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Tentative US release dates for Galaxy S 4 leak out


We already knew the Samsung Galaxy S 4 was coming soon, and now we have some tentative release dates to circle on our calendar. Engadget received an internal document from Staples which states the Galaxy S 4 will arrive at AT&T on April 26th, T-Mobile on May 1st, and Verizon on May 30th. Sprint was not listed, but we expect it to launch sometime in the month of May.

Keep in mind these dates could change, but the AT&T release date matches up with the UK launch on April 26th, and the T-Mobile date of May 1st is the same as what they previously announced. Verizon tends to favor their own Droid brand and other exclusive handsets, so it’s no big surprise they could be the last out of the gate.

T-Mobile has already revealed that their Galaxy S 4 will retail for $579, or a $99 down payment with 24 monthly installment payments of $20. We expect there will be several options for internal storage, but look for the Galaxy S 4 to start around $199 with a 2-year contract on the other carriers.

We have yet to spend any quality time with the Galaxy S 4, but we expect it will be one of the best Android phones released this year. Even though our hardcore audience is leaning towards the HTC One, we expect both devices will please any Android fan.

Source: Engadget

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  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    As a Galaxy 3 owner and lover of technology, but also a first time dad, is it the general consensus that the S4 for S3 is not much of an upgrade? Sure, 1080p would be nice, but honestly I like the design of the HTC One better. I have owned phones from HTC, Moto, and Samsung – I don’t really play favorites, I just get what seems the best for what I need at the time.

    Perhaps I’ll just wait a little longer and see what the new Nexus device will be. Otherwise it’s an S5, Note 3, One 2 (wouldn’t that be a funny name), or whatever next year.

    • redraider133

      I think samsung was aiming for more of the s2 users with the s4. I think they do not expect people to upgrade every year, but for those with an s2 or older phone, this is a great upgrade. The S3 was and still is a top phone which is why it seems like it is not that much of an upgrade( although they took what was good about the s3 and made it better, screen, processor, camera)

      • Prince77

        I agree with you wholeheartedly. I used to add a line to get every phone I wanted instead of waiting (killed my pockets), I was thinking about doing it when the GS3 came out, but my boy was like there is nothing wrong with GS2 you’re better off just waiting, which I’m doing now. My contract is up with Sprint in June, so that helps me out big time since the GS4 on Verizon comes out on May 30 (Tentatively).

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        Agreed. Like the One X and One X+, except a way better upgrade between the internals of the S3 and S4.

        I just want something different from Samsung, or else I’ll have to go elsewhere. Or at least throw in a monster battery like Moto does with the MAXXX line. Thin is great and all, but honestly I have had the S3 slip out of my hand so many times because it’s barely there. It needs a little girth to it because I feel like I’m going to drop it and shatter it. I have to put a case on it because I can grip it better (it’s so slick, thin and light otherwise). I wish I didn’t need a case, but I would rather use one than put grippy strips everywhere.

        Since I’m already paying full price on my phones to retain VZW unlimited data, I wouldn’t mind paying a little bit more (like $1000 vs $700) for a monster battery, killer screen, great internals, all wrapped up in leather and metal. Grip, durability, and design + great components = winner (at least in my book).

    • Jon Garrett

      congrats on being a 1st time dad. I just had my 3rd almost 4 months ago. I have the note, my wife has the S3 and even though money is a little tight since my last child was born, I knew the S4 would be out this time of year so I save up for it.

      if you have the S3 though you’re not missing much.

      • Vance

        Congrats. My 3rd (1st Boy thank God) gets here next month :)

        • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

          hahaha I was thinking about trying to get the wife to consider a second baby and she keeps telling me if you want a son that bad just adopt one. I told her if we had another daughter though I would be just as happy – especially since it would be a lot cheaper since we already have everything for a girl. :-D

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        Thanks man. I figured as much about the S4. It seems like the feature with the floating your finger above the screen (like the preview feature on the Note 2) and barometer are the only hardware that the S4 can do – and the GPS is probably a little bit better (mine has acted wonky here and there but still works).

        I really don’t care about all of the other gimmicks and software tweaks, although I wish I had photosphere in 4.2 (not the Samsung Orb or whatever it’s called, even though they are basically the same thing) and the audio clip with picture (would be useful for work when the work camera battery dies and I don’t have extra batteries).

  • josegb2011

    I’m just gonna wait for Google I/O for the possibility of an x phone if not I’ll go with the HTC one it meets my hardware needs where as my nexus 4 meets my software craving.

  • Vance

    At this rate tmobile will have the S4 before their HTC ONE. They’re seriously blowing it. By focusing on their launch of iphone and delaying their launch of the One, tmobile is destroying their reputation of being a friend to android and android enthusiasts. I don’t care if they offer iPhones as long as they don’t neglect their android offering, which clearly they’re already doing. I’ve had it with magenta over the past month and am one more let down away from saying goodbye forever.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      T-Mobile should have the HTC One on April 19th.

      • Vance

        Are you guys freaking kidding me? Sprint and AT&T have had a FIRM launch date for the One and have been taking pre-orders for two weeks. I am, and always have been, a huge t-mobile supporter and customer. But the reality is they’ve ignored the HTC One launch opportunity to focus on their iphone launch. The best we have from t-mobile, four days before the unlocked dev edition and AT&T and Sprint variants launch are a couple conflicting rumors and a “best guess”. Of course I’m beyond disappointed, leaning more toward pissed. Down vote me all you want, I’d LOVE to be wrong so I could get my One when everybody else does.

    • VicVicVic

      According to TmoNews, T-Mobile may be releasing the HTC One on April 24, 2013, which is approximately a week before the May 1st release date of the S4.

      • Vance

        And would be nearly a week after everyone else… If that rumor comes true..

        • redraider133

          It’s only a week. I mean just be lucky you’re not on verizon like me and the one might not even come..

          • Vance

            I’m not usually so negative, but, no, I don’t consider myself lucky I’m not on Verizon because I’m intentionally NOT on Verizon for a myriad of reasons. I’ve been on t-mobile since I pre-ordered my G1 and the fact is they pushed off launching a nextgen Android device in order to focus on the release of an iPhone that’s been out since last September. It’s BS.

  • mario

    am i the only Sprint customer feeling left out , where is the release date for the S4

    • Prince77

      I’m sorry bro, all that’s telling you is it’s time to leave Sprint……lol

  • Jorge Vieira

    Ill have the one in real soon, should ship tomorrow. But I’m stoked for the s4 IDK if the one will swayed me to keep it before the s4 comes out. I’m torn I’m leaning towards the s4!!! A Samsung rep showed me the s4 it was more premium feeling as people gave it on reviews I think.

  • donger

    Release it already.

  • Vance

    …. yet I’m the one getting down voted all over this thread… FML

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  • Nathan D.

    Can’t go wrong with either flagship phone if you asks me. Both phones are great and I would go with the one because I don’t want plastic and the camera is amazing in low light .