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Best Buy begins rollout of Samsung Experience Shops


Several US carriers might have delayed the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, but you still might be able to spend some hands-on time with the device if you head to your local Best Buy. The two companies announced the in-store Samsung Experience Shots earlier this month, but today they held a press conference to announce the nationwide rollout to more than 1,400 Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile specialty stores across the US.

“Samsung has been delivering the latest innovation across the consumer electronics category for some time,” said Dale Sohn, president of Samsung Telecommunications America. “With the Samsung Experience Shops, we are ensuring consumers get the most of that innovation by learning how to leverage their mobile devices across our ecosystem of consumer electronics. Consumers will have one place to not only explore and learn about our full portfolio of mobile products, but also the support of a Samsung expert to help with selecting and servicing them. This will truly be a unique mobile shopping experience.”

Customers can locate a local Samsung Experience Shop by visiting the official Best Buy site. Select stores will have the Galaxy S 4 on display starting Saturday, April 27th, and the rollout will spread to additional stores by summer. Some Best Buy stores will also offer Samsung Smart Service, where Samsung Experience Consultants and Best Buy blue shirt sales associates will assist with product demonstrations, basic product services, Samsung account set up, warranty registration and post purchase support.

If you visit your local Best Buy this week and find a Samsung Experience Shop inside, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Source: WSJ

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  • tommydaniel

    Link to the site doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Hmm that is odd. Fixed the link to the store locator. Here it is in case anyone needs it: http://www.bestbuy.com/samsungexperienceshop

      • tommydaniel

        Working now. :) at first it was directing me to a page on Androidandme with a “page could not be found” error.

  • Joel

    Awesome, id love to head in and grill the reps :-D

  • donger

    Gonna go to best buy and see this.

    • Jack

      And then buy it off Amazon! :)

      • mark

        Bestbuy price matches amazon

        • scubabum

          But you have to pay taxes at BB.

          • mark

            not if you live in state with no sales tax ;)

          • mark

            Also amazon = shipping fee

            Its probably going to be cheaper to pay the tax than to pay for shipping

  • Jack

    The display in our store is kind of sad…of course we are in a very small “stand alone store” in the mall. I can’t wait to see the bigger ones in the big stores.

  • uknowme

    They have had this in the Tinley Park location by me for about a month. It’s awfully pretty. Also awfully vacant.

  • Prince77

    At least you have one. I live in Louisville, and they don’t even have Kentucky on the drop down list.

  • Note 8
  • sly

    Wow, I can’t believe my city’s Best Buy is on the list (in MA). I haven’t been there in a couple months. I wonder if Samsung took over the Google display. Gonna check it out.

  • captainkirkw

    One was being set up at the Mopac/360 location in Austin, Tx. It is in the front of the store, well before you get to the Apple display. I will check some other Austin stores this week.

  • captainkirkw

    I went to the Gateway store today in Austin and the Samsung Experience shop was being set up. In this location it is directly across the isle from the Apple shop so I am looking forward to seeing it when it is finished.