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HTC First to launch on AT&T April 12 for $99


Alongside the announcement of Facebook’s Android replacement launcher, Facebook Home, we got our first official look at the device that will run it right out of the box: the HTC First.¬†Available April 12 (just over a week away now) for $99 on contract, the HTC First is an LTE-enabled AT&T device with modest specs and a minimal design.

Coming in black, white, red and light blue, the First features a blank body with nothing but a camera on both sides and three capacitive buttons on its face. Under the hood you’ll find a Snapdragon 400 chip powering a 4.3-inch display, with Android 4.1 running underneath Home.

Nothing about the hardware is particularly impressive. Early hands on reports say things like, “It looks and feels every inch a $99.99 phone,” but the HTC First is all about the software. Exactly how much different Facebook Home will be on the First as opposed to other phones remains to be seen. We know there will be deeper notification integration, and we’re guessing more will be added as time goes on.

Those of you looking to pre-order HTC First can do so now. Off contract, the First will be $450.

Source: AT&T

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  • Anjie Cai


    • scubabum

      Now a day, you can’t read an online article without seeing the Likes and Shares.
      FB is collecting tons of data on your online activities.
      And yes, Data = Money as you stated.

    • lou2cool88

      “Launcher that collects data from usage habits, not only in Facebook but your whole phone.”

      That is such a frightening thought. I think Facebook Home looks nice and polished but when I think of the implications… I really would rather not give Facebook the opportunity to see every app I open or read my text messages. Now if I could just have that chat-head functionality without Facebook Home… That’d be great.

      I also don’t like the idea of having to look at Facebook all the time. I like my current homescreen set-ups.Facebook Home makes things a little TOO simple if you ask me.

  • masterpfa

    FB is one of the things some people may interact with on their phone, but with ‘Home’ and now HTC they would have you believe it’s all people do.

    Er Nooooooo.

    Big Miss I think (and HTC were doing so well)

    • kazahani

      My wife:

      Pick up phone.
      Check on Sims.
      Check Facebook.
      Maybe call or text someone.
      Check Facebook again (you know, just in case.)
      Put down phone.

      This is fairly typical smartphone usage for most average users.

  • Hom0ncruse

    final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • kazahani

      You’re right. They shouldn’t be launching a new PHONE like that! I mean it’s not like they make money from that type of thing…

  • Nathan D.

    Like I said before, I’ll pass

  • donger

    No thank you. But phone should to free to people who sign up for facebook, lol.