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Reuters: second-gen Nexus 7 coming this July with better display, Snapdragon inside


The Nexus 7 has been Google’s most impressive Nexus device to date. The mini-tablet sold like hotcakes and kickstarted the tablet-optimized ecosystem Android has been sorely missing. With the one-year anniversary of the Nexus 7′s release swiftly approaching, news of its successor is starting to leak onto the web. The latest rumors on the device come from a credible source and feature a release window, as well as a price-tag, and a look at what to expect inside.

According to Reuters, multiple sources have tipped that an ASUS manufactured second-generation Nexus 7 will launch as soon as this July. That will give Google around two months after I/O, where it’s expected to be unveiled, to ship the device. Part of the initial Nexus 7′s success is directly tied to the price. Apparently, that won’t change much. Conflicting sources have pegged the device at $149-$199, still impressively affordable.

Specs wise, Reuters is hearing that the bezels on the device will be shrink and the display will be higher resolution. We see two possibilities here: Either the next Nexus 7 will be smaller, or the device will remain the same size but utilize the smaller bezels to become the Nexus 8 with an 8-inch display. Reuters is also saying that Google went with Qualcomm instead of NVIDIA, and will utilize a Snapdragon processor. Considering Google expects to ship some 8 million second-gen Nexus tablets this year, this is a huge blow to NVIDIA.

As I/O inches closer, we expect to hear more on what the next Nexus 7 will include. Anything you haven’t heard yet you’re hoping for?

Source: Reuters

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  • redraider133

    I loved the original nexus 7 and will look into getting this as well. Can’t wait to see what Google unveils.

  • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

    They have to sell this at $149 or less if they expect to ship 8 million units.

    • Deon Davis

      I respectfully disagree, The $199 to 249 price is perfect for a 32 and 64GB model. Even if they keep the same size as the current Nexus 7. It’s still a deal. We still want a quality tablet and pushing to the $149 price point will make it feel cheaper material wise then it does now.

      If the rumors are true of a 1080p screen and 7.7 to 8 inch screen. I just don’t see it coming in at a $149.00 price point. Maybe the current nexus will drop to the $149 price point once the new Nexus 7 is launched.

    • redraider133

      I think they will sell a lot at the current price range of $199 and up. I mean if you compare it to other tablets it is a steal for everything they pack into the tablet, plus always having the latest updates.

      • the offender

        your gay :)

        • grammar nazi


    • jamal adam

      For all the rumors say that the new Nexus 7 will be packing, even at the amazing price of $199, it’s the best deal for a tablet period, so long as they start the storage size at 16GB instead of 8GB like last time. They are bumping up the specs on all aspects and since the original sold so well it’s a no brainer that this well sell like hotcakes too.

      • Ben

        I agree its a great deal. It’s got a cheap feel compared to the iPad but what do you expect at the price.

        I would think google would have to try really hard to NOT have it be a great deal. When you make 0 profit or lose money on something of course it’s gonna be a deal over those who need to make money on it.

        Lets do some math for my curiosity. If they had the same profit margin as apple usually gets (40%) then the 199 tablet would actually be 280. Still not a bad deal, when you compare it build quality wise to the iPad mini then 280 vs 330 that makes sense. (This is assuming google makes no profit when they may actually lose money on each sale). Either way you look at it, good for those who purchase them.

    • Anjie Cai

      I know this will be an amazing device like the nexus 7, awesome values so


  • uknowme

    Sounds interesting. Going to have to be a good bump in specs for me to upgrade though.

  • Broseph Stalin

    Maybe a 1600×1000 screen res? It’s not used too commonly, but it’s a nice in-between to the current 1280×800 and 1900×1200.

  • R.S

    1600×1000? Pretty sure that would make for quite a wonky screen ration.

    • R.S

      Opps, that was meant as a reply to Broseph.

      Never got around to getting the Nexus 7 (wasn’t in the market for a tablet) but I am heavily wanting one this year.

      Things I would love for it to have but aren’t necessarily a must, especially since they’d probably significantly raise the cost, are listed below:

      HDMI out
      Dual speakers
      Sim card read (One can dream!)
      Larger battery while relatively keeping it’s same size
      (micro) SD slot
      IR Blaster
      Accessories released in a TIMELY manner!
      Smaller Bezel with larger screen, as mentioned, would be nice!

    • dcds

      Why? 1600×1000 is 16:10 which is the default aspect for pretty much all wide tablets and destop computers.

      However, I agree it would be a wonky resolution though… That would be comparable to the only iPhone 5 resolution. However, Android doesn’t suffer from the limitations of iOS, so any screen goes.

      That said, an industry standard like wsxga+ (1680×1050) or wxga+ (1440×900) would make more sense. And yes, both are 16:10 as well.

      But all that said, if there is a res bump down the road , id still bet at full hd.

  • Graham Steffaniak

    I, for one, am sad to see it may not include the tegra 4.

    • Adryan maldonado

      im not sad per se but it would have been nice to see tegra although i love qualcomm processors and its whats readily available and honestly there processors just kick butt in almost every aspect i.e performance and battery life even when the competition was jumping to quad core its dual core processor would still best some of those.

    • www.phonewbie.com

      I am happy to see it excluded. Tegra 2 & 3 was not up to par. My Nexus 7 lags too often. I’ll sacrifice some games for a high performing and better all around processor.

  • www.phonewbie.com

    “Reuters is also saying that Google went with Qualcomm instead of NVIDIA, and will utilize a Snapdragon processor. Considering Google expects to ship some 8 million second-gen Nexus tablets this year, this is a huge blow to NVIDIA.”

    Hooray! Hooray! Good move Google!

    • jamal adam

      It would be even more wonderful news if it packed the Snapdragon 800.

      • www.phonewbie.com

        That would be outstanding but it most likely will be the 600 to help keep the costs down (just my guess).

  • jillxz

    I don’t like the Nexus 7 , the Bezel is too wide.

  • Gir

    “will be shrink” ummm…ok

  • donger

    Super exciting for this.

  • L3L7
  • SergioAlonxo

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I’m making it online.(Click Home information)

  • Anjie Cai

    I’ve been waiting for the nexus 7 II to leak for a while :D Really like the nexus 7 but it’s kind of dated. I will gladly be a “beta tester” once this device comes out. Hoping for snapdragon 800 and some crazy good other specs (and an unbeatable price)

  • minerva3

    great. better start saving up money for those bad boys ^_^

  • Paul Atreides

    I’ve been playing around with my kids here and there. If it’s better than the current model, I’ll definitely pick one up for myself this time. This would of made a nice Mother’s Day gift.

  • dukeofcheese

    For the love of God please make it compatible with the current dock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Derek

    Not going to lie, after seeing what NVIDIA has been up to at PAX, it kinda makes me sad they haven’t included a Tegra chip. We’ll be missing out on quite a few good games.

  • Mix

    I was on the fence about the N7 as I just got my N4 in December, I will wait for this new one though and jump on it like a dirty trampoline!

  • Steve

    I’d love a 7-8″ tablet with something like S Pen tech as well. Not saying this is it, but that would be awesome.

  • Nathan D.

    Just keep it in the same price point and they should be golden

  • HeadDoc

    I have yet to buy a tablet, but I think this will be the one to make me take the plunge. Cannot wait.

  • manny84

    Looking forward for it with improvements

  • KRS_Won

    I hope they come out with a 32GB version at launch. I will be using the warranty to fix the cracked screen on my N7 and give it to my mom.
    Also, the only thing I really care about Google upgrading is adding a micro HD out port. The screen is good to me. But takes fingerprints a little too easy. Though I wouldn’t mind if they added 1080 res, even an increase to 8″. What are they going to call it Nexus 7²?

  • Jungle Boi

    YES!!! I bought the N7 last year the sec it went on pre-sale. The speed and o/s were GREAT but I was disappointed in the size. I exclaimed many times, “Why can’t it be just one inch bigger?!?” Thank you, Google, for answering that. Ill take 10.

  • G. Tire-Byter

    All I want is a micro SD slot. That way I won’t have to shell out $400 for a Samsung Note 8.

  • Jonny Boy

    I have a Nexus 7, and my son has an I-Pad Mini.
    Browsing on the 7.9 in screen is just more comfortable.
    So please make it a Nexus 8 inch.
    Make it 50$ more, I don’t care. Please don’t make me buy the I-Pad Mini 2.


    NEXUS 7, 32 GB, ANDROID 4.2 , WITH ALL THE ADVANCED FEATURES ?, FOR $ 250.00 ? show me a tablet that can beat it and i will rest my case….