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HTC One news roundup: unlockable bootloaders, supply issue improvements and more

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The HTC One is still a few days away from making its US debut on April 19, so it should come as no surprise that there’s lots of news to go around. Rather than bombard you with a half dozen news stories, we’ve decided to consolidate them all into a single post.

AT&T HTC One unlockable bootloader

The bootloader on the AT&T HTC One was expected to be locked down, but a few who have managed to get the phone early have found that the official HTCDev bootloader unlock tool seems to be working just fine. If you’re planning to purchase the AT&T HTC One and unlock the bootloader, we suggest you run the process as soon as you receive your phone. HTC has made it clear that the bootloader on the AT&T HTC One will not be able to be unlocked. We believe that to mean the HTCDev bootloader unlock tool will be updated in the next few days, so that it can properly identify AT&T’s variant of the HTC One.

HTC One supply issue “significantly improved”

According to  J.P. Morgan Securities, “new vendor qualification, technology transfer and volume increase” could soon solve the HTC One shortage issues that have kept HTC from releasing the device on a global scale. Supply shortages “significantly improved in the last two weeks,” and J.P. Morgan expects production to increase from 300,000 in March to 1.2 million units in April and over 2 million units in May.

HTC One Developer Edition and SIM unlocked model pre-orders back up

If you thought you missed your chance to pre-order the HTC One Developer Edition or SIM unlocked model, we have good news. HTC has increased its pre-order allotment of both phones, giving you the opportunity to reserve one for yourself. Unfortunately, there is a down side. The second wave of pre-orders is not expected to be in stock until April 24, five whole days after the first wave of pre-orders is expected to ship.

We’re sure that there will be quite a bit more HTC One news in the days leading up to the US launch, so be sure to check back in. We know you guys are excited to get your hands on the HTC One, but do you think there’s enough consumer awareness to make the HTC One a commercial hit?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • epps720

    Seeing the constant posts about the HTC One continues to remind me how much I hate Verizon

    • Bhugtaan mobile and Dth recharge App

      I am also everyday i open this website i find a new article post regarding HTC One.

  • DavidFurture

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    • Raptor is Furious

      That should violates this site / any site policy and the post must be deleted. The poster after a warning must be banned.

      • SGB101

        This just shows, guests shouldn’t be allowed to post or vote

        • geah

          Not all of us are bad and some people don’t really care for having to “join” a site to discuss/comment. You get more honest replies from anons a lot of the time anyway versus people making comments in the attempt to up their rep… Just look at YouTube and how everyone tries and make trendy comments for thumbs. That nonsense is bleeding into a lot of other comment sections as well.

          • SGB101

            Il give you that, but not are all as genuine as yourself.

  • Raptor’s Word of Wisdom

    I know you will not listen because temptation is huge. Well, i will never speak this language without accent and write without typos, my English is far from Shakespearian but bet even Shakespeare would fail to give you better advice. You are free to ignore it of course

    Remember the date April 2014.
    Do not buy this great looking phone unless you will sell it by approximately this date. Prepare to lose 50% like with One X because of — even worse — by April 2015 it would cost almost zero.

    Read iFixit from a month ago after cracking One: “Less than a week after the BlackBerry Z10 wowed us with its user-installed battery, the HTC One shatters our dreams of widespread

    HTC One Repairability Score: One out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)

    Very, very difficult (possibly impossible?) to open the device without damaging the rear case. This makes every component extremely difficult to replace.

    The battery is buried beneath the motherboard and adhered to the midframe, hindering its replacement.

    The display assembly cannot be replaced without removing the rear case–this will make the most common repair, a damaged screen, nearly impossible.

    Copper shielding on many components is difficult to remove and replace.”

    Disclaimer: I am pure tech lover/amateur and have zero interest in selling anything i am talking about. Would like to see same disclaimer from everyone here

    • Raptor’s Rapturing

      Typo 1, read “the HTC One shatters our dreams of widespread repairability”

      Complaint #995665332: Where is Edit button?

    • epps720

      Do you know how many phones I have sent to be fixed or attempted to fix…. ZERO! Hence, really don’t care about the repairabillity of the phone. If you complain about the non-removable battery for other reasons that’s a totally different story.

    • geah

      I read some of that poorly written post, but I’ll say that I’ve never once had to repair a phone. If you have a warranty and the phone is indeed so difficult to repair, it will just be replaced anyway, so who gives a crap?

      • SGB101

        Good point, the harder to fix the greater the chance of a replacement.

  • donger

    Needs to come out on Verizon.

  • Porter

    Interesting comparison here but I think I would still take the HTC One over the S4 any day – http://versusio.com/en/htc-one-vs-samsung-galaxy-s4-16gb

  • epps720

    Just saw this on one of those ‘other’ Android sites that US Cellular will be carrying the S4 and throw in a free flip cover. Sounds like the best deal I’ve heard yet.

  • tom

    quote supply issue “significantly improved”

    eh? its getting worse?

  • Bobbie Knott

    I’m very excited to be getting the HTC One,..I have Sprints HTC EVO 4G lte,I started my Android journey with AT&T HTC ONE X,after I got suck of never truely getting big changes with Apple’s I PHONE …I will never go back To Apple after using HTC…I LOVE THEM.And look forward to my HTC ONE..

  • Nathan D.

    I want this phone so bad

  • Jorge Vieira

    Just got mine in today and I have been showing it to people that wouldn’t be in the know. And out of ten 2 had mentioned that they heard about it. Witch was more than I expected. And they both mentioned boom sound. So far, I have only had it for a couple hours, it is the best part of the phone!

    • fecat17

      Hello, I’m curious. Just received it…. You ordered yours where? At&t