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Samsung to release rugged Galaxy S 4 Active this July


Is Samsung working on a rugged version of the Galaxy S 4 for the adventurer in your life? Earlier this week, President of Samsung Gulf, Young Soo Kim, mentioned that a “ruggedized” version of the Galaxy S 4 would be announced in a few weeks. We weren’t sure if there was a misunderstanding or if the device is really on the way, due to the bizarre nature of its premature announcement, but further information released by the Wall Street Journal today seems to lend credibility to the rugged S 4′s existence.

According to the Journal, Samsung is set to release the ruggedized version of the Galaxy S 4 this July as the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active. While we assume the specs on the S 4 Active will be identical to the S 4, the Active will feature special hardware tweaks to make it dust-proof and waterproof. This wouldn’t be Samsung’s first attempt at a ruggedized device; devices like their waterproof HMX-W200 camera and the Galaxy Xcover 2 have received decent reviews for their ability to withstand the elements.

Of course nothing is official until Samsung gives us the full details, but the Galaxy S 4 Active is looking very likely. What do you think? Would a ruggedized Galaxy S 4 fit your needs?

Via: DroidLife

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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  • halo0

    It will only fit my needs if it’s not bigger than a normal S4.

  • SGB101

    Why not release this as the s4?

    Is the outgoing one fragile?

    • Jorge Eslava

      This is what most of us will have to asume now.

    • http://droidsamurai.blogspot.com DroidSamurai

      Unless you really have to use a rugged one, I seriously doubt that you will want to buy one. It will be bulky as hell. Most people simply have no need for such device.

    • 4nd

  • R.S

    Even if it’s slightly bulkier, I will definitely consider the rugged Galaxy S4.

    The timing is perfect since this summer is when I’m looking at getting a new phone.

  • Adryan maldonado

    Big kudos to samsung for doing this. Yes it would have been nice if they released the GS4 like that but i would have accepted if they had announced it alongside the GS4 during the even(albeit weird) so that way more people would have known about it to make their decision. It will definitely my life and i would buy fo sho as long as too much doesnt change like removing certain things. I can deal with losing the removable battery but hopefully they can keep the sd card like the xperia z. Nice to see OEM’s starting to cater to us clumsy or adventurous types buy still providing a super high end phone. Now if only we could have regular high end phones, potentially bulkier or maybe missing one or two features high end phones, and smaller, more palmable high end phones.

  • Raptor

    Plastic, metal, wood, glass, all colors, 1-2-4-8 cores, 3.5″- 4″-4.5″-5″-5.5″-6″-6.5″ sizes…. and no effin one of manufacturers cares about 3500-4000 mAh of juice just from the start

    • clocinnorcal


  • donger

    More plastic? with some rubber.

  • ianp

    Please add Ant+ chip

    • zeepzorp


  • redraider133

    They should have done this from the start. Could have been something that would have set it apart rather than all those complaining about “plastic”

  • Rahul Arya

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  • Android
  • apo

    While I swore only by Samsung in the past, I’ve recently developed something close to disgust for this company which has become like Apple for me. Two reasons behind my change of heart : I discovered Nexus and TRUE innovation ( not some gimmick features which you’ll use for one day before getting bored ) and their lack of design innovation. I got fed up with Samsung really and I’m sad they dominate the Android market. But hey, as long as I can buy Nexus on the Play store I’m a happy man.

  • Max.Steel

    Samsung can go to hell for all I care.

  • randyw

    Samsung needs to get the 32 and 64 GB models out first. Less than 10 GB usable space on the 16 gig model will not cut it with me. SD cards are great but you can not put Apps on them.

  • thome

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