight Talk Mobile Web Service is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis. Straight Talk does not warrant that the Mobile Web Service will be uninterrupted or error or virus-free. No warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to warranties of title or non-infringement or implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, is made in relation to the availability, accuracy, reliability, information or content of the Mobile Web Service. You expressly agree and acknowledge that the use of the Mobile Web Service is at your sole risk and that you may be exposed to content from various sources that may be harmful or malicious.

    Downloadable Third Party Web Content and Applications: You may download free and purchased Web Content and applications (“Web Content/Apps”) from third parties that are unrelated to Straight Talk. For such third party downloads, Straight Talk is not responsible for the Web Content/Apps, including download, installation, use, transmission failure, interruption, or delay, or any content or website you may be able to access through the Web Content/Apps. Any support questions for these Web Content/Apps may be directed to the third party seller. When you use, download or install Web Content/Apps sold by a third party seller, you may be subject to license terms between you and third parties. Straight Talk is not responsible for any third party content, advertisements, or websites you may access using your phone.

    Use of Information: Straight Talk and/or other third parties from which you acquire Web Content/Apps may retain, use, and share information collected from you when you download, use, or install Web Content/Apps. Straight Talk and/or other third parties may update your Web Content/Apps remotely, or may disable or remove any Web Content/Apps at any time. Refer to the Web Content/Apps creator’s privacy policy for information regarding their use of information collected when you download, install, or use any third party Web Content/Apps. We are not responsible for any transmission failure, interruption, or delay related to Web Content/Apps, or any content or website you may be able to access through the Web Content/Apps. If you use a third party application, the application may access, collect, use or disclose your personal information or require the network carrier to disclose your information, including location information (when applicable), to the application provider or some other third party. If you access, use or authorize third party applications through Mobile Web Services, you agree and authorize Straight Talk and the network carrier to provide information related to such use. You understand that your use of third party applications is subject to the third party’s terms and conditions and policies, including its privacy policy.

    Information on Phones: Your Phone may contain sensitive or personal information. Straight Talk is not responsible for any information on your phone, including sensitive or personal information, data or photographs. If possible, you should remove or otherwise safeguard any sensitive or personal information, data and photographs when your phone is out of your possession or control, including, but not limited to, relinquishing, exchanging, returning or recycling your phone. By submitting your phone to us, you agree that our employees, contractors or vendors may access all of the information on your phone.


    Non-Rated Content: Straight Talk strives to present and offer only generally acceptable content. However, it is impossible to proof all content, titles and news articles for appropriate content. Straight Talk Mobile Web Services content are NOT rated and you are solely responsible for the use of such material, which may be offensive or objectionable to you or to others. You agree not to hold Straight Talk liable for any offensive or objectionable content.

    Straight Talk Mobile Web Service is for individual use only and may not be offered for resale. Straight Talk reserves the right to take measures to protect the Carrier’s networks and other users from harm, compromised capacity or degradation in performance. These measures may impact your Service, and we reserve the right to deny, modify or terminate Service, with or without notice, to anyone we believe is using the Straight Talk Service and/or Mobile Web Services in a manner that adversely impacts the Carrier’s network. We may monitor the compliance of subscribers, with these Terms and Conditions, but we will not monitor the content of your communications except as otherwise expressly permitted or required by law.

    Straight Talk Service is not intended for use by children. In the event that you, as a legal guardian allow your child to use the Services, you acknowledge that your child has the permission to access the Straight Talk Mobile Web Service, including, without limitation, email and web browsing capabilities. You further acknowledge that as a legal guardian, it is your responsibility to determine whether use of the Straight Talk Mobile Web Service is appropriate for your child. If you browse with the Straight Talk Mobile Web Service, you agree that you are of the minimum legal age to visit certain sites and you agree not to visit any illegal sites. Availability and reliability of Straight Talk Mobile Web Services is subject to transmission limitations, and your actual device speed may vary from time to time. Not all websites will be available with the Straight Talk Mobile Web Service. Access to certain websites may be blocked or unavailable due to carrier or other restrictions.

    6. STRAIGHT TALK UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT AND MOBILE WEB ACCESS PLAN INTENDED USE: Straight Talk Unlimited Talk, Text and Mobile Web Access Plans may ONLY be used with a Straight Talk handset for the following purposes: (i) Person to Person Voice Calls (ii) Text and Picture Messaging and (iii) Internet browsing and ordinary content Downloads. The Straight Talk Unlimited Plan MAY NOT be used for certain unauthorized uses that adversely impact our service. Examples of unauthorized uses include, without limitation, the following: (i) continuous uninterrupted mobile to mobile or mobile to landline voice calls; (ii) automated text or picture messaging to another mobile device or e-mail address; (iii) uploading, downloading or streaming of uninterrupted continuous video; (iv) server devices or host computer applications, including, but not limited to, Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing; or (v) as a substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections. A person engaged in unauthorized uses may have his/her service throttled and/or terminated. Customers will be provided notice and an opportunity to take corrective action with respect to unauthorized uses before their service is terminated

  • Dusty2000

    Straight talk, stopped all data usage March 23, after all the call to be put through to the correct department to handle this, which btw is a recording that does no go and hangs up on you at the end! So several more calls the said my data should return when my next card was due, I explained that I bought the YEAR CARD for $455.00, telling me that yes I would have to wait till that year card it up! WTF kind of bull is that! I cant imagine that I used enough data for a whole f***ing year!
    Every rep. said look at terms and conditions after every question I asked, you took the internet away from me on my phone so how can I? and the main call center is in the Philippines whats with that WAL-MART?

    • andy

      Dusty2000…if you paid with a credit card, just contest it with your credit card company. They’ll likely take your side and get you your money back. I’d also contact Wal-Mart and just blitz them with calls and emails.

  • sunshinebes

    Straight talk is not not unlimited like it says and its very not helpful comsumer service . That can’t help you! Call them four to six times a day for 6 they would say you have to wait 24 to 48 hours and then send me too recording finally after 6 days they had me take the batterie out and put it back in and it work why could they told me that 6days ago and

  • sunshinebes

    Straight talk is not not unlimited like it says and its very not helpful comsumer service . That can’t help you! Call them four to six times a day for 6 they would say you have to wait 24 to 48 hours and then send me too recording finally after 6 days they had me take the batterie out and put it back in and it work why could they told me that 6days ago and it would have been nice! They also send me on the run around to.very bad service and i am going to find one that tells you the way it is not lie to people.

  • Danny Appleton

    Notice: When I am throttled or shut down, I simply do a “hard boot” on my galaxy s2. Everything works perfectly again.

    • Charley Jordan

      Now when you say that you do a hard reboot on your galaxy 2, what do you mean? how do you do a “hard reboot”?

  • Brian

    I have straight talk for over a year and never had a problem. i bought a Samsung galaxy the first of march and was using it to stream i heart radio as i am an otr truck driver. after using it for 2 weeks my data was shut off. i thought i had run out of a data area but 3 days later when it still wasn’t back on i called them. was informed i had exceeded usage amount and was throttle. i did without data for 2 weeks. was told that i would receive full data usage again when next payment was made. i did get data back but for 2 months i have been unable to watch netflix or YouTube due to connection problems. i called back today and was informed that my data is throttle to almost nothing and will always be due to me going over my limit in march. they cannot give me a limit that can be used prior to them shutting it off and i have yet to receive a message that i was going over my limit. be warned everyone

  • c-dogg

    i just got a call today about using to much data usage on my phone straight talk phone and told me to call a number and they would tell me what was wrong so i called the number and all it did was ask me a bunch of questions and then hung up.

  • Charley Jordan

    I have had straight talk service for the past few years and up until now I have been completely please with their service. That is up until last month when I was cut off from data service without so much as even a warning. When I called I got some type of story about as per their policy, I have been flagged for excessive data use and had to wait until I re-upped on my monthly service or up to 48 hours after to get my data service back. That was crazy. I looked at the reference they gave me for the policy and could not find what they were talking about. The presentative didn’t even bother to tell me at first. He just forwarded me to a recording that told me this. When I called back he then tried to tell me what the recording was saying but I hung up on him. I have since that time been researching other companies for phone services. They had the nerve to tell me on the recording that if I didn’t agree that I had the option of getting my number released to another service of my choice… Well that’s my choice at this point!!!

  • Erin

    I came across this article because I searched “Straight Talk Unlimited Data” after receiving a call from them. It was a recorded message stating that I have been using excessive amounts of data. I do listen to Pandora at work but not every day and on the days I do it is only a couple hours. The recording threatened that if I didn’t stop consuming so much my phone service would be suspended or cancelled. I thought I signed up for an unlimited plan!!

  • brandy metz

    I haven’t been able to get my download game bingo to load for 3 days I’ve had the game for couple months

  • nick nuzzi

    Fuck wallmart and straight talk they lie and don’t give a shit misleading people and providing shitty service

  • alex wong`

    i am with all of you getting pissed by ST. just signed up for petition at http://wh.gov/JFQp to stop this false advertisement. surprisingly only found 5 people signed up since 5/13/13 after seeing so many people got bad experience with ST. why not signing up? anything I missed?

  • Kina p

    Funny everything y’all just said just happened to my boyfriend not even two days ago. But ironically I have the same phone an I haven’t had a problem at all. Iphone4 an my kids have phones as well.

  • dave

    Straight Talks unlimited text talk and web is all lies. After you pay for your sim card and the unlimited plan they send it to ya in the mail with a BOOK of RULES!! The rules are if you stream the internet videos,movies,iTunes,no gaming either your service can be terminated! Also if they feel you text to much your service will be terminated! Also if they feel you make to many phone calls your service will be terminated! And as most of you know they’re can’t tell you what the magic # is for the cut off but I finally got the # from someone after being hung up on 6 times and being sent to a high data usage recording 3 times its 1.5 then they cut ya off they also tell ya if you pay for a new reload early you will get your data back. But the one thing they don’t tell you is they slow it down so much you can’t do much with it and there is no way to get it speeded back up as I found out after I got another phone from at&t with unlimited text talk and web and yes they let you game and use YouTube but its only 3g service! So if your thinking about getting Straight Talk don’t get it unless your around wifi alot so you can use your data as they want but then again if you where around wifi a lot you wouldn’t need unlimited

  • Thomas
  • Reannie

    Hi there…there’s one way to have your data service back.. but you will only have to this 4x only….. you just need to change your phone number… simple as that…. in changing number it will going to deactivate your old phone and replace with a new one… now here’s the catch.. as I said you are allowed to change your phone number 4x in a year… or another thing, wait for your service thing to end and don’t add service to it for a couple of months until your number shall be totally removed from the account. Reactivate your phone back and it will going to provide you with a new number…

  • Reannie Jones

    Hi there…there’s one way to have your data service back.. but you will only have to this 4x only….. you just need to change your phone number… simple as that…. in changing number it will going to deactivate your old phone and replace with a new one… now here’s the catch.. as I said you are allowed to change your phone number 4x in a year… or another thing, wait for your service thing to end and don’t add service to it for a couple of months until your number shall be totally removed from the account. Reactivate your phone back and it will going to provide you with a new number…

  • Tausha

    I have been a straight talk customer for over a year now and have, until this weekend, been highly pleased. My father and step daughter both have straight talk as well. My father was having trouble with his 4g. After further investigation, he had been cancelled. I just heard from my stepdaughter that her 4g is not working today either. No warning at all, and neither of their habits had changed. Why, all of the sudden is this happening? When I call straight talk, I get forwarded to a message… Not a person. No one with talk to me about it. I’m very unleashed.

  • Alan

    Been with straight talk for a couple years now, once about 1.5 years ago I received a recorded phone call stating that I was using excessive data and that I would be throttled or disconnected if I continued I had a data counter widget and it was at about 6 gigs. Mind you my phone is rooted and at the time I was tethering it to my laptop to play online games while I was on the road.

    I actually cut back at that time, but since have gotten addicted to Netflix…in the past 30 days I have actually streamed 45 gigs of data, strange part of this is my phone has been marked “inactive” in my straight talk account and my prepaid plan expired 10 days ago, yet here I am still streaming video, still texting and still making and receiving phone calls…. go figure. I do not believe this company has any clue what it’s doing as a prepaid carrier..

  • DAVE

    This May, within 3 days of my monthly serviec start date, and after only downloading 120MBS of data, ST started sending me recoded phopne calls threatening me with disconnection because of data abuse. I figur it was becuase I ws running my GPS app while on a road trip for the day. Barely English speaking CS agent told me that they saw that I had been warned before, which is true – about 5 months ago when I used JUST over 2Gigs.. So, apparently, they maintain a list and target customers that have been warned. So ST can go F themsleves, I’m through!

  • Khris

    The data limit is in fact 1.5GB I was told this by their customer service. That’s false advertisement you can’t do anything with this data limit really. Why they just won’t come straight out and tell all their users how much data limit is. Instead of lying about it all.

  • Andrew

    I’ve been using and selling Straight Talk for 2yrs, I personally have not had any issue with them other than getting a prerecorded message about my data usage once at around 3GB last year. On the other hand, I gave my Dad an iPhone 3G a year ago and set him up on (ST) with an “ATT” Sim card. Although he was set on “Auto-Refill” the day came to change the Credit Card on his account, so he called FROM the phone in question on the DAY OF his last service day but they Deactivated his Sim Card and told him that “There was an issue with our computer”….Really? Are you sure its not because you want to get rid of the ATT cards that are still active? Maybe because you have to pay ATT more than T-Mobile for using their Networks?

    Now they’re sending him a “replacement” which I’m sure will be a “89012″ T-Mobile Sim… which (TM) doesn’t work in his area, and being an iPhone 3G, he will be stuck on the EDGE network. It’s too bad that as someone who sells Straight Talk service, I can’t get proper service when I need it. I’ve helped Customers reactivate their service even 4 weeks after their final “service day” and not one of them had their Sim Card deactivated, except those who let the service expire for 30 days or longer.

    Straight Talk-

    “Please note that You have no ownership rights to any telephone number, IP address or any other identifier associated with your wireless service and You acknowledge and agree that we may change any such number, IP address or other identifier associated with your Straight Talk service at any time without prior notice to You.”

    Now THAT’S Customer Assurance!

    On the “Unlimited Data”, it’s Unlimited under the “Reasonable Use Policy”. What dictates reasonable is highly questionable… their terms of use state that using apps such as “Pandora” are grounds for termination.

    Straight Talk-

    “…if in Straight Talk’s sole opinion, you are placing an abnormally high number of calls, or repeatedly placing calls of unusually long duration, or if your talk, text or Mobile Web usage is harmful or disruptive to the Carrier’s network or service levels. If we determine, at our sole discretion, that you are using an unlimited service in violation of the Straight Talk Terms and Conditions of Service, or in any other manner that we deem to be unreasonable or excessive, then we may terminate individual calls, terminate or reduce the speed of data connection throughput, Mobile Web Access or terminate your service, decline to renew your service, or offer you a different service plan with no unlimited usage component.”

    What is an “abnormally high number of calls” and do they mean to say that there is a limit to “Unlimited Calls” and “Unlimited Text”? They need to be putting some MAJOR *** (asterisks) on their phones and service cards pointing of this out, or they may have lawsuits heading there way pretty shortly…

    (please forgive any misspellings and/or grammatical errors, got a migraine prior to typing)
    I need a Dr. Pepper and More Excedrin….. ;)

  • windy

    I was @ 2.07GB on .my first month (may). My total phone froze! No notice! This month Ihave been careful. Walmart said l can use 4gb lcallef ST they said 1 1/2!!! I am already over 1 1/2 . ST said browser is unlimited…not other data. I must of made a lousey choice w/ST. The phone price also dropped 50$ after l got it. Dangggg

  • jen

    Straight talk is possibly the WORST company I have ever dealt with. They’ve cut my data completely off two months in a row now, only 12 days into my plan because of “over usage.” I’ve spent numerous hours on the phone with these people, trying to find ONE single person in the office that could answer any one of my questions about why exactly they cut off my Data. I’ve had Straight talk for almost 2 years now, I’ve watched netflicks, downloaded games and watched countless hours of youtube videos. Then, all of a sudden, just in the past 2 months they started cutting me off. I recently undertook a crosscountry journey to a location where I don’t even get enough signal to watch anything, so I’ve used the data less in the past 2 months than in the entire time I’ve had my phone. No one in their office can answer WHY exactly they cut out my data, they just send me to a voicemail system that tells me I’m over in usage and then it hangs up on me. I’ve been sent to this “help” number over 30 times. After talking to numerous “managers” and even that manager’s supervisor I finally got an employee to admit that they really don’t have a legitimate help line, and the only thing I could do was to fork out 50 more bucks on another minutes card. They have hung up on me several times, while “transferring me” to a manager. I’ve always been fairly amicable and friendly. I told them today that Selling a card with supposed “unlimited” data, and then cutting me off for no apparent reason is completely False Advertising. Not to mention NO ONE there seems to know anything about how much data I even used. I absolutely HATE this company now. I’m going to start looking for a new cellphone provider tomorrow.

    • christie Glenn

      What you just said is EXACTLY, even time frame, of just the past 2 months they cut my data. just 10 days into my plan…I’ve done exactly what you have. with no help.

    • rami

      the problem is that most other company will not except your free I phone
      they want you to by their phone
      if you know company that will except free phone , let me know
      I just bought my I phone 5 for $650 and moved from Verizon to them
      I notice right a way that they do not have real customer service.
      I feel that I made a mistake moving from Verizon to them

  • christie Glenn

    I am so pissedthat I buy a unlimited card only to be. told by straightalkthat I really have a 1.5 gb. limit . they shut off my data with no warning . and get no real answers or anything when I call them. I would love to find the representative in this article who said they don’t shut off data. switching to someone else. straightalk shouldn’t be able to sell the unlimited 45 dollar card, when ppl aren’t really getting unlimited. false advertisement. is love to report them. but to who…ugh….

  • Roger

    My wife’s phone’s data was shut off yesterday due to too much data usage she has used ST for 3 years with no real issues other than trying to understand customer service. This last December I got us both I phones and I switched from AT&T to straight talk since her phone was set up in December she has used 5 gb of data And I have used 15 mine is still working we refilled her month with an unlimited card and immediately her data was shut off no warning at all I am signing the petition and caling a lawyer for a class action lawsuit. After calling Cs several times we finally reached someone who spoke English and he told us that if we call and speak about Internet data they could not transfer us to a manager only that recording but if we called and directly asked to speak to management then they could talk to a manager I’m furious with there secrecy and games and going to do everything I possibly can to shut them down to save other people from getting scammed as well

  • Farhan

    Straighttalk sucks…I was using SimpleMobile for years and have no Problem and one of my frind told me to switch to straight talk and get their unlimited data plan for $45 and I used if for few months and now all of a sudden the put a cap on my data usage. when i called their support then are forward it to recorded line with the followng terms and condition.

    They are cheaters….and they steal your money with false advertisment.

    6. STRAIGHT TALK UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT AND MOBILE WEB ACCESS PLAN INTENDED USE: Straight Talk Unlimited Talk, Text and Mobile Web Access Plans may ONLY be used with a Straight Talk handset for the following purposes: (i) Person to Person Voice Calls (ii) Text and Picture Messaging and (iii) Internet browsing and ordinary content Downloads. The Straight Talk Unlimited Plan MAY NOT be used for certain unauthorized uses that adversely impact our service. Examples of unauthorized uses include, without limitation, the following: (i) continuous uninterrupted mobile to mobile or mobile to landline voice calls; (ii) automated text or picture messaging to another mobile device or e-mail address; (iii) uploading, downloading or streaming of uninterrupted continuous video; (iv) server devices or host computer applications, including, but not limited to, Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing; or (v) as a substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections. A person engaged in unauthorized uses may have his/her service throttled and/or terminated. Customers will be provided notice and an opportunity to take corrective action with respect to unauthorized uses before their service is terminated.

    Unlimited voice services may not be used for monitoring services, data transmission, transmission of broadcasts, transmission of recorded material, interconnection to other networks, telemarketing activity or autodialed calls or robocalls. Straight Talk reserves the right to cancel or deactivate service, and/or reduce data throughput in order to protect the Carrier’s network from harm due to any cause including, without limitation, the excessive and/or unauthorized use of Straight Talk service. Straight Talk reserves the right to limit or reduce data throughput speeds or the amount of data transferred, and to deny or terminate Service, to anyone Straight Talk believes is using the Straight Talk Unlimited Talk, Text and Mobile Web Access Plan in an unauthorized manner or whose usage, in Straight Talk’s sole discretion, adversely impacts the Carrier’s network or customer service levels. Straight Talk will presume you are engaging in an unauthorized use in violation of these Terms and Conditions if in Straight Talk’s sole opinion, you are placing an abnormally high number of calls, or repeatedly placing calls of unusually long duration, or if your talk, text or Mobile Web usage is harmful or disruptive to the Carrier’s network or service levels. If we determine, at our sole discretion, that you are using an unlimited service in violation of the Straight Talk Terms and Conditions of Service, or in any other manner that we deem to be unreasonable or excessive, then we may terminate individual calls, terminate or reduce the speed of data connection throughput, Mobile Web Access or terminate your service, decline to renew your service, or offer you a different service plan with no unlimited usage component.

    Straight Talk may discontinue providing Service to you, discontinue your account, terminate data connections and/or reduce data throughput speeds for customers whose usage, in the sole judgment of Straight Talk: (1) appear likely to generate abnormally high call volumes or Mobile Web Access and data usage and/or abnormally long average call lengths or Mobile Web Access and data usage as compared to the usage of other Straight Talk customers; (2) may be harmful, disruptive, or interfere with the Carrier’s network, Straight Talk’s service or the ability to provide quality service to other customers. For a detailed description of activities that could result in reductions in data service speeds or service interruption or termination, see paragraph 7 and the section entitled “Straight Talk Features: Intended Use” under the Mobile Web Services Section below. By initiating Service and placing or receiving calls, you acknowledge and agree to Straight Talk’s right to terminate your Service under these circumstances.

    Straight Talk may modify or cancel any Service or take corrective action at any time without prior notice and for any reason, including but not limited to your violation of this agreement.


    DISPUTE RESOLUTION: You agree that you will first contact us with any dispute and provide a written description of the nature of the dispute, all relevant documents and other information concerning the dispute and your proposed resolution before taking any legal action. If we are unable to reach a resolution of your dispute within 60 days of your notice to us, you agree that instead of filing a lawsuit or small claims action in a court of law, you will submit the dispute to binding arbitration as set forth in this provision

  • josh

    i have a quick question and was wondering if anyone here could help.me and my wife are interested in getting new phones so we can video chat while at work.i figure it might use a lot of data but wanted to see if anyone could tell me.we usually talk 20-30 minutes during the weekdays.any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.thank you

  • Dane the tech

    I spoke to a straight talk customer service rep. He confirmed for me that straight talk has indeed started to cap their att SIM card that is no longer being sold in retail outlets. As of June 1st 2013 straight talk will have a 1.5 GB cap per month. Absolutely confirmed.

  • Britton

    This morning my Data suddenly and mysteriously stopped working. I had an inkling that it was due to data usage…mostly due to the fact that I had used tethering which is strictly forbidden by Straight Talk…whoops. I knew what I was risking. To be fair also, I’ve used a RIDICULOUS amount of data over the last month. Strangely though, it was not terminated until the end of my month. I called to confirm my suspicions and to hopefully find out what the “limit” is and found out (still yet to be proven) that my data will be restored at the beginning of my next month (2 days from now) and that because I use an AT&T SIM there is a 1.5GB Cap before throttling. So, now I can manage my data more appropriately and I probably won’t use tethering again…as I bet that is why it was terminated. We’ll see what the future brings and if I have any other issues. The old adage “you get what you pay for” holds very true with straight talk. While I’m usually very happy with the service I have had many infuriating hiccups along the way.

  • Josh

    I’ve had str8talk 4 bout a year, never ne warnings or cancelations till 6/2 all of a sudden no data. No explanation besides the annoying automated message! Was told aftr arguing 3rd person stated it would b on in 24-48hrs cuz my policy just renewed! 4 days l8r not the case! Not 1 person thr can tell me whn it will b bck on! Str8 2 automated! Connect to wifi at work n home, use pandora n FB in car prbly 1-2hrs a day for a year no probs till now! Completely irritated!

  • Darvin

    I’m infuriated by the fact that they believe they can not only diminish, but in some cases terminate peoples services without warning. the fact that they’ve just implemented this “High data usage” bullshit pisses me off more. when I called the guy told me that I had exceeded my data usage and was suspended for the month. when asked about the word “Unlimited” he simply stated that there was no such thing. After paying my bill I called to check up on the status of my phone and they told me that within 24-48 hours my service will be back to normal; that was 4 days ago, and I’m still suspended. I’m seriously thinking about taking legal actions because they are falsely advertising data plans

  • rami

    I been blocked to sent text to one of my contact that that sent many text
    call the company but they say that it is not their problem

  • Jimmy Snider

    I Have been with net10 for 4 months. the first month was unlimited.then they sent text message saying march 1 2013 data was capped at 1.5 gb. no problems until april 31 2013 when they cut my service off completely,after changing my payment date to april 30 when it was sopose to be the 5th.I called in to a corporate employee and they changed it back to the 5th after they saw it was sopose to be that date.on april 31st my phone cut off for two days they cut it back on late june 1st . Data hasn’t worked since. they said once my plan renewed on the 6th it would start back. its already the 10th.still not working. the tech department says i went over data, corporate offices says i didn’t. I know i didn’t. my phone only used 21.35 mb for may.I dont suggest these services under tracfone parent company unless you just use talk and text. and if you use to much of that they will cut you off im sure. I filed a complaint with the fcc for every issue,im letting the fcc handle it now.

  • Zack

    Two month ago, I used over 60 gigs of data. I was streaming Netflix, playing on my Xbox, just about everything you could do. I had been doing it for about 5-6 month before as well, using 60-100 gigs each month. So they shut me down out of the blue, and I was going crazy. I called, and they kept insisting on transferring me to the automated service telling me how I used too much data. I had to keep calling back and telling them not to transfer me to the high date usage line. I told them, there is not a person there I can talk with, don’t transfer me there again. I asked 3-4 different people to tell me what the # was that they would shut off my data for the next month. Told them if they told me 5 gigs, or 50 gigs or whatever, I would know what I could do. They refused to give me any types of numbers. Luckily it was only 4 days until the new month. I am still back tethering and using xbox and watching netflix with it, and so far haven’t been cut off again. For $45 per month, I don’t mind pressing my luck. Just looked and I am at 48 gigs so far this month, with 10 days left.

  • Nik0

    i got no warnings just suddenly shut off my data just after a week of renewing my plan and went for the rest of the month
    without data.
    called ST, got the recorder machine, and after calling a few times they told me there was nothing they can do,
    this was two months ago, just finish my unlimited card and left.

  • Jon S

    why don’t a bunch of you all get together and file a law suite for false advertisement. it only takes 200 signitures from unhappy customers or ex customers. the contract might have limitations in it but they say unlimited on their TV comercials and on their store displays and on the box that you buy your phone in. so to make my statement simple they are not disclosing any limits in their advertising or packaging. they only tell you after you have spent alot of money on a phone and for their service, which means they are intentionaly misleading people in order to gain customers. think people that is fraud. somebody just has to have the balls to get the ball rolling and scare the shit out of them. walmart can’t afford a media nightmare so it is a pretty safe bet if enough people put their foot down trac fone which owns straight talk will either change their policy or face losing a shit load of money. do the research and think.

  • chris

    I have unlimited data plan….they cancel me the the data…because i exceede…….that’s sucks…..because the down the throughput…..my internet is so friking slow.

  • Kyle

    switched to straight talk because t mobile had no coverage where I am and was great then tonight I reset my phone back to factory defaults and didn’t think to write down my APN settings so I called them just to get it again and they wouldn’t give it to me and I have called 4 times now and each time they send me to an automated message about high data usage. What they are doing is wrong. they are falsely advertising unlimited data when what they mean is as much data as we feel like giving you.

  • Greg

    I am going through my second round of being throttled by Straight Talk. The first time I noticed it was right after setting up my new LG Nexus 4 with them. I went and downloaded updates and apps to get the phone going but did not have wifi access. I figured that a one time download wouldn’t hurt….I was wrong. I ended up getting the run around through support for a couple months and was told that was just the way it was until I posted a negative comment on their facebook page. Then for some reason it got resolved immediately.

    I have since made sure to be on wifi as much as possible but noticed it had been a little slow yesterday and sure enough it appears I am being throttled again. I have no idea why…looking at my usage last month I had 847 MB total…this month I have 338 MB total so far….I had 1 day late April with 150MB used…and then I had a day mid may with 80MB used….ug. So frustrating. If they where just clear about what triggered this throttling I’d at least know but honestly…I’ve done my part and seeing how I am coming from a unlimited 4GB Verizon plan to this throttling for under a GB of usage bullshit…I don’t know how much longer the cheaper service will be worth while. Unfortunately I live in Vermont so my options are Verizon, ATT, or Straight talk…Tmobile service here is not even worth trying. ;(

  • Mack

    I was just throttled for the first time in a year with ST. I was able to nail down the representative that said (with AT&T sim) users would be throttled after 1.5G of data until their next month of service.

  • dominique

    This happened to me too. I was just on kik sending pictures and all of a sudden my internet stopped working. I called the straightalk people And they sent me through about 12 people.then a voice machine tell me I have violated the terms and conditions. they don’t tell you how it got violated that just turn it off.

  • Steve

    I was happy with Straight Talk until they cut my data off with NO WARNING! I used the service for 4 months and then bam no data, even the 3G icon disappeared from my screen! I called and asked what was going on only to be sent to a recording about data over use and violating TOS. I could not even talk to anyone to get a “straight answer”. I was so pissed about the situation that I went and took the contract plunge with AT&T. At least now I have 3 GB that I “know” I can use and the speed is blazing fast with 4G.

    The bottom line, well it just goes back to the old “you get what you pay for” saying. So I won’t be “cutting my phone bill in half” again any time soon, it’s just not worth the aggravation! I will note that the data was cut off on my Straight Talk phone for approximately 1 week before being restored. Again, just not worth the aggravation! I’d rather just pay more and use the device however I want instead of the carrier playing hidden games!!!!

    On a different note…. What happens if you go over whatever voice minute threshold they have set? What if you needed the phone to make an important or emergency call just as they cut you off????

    Straight Talk really should disclose or be forced by a court to supply the data and overall usage info they will penalize users at. This way at least you know if the service is for you or not.

    The way I see it is Straight Talk is for lite users that just talk and text, not for those that want to stream music, videos, movies, or surf the Internet all day.

    Thanks Straight Talk for wasting my money on a 4 month old phone and service with hidden rules! I’ll be sure to talk you “down” to all my friends and family….

  • lmartindale

    I have straight talk I use Facebook, hardly ever use internet except to look up things I play candy crush and my daughter has some games she plays on their that’s it…no streaming…no watching videos…..no tethering…………my service date is may 29- june 28 my data has been cut off before with a warning but today my data just stopped, I pay the 45 every month, I looked at my usage it was 5.11GB for this service month I called and got sent to the recording, I called back and asked for a manager and got sent to the recording, I called again and this man started telling me the terms and conditions and I stopped him and asked what exactly I did to violate? he says he cant tell me because he don’t know, he said it could be not logging out of your apps like Facebook…………so I asked where could I go to see the data used and which one used the most data…..he said he couldn’t tell me, so I asked him why he was working in technical assistance then, no answer, so I asked what part of the definition of unlimited has restrictions in it he said when you buy unlimited water for your utilitys its not unlimited…..REALLY…….who pays for water this way and why does he think this is an accurate comparison….I said we can debate the definition of UNLIMITED all day but this is bullshit MORAL OF STORY STRAIGHT TALK SUCKS, THEY WILL CUT OFF YOUR DATA AND THEY HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE FULL OF NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING RYANS AND MARYS I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH

  • Tony

    I received the automated call from ST today, called, same thing said over and over.. I do have unlimited data just not for really anything i would have a smart phone for.. Said i can’t really use any of my music apps unless on WIFI, say what?? I called Walmart as well, they said i would get a call back.. My data stills works fine but i wonder for how long?

  • John

    I’ve used Straight talk for about a year. I’ve used youtube quite a bit. Yes, it will throttle after a certain point unknown. However, I’ve never just been cancelled, or had a threat of.

    These claims are bogus. They sound like competitors and/or trolls. Why would a company just cancel people and lose their client base? And subject themselves to class action lawsuits, when it’s just easier to throttle and the customer won’t know. That’s ridiculous.

  • Geovanny

    Is there anything that user can do against this big lie of ST … I just switch my service and now i am reading that it could be a huge mistake… “Unlimited”

  • jake mccaslin

    Ive been with straight talk for years, i gave my old samsung to my mother and it wouldnt even give her data, i called and they said that i had to wait till the next month, 3 months later still no data. I just got off the phone with them and im filing a lawsuit so if any one else wants in for the same reason email me [email protected] id also like to know if anyone out there may already have one filed. Please contact me with any info. thanks.

  • Jamie W

    Straight talk is a disappointment! There promise of unlimited data is a fraud!!! They will cut your service without warning. When you call them for answers, they pass you to pre recorded messages. Never answering any questions! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE BUSINESS!!!!! Save yourself the aggravation and pay ten more dollars for a better plan. ATnT and Verizon both have prepaid better all around!!!

  • tdean

    After about a year of service, I just got a random voice mail saying they may cancel my account for excessive data usage and I was no longer allowed to stream radio. I said…’then it’s limited?’…..tech said, ‘no it’s unlimited, you just can’t stream radio’. I don’t know if there are any merit to any of them…but I see this is happening to alot of peope judging by all the class action lawsuits popping up. I’m looking for a new no service contract provider:(

  • Chip

    I got my wife a new phone last night and set up the APN as shown on the website, still no data. I called them, and some guy with a very thick Indian accent told me I had gone over my data usage. I said I had the unlimited plan, but they said I abused it. (All my wife does in FB on her phone.)

    I told them there must be a misunderstanding, or an error, that there was no way I was using an enormous amount of data, at which point he just stated that he could see on his screen that I had used too much data. I asked him if he was telling me he was unwilling the help me, and he said that was correct.

    I then asked to speak to his manager, and instead he transferred me to an automated message that told me I had exceeded my “limit” then hung up on me.

  • Melinda

    Straight talk recently called a family member saying your service will be terminated if you continue to listen to YouTube videos and put them on FB that you are using your Internet way to much. That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of.

  • michael

    yeah they terminated my net for violating section 6 of the terms and conditions…where it states: “Customers will be provided notice and an opportunity to take corrective action with respect to unauthorized uses before their service is terminated.”

    i was not given this, however when i called and complained, they referred me to the very end of section 6 where it says: “Straight Talk may modify or cancel any Service or take corrective action at any time without prior notice and for any reason, including but not limited to your violation of this agreement.” Now forgive me but i think this is just plain old lies to the customer is it not?

  • Henry P Wadsworth

    I was consuming a lot of data on Straight Talk when all of a sudden I could not get anything faster than the Edge network- that was three months ago and I still no matter where I go I can only get Edge conectivity!!! Thanks Straight Talk!

  • tlady

    Straighttalk turned of my internet after two weeks of buying the unlimited card. Then when I called them they were extremely rude. I am looking for another carrier and this should be labeled false advertisement. I used them for 3yrs and always left my Facebook on but never had this issue till this past February. They have done this to me twice. ITS NOT RIGHT! AND PEOPLE SHOULD GET WHAT THEY ADVERTISE AND PAY FOR!!!

  • chad

    I have been on the phone 17 times today for over an hour each time with straight talk customer service… they all have lied to me disrespected me and the only reason I’m now making my 18th call to them is because they everyone has hung up on me or put me on hold then hung up or transferred me to a recording which then hung up on me I will be calling back all day tomorrow with a video camera rolling taking name and badge numbers plus my wait time and how long each call lasted.. I will be turning the video into better business.. and straight talk main office as well as every popular video and social media site such as YouTube and Facebook… during my calls today I alerted everyone I spoke to over 23 people that I was recording the conversation in which they replied I don’t not consent.. I will be making a video of how one person can be on the phone with them 24 hours out of a 24 hour day taking names and numbers so the company can dispute there training methods on how they train there reps to talk to customers I was very applaud by the service from the reps including 5 different floor supervisors including two that climb to be senior supervisors.. I have been lied to then they retract it tell me something different then retract it tell me the lie again all in same call I also sat on the phone for 1 hour and 35 mins. Literally listening to her breath because she refused to transfer me to a supervisor just because I did not want to be placed on hold because knowing if I got placed on hold she would hang up did this with 12 other reps today as well.. not my idea of customer service an hour and half listening to her breath just because I didn’t want to be hung up on… on another call got hold of a senior supervisor which when I informed her I was recording she literally repeated and I quote.. “I will proceed with transaction but I do not consent to the recording” I said OK well if you can still help me? She replied “I will proceed with the transaction but I do not consent to recording” I said OK ill cut it off didn’t matter what I said or asked her still the same response ” ill proceed with transaction but I do not consent to recording I said that’s fine asked her question to try to resolve my issue and she repeated herself again went on for the better part of 20 mins. Never said anything but I’ll proceed with transaction but I do not consent to recording no matter what I said or what question I asked still repeated the same thing over and over.. I was so disgusted and annoyed by them having to spend literally over 13 hrs. On the phone with them being disrespected lied to and hung up on that your really my last hope but I will be making another video tomorrow with the all day adventure of straight talk customer service and list all names time disrespectful lies that they tell me and will be turning it over to my attorney and proper BBB and min office as well as online… I pay for unlimited talk text and data I have had my phone for over a year and never have I hit a data usage limit suddenly this month they cut my data off at 1.5GB and all I could get from customer service besides lies disrespect and being hung up on is that I violated terms and conditions… I never have before and have used more then that plenty of times in the past they told me that when my service end date comes and I buy another unlimited card my data would be restored I asked why would I buy unlimited data if your going to cut me off at 1.5GB by law they should not offer unlimited to text nd data if they cut you off at 1.5GB false advertising CRIME… I asked how they could sell unlimited data if they have a limit on it. Needless to say I got a bunch of repeats and theres nothing we can do no one answered my questions.. they all avoided it I said to a few of them how can they just rip people off like that and had a few tell me its because I violated terms and conditions when I know I have not… they could not tell me how I violated them and would not every give me a valid response. Had one rep tell me thats just how they do it and so I asked how much data I’m allowed to use when I purchase the unlimited data plan she then told me 1.5GB was the data automatic cut off point how can they offer unlimited and cut you off at 1.5GB last time I checked thats not unlimited that makes me wonder on my unlimited talk and text how many mins I can use or how many text I can send before they say thats unlimited point for them.. also had a few reps openly admit to lying to me then apologize then hang up…bottom line is there offering a service which I pay for then not delivering on said service…18 calls today and over 13 hours…on the phone with them… I will continue this tomorrow and everyday after till I get some results.. should not be able to lie disrespect cheat and steal from your customers after all we are the ones paying you to be open.. I feel I was robbed on my data I use my phone for work and now that they stopped my data until my service end date I have to go half a month without working so not only are they stealing from previous said unlimited data when it’s not but they are also stopping my business and taking money from my businesses and my children’s mouth… there are in violation on many laws it seems like and I will not stop until justice is served I have no work now because they cut off my unlimited data so now I have plenty of time to call everyday and get plenty of footage to add to my case for the BBB please contact me ASAP I will be sending you this email and many more in days to come I will also be contacting you and you office and BBB and straight talk main office everyday until matter is resolved and they hold up there end of selling unlimited data.. and all reps in my videos are held accountable for there actions.. they need to train there reps better on how to speak and treat there customers… thank you Below is my contact info.. I look forward to hearing from you soon if not I will take matters into my own hands until justice is served or straight talk are reveled as the crooks that they are.. thanks again

  • foesse

    Its like happing as I text they slow ya down saving a nickel here there everwhere add those nickels and dimes by thousands and its a good sum dont you think just another micro scam that profittable.

  • carraway2

    DO NOT BUY STRAIGHT TALK!!! Paid $350 for S2 and got burned bad! Sure they promise unlimited but they restricted my data consumption big time and after 3 weeks of complaining they said I committed a “data violation” and cut my net off all together! Then they will not discuss why! I was left with a fully functioning S2 with only unlimited text and phone! That’s it and because the phone is locked you cannot switch to another carrier and if you do you violate the warranty! Straight talk, Net 10 and most of those paid card phone services are a rip off trust me! Just bought my second S2 with Ntellos and guess what? No problems! Do not think your getting a deal because they are playing you!

  • nicole

    i paid $90 for 2mo. service was not allow to use data at all. I want to file a law suit against straight talk, does someone want to get with me on this case? please email nicyn [at]yahoo[dot]com

  • james

    i,v had strate talk for 6 months now my data is disconnected i need the data for the map and my load info i drive a truck and i get load info on my phone when i,m not in my truck and that info also shows me the exact location of the place i,m going had the same problem with net ten except they disconnected my phone even though i had prepaid for the next month .

  • james

    they put me in a bad bind i,m finding another service with just data no talk dont need it just the data service

  • KangaRoo

    My husband and I have used Straight Talk for a couple of years, and there have been some minor incidents here and there with the data issue.

    He bought a Nokia E71 a couple of years ago. He is a major data user, and he would download all kinds of apps, surf etc. etc. There came a point about a couple of months of having the service where they cut off the data completely – with no warning. After about an hour or two of waiting for customer service, they told us that they shut it off because he went over the data limit. After arguing with customer service for a while, we eventually got it turned back on – we were just really careful about how much data we used.

    I do have the Samsung Galaxy SII through Straight Talk, and I’m a fairly heavy data user myself, but I haven’t had any major problems, but I do notice that they do throttle the data. It’s not anything major, really, but it is noticeable. For example, YouTube’s videos either load incredibly slowly, don’t download at all, or become heavily pixelated. Sometimes Netflix won’t load, or if it does it’s also heavily pixelated. General web browsing can be difficult, and sometimes sites won’t load at all.

    So, it’s not the worst, but it’s not the best either. It is good if you don’t want the exorbitant bills that you get from the major carriers.

  • Whitney

    Straight talk is crap theya stopped my data without any warning what so ever and when i called them they weren’t helpful at all then they send me to an automated voice message.

  • Cindy

    Angry that my unlimited data is gone. I changed companies just for the unlimited data and that was several years ago. 1.5 years ago I spent almost 400 on an unlocked gsm phone that I could of got for next to nothing with a verizon, att, sprint,,etc plan.
    My daughter is Autistic and uses Netflix to focus and keep her calm in social situations.. Now will someone please explain to her why she can’t watch Netflix to stop her from beating her head on the wall…. Jerks, I have seen petitions to sue.. Maybe that is what they want from us. They can give us all huge amounts of money and go bankrupt.

    Pissed off, Annoyed and Angry in Nebraska !!!!

  • Tasha

    Go ahead and add me to the long list of people getting their data cut off in spite of the mention of “unlimited data”.

    I have been a customer with Straight Talk for a little over three years. Mid-May, I decided to upgrade to a Smart Phone and sign up for the Unlimited Plan, seeing that I couldn’t find a plan that could beat it. The first month went by smoothly: I did occasionally stream Netflix and Songza while at work, but most of the time my data was either off, or I was on Wifi at home or other locations. Went through my first month with the service without a hitch.

    This past friday, 5 days before my service is to be renewed, all of a sudden I am unable to access data. I thought maybe I was just having signal issues, but then I realized that I was unable to receive MMS as well.

    Called technical support on Saturday, explained the situation. I was told that I would be transferred to a “Department” that could help me with my issue. The so-called department was the recording that many people above have referred to. Keeping my cool, I decided to call back and once again explain to the rep my issue, and that I was transferred to a recording. I was told that I was pegged as a “high data user” in violation of items 6 and 7 of the terms and conditions- which I was never formally given, although after looking at the small links in the footer of their web site, see that they do exist.

    I asked this second representative if I am considered a “high data user”, two things: 1) how is that possible with “unlimited data”? (he referred back to the terms and conditions); 2) Do they have records of my usage, so that I can become more aware of how much data I am using? (Note: I have tried various data counters just from referrals from friends, and they count nada)- They had no way of giving me that information. In spite of my explanation of the lack of rationale in my situation, it was like talking to a recording. As a matter of fact, I’m sure these reps are bound to a script of some sort, with no way to contact the puppet master.

    So once I realized that my attempts to get things squared away were proving useless, I asked to speak to a supervisor. At one time the rep told me that the supervisor would tell me the same thing, I insisted. So he told me that he was transferring me to a supervisor as I requested…

    You should guess just where my call was transferred to: the aforementioned “Department”, also known as the recording.

    I must also note that I was never given any warning that my service was about to be cancelled. Not even a throttle on speed.

    All that being said, I can understand trying to discourage people from high data usage, but several things are a HUGE problem here:
    1) Although the terms and conditions are listed on the company site, they aren’t formally given to its customers as even a mere reminder (Mind you, I have had my service drafted every month, so any contact I’ve been given is the reminder the day before my payment will be drafted, and of course the draft itself).
    2) People are getting pegged as high data users, but there is no indication or record as to how much data has been used. Not to mention, warning people about their data usage is apparently inconsistent.
    3) The lack of customer service, not to mention the shady way they are handling this issue, is completely unnerving. Granted, I’ve worked in a customer service environment, and I’m sure these reps are only doing what they are told. Doesn’t make the situation as a customer any better.
    4) If the service is not unlimited, STOP ADVERTISING IT AS SUCH. Period.

    I actually posted this same thing almost verbatim on their Facebook page. It was deleted within a minute.

  • Cammi

    I went to Straighttalk after Metro PCS phones kept breaking as soon as I crossed over the NY border. Serious technology meltdown and no phone would work from them after.

    I was fine with Straighttalk because I have no Internet where I live and was using my phone for everything that required net. I pay my bill for more time on the 21st and on July 2nd or 3rd they called me up and said if I kept using as much data as I have been, they’re going to fine me AND suspend my data for the rest of my month. I had been using Wi-Fi at the house I was visiting since the 28th, which means they were tired of me using my data after a week. I called them back since it was an auto-message that called me and the woman told me she’d put me through to a person who could help me with my data usage. They sent me to an automated message that just told me how to use less data. I was angry and my brother called them up. They did the same thing to him when he asked to speak to someone higher than the one he spoke to.

    When I emailed them saying they kept putting us through to an automated hotline and that no one was telling me how much data I was allowed on my “unlimited” plan, or how much I used, they told me I had to call to find out. …And we can see how well that went.

    I’m getting a new phone today from Virgin Mobile. 50$ slider, my favorite kind of phone. 4.0 droid OS, good sized screen… And it’s 35$ for unlimited text and the data only gets throttled, which I’m cool with.

    Honestly if ST had told me they were going to throttle it I’d be fine, but calling me out of the blue and telling me they’re going to fine me and suspend my data after a week of use, then not helping when I sought it? No thanks. StraightTalk sucks and their false advertising is going to hurt more than help them.

  • Karan

    No notice, just stopped allowing data. Hardly use my data but had to travel because of death in family and used the map app they automatically load on my lg phone. First, the app mysteriously disappeared so I googled the navigation for the last half of trip. Didn’t know it used that much data for that app. Today thought something was wrong with my phone but seems they just cut my data :( but its still cheaper than having my unlimited minutes/texts with AT&T…so I guess I will deal with it…

  • grady

    It seems to me that the TOS are fairly clear as to what ST customers can and can’t do with their so-called “unlimited” data, IMO, but on the same token they’re also inconsistent and contradictory regarding what action ST can take against the customer for violating the TOS. Unfortunately, I think they have their ass covered as far as legality goes. Basically they accept no responsibility for anything and once you agree to those TOS you can’t do jack shit. I’m curious though – I only saw one post on here that was from someone using ST with a T-mobile SIM getting cut off. Is this 1.5 gig cap strictly for AT&T SIMs? I wish I had read up more but I’ve already paid for a month of service however I’m using ST on a T-mobile HTC G2 with a ST Tmo SIM, and Tmo gets pretty decent service where I live. (Abilene, TX) Has there been anyone else using ST with a Tmo SIM experience being cut off or throttled for use of 1.5 gigs or less?

  • james brooks

    Straight Talk data is limited but they will not give you any numbers. complaints need to be directed to local attorney general’s office for your state. if enough complaints are made a class action lawsuit can be brought against straight talk.

  • Mathew C

    Here is the infamous section 6:

    “6. STRAIGHT TALK UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT AND MOBILE WEB ACCESS PLAN INTENDED USE: Straight Talk Unlimited Talk, Text and Mobile Web Access Plans may ONLY be used with a Straight Talk handset for the following purposes: (i) Person to Person Voice Calls (ii) Text and Picture Messaging (iii) Internet browsing through the Straight Talk Mobile Web Service and (iv) Authorized Content Downloads from the Straight Talk Mobile Web Store. The Straight Talk Unlimited Plans MAY NOT be used for any other purpose. Examples of prohibited uses include, without limitation, the following: (i) continuous mobile to mobile or mobile to landline voice calls; (ii) automated text or picture messaging to another mobile device or e-mail address; (iii) uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games; (iv) server devices or host computer applications, including, but not limited to, Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing; or (v) as a substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections. This means, by way of example only, that checking email, surfing the Internet, downloading legally acquired songs, and/or visiting corporate intranets is permitted, but downloading movies using P2P file sharing services and/or redirecting television signals for viewing on laptops is prohibited. A person engaged in prohibited uses may have his/her service terminated without notice or a refund.”

    Basically, you can use Safari, check email, and buy songs from iTunes. That is all.

    That said, I’ve had Straight Talk for over a year now and it has worked fine the whole time. I even pop on Pandora in the car now and then and they’ve never shut me down. If you have internet at home you connect to and don’t travel over an hour to work everyday listening to Pandora, you should be fine.

  • Greg


    Everyone should hurry and like this petition.

    Even if they have things like this covered in their terms of service, can they legally do such a thing as terminate your service for having used too much data if they do not possess records of how much data is being used?

    I don’t see how they can terminate service without having the physical proof that you used “too much data,” especially on a plan advertised as unlimited. Also, I’ve never heard of something being given and then the terms of service had to be accessed via the internet.
    Can that be legal? Being bound to terms of service that, for someone who might not have internet, you could possibly never even see??

    Anyways, I would really like for something to be done about it. I personally have not had any problems with Straight Talk (as of yet, only had the phone for about a week) but I don’t want to fall victim to the same thing, although I’m sure I will.

    I created this petition for all of you who would like to see something done about this… and possibly for me in the future if I fall prey to this as well.

    It needs to get 100,000 signatures by August 14 of this year. It would be great to see this get as many signatures in hopes that something will be done for all of you who have been treated so unkindly and with such injustice. Hopefully something can and will be done to right the wrongs done by Straight Talk.

    I will again leave the link to the petition for those of you who would wish to sign it:


  • amanda

    they cut our internet acess off but left txt n talk on. straight talk claimed that we went over data usage. that we caped out. well we go buy a 30 dollar card to place on the phone that is a samsung galaxy s2 and when we tried to add the minutes to it said that the card number was not valid for that type of phone. i feel if they can cut off just internet service for an unlimited plan then they can add the 30 dollar plan and cut those indavidual services off after reaching 1000 min or txt. its false n misleading advertisement to railroad people into spending money for nothing.

  • Marty

    Forget about Data, they are having a hard time keeping their phone end working! I found this page when googling straight talk not working and if you google straight talk outage you will see people posting to a site that talks about websites being down (since they have no where else to go) they are talking about their actual phone service not working. Which is the case FOR ME. Its been out for 24 hours. It is out all over the place from OK to CT where I live. I have 4 friends on straightalk in CT and none can make or receive calls. It is hard to know what to believe but some people are being told they are upgrading something that is causing this. Others have been told as leases come up they are NOT BEING RENEWED by Verizon and other carriers who thought it was a great idea at first but now that Straight talk is growing at a 300% annual rate its chewing into their business. I don’t know whats true but found the straight talk facebook page actually has people monitoring it. I sent in a support ticket and they are “working on it”.

  • May

    No warning. Automatically suspend my account after 2 weeks for over usage of data. CSR is no help. Can’t answer any of my question. They can’t understand anything I’m saying, I can’t understand anything their saying. It’s a headache! Waited til my due date to refill. After a week my YT wouldn’t even load anymore. Netflix app wouldn’t even open. Web pages takes forever to load. After this month I’m taking my business else where.. I don’t care if its not unlimited .. Just don’t tell me it is when it’s not!

  • Ømar

    I’ve had straight talk for about a year, not until recently I’ve been getting horrible throttling

    from 2-3mbs to 0.012mbs, as soon as i go over 1.5 gigs I get throttled, and about 1 week before my service is over they cut my data usage completely, and leave me with calls and texts only

    when I call I get poor service, then get transferred to the automated message that I have abused their data usage policy

    I am basically just waiting for a diff provider to switch to, is Sprint the ONLY true unlimited out there? I’ll be paying double but I guess it’s the only choice,

  • Heather Bowling

    I have been with ST for 4 years. I have their L5/ Optimus extreme. I use the unlimited plan and have never had an issue, I generally use 2GB a month, but I downloaded an app that was huge and took like 5 hours to download, and that is all I can think of that used so much data, but I used nearly 2GB in a week. I got an automated call today saying I am overusing the data, excessively using, abusing my privileges and it hurts others. They asked me a series of questions about my activity including games, apps, movies, music..etc I was told if I do not stop I will be terminated. This was my only warning. This is the first I have heard of this and since when is there a limit on unlimited. I have took steps to try and prevent being terminated like deleting unused apps, turning off my mobile data when I am not using it and will not be downloading apps except with wi-fi. I hope this works because ST is all I can afford. What is throttled? I have never ever heard of this and I am not happy to have got that call telling me basically I am an unwanted users who will be shut off if I don’t stop using my smart phone for what it is made for…NO NO ST this is not customer satisfaction..get it together and tell people this “LIMIT” up front!!

  • Joe Darabos

    sobya think t-mobil may be better….ha ha ha….i was veruzon a few years ago….unlimited everything….i got into a gassel with them when i ordered a new phone n 5 were shipped….i accepted 1 n refused delivery on other 4…so i had a cool new phone….next bill had the cost of 5 new phones on it….called customer service….was told that the unaccepted phones would be credited against my account once they were chkd in….in the mean time i was expected to pay for 5 new phones on my next bill….i was livid n went out n bought a t-mobil phone….unlimited data prepay….was great for a few months but had constant data slo downs n no access….the 5th month i went n bought prepay for another month 2 days prior to due date….1 day into the new month my phone was shut off because of my continued data usage…..i had to borrow a friends phone to call customer sevice….i wasnt livid time i was pissed off….i resolved things with verizon n returned but lost my unlimited data…but what burns my ass now t-mobil contacted me wanting early termination fees n they were the ones who terminated me n it was after i paid for a month of service i never recieved…..i use lots of data….is there a true unlimited data carrier left who dosent throtyle or shut data off ?

  • travis

    +++++++++put your name on the class action lawsuit go to++++++++++++


  • carlos romero

    STRAIGHT TALK UNLIMITED este servicio es una complete mentira . lo he tenido por unos cuatro meses , y durante ese tiempo no hubo problema , pero ahora resulta que es PROHIBIDO estar conectado al internet todo el tiempo , por lo que el concepto de ILIMITADO NO CONCUERDA CON ESTA COMPANIA.
    La mayoria de persona desea estar conectado al mail , facebook , ver videos , etc cuando se les pegue la gana ya que pagamos por un servicio ILIMITADO , no entiendo por que no podemos estar anclados a la red si se supopne que de eso se trata . y no nos gusta estar conetandos nos y desconectandonos ya que eso quita tiempo .
    Real mente NO usen este servicio , ya que es una MENTIRA .

  • derek denton


  • Jaron

    I was not given a warning and my data was shut off, or as they call it, “suspended.” I used 4.7GB 24 days in on my second month and got screwed over for it. I would be okay if they told us up front about the data scam, or if they just throttled it, but to turn it off without any warning or throttling to start with is just wrong. They falsely advertise unlimited data. If they did not cut your data off, but instead throttled it, they could still list themselves as having unlimited, but they do not. Mad enough to sue.

  • jerilynn walker

    I get a voicemail saying that I’m abusing my phone usage and there gonna shut my service off I get unlimited plan and have a galaxy 2 have been with straight talk for the years why the trouble now

  • SecretCog

    I switched my AT&T iPhone 3g to Straight Talk about a year ago and last winter (2012-’13) my data was completely shut-off. A customer service representative informed me that I had exceeded the “soft” data cap.

    My data service was restored during the next billing cycle and I have experienced a loss in data speed, but no further data disconnections.

    Here’s what I know…the term “Unlimited” only represented the words “Talk” and “Text.” It did not represent the word “data” and a careful review of the service agreement details the limit placed on data.

    Now here’s what else I know…Straight Talk has just survived a major consumer campaign to thwart their data cap. It is to my recent understanding that not only is Straight Talk “lifting” all data caps on data access termination, but they at currently researching ways to “unlimited” high data speeds at an even CHEAPER price.

    Imagine unlimited data on a smart phone for $30.00 a month with seemingly unlimited use globally.

    Yeah…you heard that right.

    The rumor is they are working on a means to give the planet a high speed mobile-global Internet connection at a price so low that NO ONE can compete.

    Wait…it get’s better…it’s the real reason why and not because people are complaining that their service was shut off…

    Straight Talk is preparing for a world of video talk through smart phones and if the stories are true…they’re making some major investments; including, but not limited to the private space program.

    We may have seen an end to Straight Talks data service termination/throttling and even an end to a slow down in data speeds.

    And we may see Straight Talk usher in a new era of mobility.

    But only time will tell.

  • travis

    i was recently told that the contract states the use of unauthorized usage is prohibited and will cause your data to become restricted. those unauthorized uses are but are not limited to, constantly steaming data with web site that are always active. example = FACEBOOK!., the use of and email connected to your service. continuous mobile to mobile, continuous mobile to land line, streaming of video. there was other but i will stop hear. it is written in the contract that you sign when you start the service. so to sum it up you have unlimited data until you start to use the smart phone that they offer as a smart phone, then your limited. nice huh . bite me straight talk. You should be sued for advertising unlimited.

  • Shelby

    Mine was cut off last month. I had been streaming YouTube videos and playing games that constantly streamed to the Internet. Never called customer service because I knew what had happened. Wasn’t too excited that they didn’t give me a warning but decided to just wait until I refilled and sure enough, the day after I refilled (the service cut off day) I got my 3G back. Been very cautious of using my 3G, turning it off when there is no need or using wifi. Haven’t had problems since. I do wish they would give warnings but as to cutting off data when it is extremely exceeded, and maybe not even that extreme, does make sense to me for the simple reason that millions use their service and many abuse the use of data. So I just cut back on unnecessary usage and its done fine for me! :-)

  • Lisa

    Woke up this morning with no data service

    Thought my phone was nearing the end of my minutes

    Did some basic troubleshooting…nothing

    Called Straight Talk spoke to 2 “tech specialists”

    All to be told “your data services are suspended til AUGUST 3rd which is in 3 days…

    WHAT THE F*&@?


  • Ryan

    I was on straight talk. I used probably around 4 gb of data figured I could because I have “unlimited data”… I figured wrong. The next day I woke up and noticed that I didn’t have any data. I tried basic trouble shooting and still nothing. So I decided to call st and try and figure this mess out. They told me I used to much data… I WAS LIKE WTF I HAVE UNLIMITED DATA and a supervisor said well sir unlimited isn’t actually possible there is always a limit. Now I’m on verizons pre paid plan for 60$ unlimited talk, text and 2 gb of data, good service and customer support that I actually can understand. FUC* YOU STRAIGHT TALK!!!!!!!!

  • Teri

    Straight talk shut mine off with NO warning! I called they kept transferring me and then id get disconnected… You cant hardly understand them. English very poor. Theyre very rude too.

    • Dick Head

      You fuckers need a life. No wonders every one in this country have a low money flow. We give all our money to these assholes that don’t do “RIGHT” Fucking sick of all this shit. Take those phones that you have and shove them up your ass. Fuck bags .
      Can you hear me, can you hear me. Pull the phone outta your ass.

    • Dick Head

      Try two coffee cans and a string for better data and unlimited. HAHA

  • Hank

    I bought the Galaxy SII at Walmart about 10 months to a years ago. I really liked it. After having the phone less than a month it sudden got caught in a loop and would not factory reset and I lost all my phone’s data. They sent me a refurbished phone which I still have.

    Now I buy the unlimited talk text date cards and assumed all along that it meant unlimited usage. Until yesterday I used my data as much as I wanted to without any problems. I did notice that after I used some mystery amount of data that it was slower.

    Yesterday I noticed that my data wasn’t working at all. I called customer service and was told that I violated their terms and conditions. That is all they would tell me. I still do not know what I did. The CSR seemed to have a very strong Indian accent and I couldn’t understand her very well and kept asking her to repeat herself. She connected me to a recording that says in a nutshell that I violated their terms and conditions and that there is nothing I could do to restore data to my phone until I bought a new card (not so unlimited card). It also said that if I was unhappy with this response then straighttalk would happily allow me to transfer my phone number to another service provider! …and this was a recording! I still don’t know what I did to violate their terms and conditions and they wouldn’t/couldn’t tell me.

    I think that is a rather shady business practice but it seems that Walmart has a reputation of aligning itself with less than ethical practices so I guess I shouldn’t be so suprised. T mobile is sounding better and better to me.

  • sandy

    I have had COUNTLESS problems with straight talk. Not only with their service but the phones that you buy from them! I was having my car fixed today and found I had absolutely NO SERVICE whatsoever…could not get anything. I called the company which by the way took 35 minutes for someone to pick up!! (countless problems with this issue)…only to be told they have to send me to another person to discuss this problem…to be put on hold again for another 15 minutes!! I was fuming by the time they picked up. They proceeded to TRY and explain that I have 1.5 gb of service and today was a warning! I said warning for what. I have “unlimited” everything? I have to put you on hold and let you talk to someone else, they say again. No ONe answers your questions. They beat around the bush non stop. I was told I can, after 2 hours, “2 HOURS” of trying to get an answer of why I was shut down from internet service…that I can get better service if I buy another phone that is unlocked , pay them $14.99 for a sim card and get 3gb service!!!! Really!!So now I have a phone that on the top left has a constant data warning…they trouble shoot it’s and still up there. “maybe trouble with your phone”they say…why not ..this is my 3rd phone with this company ..constant problems..My bill is paid till December so I am screwed….no refunds there. This company is a sham..no place to go and talk with customer service to help with anything. When you do call, and someone does finally answer NO ONE SPEAKS English…NO ONE…and you can NEVER get a proper answer from anyone..So I sit here with a phone, paid up till Dec….data usage warning and I don’t know why…Unlimited my ass…My bill doesn’t even re-new till the 24 of Aug..and today I got a warning about data usage..R u kidding me. !!! Horrible horrible horrible company…when my pay ahead is done I to am done with this company.

  • ange

    Okay straight talk really pisses me off stop lieing with all the unlimited data bull i was not warned they just shut me off and when you call they treat you like your stealing data if its not unlimited tell us if your only gonna give us 2 gigs fine be staight forward and start offering data refill cards , people will buy them and be happier when not lied too. Page plus offers better data plans so i know straight talk can ….. news flash straight talk were not stealing from you your stealing from us……

  • brian

    im in west tennesse have had at&t&verizon this st service is great i use a shit load of data never a problem @4G speeds too

  • LP

    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about I have no problem with straight talk service.
    I have had it running all night long from Pandora and it never shut off (Pandora is the one that says are you still listening)
    I have watch up to 5 movies in one day from netflix and it never shut off.
    I use the 45 dollar plan

  • Tessy Redding

    I have a straight talk android. I love it. I have NEVER been throttled by ST.I watch Netflix without wifi and do everything this phone can do without any problems. I have had my phone for two years and am only pleased with the Verizon service offered with my phone. Thumbs up!!!

  • John

    Last month a week before my end service date my 3G was shut off without warning . I thought maybe because I was traveling between two states something had happened with connections. I called straight talks customer service and was redirected to a hotline . The Hotline said that I had abused the terms of use for my data plan with straight talk and the only way to gain access again was to purchase another card on my service end date. I am still unaware as to how I abused the terms . I do not tether but upon further inspection I did see I have a few apps eating away my data and turn them off when I can .

  • Bobert Shifflete

    what the actual fuck. My internet on my phone has not been working for the past 3 days. It says UNLIMITED !!!!!

  • Nicole

    have had straight talk for 3 years. Wasn’t until I got an android before I got problems.

    Twice they’ve shut my service off, no warning. They just shut it off again last night. I am also almost constantly throttled. Oh and did i mention that using Opera Mini browser, i would’ve used 2gbs with my regular browser but instead used only 300mbs this month while browsing, and less than 1gb for downloads? So, 1.3gb. Ha, if there is a 1.5 cap, i didn’t even reach that. I no longer call the regular straight talk number, they’re just all incompetent. Now I call 800-867-7183. This is Tracfone, the Florida headquarters. They speak english and have been super helpful and kind. They turned my phone back on immediately, no questions asked. Of course, the people you talk to with the regular straight talk number (the one provided in your phone booklet) act COMPLETELY opposite. Rude, unhelpful, and confusing. Also, they stick to a strict script while talking to you. The Tracfone number, they actually TALK to you, and answer your questions (of course though, neither number can actually tell you about the data limit). I guess if they keep shutting off my phone I’ll keep calling the Florida number because they’ve been great. If they permanently shut it off, SOMEONE might hypothetically speak with SOMEONE ELSE who can solve this problem in court. *cough cough*

  • jeaan

    I also have the unlumited straight talk and my data was turned off two weeks after. i purchaced a new card. they did this with no warning and when i called all they would say is over use. i said i have unlimited and no one would give me a straight. answer

  • Kelly

    I have had straight talk for 7 months. Since May my data has been slowed WAY down after a few weeks of service every month. Last month my data got shut off. I dont stream anything. Jususe fb and apps. I have a Galaxy SII. Which has an AT&T sims card. My son has the Galaxy S3 which uses Sprint. He uses a ton of data and is never slowed down. Anyone who uses AT&Twill get slowed down at the most of 1.5. If you have Verizon trough straight talk its around 4. If its Sprint it is truely unlimited. Also in order to even read the TOS with Straight talk you have to buy a phone first since the are inside the phone box. When you buy the phone at Walmart they tell youthat you have to buy a phone card. So with me, I spent 399.99 +tax on the phone and 45 + tax on the phone card. The phone card states unlimited talk, text, and data. You can’t read theTOS until you open the package. You do not sign anything or read anything before buying the phone. So I have spent 444.99 + tax. Once you open the phone box you can’t return it and the phone card is non refundable.So basically if you don’t agree with the TOS you are screwed because you can’t return anything either.

  • jacob

    I got the new galaxy s4 and got straight talk on it. The speed decreased yesterday so I can’t do even load a webpage unless I wait 3-4 minutes. But I checked my data usage and got a good 6.7 gb out of it.

  • robert

    bought an old proclaim over mine was a proclaim on ebay i need to still return it when i transfered phone to phone the data came back i could send and browse the web i have the new android forget the name but it worked the speaker would not allow me to use the phone to talk but such is life a hint..

  • DB

    I was just throttled at not even 2gb. My service plan is up in 6 days. So all month i havent even used 2gb and they throttle me. Pissed off. Been with straight talk for 2 years. Time to leave.

  • tyrobb0806

    I just found out about this stupid ST rule after being cut off! I’m so upset, I’m done with them! They say unlimited right!

  • Edwin

    Just called ST to inquire about data limits. They explained to me how “web browsing” was unlimited, but other acts such as downloading and streaming were limited. I then asked for hard numbers (since those descriptions are vague at best, and can’t be accurately monitored), and the representative said that there weren’t any exact numbers for that. Wow. No clear data policy, and I’m supposed to throw my money at you, why?

  • mt thoughts

    been using straight talk for years, usually when i have a week of service left my connection is “throttled” hard. Sometimes it takes and hour to pull up the browser on my android? i get why they do it but they shouldn’t be boasting “unlimited data” if it’s throttled for the last week…

  • Elizabeth

    my data was throttled and when I called about it I was told I violated yes “violated” like I am a criminal the data policy. I just switched from an LG android to an I phone 5 and of course I had to download several apps and upgrade my IOS and then upgrade the apps to get the phone set up and now that it is I cant watch videos and facebook and pintrest move extremely slow. I explained all of this to them and all they could do is quote the policy back to me. This really sucks!

  • Steven

    Has hapen twice wid a old straight talk fone y i say old is after ther second time they cut off my unlimited data wid no warning they deactivated da whole fone n told me i could use it or get it activated again. Now i have another with data gein cut off da second time da frist time they said everything was workin good was without data for 20 days b ST got it right 10 days later put a $45 service card on next day data off again…

  • Steven

    Dont know to call might deactivate fone all together again…

  • Dick Head

    You fuckers need a life. No wonders every one in this country have a low money flow. We give all our money to these assholes that don’t do “RIGHT” Fucking sick of all this shit. Take those phones that you have and shove them up your ass. Fuck bags

  • casey

    F**k this bulls**t service. unlimited is unlimited, any thing else is a f**king rip off. it shouldn’t take me ten minutes to load a two minute long video on youtube. a week and four days and my internet slowed down and everyone i call is indanesian and i can’t understand s**t. This is a god d**n rip off! I only have three apps! Wtf!!?!?

  • Juliette

    I noticed that I am not getting a true 1000 minutes. I noticed it my first month. Now I just checked my minutes and checked my minutes this morning and totaled up my minutes used between the two times and I lost 2 minutes. Last month I checked and I had 14 hours and some odd minutes showed on my phone that I used. But I had only 15 minutes left according to straight talk when I refilled my minutes for the month. I did the math and that means I only got 800 and some odd minutes. If you divide 1000 by 60 that gives you 16.6….. hours of time but my phone showed 14 some hours I used. Now that is almost 2 hours of time that I lost. I can understand if they round up a little but that is a lot to me and after a year then how many minutes will I lose. I am paying for 1000 minutes so I expect to get 1000 minutes or close to it. I can understand if I don’t use them then that is my fault. Now, could it be that my phone is not accurate or is straight talk cutting off a little here and there?

  • Brandi

    My husband an I got straight talk around March of this year.Our toddler got a hold of my old phone and ruined it last montg and had to get a new phone. A month later they start to throttle our data usage. We did have unlimited and now its too slow to even play solitaire. Sad crap!

  • Elijah

    Used Straight Talk for less than 2 months because I seen the ad for “UNLIMITED” data. After buying the phone I was able to read the Terms of Service. I found out that “UNLIMITED” is not unlimited according to Straight Talk tracfone.

    I don’t hardly make or get calls, I rarely use text messaging but I do use data (that’s why I got the phone). At about 2 weeks into the 2nd month I got a “Data usage warning” on my phone after using a measly 640mb from listening to Shoutcast radio via a winamp app. I’m highly disappointed about this. 640mb isn’t much at all. Yes I listen to the internet radio a lot but “W-T-F”?!? The word “UNLIMITED” means unlimited in my dictionary. I want unlimited internet radio but now my service is in danger of being shut off or throttled.

    Straight talk uses false advertising. Straight talk tracfones need to be reported to the BBB and or sued unless they make a public apology for false advertisements. God bless and multiply everyone who considers their self an enemy of Straight Talk.

  • William rains

    OK I will shed some light but I am just as lost. On St you get throlled down after 2.5 gigs but they say it fair cuz of over use charges. Now where the real cut off point is not ever said. They say it’s good for 88 hours of Pandora play. I hit the 2.5 mark in a week and a half. That was less than an hour of music and like two you tube vids a night. The vids were 23 mins each. I haven’t figured out was is worse. Watching data use on my Verizion contract or wait two more weeks so I can check me email

  • Pissed Off Chick

    I am holding my $45 Unlimited refill card, right now. It reads..

    Minutes, Texts & Data
    Nationwide Anytime

    *Certain limitations apply. Plese refer to Terms and Conditions of Service. Purchase and use of this Service Card is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Service at StraightTalk.com, which are subject to change without prior notice. Straight Talk reserves the right to terminate your service for unauthorized or abnormal usage.

    “Unlimited” with “certain limitations”. This is bullshit.

    When I first started up with Straight Talk, 3 years ago, it was the best game in town. Data was unlimited. I could watch Youtube videos all day long. At some point, they changed all of this.

    I got my brand new badass smartphone in January (2014), and downloaded a lot of apps for it. I played games and watched videos. I easily used 2.5GB of data in 3 weeks. All of a sudden, I couldnot use my browser or email. I figured I was experiencing some sort of service outage, so I called them up.

    I was told I had exceeded my data allowance. Excuse me? I used more data than allotted on an unlimited data plan?? I was told that they allow you 2.5GB of data per month. After that they knock you down to 1G speeds. I should still be able to use the internet, it would just load slower.

    Yeah, right.

    Web pages do not load on 1G. I couldn’t even view a picture texted to me by a friend.

    This last month, I have been very careful to stay within the LIMITS of my UNLIMITED plan. I just bought this phone, and I cannot afford to buy another cell, just to switch no-contract services.

    I wonder of anyone has considered a class-action lawsuit against Straight Talk for their bait-and-switch tactics….

  • Bre

    If you pay for unlimited data & recently haven’t had access to it, you’ll need access to WiFi then go to your “Play Store” & download “Straight Talk Data Settings”.. Launch the app & follow the instructions & you shall have data!

  • Tony

    I have been with straight talk for about 4 to 5 years and this month they say i went over my data use so they cut my speed from 4g back to edge so i purchased a new 45 dollar card loaded it to my phone and now they want give me 4g back unless i buy a new sim card i have had enough i am switching to T-moble

  • BethMarohn

    I have only just recently started getting Data Roaming warnings on my Samsung phone. IN fact, only since I got a msg from ST stating that they are NOW offering 3G. 3G what? I thought I was already getting 3G service.

    I don’t have many apps & don’t update many of them either. I can’t seem to find answers as to what Data Roaming is. I do a search & it lists an answer through ST, but when I click on it, all I get is a bulleted menu that doesn’t take you to any answers.

    It typically happens half way to my service end date, but I don’t use my phone for much internet usage. My son had his phone service disconnected by them but not sure why. He updated his minutes, but then they said they would have to completely reboot his phone & he will lose all his information & data, so now he has to write all his contact info down so he doesn’t lose that. Not sure if he exceeded his data or not, but a warning would have been nice, if that is the case.

  • Tiffany Commiato

    Straight talk said not start this throttling mess till a few months ago when they started selling hot spot cards which I guess theyvfeltbif they throttled you it would make u go buy one of these cards also and of u are going to spend 90 dollars looks like Verizon 10g plan would be just as good I have had same straight talk phone for over seven years and never had this problem till about three months ago and I usually get throttled two weeks before my refill dAte

  • Terri Dixon

    I have been using Straight Talk for around 3 yrs now and up until the last 3 months not only was I using my phone but my son,daughter and granddaughter so there was someone on it pretty well constantly.I refilled my service plàn July 16th and today I received a text message today on the 27th telling me I had reached my data limit the thing is been the only one that’s been using it.What’s bad is there was a short period there that I had the Foxfire Internet Hotspots app downloaded on my phone and we used it for the laptop,the playstation 3 and 2 phones and I never had any slowness or messages sent to me about my usage.I have always liked using Straight Talk and never even thought about switching services before until today that is

  • krissi

    I have been using strait talk for bout a year now, but for bout 3 months apps have been stopping. Also I purchased the $45.00 plan which is the unlimited talk, text, and data. The talk and text is all good but the data, well that’s a different story. I only got 2.0 mbs. Its supposed to be unlimited. That word means no limit. Well in my dictionary it does and I’m sure that’s the meaning in everybody else’s dictionary. I need a solution that doesn’t cost a lot. I have a fave a family of 4 with 1 income and two of us are disabled. Any suggestions on a solution would be greatly appriciated

  • Aaylanna

    This story I find funny, Unlimited data, no hard cap at 1.5GB. I promise. However, I reached 2GB last month and they slowed it down to 1 GB as a result until the cycle was over and a new plan was added, I asked them about this they said it’s because you have reached the 2GB mark, they slowed it down. they never did give me a straight answer, especially when I said I pay for UNLIMITED talk text and DATA not for it to be slowed down when i hit 2GB, I just laughed.

  • Tim

    I have been only using Straight Talk for 4 months cause its the only phone that will get service where I live .I buy the supposed to be unlimited $45 plan every months but every month after the first or second day of using it and only being on the internet for short time it slows down so slow when try to get online or Facebook it kicks me off line. So I call them and ask why they say the same thing every time I’ve went over my data so I ask how did I go over my data when its unlimited hmmm they said its unlimited everything but u only get 3G’s a month asked them then why don’t y’all have it say that on the card if u have something that says unlimited then that’s what its supposed to be if its not its called false advertisement they said u do have unlimited everything I said how do I if I can’t get on line that means I do NOT have Unlimited but yet they still say I do witch is a bunch of bs .OK I refilled my account on the 9′th of this month on 2015 at midnight I had to call them when they opened that day to see why I still could not use my internet they tryed to say I reach my limit when I NEVER GOT TO USE IT AT ALL so told them to fix the problem cause I just added time to it that day and have not been online to use any data so they did there little BC reprogram thing and had me do the *22890 thing n it pulled up the internet and seemed fine so said th it works then hung up . K about 5 mins later it messes up again and kicks me off like does when u don’t have any data so call them back they do same thing again since the 9′th of Jan 2015 I have had to call them back every day 3 to 4 times a day to see why my internet won’t let me online and they do the same bs thing have me do the *22890 thing n says its fixed when it never is fixed OK I had that done 4 times yesterday n they refilled my data back up to 3G I haven’t been online to use any internet data n when I tried to get online this morning it done the same exact things its been doing so I call them back n tell them I want to talk to an American Supervisor I got neither same ppl as always ones can’t understand talk for crap and she tells me I used 1G already and won’t fix whatever problem my phone or account has so I asked again How DID I Use it when I can’t get online well sir we have a tool that shows us how my data u use a day and it says u used 1G so I tell them they r full of crap cause couldn’t get online for over a min then kicks me offline then I say OK I asked sever times to the other ppl I talked to there times before when I called and asked them if I have used what u say I’ve used when I no I haven’t cause can’t get on it to use it get on our computer and pull it up where shows how much I’ve used and what I got back was sir WE DO NOT HAVE A WAY TO DO THAT HAHAHA but now a day later they do have a way . All I got to say about Straight Talk they are the worst company I have ever used in my life would not recommend them to anyone give them a thumbs down on customer service everything the WORST Cell phone company out there . So can Straight Talk be able to get suied ? Cause if they can I’m so going to.

  • kara

    I have this prob every month the “unlimited data” runs out about a week after I buy the 45$ unlimited plan…I have been a customer for at least 6 years and have never had a problem with straighalf until recently ( the past 4 months)…not happy!!!!!

  • digo

    I renewed my contract just 7 days ago and received a message saying that my data is limited…saying that I already used my 3g….I sent a message to see how much I usage and it is saying that I used 405mb only….
    It is the 3rd time that happens..i have 3 lines…and it happened 2 months aho with my daughter’s line…
    I called to customer service and they said they can’t do anything about it…that I need to wait to renew it.
    Straight talk is ; (