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This Nexus watch concept video has us even more excited for Google’s smartwatch


I’m just saying. Am I right?

Source: YouTube

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  • tmoore4075

    If you have a smartphone why would you need this? I just don’t get the purpose of it.

    • Nate B.

      I totally agree. It would be cool but personally I never did or probably never will see the purpose of a smart watch. Won’t you have your phone on you? Why have two devices on you that do the same exact thing? Could someone please explain to me the real purpose of having this and utilizing it in real life? I’m not bashing it but I just don’t see the point.

      • Todd Moore

        If you work in an environment where you don’t want to take your phone out of your pocket, and or are not allowed, but I would be great to look at your watch and see the text from your wife/Gf, and or both :-)

        • Dee

          aka when you wanna cheat in class discretely

          • Alex

            I feel like they are going to tell us “ok, now take off your watch” every time before a test. But I guess you can’t type so you can’t really cheat on tests

        • Joshua

          Perfect for me. I’m a teacher and my office is next to my classroom. I could leave my phone in the office and just wear the watch to get notifications. I’m sure there are enough people out there with similar situations to make this watch sell marvelously…

        • Jt

          Just implant a chip in your brain… Why waste time looking at your watch or through some freaky glasses

      • AChackes

        I’m pretty sure the purpose is to be able to check notifications and interact with your phone without having to take it out of your pocket. I could imagine it being real handy while jogging or bicycling.

        • nosense

          I wil buy something like this only when Google sells cars running on Android with intelligence enough to drive by themselves…

          David Haselhoff doing the promo and success guaranteed.


      • Chris

        That’s like asking why a person would have/need to cars….

      • shnuffle

        The same point why pocket watches aren’t in use any more, it’s too inconvenient if you have the option of a quick glance to the wrist to know if someone texted you.

        • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

          I find it useful too. I’d give a try at least. The 16 GB of internal memory is a little too much for a device that small.

      • joe c

        same as having an android smart phone and an android tablet or iphone and ipad. they both do the samething so why we have both?

    • Thomas Biard

      I like the idea of smart watches for the reason of not having to have your phone out for many tasks. I think the Pebble watch highlighted a lot of features that don’t make it overly involved but add a lot of functionality.
      Feature I love are: Waterproof, vibrating wrist notifications, syncing apps like Runkeeper, and music control.

      Often times I like to have my phone near me, but not directly on my person. Or if I’m mountain biking I like to have my phone in my pack, but still able to control the features of my ride tracking app. Waterproof is just downright necessary/convenient for me too.

      • aranea

        Another place it’s going to be very useful is when kayaking. I have a waterproof speaker case for my phone but it doesn’t have the controls. I can pair this watch and control my phone while it’s safe in a waterproof case.

    • Andre

      There is no real “point” – the point is another gadget. And if you like gadgets, this is another one to get lol…to be honest, there is no point to having a watch anymore if you have a cell phone of any kind, the cell phone tells you what time it is.

      • Jt

        Yep create another market.. In site these companies have all done some consumer research.. Personally I don’t want one but if apple, samsung,Google are reportedly all working on one, don’t be surprised if it becomes the new must have gadget

    • rpras

      Ultimately, I’d like this to *be* my phone. With display flinging, all I’d need is access to a bigger but dumb display to get the “full” interface. When I don’t have access to such a display (e.g., while driving), the little screen and voice interaction should be all I need. Add the following to the “gadget” and it’d be perfect for me:

      1. Little but crisp and bright screen
      2. Wireless charging that allows the base of the charger to sit 1 to 3 ft away
      3. Voice and gesture control – no keyboard input would be practical
      4. Display flinging at at least 1080p
      5. Motion sensors
      6. 24-hr battery
      7. LTE
      8. A Nexus designation
      9. Just one, great, front facing camera

      This gadget, plus a chrome book could just be perfect for my needs.

      Too much to ask for?

      • Microooosuck

        I would too. I would honestly much rather have an awesome nexus watch or google glass, and a tablet than a smartphone and tablet… Just much more convenient

    • Andreas

      It’s glanceable information. Your smartphone is “take out of pocket – unlock – put back into pocket” information.

    • uknowme

      Honestly for most I could see this being a luxury item. In the terms that it is not needed. Priced right and I would be all over it. Mainly because I work in some loud, dirty, and greasy environments. I don’t like touching my phone sometimes because of that. So a quick glance on my wrist would be awesome!

    • 678

    • Jt

      I don’t want to be any more connected

    • Rena Grotke

      We aren’t allowed to be looking at our phone while on duty, so I can see the purpose of the watch.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    It’s basically an evolution of bluetooth headset technology. it allows you acess to info without needing to get into your phone. And it also interacts with your phone in an intuitive manner to hopefully increase productivity.

    • heeros

      I can also imagine that doing small things (such as checking time, messages, controlling music, or any other application) on the smartphone from a bluetooth companion watch could save power, especially if they both support bluetooth 4.0 lower power mode since you wouldn’t have to turn on the display.

  • Caz

    This might actually convince me to buy a watch :)

    • Andre

      LOL I know right? I had NO interest in the SmartWatch…but now I think I’m on board lol…the glasses? Not sold yet.

  • live2skico

    Here’s where LG should use their new flexible OLED display!

    • Diabsoud

      That is exactly what I was thinking…flexible displays are a must…don’t want it to look like this…kinda square like slab sitting on my hand…let Apple do that!

    • http://theamazingaustin.com Austin Tompkins

      Exactly what I was about to post! Bigger = better but I don’t want to feel like a 2×4 is strapped to my wrist!
      I think it should have a replacable snap-on screen protector to, because wearing a screen on your wrist = much more damage.

      Hope this comes true!

  • J3R3MY_H

    Needs moar PIE!!

    the smaller the screen, the more precious the screen real estate is.

  • nivekkev

    I am digging the look of this, I could see myself getting one of these. I could easily use something of this nature, plus I also love gadgets so that works for me too. Heres to hoping they continue work on this and keep the price resonable.

  • Jorge Eslava

    Would using a smartwatch save battery life? I’m assuming so because you wouldn’t have to turn on your phone screen as often.

    • Arthur

      It should save a bit of battery to not have to always turn your phone screen on for mundane tasks that can be done on your Smartwatch but if a constant connection (I am assuming it would be Bluetooth) has to be on for the two devices to speak to one another then obviously this would drain some battery from the phone.

  • Andrew Jones

    To the people discussing how it will affect the phones battery life – the screen on the phone is the single biggest battery killer – wifi and bluetooth (and this would probably use LE bluetooth) won’t affect the battery by more than 5-10% and often a lot less than that.

    To the people who “don’t see the point” – your TV has buttons on it to change the channel and alter the volume – but do you get up and walk over to it to change the channel or do you use the remote control? That’s the best way to think about a smart watch – it’s a remote control for the phone but with the ability to run content independent of the phone.

    • Graham Steffaniak

      good point. lose the remote and I guess I am watching whatevers on the screen- I am not getting up and changing the channel!!

  • Adryan maldonado

    FINALLY I CAN COMMUNICATE WITH STAR COMMAND!!!! but in all seriousness while it might not seem necessary this looks fantastic and has me drooling.

  • Shizz

    Okay, this actually is starting to make a smart watch seem kinda cool/useful and would have a little more style than Glass (as cool as the tech is)

  • apay

    It it goes like smartphones, the smartwatch 10 will be the size of a baby’s arm.

  • Ryan

    Similar to the MotoACTV but with many more options. I like it. Bluetooth headphones and a watch while you work out with the ability to text/call is awesome. This will be very convenient.

    • tommydaniel

      My thoughts exactly. I love my MotoActv but they haven’t updated it in almost a year. Pretty sure its dead, really hoping the Nexus watch includes all the functionality of the Actv.

  • donger

    Can’t wait. One of the only watches I’ll ever buy.

  • http://www.freeismylife.com freeismylife

    It’s a beautiful looking device, in concept. I wonder how it will compare to the Pebble watch?

  • Jmo

    I’m with a lot of these guys…I think it looks great but I just see the functionality compared to just having your phone with you

  • GE918

    Simply gorgeous!

  • flash gordon md

    It didn’t make a lot of sense to me at first, but then i thought of how i used my smarphone so far today. first, it woke me up (alarm function). i then streamed my local. NPR station, KALW, so i set the phone Galaxy Note 2 down in the corner of the kitchen so the wall helpled reinforce the low frequencies – sounds like a table radio.

    A minute later, i remembered something i needed at the store, and had to go to the phone to open Astrid to put it on the list. Right after that, i needed to set a timer for something i was cooking, so had to get the phone again. Then, i remembered i had to check for an email from the escrow office – back to the phone.

    something like this “smartwatch,” especially w/ a curved OLED LG screen, would be brilliant! and if it’s remotely charge-able, i could keep a charger at my desk (or maybe a portable one in my bike messenger bag) and not worry about running low.

    sign me up!

  • tommydaniel

    Give me a Nexus watch with all the functionality of the Motoactv and I will be sold!

  • docsparks

    ill take two. looks great.

  • slimx30

    I would get this. count me in! it would be awesome while biking or when I go jogging.

  • classic_hero

    its a wearable smart device, i dont get why people say we dont need this. it doesnt matter whether we do or do not need this, its happening. its just another way to interact with the content that we use everyday and this looks pretty sleek.

  • aryin

    might need something more watch-native to be impressive

  • aranea

    It’s look even better with a curved screen. Just saying that those flexible oleds will look right in place on this watch.

  • Fiasko

    I can say for sure I would buy one as long as the price is not insane.

  • Dylan

    I have a rooted MotoActv. I can say that the only thing I use my smart watch for is tracking workouts and listing to music while working out. Sending messages on such a small screen is a pain. Sure you can use it to read notifications, but I’d rather just use my phone.

  • Killerbicycle

    I don’t understand the hype over these new smart watches. how is this any better than my motoactv? not to mention are these watches going to be weather or water resistant (doubtful of water proof). My smart watch is great as a fitness device/mp3 player, but that’s about it. As far as I know I don’t want anything more out of it. Too bad it didn’t garner enough attention and was recently discontinued, although that was probably a decision made by Google.

  • Matthew Coppola

    Seriously!? I’m surprised T3 would make a video like this. Do people not understand the limits of today’s technology? This video is essentially asking for a phone to be a 5th of the size they are today while having the battery capacity at least 10 times better! The Pebble was such a success because it understood what people expect a watch to do and worked with technological limitations to get it done at a price people were willing to pay.

    • Josh Brown

      If they can make Google glass that small I wouldn’t be surprised if they could make this. It should be incredibly cheap though. Or it just won’t sell. Add NFC and a ultra low power CPU (it dosen’t have to play dead trigger). Memory is not needed as it uses your phone. Hope everyone makes these so we get a decent selection. Headphone jack would be nice.

      • Josh Brown

        Oh also should use your phones Internet so no extra contract and be waterproof. It is a nice idea what with phones becoming tablets and all.

  • E-man

    I. Want. This. So. Bad.

  • da9el

    this is sweet. for sports for example. i never take my phone for jogging but would i take the watch? definitely!

  • compmanic

    my smartphone actually replaced my watch…don’t really see any need for this unless, it can provide something new, that the smartphone can’t do.

  • Jimmy

    Add an IR blaster and ditch the TV remote as well

  • Jarl Wijman

    i want this watch asap!!

  • McLovin

    I want one too. So far the Pebble has been a bust due to lack of any meaningful apps.