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HTC One faces Netherlands import ban due to high-amplitude microphone chip


HTC can’t seem to catch a break. Amsterdam’s district court has granted Nokia’s request for an injunction against the HTC One. The phone is equipped with a high-amplitude microphone chip, developed by ST Microelectronics for Nokia, and according to court documents, Nokia and ST Microelectronics signed a contract that would give Nokia exclusive rights to the new chip for 12 months.

From what we can gather, ST Microelectronics was under the impression that Nokia only had 6 months exclusivity, starting in 2011. Since the Nokia 720 was the first mass-produced device to use the high-amplitude mic chip, the courts have ruled that Nokia still has exclusive rights to use the chip until February 2014.

Since HTC is not at fault in this situation, Amsterdam’s district court will allow HTC to sell its current supply of the HTC One in the Netherlands, but HTC will not be allowed to import any new devices equipped with the ST Microelectronics chip. With an estimated population of 16 million, the Netherlands isn’t one of HTC’s most important markets. However, we suspect HTC is already looking for another high-amplitude microphone chip supplier. The last thing HTC needs is for Nokia to cite this case as precedent in other European countries.

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Source: All About Phone NL

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  • Troik

    how does 2011 +12month equals to 2014?

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      The chip manufacturer thought that the exclusive deal started when they started manufacturing the chip in 2011, but Nokia didn’t ever use it. Nokia claims that the exclusivity agreement started with the production of the Nokia Lumia 720 since it was the first commercially available products to use the chip.

      I think this issue is going to be played out a bit longer in the courts since Nokia and ST Microelectronics can;t seem to come to terms on the issue. The problem is that HTC is stuck in the middle.

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

      • Brandon

        Final nail . . . because they can’t sell in Netherlands?

        (And not even ‘can’t sell’ but can’t import anymore)

        Yeah, I think they’ll be okay.

        Or, shall I say, if they do get buried alive, it won’t be because of this.

      • Andre

        A bit premature, IMO

  • www.phonewbie.com

    HTC is gonna get it right one day. They have so much bad fortune.

    • Andre

      Well to be fair lol in this case I can’t see how this is really their fault… HOWEVER, what I do find VERY interesting is it seems like everyone is always going after HTC…maybe it’s because they make a superior product? But for whatever reason, they just can’t seem to gain the type of traction and attention as Samsung & Apple and I really don’t understand why that is. To be honest, I think I like the HTC One better than the SG4…and I have a SG3 now.

  • Jorge Vieira

    O man if nokia had just jumped on baord with android, I dont think that they would care about this. who would of thought nokia wouyld be trolling lol.

    • LukeT32

      Why go thru that much trouble to find who produces each individual component of each phone…. lol

  • Nate B.

    So much hate in this world

  • swazedahustla

    Well since not many phones coming from the netherlands, this is really a non story.

  • Paul Atreides

    Wow this company is so cursed it’s unbelievable.

  • jamal adam

    They do something right and then out of thin air something else comes in and trips them up. It must be annoying and a pain to deal with all these little problems that are growing in number for HTC. I just hope nothing else comes and trips them up because the One is such a great device and HTC has finally done so many things right that they need a break from all this.

  • Nathan D.

    Wow, what are the odds of this happening to Htc? That is really unfortunate turn of events.

  • Andre

    You got that right! HTC just can’t seem to catch a break! How in the world did ST Microelectronics NOT understand the terms of their contract with Nokia?!

  • kazahani

    And once again the consumer pays for all this nonsense in the end. If that chip supplier sold the things to HTC then it’s their liability, at least to my way of thinking.

    • Paul Atreides

      HTC possesses stolen property, and just like any other piece of stolen property the one who gets caught buying it also gets punished in the end.

      • Paul Atreides

        Actually, they were found blameless due to the fact they didn’t know of the deal between ST and Nokia. However, they probably will have to replace that part. If not, they can’t purchase anymore for at least 6 months.

      • kazahani

        Whoa, who stole anything? There’s no theft here. That chip supplier had an agreement with Nokia, and they broke that agreement. HTC is not at fault here, and claiming that they posess “stolen property” is misleading, slanderous and untrue.

  • donger

    HTC did not need any of this crap.

  • Dth Recharge App

    I think this is a just rubbish thing to ban HTC one imports in Netherlands. I can’t agree with this law.