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Did the “Google X” phone with Android 5.0 just make its first appearance?


Don’t get too excited, because these things can be faked, but an uknown device with the name “Google X” just appeared on the AnTuTu benchmark site, as first spotted by Japanese blog Rbmen. The “Google X” device is running Android 5.0.1, with an unknown 1.5 GHz processor, and returned a respectable score of 15479.

We have no way to validate if this is a real benchmark result, but it does raise some interesting points. Early rumors suggested the first “X Phone” would not focus on high-end specs, and said the device would be sold for an extremely low price. An AnTuTu score of 15k is comparable to high-end devices from last year (think GS3 or One X) and it could indicate that this device might sport Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 400 processor that is designed for mainstream phones.

I wouldn’t put too much thought into the final specs of the first “X Phone”, because anything that has been uncovered will probably change. We have previously reported that the “X Phone” brand would spawn an entire family of devices, so this could be the cause of conflicting reports about specific details and specs.

The appearance of Android 5.0.1 is also notable. We know that Google has been working on the next version of Android, codenamed Key Lime Pie, but we don’t know what version number they will assign to it. Rumors and speculation have suggested that Key Lime Pie might become Android 5.0, but it could also end up as Android 4.3 or 4.5. For what it’s worth, we have seen several appearances of Android 5.0.1 in our server logs over the last couple weeks.

Finally, it’s also interesting to see this device labeled as “Google X” instead of “Motorola X.” We have believed that the first “X Phone” would be sold under the Motorola brand, but we also know that this is one of the first devices where Google has had a heavy influence on the design.

Hopefully, more will be revealed at Google IO next month. Some rumors suggest the first “X Phone” and Android 5.0 might have been pushed back till August or later, but we still expect to hear something at Google’s upcoming event.


Is this a real benchmark result? Only time will tell.

Via: Rbmen (Japanese)

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  • redraider133

    I will be interested to see what Google unveils at I/O and if they show off moto hardware if it will be available to all carriers this time around.

  • elijahblake

    If this phone doesn’t come with the Snapdragon 800 I’m going to be super dissapointed.. I’ve been holding off on upgrading for this phone and at this point I think I will just keep waiting because I don’t see the SGS4 or the HTC One being worth upgrading from SGS3 for.

    Google said they were bringing a “Game Changer” and that’s what I’m wanting.

    Not an incremental update.

    • AnthonyRyan

      I can picture the Nexus 5 or whatever it’ll be called with the. Snapdragon 800 but the X-Phone not at all since the 800 will be out end of Q3-Q4.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      If you are expecting killer-high-end specs from the “X Phone,” then yes, you will be disappointed. The “game changer” aspect might come from the low price of the device with no-contract (think $199).

      • Adrien C.

        I’d go with that as well. I think google will go with the same approach from the cheap Nexus 7. Android for the masses.
        Nexus 4 is cheap for what it is, but not for every pocket out there.

        A good phone, customizable, for 199 or less? It’ll sell like crazy… teens will love the opportunity to tune it to their liking. It can be a great first phone for kids and teens.

        Google probably wants to improve their reach, learn more about consumer behaviours.

        Nexus 4 might not be the best phone out there now, but it’s not a weak one.
        I still get amazed of how many apps and stuff I have pushed on it, and it’s still running smooth and fast.
        If not moved by curiosity, I’d probably stick with it until next year with this phone. (or get a 32GB one if it gets released)

      • jamal adam

        I agree and perhaps it might also come with an improved camera just as Vic Gundotra once mentioned in a Google+ post. Also you can’t forget the mentions that have been made of more durability as well.

    • mattcoz

      The “game” is continuously releasing bigger and more powerful phones, so this would definitely be changing that.

    • Mix

      Game changers sound exciting!

      I love my Nexus 4 but if they keep the cost to upgrade like the Nexus 4 (under $350) it is almost to tempting to pass.

    • Mark

      I wouldn’t get so worked up over an obviously fake benchmark.

  • cj100570

    I love how you start out saying that this may be fake but then you ramble on and on and on about other unsubstantiated rumors to keep the story going.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Hehe, the readers ask for my speculation and they keep getting it.

    • Jim

      This is Taylor W we’re talking about here. The guy’s a douche.

  • Adryan maldonado

    again its rumors. nothing is final. If anything im hoping the nexus 5 will be super highend if this supposed x phone is going to not be very high end.

  • J3R3MY_H

    I don’t think Motorola has any kind of significant brand loyalty so not using the brand in the devices name might be a good thing.

  • http://phaseburn.net PhaseBurn

    The fact that this is coming through as Google X and not Motorola X is significant. Google X is the team behind Google Glass (among other advanced projects), and we know Glass runs Android – is it possible this is from something Glass related, instead? The hardware in those devices is pretty beefy, and I could see them putting an early build of KLP on them, given the non-traditional interface.

    I highly doubt we’ll see KLP released until the next Nexus phone, in November/December, though we might see another revision of Jelly Bean coming as 4.3 at IO. So whatever is being reported as 5.0.1 screams “foul” to me. Given KLP’s release is likely so far away, I doubt they’d have reached 5.0 let alone 5.0.1 at this point (assuming, of course, that KLP will be 5.0 anyway, which I strongly disagree with). If so, it would make a release target of later this year coincide with 5.0.3 or 5.0.4 which is very unlike Google.

    Calling it fake, sorry.
    Calling KLP as 4.3 or 4.5…

    • Mike Majewski

      When’s the last time Google went more then 12 months between software updates, phaseburn?

  • Dee

    Google is a sneaky one. Something tells me they have a super high end phone waiting in the ranks. Remember when the rumor was that there would be nexii instead a nexus…

    • Random Stranger

      Or maybe they are just trolling

  • Del Dominguez

    NO bullshit, one of my buddies works at Moto and has been carrying this phone around for a minute. He let me quickly see it and I can say that its FEELS GREAT in the hand and just looks slick once you hold it.

    I’m certain is simply a placeholder design, but it looks exactly like the shot above.

    BTW…smooth as HELLLLLLL.

    • AnthonyRyan

      Can you tell any more info about the phone when he let you hold it for a little bit.

  • Shrink

    Ever wondered why the X ?

    X Phone will be a game changer because it will cross (thus x) connect with other devices.

    Recent rumor says Key Lime Pie will be released in August. So here is mz prediction for the Google I/O: we are going to see a Motorola (or Google) x phone. They will release it in August with Android 5.0.X
    Also we are going to see a lot of body computing stuff: a Google x-watch and Glasses again. They will also show how phone, glasses and watch will communicate/interact.

    Last but not least they will present the updated Nexus 4 with LTE and 32gb of storage (+ a 64gb variant maybe)

  • Andy_jr

    The rumored low price, combined with no-contract rate plans, could make this a real “game changer” in our family. We are still using a couple of feature phones, but at that price, I would phase them out pretty quickly.

  • Del Dominguez


    Not really, just like I was saying, it feels great in the hand. Almost like the HTC One X from Last year in regards to material build.

    The version of android…I didn’t check, only had it in my hand for a minute. =)

  • Dr.Carpy

    As a Razr HD LTE owner, I want to see a more improved premium devices from Moto. Every phone manufacturer has offered a premium device, where’s Motorolas? For me, a game changing phone needs to be on a premium finish that will be able to draw/ take sales from the Xperia Z, S4 or HTC One ilk. Anything else to me seems like Motorola is bidding their time and futilely treading water. Google has to realize in its stewardship of Motorola, this sector has been under served by them, and people want an HTC One and not Rezounds and Rhymes (sorry HTC!). I really hope they figure this out soon, before they become synonymous with mediocrity.

  • Nathan D.

    Only time will tell what the X Phone will be.

  • yourissues

    I have never wanted rumors to kick off so bad in my life.. I know I/O is around the corner but so much is riding on it. Do I get this new “X” phone, the The One, or the GS4, and since Google may not release a phone at I/O at all i’m just waiting for Moto to release anything new. I need a new phone and all I can do is wait at this time. Wait and hope that Google and Moto release something that I can’t pass up. Cause the only reason I’m not rocking a N4 or anything else is due to I/O.

  • donger

    Hope this is just a rumor.

  • rhy o’drinnan

    Will it have an sd card slot? That and price are all that matter…..

  • Paul Atreides

    If it’s customizable like some of the rumors insist, then we should expect it to start at mid-range with the ability to tweak it up to a high-end device via materials and internals. This is what I hope for. My second guess is that it’s the X phone because it’s a placeholder name for a few different variants of the same device(low,mid,high).