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HTC One Mini in the works? M4 gains metal alloy chassis, could launch late Q2


It’s certainly no secret that the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 will be battling things out in the high-end smartphone segment, but new details regarding the upcoming HTC M4 could make the mid-range smartphone a huge success. According to the latest rumor, Catcher Technology (current supplier of HTC One’s zero-gap aluminum chassis) has been named the exclusive supplier of the metal-alloy chassis that will be used in the HTC M4. Catcher Technology estimates it will ship 700,000 units in the second quarter, suggesting that the HTC M4 will be on the market before the end of June.

Previously leaked images of the HTC M4 showed the device clad in soft-touch polycarbonate, not a metal-alloy chassis. While some may quickly write off the new rumor because of this discrepancy, we’d like to remind you that multiple leaked images of the HTC M7 depicted a device that was completely different than what was eventually unveiled as the HTC One.

The HTC M4 spec sheet is rumored to feature a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, 4.3-inch 720p display, 16GB of internal storage, 13 megapixel camera with a f/2.0 lens, 1080p HD video recording and a front-facing 1.6-megapixel shooter. The device is certainly not on the same level as the HTC One, but if HTC manages to add front-facing stereo speakers and cram those specs into a zero-gap aluminum chassis, we suspect the HTC M4 could launch as the HTC One Mini and outclass the rumored Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini in specs, design and build quality.

For now, the HTC M4, its specs and build materials are all classified as rumors. We would love to see HTC take on Samsung with a mid-range HTC One Mini, but we’ll have to wait a few more months for this story to play out.

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Source: DigiTimes

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  • Nate B.

    Specs aren’t to bad for a mini device but HTC doesn’t need to do this. No company needs to do this. Just let your flagship ride and leave it at that. No variants. No exclusives. No delays on color options. No title changing. One device and come back next year with part 2. If anything work on another device in a different market like a tablet or something for the second half of the year. And work on software updates in between.

    I don’t understand when they leave color options out, make exclusivity for a company on storage capacity, name changes, etc. It’s stupid. All of that impacts the sales and they wonder why they lack… They’ll do fine with the HTC one but they don’t need anything else.

    They need to treat it somewhat like a consul. Future proof the hell out of it the best they can by supporting it with software updates as the heat goes on. Like Samsung did with the S3. It practically has all of the Notes features now but it didn’t when it first came out. And still runs like a champ. One solid device can last you and keep you relevant for the entire year. Anything that comes out later won’t be to much if better at all. Tech doesn’t advanced that damn fast like its overnight. The next phone will also have a 1080p screen, thinness, high mp cam, etc. these things become standard. Just chill HTC smh.

    • Vance

      I disagree. For the same reason Toyota releases an Avalon and a corolla every year, so must mobile hardware manufacturers provide options to satisfy the many different demographic segments. Like cars, cell phones are a commodity, so you can’t be ignore the needs of entire segments of the population and expect to win. In any case I’m buying this for the Mrs since she’d murder me if I spent $1,200 getting the HTC One for both of us. This will be a great lower cost option for herand will last her several years.

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      you forget that there are a lot of people who do not want a 4.7-inch device and simply don’t have enough expendable income to throw at a flagship phone. The HTC M4 is not means to compete with the HTC One. It’s meant to compete with mid-range devices like the iPhone 4S or the dozens of $99 Android phones currently in the mid-range space.

      • Cwalden21

        But if you think of the production side of things, if they would just focus on one phone and get the thing manufactured as low cost as possible instead of worrying about making other phones then the htc one would be just fine by itself. Focusing on One phone and making it the most efficient, cost effective would be much better than worrying about low to mid level devices that make things more expensive as well..

        • CTown

          This is a very high profit margin business. Even if creating their flagship device cost $100, don’t be surprised if the final product still costs half a grand.

          Differentiating hardware-wise is very important. A big reason people don’t get the iPhone is for its tiny screen. Yet, the big screens on the flagship Android devices cause some people to eant an iPhone. If you can make a cheap device on the side to please people who don’t want an expensive high-end device, why not make one of those devices? Isn’t it better to use that little bit of resources to get people on to your brand?

      • Fuzzypaws

        I don’t see why the previous year’s flagship can’t be the low end model, instead of having a whole separate crap-phone for that. It seems to work for Apple, it should work for Samsung and HTC as well.

    • alexx

      I dont either want to hear about another One. No, not yet.

  • SGB101

    Sounds like an old Spice girls song, when two become one!

    I really hope they don’t use the One name, in two devices.

    The One, is a great name, The One mini, isn’t.

    The specs do look nice, but a bit small for me. It will make a good solid device. Trouble is in the UK, the mid range device do not make sense, as all phones are free at point of sale, the monthly cost of this device will only be £2 or £3 cheaper than the Big One and the 4S.

    • mattcoz

      HTC One Half ;)

  • www.phonewbie.com

    I’m all for this. The One costs $575. If this can come in at around $350, that would give us another option for low cost/top quality phones along with the Nexus 4 and rumored Motorola X.

  • Guest

    Wtf about a 4.3″ screen is mini?

    • Hom0ncruse

      final nail in the coffin for HTC

    • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

      Not much, but size it relative. If 4.7-inches is now the standard size for flagship devices, 4.3-inches would could definitely be classified as Mini. It also leaves room for a low-end Micro device with a sub 4-inch display.

    • mattcoz

      Ask Samsung, the only reason they’re referring to it here as the Mini is because it’s going up against the S4 Mini. As of now it is only officially known as the M4.

  • ralphwiggum1

    So a “mini” version of the HTC One might have a better camera than the flagship phone?

    • jaxy

      better camera during the day yes. but at night nothing beats the HTC ultra pix camera

    • mattcoz

      I’m disappointed this doesn’t have the UltraPixel camera. It’s the same size sensor, so it shouldn’t cost any more. I’d seriously consider this if it did.

      • http://htcsource.com Nick Gray

        If HTC is having trouble sourcing enough sensors for the HTC One, I doubt they would use it for any other device until they can sort through their supply constraints.

  • Chris Lewis

    So interesting how a 4.3 inch screen is now considered mini. I guess if the bezel is thin enough (like the Razr M) it will actually be a small phone. I still remember when I got the Droid X though and how that screen was HUGE for its time.

    I do like that OEMs are giving some consideration to smaller devices.

    • Bhugtaan mobile and Dth recharge App

      Yes you are absolutely right Dear.

  • jamal adam

    I think that this is a good move because there is a market for smaller smartphones and not everyone wants to be caring around the bigger flagships. Also, mid-range devices usually aren’t that great but I think that from these rumors, HTC has got a great thing device in the M4. I feel as though this is still a high-end phone in certain aspects just not a flagship, it that makes sense whatsoever.

  • donger

    Not bad.

  • john

    Nice try from this bankrupt company