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Trio of Samsung Galaxy S 4 ads appear online


The Galaxy S 4 launch is quickly approaching, and we all know Samsung is going to spend countless millions marketing the device. Today the Samsung Mobile team from the Netherlands posted a trio of videos on YouTube that give us our first glimpse into the ads that are likely coming soon to our TVs. Check out the clips below and let us know what you think.

Bonus Video: One more clip of a different style that is floating around on YouTube.

Source: Samsung Mobile NL (YouTube)

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  • Thomas Biard

    These are pretty cool features, but I’m always left asking “How does it work?” after these little snip-its. I think the translator is pretty straightforward but the “senses when you’re done”….what does that mean?
    Group play is cool, kinda like a phone version of watching a youtube video on Hangouts, but it requires other S4s to be functional right?

    I’m not hating on the phone by any means, just wanna know more about the features. Good marketing I guess haha.

    • Nate B.

      “senses when you’re done” means it knows when you’re done talking. Just like Google Now. It knows when you’re done speaking when searching for something.

      Group Play is pretty limited to it’s brand of phones, but a lot if not all high end phones have their exclusive features to their own. But they have apps that can utilize features like that making it not so limited. This was present on the S3 and S2 if i’m not mistaken. S3 for sure though.

  • redraider133

    These are how ads should be, show what the phone can do, and not just robots and all of those crazy things.

  • jonstle

    This is great marketing, something apple has been doing for years. Use an add to show a feature of the phone that has some “wow” factor to it. I have to say that

    On the downside, everything shown already has a equivalent available of the play store. Samsung’s group play app, Audio Photos app, and of course google translate. I am hoping they have improved the integration of these apps on the S4.

    • epps720

      It’s expected to see them steal features that are available on other apps (happens all the time) but I was pretty shocked to see them just virtually swipe Google Translate and rename it. Then again that’s one of the issues w/Google they don’t promote their own apps and features enough.

  • Oskar Wismierski

    The last (bonus) is by far my favourite !

  • droilfade

    Waaaaaaay better than those “unpacked” commercials. Remember them? Yeah, me too.

  • niklas alex

    3 times as good as ishit, still never gonna be sold as many as the ishit, just becouse ishit got a i

  • Nate B.

    Simple and great ads. They’ll get in touch with the people the way they were used. I hope they next Nexus or just next version of Android has some useful software features similar to this if not it’s on to create.

  • donger

    Not interested.

  • Daniel

    I’m just thinkin, “That’s all good, but it’s plastic!”. Just can’t buy another expensive piece of plastic from Samsung, AMOLED or not. Especially not with the HTC One being so sexy.

    If they ever make a phone with a competitive build quality, I’m in again, until then, no Samsung for me.

  • Mike Jackson

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  • Nathan D.

    The invasion is coming

  • how to be pretty

    Thank you