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Google Glass retail launch still a year away


So you’ve been tuned in to the hype machine for the last year. You’ve seen the unboxings, you’ve read the Google+ Posts, and now you want to know: when can I, a plain ol’ consumer, get my hands on Google Glass? I’m sorry to let you know, you’ve still got another year’s wait ahead of you.

In an interview with BBC Radio, Eric Schmidt made it clear that a retail launch of Google Glass is still “a year-ish away.”

Well, the developers are beginning now. It would be fair to say that there will be thousands of these in use by developers over the next months. And then based on their feedback, we’ll make some product changes — and it’s probably a year-ish away.Eric SchmidtGoogle

As badly as we’d like to see Glass available to the public at a more affordable price (developer editions run $1,500), a smooth launch of a finished product is much more important. There will surely be handfuls of bugs to sort out from Glass’ current position, and new features introduced as well.

The Next Web is reporting, citing Glass-Apps.org, that a series of gesture-based actions may be added to Glass in the coming months. Found deep in the code for Google’s My Glass app are references to the ability to pinch (in the air) to zoom and control a browser window, and wink to take a picture. While there is a proximity sensor on the inner edge of Glass, some of the features hinted at may require a hardware revision, which would push a retail launch back even further.

Hopefully by I/O 2014, we’ll be talking about how to buy Glass, and what kind of apps to install once you get your hands on one. This year though, we’ll still be salivating at all the fancy Glass demos, hoping to get our hands on one right along with you.

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Source: Telegraph

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  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I really hope Schmidt is over exaggerating so no one can call him a liar later. I want a polished product as well, especially if it has a steep price tag. But dang it Google, hurry up and get these out so I can start making POV movies with my wife! Kidding, or am I… :-D

    • DroidBandit

      I thought that was the whole purpose of having these glasses, is making cool very personal pov movies.

    • LukeT32

      Lets just hope the launch isn’t as pitiful as the Nexus 4.

    • CTown

      This is Google we are talking about. For all we know Schmidt will get his own copy of the videos you make; ill…

    • autonomousgerm

      Don’t hold your breath. Google time is roughly equivalent to dog years. Remember how updates are always coming “in a few weeks” then show up 4 months later? See you in 2020 Google Glass.

  • SGB101

    This makes sense, the Explore ed that us shipping at, Is a dev/enthusiasts beta launch.

    Full retail ed will be an evolution of the current model. And hopefully half the price, then half again 6 months later, once they have recouped the tooling.

    If it makes it to launch (it should) it won’t be long till it hits $200 to 250, after tooling costs, the actual tech inside isn’t that expensive. I can see it being shipped with a nexus for around $500 in 18/24 months.

    • Dustin Earley

      With a Nexus, for $500, would be unreal. $250 seems incredibly cheap, but crazier things have happened.

  • cristian

    Considering Sergey has said multiple times that Glass will go to retail this year, I’m inclined to think Schmidt is mistaken. Considering, ya know, Sergey is actually in charge of Glass.

  • aranea

    A yearish may mean the holiday season? Or I’m hoping against all odds?

  • YMS123

    Whatever happens, I’m still excited for the I/O

  • Nathan D.

    Glass is still expensive for developer. They should some how make it better accessible for people when it does come out.

  • donger

    It better come out soon, I’ll wait a year though.

  • Morten

    “It would be fair to say that there will be thousands of these in use by developers over the next months.”

    Haha, very strong hinting at Google I/O giveaway going on here. :D

  • pragyaware

    Do you tell me the exact time of its release.

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