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NVIDIA shows off Battlefield 3 running on Tegra 5


Most Android smartphones sold in the US this year will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, but next year should be a different story. NVIDIA will finally have a mobile chip with integrated LTE, called Tegra 4i, and their next generation chip codenamed Logan (aka Tegra 5) will offer a mobile GPU that is “multiple years ahead of the competition.”

This week at their Annual Investor Day, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off what Logan could do by running a demo of Battlefield 3 and comparing it with the latest generation iPad. Logan is NVIDIA’s first mobile chip that features their Kepler GPU architecture, which supports DirectX 11 graphics.

The demo is quite impressive, but keep in mind we won’t see Tegra 5 in mobile devices for at least another year. Right now, we are still waiting on the first Tegra 4 device, Project Shield, to ship. NVIDIA says that they had originally planned to ship Tegra 4 by now, but they intentionally delayed the chip so they could put more resources on integrating LTE in Tegra 4i, and bring their Kepler GPU architecture to mobile.

It’s a shame we have to wait, but the hold-up should be worth it if I can play Battlefield 3 and other PC-class games on my mobile device sooner rather than later.

Kepler Mobile demo from VentureBeat on Vimeo.

Via: VentureBeat

Source: NVIDIA Investor Day

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  • heat361

    That’s pretty impressive if it is running natively.

    • gnusci

      PCs are so screwed!

      • TareX

        …and NVIDIA’s chips always deliver in both laumch dates and performance..

        Said nobody ever.

      • Miguel

        yea right, if you say other mobile devices like PSP tablets phones i would say yes but computers? no way they are 2 far when it comes to gaming

  • r4yN

    It’s Battlefield 3, not CoD 3… ~.~

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Fixed. Too early in the morning for me.

      • asshat

        the screenshot is still from call of duty. do you know anything about technology and video games?

        • Cory

          Haha, almost got mad until I saw your troll name.

    • Josh Marren

      Right so that means it’s worth it.

  • Bluehowell

    That was Battlefield 3

  • Dirge

    Battlefield 3? Oh crap.

  • CaptainDoug

    So cool. But Tegra 5? That seems quick. Especially since there isn’t a Tegra 4 device out there yet.

    • NamelessTed

      Tegra 5 will be a 2014 product. nVidia doesn’t just work on one thing at a time. They have to be planning years into the future.

      • TareX

        By the time Tegra 5 is actually delivered to the manufacturers of the zero design wins it will receive (where it will habitually underperform), Qualcomm will have its same-gen chips better optimized and in devices on store shelves.

  • NamelessTed

    nVidia is really going to be pushing the mobile market, it feels like.

    They are basically able to release a new iteration of their hardware every single year. And at the current rate, they are just about doubling power every single year. It really is pretty crazy in the mobile world right now.

    It really feels like nVidia is sneaking in to the console market through the back door with their mobile chips. Instead of having a major hardware release every 5-8 years, they have a new platform every single year. Yes, the PS4 and next Xbox are going to significantly outpower the Tegra 5. But what about Tegra in another 2 or 3 years?

    And you can pretty much guarantee the Tegra devices will be playing a lot of the same games, at least from major publishers. With Tegra 5, they are integrating their Kepler architecture, which is their current desktop hardware. This should potentially mean that from a hardware standpoint, anything that runs on PC can run on Tegra, especially if those Tegra devices are running Windows, which some percentage of them most certainly will be.

    I could go on and on about the possibilities, it really does get me excited.

    • Josh Marren

      That won’t happen for a very long time. Mobile soc’s are not replacing desktop computing power. The next gen game systems are being built like very high end pc’s. The pc is not dead or dying, steam is keeping it relevant for gaming,look at the graphics difference for current games on systems vs pc. They can’t compare! Every laptop and video card has hdmi now. I just finished Tomb raider and bio shock on my pc with maxed out beautiful graphics using an xbox controller with steam big picture mode on my laptop via my 60″tv with dd sound. As far as Facebook and email, sure my galaxy note 2 is all I use but any real productivity I have to use my computer.

      • NamelessTed

        I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I think some form of a “steam box” has a huge potential to capture a large audience. I also agree that the Tegra mobile chips are never going to do what a current high-end desktop GPU can do. But, there is an emerging market of set top boxes. Currently most of them are focused on streaming video, and this is great. Ouya is an example of this type of device focusing on gaming.

        From what I hear the Ouya has some serious problems, but it is a start. Realize that the Wii sold like crazy during this last generation. Realize that most people that are playing games on a console have no problem accepting a lower fidelity visual experience for the sake of simplicity and/or price. So what happens with a new set top box can come out every year, but they only cost $100-150 instead of $300-500.

        Then there is the subject of streaming games over an internet connection. I am the first person to say that in its current state it just isn’t good enough. But maybe in 5 or 10 years it will be indistinguishable from playing a game on a console. This could presumably mean that you don’t need all this fancy hardware to run games, and you can just as easily play all the same games on a small, low powered, cheap box.

        Of course, I believe that something else will come along. We already have the Occulus Rift coming out soon, with a lot of people playing with it. Who knows what might be invented in teh next 10 years that might completely change the way we interact with video games on a fundamental level. It could happen.

        I just think based on what is known about the market today, it makes sense for nVidia to want to get into the console market in some fashion. And I think it makes a lot of sense to start in the mobile world and slowly build in that direction. The Shield is obviously their first dedicated handheld device, which is a pretty big gamble, IMO. But, with their current roadmap it would seem that they can test the waters. Releasing a full fledged console would be a huge risk, and result in almost certain failure.

        I have rambled on for a while now. I’m not really sure what point I was trying to make. Mainly, I agree with a lot of what you say. And I am just excited by the possibility of a big company like nVidia trying to edge their way into the console market. Competition can be a good thing.

  • ranwanimator

    Amazing graphics do not an amazing game make.

    I get more enjoyment out of simple games with innovative game play than I do out of the latest big Call of Warfare derivative.

    That’s just me though.

    • Rich

      You are correct but that’s not the point of this video though. Nvidia are showcasing the power of Tegra 5 by being able to run BF3 on a GPU inside a SoC. That’s an engineering marvel, if you’d ask me. If what they claim is indeed true, then the gap between consoles and mobile level gaming is getting ever too closer

      • james

        not really as the ps4 will be out before the tegra 5

  • Raptor

    I’d prefer he actually walk not talk. Where is at least one single phone or tablet with Tegra this year? Was first, now last. Total loser

  • Jeramie

    Call of Duty 3?…. ummm what?

  • Ryan Rife

    This could really help sell Windows RT that is currently underpowered in the graphics dept.

  • xxDirtyBettyxx

    um thats a map from black ops2 wtf

  • redraider133

    That’s nice and all but by the time this is out apple will probably have their A8 chip and they seem to know how to get great performance with their chips. Not to mention what exynos and Qualcomm chips will be out as well. Can’t wait to see how they all perform

    • poop mcguinness

      Apple, and qualcomm will still be in the mobile world. I dont think you understand, this is full desktop machine gpu. It will literally blow their shit out of the water when it’s released.

  • Clearly at lowest settings possibly even lower threw .cfg to cater this GPU also really low rez

    and not really doing of anything significant

  • Mark

    My laptop with crappy integrated intel GPU can get same results in BF3 at low settings doesn’t mean its actually playable.

  • Mikes_phone_and_tab

    An Ouya with a Tegra 5 even a Tegra 4 chip would kick so much tail. Forget project Shield. I want to play on my television.

    • Dreadmoth

      Project Shield has mini HDMI output – you can connect it to your TV if you want to.

  • mackdaddy22

    When are we going to see more original and Xbox 360 games ported to Android? From this and other demos I have seen it shouldn’t be a problem. Lets get on it devs.

  • Joe

    I believe that is Bad Company 2 not BF3

  • LYN


  • joe

    This is the best tegra 2 date buy it if ur a gammer nuff said! Or a graph frek

  • chris

    were is all the nice shading

  • teecruz

    *reads headline* *jaw drops extensively*

  • chicagobob

    if Nvidia wanted to impress the world they would skip version 4 and just release 5

  • tarwinia

    More Tegra propaganda.
    SUUUURE, the first game is a PERFECT example o graphics on an ipad, forget there are much better looking games on android and the ipad still has a better gpu normally.

    Of course the delay in tegra 4 was on purpose… I mean, I don’t know anything about the tegra 1 really as I barely remember it existed, but Tegra 2 only took about a year more than expected to make an impact on the market (remember tye notion ink adam, or even better, the ac100 a toshiba tegra 2 powered netbook released in 2010, LONG before the xoom).

    Then the tegra 3 which did improve on its delivery times, it was prom7sed to be delivered in products in the summer and only took until winter to deliver. And now there’s JUST a tiny delay is happening to focus on the lower end (compared to tegra 4) tegra 4i. Hmmm, is it any surprise there seem to bee less and less flagship design wins for tegra (without mentioning design wins in general).

  • DD

    Nvidia is back to their old trickery. Battlefield doesn’t have an android version. And Tegra can’t execute x86 code.
    So this is obviously a false claim by Nvidia. And for that same reason it wasn’t shown off publicly.
    It’s just nvidia dreaming how awesome.. uhmm their future Tegras could possibly hope to be .

    • Mat

      How do you know the Tegra 5 have cant execute x86 code its supposedly based off Kepler architecture

    • Bhugtaan mobile and Dth recharge App

      Hmm you are absolutely right. I am 100% agree with you.

    • renz

      maybe they port the game to make it run on ARM SoC. remember when nvidia first show their project shield they were playing Hawken on it. some people were mistaken thinking that nvidia stream the game (hawken) using the shield’s streaming function. instead the one being demoed to the public was android version of hawken which has been ported from the pc version. also based on your own point how did 360 and ps3 able to run BF3 despite being none x86 machine at all?

  • dd

    It is ARM…

    • Mat

      good point

  • Peter Griffin

    Shut up Meg

  • donger

    Impressive, slowly catching up to console/pc gaming.

  • Chris

    More BS from nVidia, not one 3rd party tegra 4 device announced, why cause of tegra 3 and it’s crap battery life despite promises at ces 2012. Oh and the poor performance vs promised specs. Most android sites buy this BS but thankfully OEMs don’t.

  • Michael

    Is this actually running locally on the device? Or was it being streamed like something similar to project shield where a PC is still required to handle it?

  • danzo

    Why the f*** some of you are really pissed off of how mobile technology advanced ?? Why you’re not happy by mobile graphics closing in to console graphics?(usually people who are really proud of their console, so they didn’t matter the facts all around you, do you remember when all skeptical about intel haswell offer, a year back? Well,guess, intel haswell does really make that offer to reality , intel haswell, now has long battery life, and get a super boost to its onboard graphics.when some of you thinks it’s a cod 3 or blackops 2 it, real BS , you didn’t see that, it’s not battlefield, well, you’re retarded, and never play the first mission of battlefield 3, for just minute calm the f*** down people